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Linda Sigmon

I have been a very loyal Elvis fan for 62 years this year having seen him on TV first in 1956. I have been friends with Elvis Aron Presley, who IS now Jesse, since 1992...26 years. I began my web site with the approval of Jesse in May, 2009. My original site has had in excess of 1,195,000 visitors. My site has grown to 180 pages and is one of the largest Elvis web sites on the Internet. That is the reason for this extension web site in addition to my original site. Where we live we only one option for Internet service and my site has grown so large that my AT&T U-verse service cannot wait long enough for my original site to open. I will be posting my monthly Current News and Event pages on this new site. That is where all of my new articles will be appearing.

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  1. peço que perdoe me pois tentei postar uma mensagem para JESSE acima mais embaralhou tudo eu tentei expressar minha felicidade em saber q ele esta bem n sei pq saiu tudo do lugar me desculpe.abraços diva sousa.


    I ask you to forgive me because I tried to post a message to JESSE above more shuffled everything I tried to express my happiness in knowing that he is well I do not know why everything came out of the place I’m sorry.abraços diva sousa.

      • Dear jessie ,i hope you have a lovely christmas and a safe and happy new year for 2020 ,from your devoted fan carol szewczyk

      • I am so grateful to celebrate your favorite time of the year with you once more!
        I listen to your music everyday. It soothes my soul.
        May this be your happiest Christmas ever. And another Birthday.
        God Bless you and keep you safe and well.
        Love, Gail

  2. My Dearest Jesse,

    I am happy to hear that you are starting to feel better. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. I want to take this opportunity to wish you the best birthday ever. I wish you good health and happiness, now and forever.
    Love you so much Jesse,
    Take care and be well.

    Much Love,
    Kathy Walker
    Ontario, Canada

  3. Hello my sweet darlin Jesse I hope this message will find you happy and healthy enjou8ng your life. It’s been a tough year for us sweetie but please know I have never, ever for one day or one second forgotten you I carry you in my thoughts and in my heart every single day. John got sick and went into the hospital July 4 with pnumonia and I had to fly out on the mornin of July 5 to Texas for my daughter tohave open heart surgery. It was tough I felt torn like a piece of salt water taffy I was anguished about having to leave my husband and knowing I had to go take care of my grandchildren so Emily could have open heart surgery to correct her problem I think it was called semitar effect where one artery was going into the wrong chamber of her heart. Thank God she came throughbn it and is doing fine. I came home on Aug 4 got off the plane, came home took a shower went to the hospital where I spent the next 4 months everyday from mornin to nights watching caring for my husband. . He finally came h9me Nov. 19 and thank God is doing very well.While he was in the hospital I noticwd shortness of brearh and I tire really easy now and that’s not like me I thought maybe it was just stress but there were times I had to sit in my car I though I was having a heart attack. I saw my cardiologist they did a echo cardiagram in Dec. I have severe calcium buildup around a valve ans a micardial valve thats leaking so I see the heart surgeon on Jan 8th at 830. I guess we go from there. I hope you had a wounderful Christmas and I wish you the happiest, prosperous best New Year ever and the best 84 Birthday ever I haven’t forgotten about you and I never will you are forever ans always in my thoughts and in my heart. I will never ever forget you it would be like forgetting to breathe Hope to talk to you again very soon. I love ya be safe be happy, be healthy take good care of yourself for me.All my love forever and always, Jan

  4. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”….”HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”…….”HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JESSE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”….(AND MANY MORE)….Thanks, to Linda for giving us the opportunity to extend our thoughts and well wishes! I hope and pray that on January 8th 2019 you are feeling great so you can enjoy your special day!! Have a happy, healthy life!! Love ya lots!!


  5. Jesse well one last thing: If only others could be just alittle bit more like you. What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love! You are so talented, giving, loving and sincere of everything and of everyone that you have ever met. You never met a stranger and your heart is genuine and so pure. Your amazing beyond this world. Handsome so much that you made the way for men to actually dress edgy and very cool! We all are so greatful that you are alive, ok and living life as you always should have been able to in the beginning! The world is forever indebted to you for your amazing God given talent and for you not being afraid to do it your way and push the envelope so many ways. We all just adored everything you did really! No one has or will ever fill your shoes! Thank you for loving us, for being so personable with your fans. No other artist ever has or ever will display so much love for his fans the the way you have and just know that we will absolutely love you forever back! And I thank God for looking after you and your family and Linda. And ask that he will always watch over you all! You deserve whatever makes you happy because you did so very much for us all. You simply made me happy by just being you! I’ve been a fan since 5 and once a fan always a fan. It’s always been said you have the best of fans in the world, and it’s very true.. you still do and that will never change!! You are very loved and so very missed! Hope your living life to the fullest!! I pray for you all!
    Much love,
    Gloria Williams

