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I just came from the website of Abe Books where I check every once in a while for copies of Jesse’s book for sale.  Right now there are eight copies available on this site.  Unfortunately, the books have increased in price considerably from the last time I shared a link offering the book for sale.  The prices now range from a used copy for US $ 222.11 to US $ 603.81 for a new copy.

Below is the link to the Abe Books page on which these books are listed:



My long-time friend, Richard B., sent the below photo on the set of Follow That Dream to me saying that it helps to prove that Jesse is Elvis.  As I always say, we can’t have too many matches.

My sincere thanks to Richard for this great photo. 




Elvis stage musical plans confirmed by Baz Luhrmann

It seems that the show is actively being planned!

Austin Butley in Elvis
Austin Butler in Elvis
(© Warner Bros)

After he first gave WhatsOnStage a heads-up back in the autumn, it seems that Baz Luhrmann’s plans are progressing quickly for the stage version of Elvis. 

The film may not have picked up any Oscars, but it seems as though it may be destined to follow in the footsteps of shows like Moulin Rouge! or Strictly Ballroom and find its way to the stage.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Oscars, Luhrmann said: “It will be a bit like Moulin Rouge!. There will be an Elvis stage musical. We’re getting into that now.” Shedding more light on plans, Luhrmann ruled himself out of the director’s chair for the stage production, though said he would produce it.

Moulin Rouge! and Strictly Ballroom are both produced on stage by Australian company Global Creatures, though it is unknown if the organisation will spearhead the Elvis stage show. Locations, dates and casting are to be confirmed.

It isn’t unusual for Luhrmann to not direct stage versions of his films. Alex Timbers (Beetlejuice, Here Lies Love) was responsible for bringing Moulin Rouge! to the stage, so may be a natural fit for the Elvis gig.

Moulin Rouge! continues to play both in the West End and on Broadway, while a Strictly Ballroom revival is currently touring the UK and Ireland.

Elvis, released in 2022, stars Austin Butler and Tom Hanks and charts the rise and fall of the seminal music maker.








This is a fairly interesting article…though their conclusions are way off base on several of their chosen topics.   I believe my visitors who have been following my two websites for the almost-14 years that I have been online already know the true facts which I have documented.

If time permits, I hope to add some of my own commentary regarding several of their misconceptions.  I do KNOW the truth because several of these are topics that Jesse has spoken with me about himself.    I have to leave the computer for now but will try to get back on tonight or tomorrow to add Jesse’s own truth.

Elvis’ wildest conspiracies – Home Alone appearance, Mafia link, and gravestone clue

Elvis Presley is one of the most recognizable faces of all time, so there’s no doubt fans wish he was still alive – keep reading to check out some of the wildest conspiracies

Elvis Presley, known as the King of Rock and Roll, died on August 16, 1977 and the world was left shocked over his premature death.

The singer was a mere 42 years old when he died of a heart attack and fans still mourn the death of who many consider to be the greatest singer of all time.

His reputation and legacy still live on and fans still celebrate the star’s life, 45 years after he passed.

However, some take things a bit further and conspiracy theories around Elvis’ existence have circulated ever since his death.

This month marks the anniversary of the launch of his final tour, and many fans probably hope one of these conspiracies is true just so they can see him on-stage once more.

Time Travel

A recent conspiracy theory claimed a fan travelled back in time
A recent conspiracy theory claimed a fan travelled back in time (Image: Redferns)

Conspiracy theorists have recently speculated that an Elvis fan actually time travelled to one of his 1977 gigs along with a mobile phone.

Back in November, footage of the singer resurfaced and showed him singing to an audience wearing a white jumpsuit.

However, eagle-eyed fans thought they spotted an onlooker holding something suspicious in their hand.

The "time traveller" was watching him perform
The “time traveller” was watching him perform (Image: NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

As Elvis chucked his towel out into the crowd a hoard of fans reached out to try and grab it, but some modern day viewers think they spotted someone holding a phone.

It appeared as though one fan was holding a smartphone as they clutched the black phone-shaped object in their hand, but many have shut down this theory.

It seems as though many discarded the fact that the object could have been a pouch or a purse of some kind and if they had travelled back in time, they would most likely be using the phone to record the show – not hold it close to their chest.


Many people claim to have seen The King
Many people claim to have seen The King (Image: Getty Images)

As with every dead celebrity, someone will think they’ve seen them alive some way or another.

The very first posthumous “sighting” of Presley came on the afternoon he died when a man spotted his doppelganger in an airport.

