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Jesse called tonight and we enjoyed speaking as always.  He has tried to call me a number of times but has had technical problems with his phone. Sometimes it rings just once and then cuts off the call before we can speak which is really frustrating. Needless to say, I was so happy and thankful that we were able to speak tonight.

He is doing all right now after recovering from the flu which he had a couple of weeks ago.  He asked about my eye and we spent some time discussing that.  As always, it made my day to hear his voice and know that he is OK.



Jesse called again tonight because he was interrupted and had to hang up before we were through with our conversation last night.  We had more time to speak tonight and had an enjoyable visit just talking about a number of different things.  I just thought everyone would be happy to know that he is fine and so very thoughtful to call me again. I sure could get used to this…calls every day would be amazing!! Sure did brighten my day!!



It is my humble opinion, as an Elvis fan since 1956, that this precious recording should only be on prominent display in Graceland and should have been bought by EPE when it was auctioned off.

Elvis’ first single

In 2015, an acetate recording of the first songs Elvis Presley ever recorded sold at auction for $300,000 to an unnamed bidder — who turned out to be White.

After a painstaking digital transfer at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Third Man released a single of the Elvis Recordings on vinyl for Record Store Day.

Elvis’ 1st Recording Digitally Transferred at the Country Music Hall of Fame


Published on Apr 9, 2015

Elvis Presley’s “My Happiness” b/w “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin” 7″ vinyl is available here:…

In June of 1953, Elvis Presley made his first ever recording directly to acetate at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. This one-of-a-kind piece of music history was recently purchased by Jack White at auction. On February 26th, 2015, Jack White met with legendary music archivist Alan Stoker at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN to have this “holy grail of rock n roll” digitally transferred, so Third Man Records could repress it for the masses. A facsimile of this record, using this transfer without alteration, was available on Record Store Day, April 18th, 2015. A cleaned-up and re-mastered version of this recording is available as a 7″ on Third Man Records.


Continuing the history of Elvis’ very first recording:

Elvis Presley First Record My Happiness What Happened to it Spa Guy

Spa Guy

Published on Mar 29, 2018

This video is about The Spa Guy telling the story of the first Acetate Record Elvis recorded at Memphis Recording Service with Marion MacInnes and what happened to that record that was for his Mama…


My good friend, Dennis F. Miller, shared the following video with me and I enjoyed it very much.  I thank Dennis very much.






I just posted a new item on my Facebook pages and I want to share it on here also.  I know this material is not new to my visitors who have followed my original website for years.  So, I am sharing it for those who may be newcomers to the truth which I have been sharing on my site for almost ten years.

Here is the copy of my new post on Facebook:

I want to direct those who doubt the truth of my website, my material, my friendship with Elvis (who IS Jesse), etc. to the following page of my website. Wanda June Hill who was a very close and dear friend to Elvis for 15 years before he left in 1977 became a very good friend to me. She knows that Jesse really is Elvis and she wrote several statements endorsing my website and the validity of Jesse being Elvis. She wrote the statements specifically for me to display on my website. She also wrote a statement that she gave me permission to use anything she shared with me on my website.

Wanda is a beautiful person with a true heart of honesty and continued love of her friend, Elvis. She has been a true friend to me also and I treasure all of the time she and I spent on the phone and in Emails. I am very blessed to have become a personal friend with Wanda.

For those who are not familiar with Wanda June Hill, you will see on my website page that she has written two of the best books ever written about Elvis. Every fan who truly loves Elvis and cares about the man, the person, and not just the image should read Wanda’s two books. I first read them in 1990 and have treasured them ever since.

I believe visiting this page of my website will be a learning experience for those who doubt the truth told by myself and Jesse on my website. Please do take the time to visit and read this page in its entirety.

Thank you very much,

Below is the link to from which you may purchase her first book “WE REMEMBER, ELVIS

We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition Paperback

We Remember Elvis Wanda June Hills book

by Wanda June Hill (Author)

This book has been re-released and revised with additional sections added,because after 25 years, Elvis’ dignity has been torn up time after time, by people who didn’t know him, judged him and what he stood for by their own imperfections, desires and delusions for what ever gain they received. He has been one of the most misunderstood and vilified entertainers of his time and for the most part after his death. In this book, We Remember, Elvis many people who did know him, who had personal contact with the man, more than the entertainer have come together to tell their stories and in doing so, let Elvis reveal himself in ways he never was allowed to do while living.