  6. Dear Jesse, I am amazed ! I got to the point where I couldn’t watch your movies or listen to your music. After all these years it still hurt to know you were gone. It honestly broke my heart. Thanks to Linda and Dr.Hinton we know the truth. I have the same birthday as you. (as a Capricorn) so I understand wanting to drop everything and leave. I’ve done it a dozen times in my life. Any way I am blessed to know you are alive. Your fan, Lisa Marie Stewart

    • Hey Jesse just wanted to send another message. I was 4 years old when I first heard SUSPICIOUS MINDS. That is my favorite song of yours. I have 2 brothers that can pick up any instrument and play it. I can’t !! I have no musical talent ! I can’t understand why !! Jere and Dalby are my brothers. Jere was 2 when Elvis died. He use to get on the coffee table and sing HOUND DOG. He is completely in awe of Elvis Presley. He managed to go to the store where you bought your very first guitar. He bought one just like yours. A blue one. The man who ran that store was still there !! Me and Jere are blessed beyond words that you are still here. Any way, I hope you have a great birthday ! I will be 55. Uugh. Your fan, Lisa Marie Stewart

      • Hello again Jesse, I know this is the last time I get to write. I believe so many people love you is because of the stories we’ve all heard about your kindness. The stories I’ve heard were about the way you treated your mother. That says a lot about you. We all admire you. I would love to hear your version of TEARS IN HEAVEN. I hope and pray we will get the opportunity again to write you. HAPPY 84TH BIRTHDAY !!! And god bless you and your family ! Your fan, Lisa Marie Stewart

  7. Hi Jesse just wanted to stop by one more time before the message board goes away to wish you the happiest best 4th Birthday ever.Darlin some of the happiest best years of my life is because of you. You mean everything and the world to me and I’ll forever and always love ya and be grateful for you everyday of my life. Happy Birthday sweetie God Bless and keep you always. Be safe. Happy, Healthy and Blessed Love Always, Jan

  8. Hi Jesse so glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and soon a very Happy Birthday. I hope the weather is nice where you are. It’s not been bad here so far we/re having a lot of rain but the temperature is not bad I hope it stays that way.You be good and do whay the dr. tells you.May your angels surround you and keep you safe sleep well and keep singing a song. Love to you Dottie

  9. I was hesitant to write again…but my heart could not be stopped. I may never have this chance to say to you that one thing that might help you know you mean the entire world to so many. I feel sometimes you feel like you’re being held hostage by the very freedom you escaped to find…that makes me sad. I wish I could fix that. I wish I could take you aside and talk to you, visit you daily for coffee, find a fishing hole and just sit…. just enjoying a friend. I wish your gentle soul could find the ultimate Happiness and that life and time were easy to rearrange and the days past could be relived and tweaked just a tiny bit…not too much..not changing the good parts but to filter out the pain and unnecessary hurt. I feel at the time that you were the most lost….you couldn’t ask for help or a shoulder or guidance because to you that would have been weak. I wish you’d had a friend then, I wish so much for you. In my heart I can only give you happiness in abundance..unending peace.. love of family and the knowledge that you have a wonderful friend in Linda.. she’s made a part of our lives beautiful because now you’re in it. Have a great life my friend. I love you. We all do. Debra

  10. Hello Sweetman Jesse, Well, I guess all the festivities of Christmas and New Year are nearly over and I do hope you had a lovely Christmas with family if possible and some friends and I do hope you did receive my Christmas cards to you and of course Little Nick and you could share a little bit of time with Nick as I am sure he is growing up to be a lovely boy, having such a great person as yourself to bring happiness to him. I just want to wish you a wonderful birthday celebration coming up on the Tuesday 8th January, 2019 being a young 84 year old man, and I know you don’t like birthday years but the day itself enjoying it with friends will be a fine time for you to celebrate and enjoy it. I do hope you are finally back on track with good health, and trying to keep busy when ever you can do so as I do remember that you did say(Elvis) “That you liked challenges” and I am sure that is what keeps you going and motivated. doing many things, that you can do now, by finding the time to do them but not as Elvis as you did not have the time then but find the time now in your retirement. Happy Birthday, with all my Love to you, and remember, “You Are Always On My Mind” every single day in some little way. Take care, Hugs and Kisses to you, Love Nerida (Aka Noddy)

