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  1. Hi Ms Linda
    I must tell you that I have been a Elvis Fan for as longs as I can remember. I grew up in the 1980’s Singing his songs all the time in the car in the shower etc. I still do that to this day. I have watched countless concerts and shows just to get a little incite of the him. There is none like him or probably ever will be another one. It has taken me a few weeks but I have finally read through your entire web site. and I believe every word. I to have never believed that he died in 77. I read about all the gossip of why he did it how he did it. But I never dreamed he would still be alive after all this time. Im so glad he has chosen you and that you are able to kept this site going all this time. Its hard to even look at another Elvis alive page and trust there info. because I know if its not back by you then its just here say. I to have questions and know the answers are in the Book I have desperately been trying to get a copy of the The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley – In His Own Words“ book but they are just not out there anymore. I would be happy with PDF format of that I could read. If somebody had a copy I could download but its just not out there. I do see one pop up on Ebay but they want 2-300 dollars that’s out of my price range. but I will keep looking

    I do have questions that maybe you could answer when you have time. I know Jesse/Elvis never plans on coming out.(Sad but I guess true) But I was wondering when he does heaven forbid Pass away for real will the world know the truth then. Is there a plan for all to be revealed and will he finally be laid to rest at Graceland or will he just quietly be laid to rest some where unknown to the world.

    Thanks so much for your time Linda. For what I can read you seem to be a sweat lady. I pray you will continue to have the strength to keep the site going and sharing Elvis with us. For as long as its possible.

    Thanks so much
    Chris Gill

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