Allegedly, the mystery man gave the name Jon Burrows, which was a well-known alias Elvis used when he was booking hotel rooms.

He reportedly bought a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires and consequently, many fans seem to think they have spotted The King there while on their travels.

In December of that year, a photo was taken by Mike Joseph when he visited Graceland which many claimed to show Elvis lounging in his pool house.

However, this was later debunked by Joe Esposito to be Al Strada, although many preferred to believe that the rock and roll star was living his life quietly in the place he loved most.

My Commentary #1

NO, THIS WAS NOT DEBUNKED BY JOE.  This really is Elvis sitting in the poolhouse door.  Jesse confirmed this to me himself.  Please see my entire page proving that it is Elvis in the photo.  Please visit the below link.



Some moviegoers were convinced
Some moviegoers were convinced (Image: YouTube) 

In the scene where Kevin’s mum checks the flight availability, many think that they spotted Elvis lingering in the background.

Behind her, a man wearing a black turtleneck, a brown blazer and sporting a full beard can be seen, with a similar face shape to the King of Rock and Roll.

My Commentary #2

Please see my article published on my site in 2018 proving who the man in the Home Alone movie really was.  The man in the photo was  Mr. Gary Grott.  On my site linked below you will see the full proof with other photos of Mr. Grott.

Years before I learned who it really was in the movie, I told Jesse about people believing that it was really him in the Home Alone movie.  Jesse said he had not seen the movie and did not know what people were talking about.  So, I sent him a copy of the movie so he could see it.





Phone call

Gail claimed to have had a phone call with the singer
Gail claimed to have had a phone call with the singer (Image: Redferns) 

Another claim that Elvis is still alive comes from Gail Brewer-Giorgio, who wrote the book Is Elvis Alive? and said that she had a phone call with Elvis in 1988.

According to the author, during the summer of 1988 she had a phone call with Presley who allegedly contacted her directly.

Gail also popularised the theory that the singer had connections to the mafia and was forced to retreat to witness protection.

She spoke to TIME about what she claimed to be FBI documents that “proved” his connections but, as to be expected, many are doubtful about her claims.


My Commentary #3

Gail Brewer-Giorgio was telling the whole truth about Elvis/Jesse calling her in 1988.  Tom and I visited in Gail’s home in Jan. 1990 and Gail played the entire tape for us to hear.  I immediately knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it really was Elvis.  We felt so blessed to hear the tape.  That was when I decided to support Gail even more strongly than I already had been because I heard Elvis/Jesse tell her his wish to come back out publicly.  That is what prompted me to publish my newsletter later that year.

Gail had agreed NOT to tape the call.  But she did so and then published it with a later book which was a vast disappointment to Elvis. Jesse spoke with me about the fact that he had thought that he could trust Gail.   He had felt bad for her because of the way she was being treated on the talk shows on which she had appeared.

He promised to send her ammunition during the phone call.  He kept his word by having his cousin Gene Smith phone Gail on Palm Sunday of 1989 after Elvis/Jesse called her in October 1988.  Gene told Gail that if she would have the handwriting on Elvis’ death report professionally analyzed, it would prove that Elvis himself filled out that form.  Gail did so and sure enough it did prove that it was Elvis’ own handwriting.  Gail and I were friends way back then and she called me the evening of Gene’s call and told me all about it.

I won’t take up room here with the full details as this is a very long and detailed history of my long-ago friendship with Gail, the things I witnessed over the years, the Bill Bixby TV show which resulted from this call, things Jesse told me over the many years, etc.   It is all reported over my two websites.

Below is the tape of Gail’s call from Elvis in October 1988 which she sold with one of her later books.

Below is a photo of Gail and me in Gail’s home during our Jan. 1990 visit.

Head stone

Elvis is buried in Memphis, Tennessee
Elvis is buried in Memphis, Tennessee (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Many are confused as to the obvious name change that appeared on his head stone after he died.

Elvis’ middle name was spelled Aron, missing the additional “a” that the name is usually spelled with.

Theories have circulated speculating that the unusual spelling was used to pay homage to the singer’s stillborn identical twin Jesse Garon Presley.

According to reports, as Elvis reached the end of his life he wanted to change the spelling to include the extra “a”.

His headstone has the double "a" spelling
His headstone has the double “a” spelling (Image: Getty Images)

As he attempted to change his name, Presley was informed that records had actually logged his name to include the extra “a” and upon learning about his son’s plans, Elvis’ father chose to write “Aaron” on his tombstone.