  11. Jesse-I hope you are happy and healthy and enjoying life. Hope you have been content since leaving ur old life many decades ago. I hope ur family and friends are doing well, also. It’s seems like just yesterday I was watching ur last concert in Louisville, Ky. It was apparent that you were not well. So happy you did what you did-because you saved ur life and hopefully had a wonderful life with family and friends, since then. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and yours a very HAPPY NEW YEAR-2019. I know it’s not all glamor-showbiz-you get to top of mountain and ppl wait for you to fall-I guess that’s just human nature. If ppl only knew the pressure that is on entertainer s-they are only looked at like commodities-by big business. It brings much happiness to fans & everyone thinks you have it made-cause you have money and nice homes, and everyone seems to love you. The reality is much different than the fantasy or image entertainers portray. It is cutthroat business & can be very dangerous, also. Life is short, but eternity is forever. Better to know Jesus Christ than to worship an idol-you know what I’m talking about. Hope you are Happy and Healthy, Jesse. Thank you Linda Sigmon, for allowing me to talk with Jesse. Elvis-the singer and entertainer will never die. Fans will make sure of that. And of course, Your Family. God Bless You, Jesse.

  12. hi Jesse. I hope you are well and that you enjoyed the holidays with family, Food family, relaxation,thats a great holiday! Also, Happy Birthday. Love, Stella

  13. Hi Jesse I know that day is coming very soon where you well be another year older, I know I don’t like Birthdays anymore in fact I stopped having Birthdays at 18. lol!! Did you stop having Birthdays at a certain age to, another thing I have always Believed in is Age is Only a Number its how you feel if you feel younger then your age then to me that is your age. But to me it has never made any difference to me in how old you are or like I hear a whole lot of people say how you look, to me I have always Loved and Respected the Man you are from the inside. You are Forever Branded on My Heart Jesse I either see your picture or hear one of your song’s on TV, or when I go an do any shopping its like your there with me or watching over me. I want to Thank You again for the Most Fantastic Trip to See Your Beautiful Home GraceLand, that I had and I so Wish I could go again. I would also Love to go to Tupelo I have even thought about moving to either Memphis or Tupelo, so I can go see where you were Raised and lived. So don’t let Birthday’s and age bother you because you well always be the most Wonderful Man, Singer, and Actor this Country and World has ever known You well be remembered has long has this Earth remains, I know you have always let the Good Lord Guide you and I know you have always gotten down on your Knees and prayed You have always had the Lord in your Life. Your Always in my Heart, and in My Prayers! I Love You with Every Beat of My Heart! Barbara R.

  14. Happy New Year! Wherever you are, I hope you have been enjoying living a happy, private life. Take care.

  15. Happy New Year! I hope you have been happy living a normal, private life. You are dearly missed. It’s understandable why you went into hiding all those years ago. Take care.

  16. Hi Jesse
    Just a quick one
    Sending you and jessie a dedication by my favorite female artist Kylie Minogue!
    For both your Birthdays on Tiesday,

    This August 2019 will be 42 years living as jesse thats wow too!

    Your both…….WOW!!!!!

    Happy Birthdays Both of you xxx
    Catch you next year Jesse and Jessie

    Power Huggz

    Bernadine Moulton
    From The United Kingdom

    🤝🤝🤝 🤝🤝🤝 🤝🤝🤝

    Heres the song, hope you can play these some how music is heaven to just lay back and listen and relax but this one swaying haha,

    Love n huggz
    Heres …………

    “I Believe In You”
    by kylie Minogue!

    I Don’t believe you know me
    Although you know my name
    I don’t believe the faults I have
    Are only mine to blame
    I don’t believe in magic
    It’s only in the mind
    I don’t believe i’d love somebody
    Just to pass the time..

    But I..i..i.. believe in you
    And I..i..i.. believe in you

    I don’t believe that beauty
    Will ever be replaced
    I don’t believe a masterpiece
    Could ever match your face
    The joker’s always smiling
    In every hand thats dealt
    I dont believe that when you die
    Your presence isnt felt

    But I..i..i.. believe in you
    And I..i..i.. believe in you
    But I..i..i.. believe in you
    And I..i..i.. believe in you

    And if you ever have to go away
    Nothing in my world could ever be the same
    Nothing lasts for ever, but together til the end
    I’ll give you everything I have again and again

    ‘Cause I believe In you, I believe In,
    I Believe in you, I Believe in,
    I Believe in you, I believe in,
    I believe in you, I Believe in,

    ‘Cause I..i..i.. believe in you
    And I..i..i.. believe in you
    But I..i..i.. believe in you
    And I..i..i.. believe in you

    I believe in you, I Believe in
    I believe in you, I Believe in
    I believe in you, I Believe in
    I believe in you, I Believe in

    I believe, I believe, I believe in you….