Also, I am sharing the web site from which you may download for FREE her second book:

Elvis – Face to Face

With love by Wanda June Hill

and a Few Friends


Below you may listen to all 15 of the songs on the Elvis Found Alive CD.  This is a YouTube channel and the songs will play in a loop all the way through all of the songs.

Highway 61 – Topic

Published on Jan 3, 2015

Joel Gilbert forced me to remove the player from my website.  Jesse told me himself that he did record the songs on this CD.  Gilbert lied to me and disputed Jesse’s word.  Jesse said that Gilbert is a d….. liar.”  I, of course, KNOW that Jesse told me the truth.  When you hear the songs, you also will KNOW that Jesse told me the truth.



Memphis all shook up by threat to move Graceland to Japan

After the White House, Graceland is said to be the most-visited private home in the US. Picture: Supplied
After the White House, Graceland is said to be the most-visited private home in the US. Picture: Supplied

In the midst of a dispute with the city of Memphis, the man who manages Elvis Presley’s former home and the surrounding attractions made an extraordinary threat: Graceland might leave Memphis and find a new place to dwell.

“We had an offer ten days ago to move Graceland to Japan,” Joel Weinshanker, managing director of Elvis Presley Enterprises, said. “We had two offers to move to the Middle East and one [to move] to China. They offered us more profit than we could ever make in Memphis.”

The idea that Graceland could be dismantled and shipped overseas, like the old London Bridge that was sent to Arizona, has been forestalled, however, by an expected deal that would grant tax incentives on a $US100 million expansion.

There would be a hangar for Elvis’s planes, an enlarged guesthouse for visitors and a club modelled on the carpet-walled Jungle Room, an eccentrically decorated living room in Elvis’s mansion. The city council is expected to approve the deal this month.

It had been held up by concerns over a 6000-seat concert arena planned in the expansion.

The city had previously agreed that it would only allow for the use of public funds on a single concert venue, an arena that is also the home of the local basketball team.

Elvis Presley strolls the grounds of his Graceland estate in circa 1957. Picture: Supplied
Elvis Presley strolls the grounds of his Graceland estate in circa 1957. Picture: Supplied

A lawyer for Mr Weinshanker’s company told the Memphis Business Journal last week that the agreement reached with the city would preclude the use of funds from tax incentives on the new concert arena.

Mr Weinshanker said that Graceland already had a soundstage where it could hold concerts and a 500-seat theatre inside a newly built guesthouse, that has replaced the elderly Heartbreak Hotel. The concert arena “will be done by 2022”, he said on Monday.

“We have a deal with Live Nation, we will have about fifty concerts a year.”

He acknowledged that it was rather unlikely that Graceland would have been moved. “No matter how famous Elvis got, no matter how much money he made, he always came back to Memphis,” he added.

The Jungle room at Graceland. Picture: Supplied
The Jungle room at Graceland. Picture: Supplied

He said that dollars $US750,000 from the tax break scheme would be reinvested into a local community project. Mr Weinshanker, 48, said that this was in keeping with the spirit of the King: when he was alive “he would go down to the gates, there would be 50 people waiting for him, he would say: ‘Let’s go to the movie theatre,’ and he would pay for their tickets, buy them all popcorn,” he said.

An archivist had found plans suggesting that he had hoped to build a guesthouse too, Mr Weinshanker said, but he added: “It wasn’t as big as the one we built.”

Under the expansion plan the guesthouse, which has 450 rooms, would get another 150.

The hangar for Elvis’s planes would also function as a party space, he said. “We get all the time people wanting to have parties at Graceland.”

He said Elvis’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, 51, was “very involved” in the project. “When she knows what is happening, she has this little smirk. It’s the way Elvis would have done it,” he said. “When she speaks, you are looking at her dad.”

After the White House, Graceland is said to be the most-visited private home in the US, drawing 600,000 people last year. It was opened to the public in 1982, five years after the death of Elvis, and as the mansion became a place of pilgrimage, Elvis Presley Enterprises took over the shopping centre across the road, which was steadily filling up with souvenir shops.

Lisa Marie Presley still owns the mansion and its gardens, but has made it permanently available to Elvis Presley Enterprises, in which she has a share. Mr Weinshanker took over the company in 2013.

The Times

Elvis Presley greets fans at the gates of Graceland in Memphis in 1957. Picture: AP Photo/Elvis Presley Enterprises
Elvis Presley greets fans at the gates of Graceland in Memphis in 1957. Picture: AP Photo/Elvis Presley Enterprises