Even though the simple explanation was enough for some, a few hardcore fans are adamant that the singer is alive and used the spelling as a catalyst for their theories.

Some believed that the misspelling was a way of Elvis letting his fans know that he had faked his own death.

My Commentary #4

Jesse did tell me himself that the extra “A” stands for “Alive“.






SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 2023

What a great photo of Elvis…


MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2023

I want to apologize and explain my reduced activity on this website as well as my non-responses to personal emails. Unfortunately, my arms and shoulders have not recuperated well at all from my two broken arms within the past year. The orthopedic surgeon who has monitored my healing closely with X-rays since my injuries occurred has told me that all the healing has been completed. The only way to rid me of the pain is to have total shoulder replacement surgeries. At the age of 76 and with my other chronic pain problems, I have chosen not to have the surgeries. Therefore, there are days when I can’t work on the computer much at all. The mouse and the keyboard are really difficult for me for many days. Also, bone-on-bone arthritis which I have in both thumbs, wrists, and hands causes me miserable pain from typing and using the mouse. Fibromyalgia causes fatigue and lack of stamina as well. So, to sum up, old age and bad health have taken me to my knees. Ha, ha!

Please understand that I am not giving up…just being forced to cut back. I will still be as active as possible here on the site but will not be able to respond to emails very much at all.  I thank everyone for your patience and understanding.

Also, I want to explain the absence of calls from Jesse.  Jesse’s situation has changed a lot and he is being relocated often.  The restriction on his telephone use has also increased greatly in recent months.  During our most recent phone conversation, he told me “No matter what happens, I will find a way to get back in touch with you.”  I miss speaking with him so very much, but I do understand his situation with those who protect his security.

Our go-between called me yesterday and he is having more health issues himself which concerns me a lot.  He told me that Jesse had called his home and left a message for him recently.  So, it is reassuring to know that Jesse is all right.

I will always post on here when I do hear from Jesse providing it is all right with him that I share it publicly.


This month marks a very, very, very happy anniversary for me.  It has been 31 years since I received my very first correspondence directly from Elvis.

Below is the second postcard that Elvis sent to me a little bit later.  I was just as excited and thrilled with the second card as I was with the first one.  I wasn’t quite as surprised as with the first one since he closed his first one with “more later“…although I didn’t actually expect that he would write me again; how could I be that blessed!?

These past 31 years of friendship with Jesse have been such a tremendous blessing to me although he and I have experienced many ups and downs due to the interference by others who wish to control him; the efforts by others to destroy the friendship which we share; or the efforts by many to discredit me, him, and this website which still carries his full approval.  

I cannot begin to express my gratitude and love to Jesse for these 31 years of being my friend and for his choosing to be my “brother“.    God has certainly smiled upon me since the day when I was nine years old in 1956 and saw Elvis for the first time on TV and felt that instant bond with him which has stayed with me all of these 67 years and which shall stay with me until my last breath.

I would also like to add that the reason that Jesse knew about me and decided to be in touch with me was because of my newsletter which I published from 1990-1991.  I mailed a copy of each issue to someone who I knew was in touch with him and asked this person to please send it along to Elvis.  Also, someone with whom I became good friends and who was friends with Elvis also passed along my newsletters to Jesse.

I received a phone call several weeks after I stopped publishing my newsletter from a man with whom I had never had any contact.  He spoke with me for a while and then out of the blue he told me “He really liked your newsletter“.  So, that made me so happy.  Little did I know that phone call would be the beginning of the most wonderful experience of my life.

Thank you, Jesse, for allowing me to be your “Sis” for the past 31 years.



Below is a photo of a watch that shows an interesting date of 1980 from Elvis to Col. Parker.  I thought this was ver.r.r.r.r.ry interesting way back years ago when I first took note of it.  I apologize that I am unable to make the text on the bottom of the display card more readable…tried all kinds of adjustments with no luck.

The text that I am able to read from the bottom description says “Pulsar Watch”  “Gift From Elvis To The Colonel”  “…k Gold”  “Parker Collection Graceland.  If one looks closely, this can be made out and I would say that this is enough to say it all…Elvis was still alive in 1980.






I have some news about Jesse!  He phoned this afternoon and we spoke for just a few minutes.  Jesse was feeling sad today and I felt sad for him too.  I have been sad because I had not heard from him for a little over a month.  So,  we were not as jovial as we have been in many of our conversations.  He also was in pain and I felt so bad for him.  He still has not gotten his new phone and his attempts to call me earlier have failed.  He still wants to get a new phone.  