    Happy New Year !!!

  17. Sending you very Special Birthday Wishes Beautiful Jesse. And hope you had a great Christmas too.🎂🎁🎁🎂🎉
    With Much Love
    Jackie K (U.K)💞💖xxx

  18. Hello my teddy bear Happy New Year that you have a wonderful year and a great birthday Uncle Jesse. I wish for this year all the best in your life. I’ll miss writing here for you, Uncle Jesse, when Linda reopens the messages, I’ll be back. This year I have a lot to study, I need to learn to drive despite the fear if I can not be a cop, Uncle Jesse. Happy birthday, I’ll be back when I can write again. I’m going to miss Uncle Jesse, I hope to be a great cop just like you.I love you very much.Kiss Juliana

  19. Jesse, the New Year is here. Hope it brings you health and happinesses. Your birthday is approaching quickly, so I wanted to take this last opportunity to wish you a safe, happy, healthy day and hope you have many more. I want to thank you for taking the time to read all the messages and as well thank Linda for giving your fans the opportunity to write you.
    Be safe, be healthy and may God Bless.
    Vince Campanella
    Ontario, Canada

  20. God bless you Linda for keeping this open for a little longer but today will be your mailing day so will make a quick but meaningful comment to Jesse. Happy Birthday Jesse. I have always loved the man, (Elvis), and the music and have enjoyed your newest music on CD.
    I sure hope your birthday is filled with happiness and good food, health, laughter, and above all BLESSINGS FROM ABOVE. Thank you again for the love you’ve shared thru the years and now.
    Love and Smiles, Bettyjean, (from TN.)

  21. Dearest Jesse, “Happy New Years” to you! May there be many more wonderful blessings continue for you. I have missed writing to you now for so long.
    May God wrap His sweet arms around you favorably in always and forever as a mother wraps a child in her arms.

    Thank you Linda for all the mailings you have done for Jesse. Happy New Years to you & Tom. May everyone feel the presence of the Spirit of the Lord each and every day. God bless you.
    Love and much light of His presence be upon everyone.
    Smiles, Bettyjean (Cumberland Cty, TN)

  22. i can’t imagine a more deserving person for the medal of freedom. ep is just as much. symbol of freedom as the american eagle, or the american flag. THE symbol of the american dream. a beacon of christianity(i’m living proof). ep has influenced my entire life as a christian, a southern man, and as a musician. if there was ever a living saint in the 20th century i believe ep is/was one.. one of the things that draws me to ep is his generosity.. a generosity that still goes unmatched. he reminds me of myself in this sense. if i had a mountain of money i would use it to help anyone that i could.. if ep is really here with us still, i hope that he is doing well and still pickin n grinnin 🙂
    ps i met david stanley when i was 8 yrs old in 1983 at a crusade in daingerfield texas.. i remember him speaking very fondly of you as a brother during his sermon.. afterwards, out of 100’s of people he chose me to talk to first. after good little talk about the lord back stage he told me that i would be baptized this sunday, so that’s what i did.. and i’ve been a christian every since.

  23. Dear Jesse/Elvis,
    Hope your holidays were happy & that you had a great start to 2019, full of peace, joy & good health. I wish you a truly wonderful birthday. I’ve never been to Elvis’ bday party at Graceland but planned to go. Was hoping you might be there 😉. I rented a lovely home on Dolan a few months ago, about 5 away from your Dad’s. I was hoping to interview with EEP for a PR job while revisiting Graceland. The neighbor who worked on your Dad’s home said it was for rent, so I was interested if hired but ran out of time. Since then I learned the truth about you, thanks to Linda’s site. I felt you lived on but needed proof. I was sad to read how you had to “sneak” back to Graceland for your cufflinks; a bit soured on EPE now. I heard the tunnels were filled in & that Jerry Lee lived in the house for a while..makes me wonder if that’s where you recorded? It’s been wonderful to write you like this. I started several msgs over Christmas but didn’t get to finish. My 91 yr old Mother’s been quite ill & landed in the hospital twice. Today’s the deadline so had to get a message to you but you’ve been on my mind! I look forward to when Linda might invite us into your life again. I’m just so grateful you’re ok. I want to get your book. I understand you didn’t get to say all you wanted. What a life you’ve lived! So many questions, so much to tell. I was hoping some of us might get together on the 8th at the home I rent on Dolan-perfect view of Graceland. You probably rode by on Rising Sun! What I’d reaaally to do is show up at the bday bash, hand out Linda’s website, sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE, go on tour w/ Jerry & ask if he’s seen you lately 😁 I’d probably be asked to leave. Then go have cake on Dolan! May it be a wonderful year for you w/ many more bday’s! 🍰🎂🎁🎈
    Love Always,
    Yvonne A from PA

