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Linda Sigmon

I have been a very loyal Elvis fan for 62 years this year having seen him on TV first in 1956.
I have been friends with Elvis Aron Presley, who IS now Jesse, since 1992...26 years. I began my web site with the approval of Jesse in May, 2009. My original site has had in excess of 1,195,000 visitors. My site has grown to 180 pages and is one of the largest Elvis web sites on the Internet. That is the reason for this extension web site in addition to my original site.

Where we live we only one option for Internet service and my site has grown so large that my AT&T U-verse service cannot wait long enough for my original site to open.

I will be posting my monthly Current News and Event pages on this new site. That is where all of my new articles will be appearing.

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