As always, his call was a great blessing for my heart and soul today.


After I posted the above photo of the watch which Elvis gave Col. Parker in 1980, I decided to do a Google search for other photos of gifts that Elvis had given to Col. Parker.  I came upon the below article which I found to be interesting and hope my visitors will find it entertaining also.

This article was published last August and I feel bad that I missed it when it was current.

After 50 Years, the Lost Jewelry of Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker is Set to Be Auctioned for the First Time

For over 50 years the most important collection of jewelry owned by Col. Parker, all of which either came from Elvis, were made by Elvis for the Colonel, or were gifted to the Colonel by individuals that helped make Elvis the icon that he is today, was thought to have been lost forever. Both collectors and fans have spent decades searching for the astonishing collection of Colonel Tom Parker. The collection has never been offered for auction before Kruse GWS Auctions acquired it.

Some pieces were even commissioned by Elvis as gifts to the Colonel or for Elvis himself. There has never been a more important collection of jewelry that chronicles both Elvis Presley’s career and his relationship with Colonel Tom Parker.

As if the lost collection of Parker jewelry is not enough, the auction will also include a collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia including personal jewelry, Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding tray, and other Elvis Presley stage-worn jewelry and articles. On the heels of the new biopic “Elvis” which chronicles many of the moments that are directly related to many pieces of jewelry in this auction and in celebration of “Elvis” month.

The auction begins on August 27th, you can take a look now at the collection. For more info on the auction go to

Below are the links to just a few of the impressive pages of the above website.  I will forewarn you that this is a HUGE site and is addictive…you can’t stop going to the next item to see it.

This first link is to the first page of the list of items offered in the auction.


The items on their website are copyrighted, thus I am only sharing the links above.  The below newspaper article appears on the page about *Col. Parker’s desk pad.  Since it is a publicly published newspaper article, I hope it will be alright that I did copy it from their website.

I always have to chuckle when the attire that Col. Parker wore to Elvis’ “funeral” is criticized…he wasn’t there for a funeral, he was there to Take Care of Business


Also, below is another article about this same auction with a few photos of some of the items included in the auction.

Long-lost Elvis Presley jewelry heads to auction

Published 5th August 2022

Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker's lost jewelry collection.

Credit: Kruse GWS Auctions

Long-lost Elvis Presley jewelry heads to auction
Written by Megan C. Hills
From sparkling jumpsuits to diamond-studded rings, Elvis Presley loved all things glittery — as do collectors of his memorabilia. But much of the jewelry famously gifted by the singer to his manager Colonel Tom Parker was long considered lost.
Now, decades after the items were last seen, a California auction house has tracked down dozens of the jewels ahead of a major sale.
The glitzy gifts given to Parker include a 18-karat gold Corum watch, which features a 130-year-old $20 coin on the dial, as well as a pair of Presley’s custom cufflinks reading “rock” and “roll” on their undersides.
Also featured in the auction are items Presley had custom-made for Parker, the man often credited with making him a star. They include a pair of diamond and ruby snowman-shaped cufflinks, which the singer purchased for his manager to commemorate the success of the history-making “Aloha From Hawaii” satellite broadcast in 1973. (According to the auction catalog, Parker was nicknamed the “Snowman” and his bejeweled cufflink snowmen are depicted smoking cigars.)

A pair of bejeweled snowman cufflinks that were custom-made for Colonel Tom Parker by Elvis Presley.

A pair of bejeweled snowman cufflinks that were custom-made for Colonel Tom Parker by Elvis Presley. Credit: Kruse GWS Auctions
Brigitte Kruse, the founder, and CEO of Kruse GWS Auctions, said she spent almost 10 years trying to source Parker’s personal collection and bring it to market.
“I was told (in 2014) by a major collector and someone in the business for 30 years that ‘the most important Elvis jewelry collection of all time is out there and up for grabs,'” she told CNN via email.
After years of dead ends searching for the “lost” collection, Kruse said learned of a financial dispute that had kept the items out of the public eye for nearly five decades. Eventually, one of the auction house’s clients negotiated a price for the items and purchased them, she said.

A pair of gold "Rock and Roll" cufflinks that the singer gifted to his long-time manager.