  24. Happy Birthday Jesse! I know that this is a huge year for you–one of much significance. I hope that you enjoy it and have a happy day (and year to come). Much love, Heather Dunn

  25. Hi jesse/elvis,advance merry x’mas .I’m a fan of yours and I really like your song suspicious mind polksalad annie & patch it up❤️ I wished to have your signature written at the back of your picture. i hope you’re doing fine and take care of your health.

  26. You, your music, your generous Heart has gotten me through so many times in my life I want to take the time to wish you joy, peace, and happiness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope you are well and know that I see past the entertainer and consider you my FRIEND. Maybe someday God will allow our paths to cross so I can hug my friend. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜💜💜🌟🌟🌟😎🦋🦋🦋🦋

  27. I just want to say that I completely understand the decision you made to become Jesse; I would have done the same in your situation! I thank you for your music and I hope that you are in a happy and a healthy part of life! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones❣️

  28. To Jesse/Elvis, Yours is a fantastic story, and though possible it’s hard to believe. I do hope you are alive and enjoying your life, away from the spotlight. I came from a tiny town in Nebraska and wanted to be a singer. I was always inspired by you. I was 16 when my record, “Come On and Dance With Me”, produced by Felton Jarvis for ABC Paramount was released in 1963. (It’s on YouTube) When one of the trades described me as “a femme Elvis”, I was thrilled beyond words! I pursued music until 1996. Stardom eluded me but I had some wonderful experiences, which I wrote about in my online intervies,
    DIANE JORDAN, ALMOST FAMOUS. My husband, Larry Fullam, who died on 1/30/15, was a great singer and you were his musical influence, when he was in high school. He finally had to give up on his dream, and got out of music in 1990, to become a private coach driver. He drove on the Virtual Elvis tour and in 22 years, that was his favorite driving gig. How he loved that tour jacket! I subscribe to Sirius/SM radio and I listen to the Elvis channel whenever I’m in my car. I never tire of hearing your wonderful voice! In 1970, Larry’s roommate (before we married in 1971) who was a friend of James Burton, was talking to James outside of RCA Studios. When your limo drove up, I asked James to introduce me to you and he did. You gave me the “dirty handshake”, and I was too naive to know to do it back! I saw you perform in Las Vegas in 1974, when I was singing with the Tommy Cash Show, and again in Atlanta in January of 1977. I was a friend of Sherrill Nielson (and Harrison Tyner) and got to ride on the show bus to the Omni. What a void there would have been in my life, if there had been no Elvis! I hope that you will find some” merry” in your Christmas and some “happy” in your birthday….

    • Love your reply ,Diane.i also want to wish you a very merry christmas, and happy New Year and a very happy birthday to some one that’s like a big brother to me .I love you ,Elvis and always will.

  29. Jesse,I am hoping you open your heart to this wonderful magical season we are in.December will bring many new beginnings. instead winters coldness and misery.Just remember to look at everything Through the Eyes of a Child! I believe you once said..The magic of Christmas is soon near,but we must never forget the Christ is soon near.Yes he Jesus was born on famous day.but he lived such a short life.but through death and Resurrection we shall all see a new life through Christ! May your Christmas be filled with delight.and have Bless New Year 2020! Happy Birthday dear Jesse “85” Always Remember to Cuddle & Snuggle <3

  30. hi e jessie l hope you have a lovely christmas and all the best for 2020 i hope you have christmas 🎄 day with your family 👪 you deserve it we all miss you so much please take care love you all ways ❤and Linda I hope you and Tom have a lovely Christmas Love light and Peace ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. To the most sweet person in the world!!!
    Dear Jesse, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, I want to wish you a healthy and happy year, that you do not need to see any doctor, be strong and healthy, I love you very much, there is no day I do not think of you and pray to God to keep you healthy.
    Gd made this world more perfect thanks to people like you !!
    There is a Hebrew sentence that we say every morning “MODE ANI” which says: I thank you a living and existent king that you returned my soul with great compassion your faith “This means that our soul rises every night as we sleep in the sky and gives God an account of everything she did that day and in the morning he gives us back The soul and this should be thanked every day, I thank God that He keeps you and prays to protect your precious soul.
    Loves you very much and appreciates you, Ricky from Jerusalem

    • Hi Jesse/Elvis, it seems like just yesterday I that I sent you a holiday greeting, but another year has passed and hear I am writing another greeting. I hope you get to spend time with your family through the Christmas season. I thank Linda for giving us the opportunity to message you. May God bless you Bring you good health, happiness and be with you always. Keep smiling and singing. 🙂🎶🎸 P/S, I Listen to your music everyday, especially when I need a pick me up.
      Vince Campanella
      Ontario, Canada

  32. Merry Christmas Jesse. I am so happy to hear you are feeling better. It was with great joy to learn the Lord provided Elvis a way to retire and Jesse to be able to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Thank you so much for allowing lovely Linda to share that beautiful picture of you and your grandson. Seeing you healthy and happy was such an amazing gift. I am so happy you have such an amazing sister and friend in Linda….someone you love and trust and know that she is in your life for all of the right reasons…growing up an only child myself a sibling is such a blessing. Sending love and Big Hugs…..Cathy Kline- Houston, TX

  33. Hello Elvis/Jesse just a quick message to wish you a blessed Christmas and a fantastic new year and the same to you Linda my friend I not sure if you read the last message I sent you as you never responded much love and respect to you all regards Andy punter

  34. Dear Jesse hi how are you? hope you are well and good . I’m fine and doing well myself . I had a wonderful thanksgiving with my nieces and my grand nephews and niece and of course my nephew in law i had really awesome time and i;m looking forward to spending christmas with them as well. I’m looking forward to moving at the end of the year to a retirenment home i will be in independent living and i’ll have my own apartment and take care of things myself i’l be moving to anexandria virginia right now i live in the city of burke which is in fairfax county virginia I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving you’rself. May GOD grant all you’r dreams May GOD bless you with a long and healthly happy life for the new year and always . Here’s wishing a you most joyous & happy birthday & many many more . GOD bless you alwys with much love & peace carol PS mary christmas & happy new year

  35. Jesse we love you and we miss you and we understand why you had to do what you did you don’t owe us anything you gave us your all I hope you have a wonderful Christmas a Happy New Year and happy birthday love you Jesse oh my love Tina

  36. To ms linda just wanted to thank you for all that you do not just for jesse but for the rest of us you are a child of GOD with a heart form GOD and it is most appreciated for all that you do GOD bless you linda for being the person that you are . May all you’r dreams come true . Wishing a very mary christmas and a very happy & healthly new year GOD bless you always peace & love carol

  37. Dearest Jesse,
    It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas… I hope that brings a season of beauty to see, the scent of a freshly cut evergreen, the taste of hot chocolate and cookies, the sound of children laughing and the feel of warmth from a roaring fire… Merry Christmas Jesse…
    With love,

  38. Dear sir , I hope this message finds you well. I pray your surrounded by lots of love this holiday. I know the holidays can be hard at times. After I lost my daddy your music was the only thing that got me threw my hard days. I am so thankful my daddy shared his love for your music with me. I used to tell my daddy I was going to marry you when I was eight. Then he told me you had passed away in 77 . That’s when I was born. I cried , I had lost my first love. For days I wouldnt talk to anyone. Looking back now it’s amazing how i cared for you. Till this day i still care and im.42 .But I want to think you for reaching out and letting Linda share your stories with us and how your doing. I wil keep you in my prayers always. You have a friend always in ga. (Wendi )

  39. Oh Jesse…what a thrill to write you again this year…absolutely marvelous! I hope the last year has been good to you and you’ll welcome another Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & 43rd (85th) BIRTHDAY!!

    This year I’m treating myself to another pilgrimage to Graceland…for your birthday celebration!

    I’ve longed to go the past few years but due to my Mother’s health I was unable. You may remember me writing this summer that she passed while Graceland was having the candlelight vigil ceremonies. I was holding vigil with her, buried her Aug. 17th; the same time all the craziness was going down 42 years ago with you! She made it to 92 but it was a terrible 48 hours, having to inject her around the clock to keep her from pain. The only thing that lessened the ordeal was playing your music. They say hearing is the last to go. To this day I cannot watch my dvd so I need to buy myself a new one when in town. How wonderful if you could autograph it!! I never wanted to come for the vigil because I always felt you were alive and thanks to discovering Linda (after going down many wrong roads) I know for sure. Just mailed your book to a new friend and gave her the websites. I was filling my sister’s ear this weekend about you and Linda…she did in her sweet potato casserole listening to me. My Mom didn’t believe me either until I showed her the book…then I found her showing it to others!

    I’m anxious to see the lights, decos & music inside and out on your birthday – doing the evening tour. I’m sure it will be absolutely beautiful to experience Christmas at Graceland, as you did. Honestly, it’s the one thing that has helped distract me from my own Mother’s death, having this to look forward to. My great escape! As before, I’m renting the house on Dolan (not your Dad’s) but 5 or 6 houses away..The Spa Guy is supposed to get me Art’s info on 1266. I get a bird’s eye view of Graceland from the back yard…adds to the whole experience.

    I’ve said this before but I don’t really approve of all the glitz EPE is bringing to Graceland so don’t care to buy into it. It’s a tad over the top! Just so they keep it on the other side of the street but they’re expanding all around it seems. From a marketing perspective it’s fantastic and I recognize the creative efforts but from a PR standpoint, I think they need to give back to the community. When you think, just blocks away, you have people living in abandoned or condemned buildings. While Dolan and surrounding streets remain well-kept, it is sad to see all the bars on the doors and windows. It must bother you as well. You always gave back;..I’d love to see a fund set up to improve the surrounding area from some of the proceeds paid to enter Graceland & participate in the activities. Seems to me I read something about a scholarship fund (from tax breaks) but it’s time EPE really gave back. Oh I’d love to be involved and I’ve considered working for Graceland PR/Special Events but it would probably drive me crazy and I’d tell everyone you were alive…lol. They’d look up my profile on Facebook and I wouldn’t stand a chance. I’d love to know what they say on the inside though…I love a mystery.

    I expect you’re into Bluff City Law. I’m so hooked on that show. It’s great exposure for Memphis…takes me back to a lot of the places we checked out while at Graceland. You really feel the vibe with the Cinderella carriages they now have & trolley/cable cars. I often wonder it you’re into the music shows like The Voice or The Masked Singer. I still say that would be the way to go…I think you’d shock them all 🙂

    I hope you’re having a good day, enjoying getting ready for Christmas…The holiday season never fails to bring us all closer together and what an ambassador of goodwill and peace Elvis was.

    Take care, may God keep you healthy & I’ll see you in January…well, one can dream! I’m doing a little freelancing these days so may visit the employment office. Promoting Graceland yes! EPE not so much!

    Mechanicsburg, PA

  40. Want to thank YOU for all you have done in protecting this country and US the American people. You have been My Blessing through some dark times in my life!!!! Through your music, giving me Peace Comfort and CALM💙This yr has been a HUGE MILESTONE in your life receiving the MEDAL FULFILLING 42YRS in Honor of your brother “Jesse” WOW YOU DID IT!!! Now reaching “85” I Pray YOU know how TRULY BLESSED YOU ARE?
    For me, the only thing Greater would be able to shake Your hand give a warm comforting gentle HUG & the BIGEST KISS on Your Forehead then say “THANK YOU”. I hope you know how much YOU are LOVED!!!
    So, this Christmas I hope you take the time and enjoy it, then sit back with a SMILE on your face breath deep then reflect!!!! Being able to write you through Linda aka your “LITTLE SISTER” has been a dream come True an Honor, not once but now 2 times, OMG My Heart is full of the most EXCTMENT OVERWHELMING WITH PURE JOY……LOL…..YES I’M THAT GITTY LITTLE SCHOOL GIRL WITH THE BIGEST SMILE ON MY FACE AND LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!! ITS OK YOU CAN LAUGH BECAUSE I KNOW THE “TRUTH YOUR TRUTH”😆🤟🙏I have been Loving, reading all of your and Linda’s phone calls letting us know how you are doing and Praying for you when she let’s us know you are having some health issues. So I Pray going into the New Year, God gives you Strength Wisdom GREAT HEALTH and lots more HUGS & KISSES from those who mean the most to YOU!!!!
    From my family Neal/ Smith/Masters We Wish YOU A:

    As ALWAYS Much Love to YOU My Friend
    Praying for You

    P.S. Wishing Nicki a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Loving You🤟
    Kim Neal 😎💙

  41. Hi JESSE just wanted to say hi and wish you a very merry Christmas and also a very blessed birthday the lord is so wonderful I have alawys wanted to see your concerts but you know the blessing is I can write you and wish you a happy birthday thanks to Linda the lord blessed you both when you became friends we have a awsome God I alawys loved to hear you sing gospel songs my best one is how great thow art Christmas is about our lord and savior I just wish you a blessed Christmas and a very happy birthday just remember Jesse you alawys ha e a praying g friend here and Linda is a very kind lady Gos hears ate prayer God bless

  42. Hi again I forgot to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 for the 8th of JANUARY I hope you have a lovely day all my LOVE Gina from ENGLAND ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎈🎈🎈🎆🎇

  43. Dear Jesse, I once again thank you and Linda for this opportunity, and awesome honor it is to speak to you through this forum. I’m not much of a speaker, so this message will not be very long. I am just glad that you are still with us, and that you are safe and well. I sure hope you enjoyed the book I recently sent through Linda. You have been a blessing to me much of my 60 years, and I thank you for that. May you have a Happy 85th Birthday, and many more happy birthdays in the future years to come.
    Much Love to you always & Forever.
    Your Friend for Life, Dennis.

  44. Dear Jesse/elvis,
    I hope you’re well and wish you a very merry Christmas..been a fan since i was 11 years old and i am knocking on 54 now..
    Peace and love to you
    God bless you

  45. Hello Jesse
    Have a very merry christmas i hope you Linda and Mr X enjoy the HERO Tubs and little Nick enjoys his tub of yummy sweets too!
    Thank you so much for making me smile i will cherish what i have from you and thank you for honouring my Mick by doing what you did for me and without Linda and You and Mr X i don’t think it would of been possible, i am really grateful to you all so thank you from the top of my heart to the bottom 😉 thanx zillions xxx

    Oh remember those things i told you about that happened some time ago i mentioned in my letter about the electrical devices, i actually thought when i wrote to you and had my picture returned and signed it would all settle down huh! I was pleasantly wrong but im glad it hasn’t as on 22nd of November at half 5 in the evening i came home from work with ken and my xmas fence lights that i have had on my fence since last year battery operated ones at that, came on and when i saw them twinkling away i thought how and why have they come on the last time those were on were last year now they haven’t been on throughout the seasons the batteries needed renewing last timei i put those on were last xmas now on the 21st a day before those came on i was at my night job mopping away just thinking i will have to get new batteries for the fence lights and the next day those feckers were on, i went in and i saw dayle in the living room watching TV and i asked him with a smile did u turn the fence lights n? He said no mum, ge said ask matty, so i went upstairs to mattys room and asked him and he said no not touched them mum, i thought oh Sharday’s fixed them maybe, but she was already at Simons her boyfriends place so i text her to ask if she had turned thos on she also said no mum not been near them so i have no clue as to how those after 12 months of not being on have just come on and they are on battery, i saw my neighbour Rose and i just said pointing at the lights on the fence twinkling away, see these lights Rose? She said yes they’re lovely Berny i said well i never put these on no one has put these on but they’re on, by themselves and she said well i was coming out yesterday and i thought berny will have those lights on soon Rose said looking at them on the fence the day before and i said i was thinking about getting batteries too the day before when i was moooing the floor at my school job and, Bobs ya uncle and Fannys ya Aunt thyyre on today all by themselves, Mick wasn’t too keen on christmas but he knows i like twinkly things so maybe he’s put those on for me save me buying the batteries, i like to think he has🙏😪
    Well Jesse i wish you and all a Merry Christmas and a Brand New Happy New Year
    Love from a Hapoy but bewildered Bernadine xxx

  46. Really quickly Linda just posted YOUR doing better from the stomach issues AWESOMENESS THANK YOU GOD🙏⚡Much Love to YOU MY DEAR FRIEND XOXO 🤟💙TCB/TLC ALWAYS & FOREVER

  47. Hi Jesse, hope you are doing well.I know you heard so many telling you they love you,well a 73 year old greatgrands telling you how much she loves you but it’s true.youre like a big brother to me.when I see your face or hear your voice ,I get a warm fuzzy feeling you more than you could ever sharon.

  48. Jesse. I hope you are well. I just wanted to say that my mom was the same age as you. she was born 9/13/34 in greenfield, mo. and when her school took its senior trip in ’52,they went to memphis. I would like to believe that you and her world might have collided at a burger joint or a movie! how awesome would that be? sadly mom passed away early at only 56 years old. since then i picked up her torch and became fascinated of the story of your life. I wish you all the best. I pray everyday that you can come out and tell the world your story. naturally i would pray that you would let me do it. i have written a book that might interest you if you are a history buff. its called “gold coast madam-the secret life of rose laws” (available on amazon) she is a Tennessee girl too! i could send you one happily if you tell where to send it. Happy Holidays to you!! God Bless! ps have you been watching the spa guy videos about you? they are terrific! Merry Christmas

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