A pair of gold “Rock and Roll” cufflinks that the singer gifted to his long-time manager. Credit: Kruse GWS Auctions
“It was … a collection that we (had) all ‘heard about,'” she added. “It truly was a myth and a legend until we put our hands on it.”
The jewels will be joined on the auction block by various other Elvis-related memorabilia from Parker’s collection, including items marking the singer’s comeback residency at the Las Vegas Hilton. Among them is a Baume & Mercier watch, gifted to Parker by the hotel, and a jewel-encrusted ring given to him by its owner, Barron Hilton,
The auction house has also acquired other jewelry items once belonging to Presley, such as a ring marked with “TCB” (or “Taking Care of Business”), the name of his backing band.
Priscilla Presley, who had a hand in designing some of the jewels, helped the auction house curate the sale. Many of the items are being sold alongside letters from the star’s former wife, in which she shares insights into the objects’ history.

Priscilla Presley looks at a selection of jewelry featured in the auction.

Priscilla Presley looks at a selection of jewelry featured in the auction. Credit: Aude Guerrucci/REUTERS
Priscilla, who divorced Presley in 1973 but remained a close friend, told Reuters that working on the sale “brings back memories.” She expressed hope that her involvement in the auction would help combat the sale of fake Elvis memorabilia, adding: “I want to know for sure that that is going to go to someone who is going to care for it, love it.”
The auction, which concludes later this month, also features a champagne glass and a tray from the pair’s wedding, Presley’s “Speedway” jumpsuit and the last limousine the singer’s ever purchased.
“Elvis deserved for this collection to be found and displayed in order to preserve his legacy,” Kruse said in a press release. “The fans also needed to know about this collection after 50 years, and all of the stories attached to each piece.”



Below is the 2nd page of a letter that Jesse wrote to someone with whom I used to be in touch.  Just want to let everyone see his handwriting once more.  The person to whom Jesse wrote this letter is an Elvis Tribute Artist.  This person shared this copy of the letter with me many years ago.

In this same vein of thought is a sweet closing to a letter that Jesse wrote to me some years ago.


Below is the link to another official Elvis Presley website on which there is news of music, video releases, etc. coming out.





FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2023

Graceland Announces All-American 4th of July Weekend

Graceland celebrates with an all-American weekend. (Photo: Business Wire)

Graceland celebrates with an all-American weekend. (Photo: Business Wire)

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elvis Presley’s Graceland® will be lit in red, white and blue as it celebrates the nation’s independence during its “All-American Weekend” on July 1-2. The weekend will include an Elvis tribute concert, VIP Dinner and Reception on the grounds of Graceland, gospel brunch, special “hidden” tour of Graceland, plus will be capped off with a fireworks extravaganza set to Elvis music.

Individual tickets and various packages are available, including the All-American Weekend Hotel Packages at the AAA-rated Four Diamond Guest House at Graceland resort hotel. On July 2, VIP Package holders are invited to an exclusive private reception and BBQ dinner on the beautiful grounds of the Archives Studio located outside and adjacent to Elvis’ Stable, along with a toast celebrating America’s birthday in front of the iconic Graceland Mansion. Packages also include tours of Graceland Mansion, Elvis’ airplanes, and Elvis Presley’s Memphis™ which features the world’s largest collection of Elvis memorabilia.

The festivities kick-off on Saturday, July 1 at the Graceland Soundstage with an Elvis Tribute Concert starring Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winners Victor Trevino Jr. and Pat Dunn. Backed by the EAS Band, Victor and Pat are incredibly talented showmen when it comes to paying tribute to Elvis. Victor, the 2022 Ultimate winner, has been performing professionally for 10 years and has worked with many of Elvis’ colleagues and friends plus has opened for artists such as Donny Osmond, George Wallace, Boys II Men and Foreigner. Pat’s award-winning background includes starring roles in Broadway productions of “Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Misérables” in addition to winning the 2021 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

America’s birthday celebration continues Sunday, July 2 at The Guest House at Graceland with The Great American Sunday Gospel Brunch featuring The Blackwood Brothers and Billy Blackwood. An early influence on Elvis, The Blackwood Quartet embraces their long lineage of inspirational music through Billy who has been touring with the Quartet since his teens. The brunch will feature delicious Southern specialties.

On Sunday night, celebrate America’s birthday in the way only Graceland can, with an Elvis-themed fireworks spectacular. The evening is hosted by DJ Argo of SiriusXM Elvis Radio, who will share unique stories of Elvis and Graceland. After the sun sets, America will be celebrated as the sky lights up with an unforgettable fireworks display set to Elvis music. Admission is free to the Elvis Fireworks Extravaganza.*

*Free Admission includes parking at Graceland’s main parking lot and access into Elvis Presley’s Memphis Ticket Plaza. In the Plaza guests can shop at one of Graceland’s gift shops and purchase beverages, snacks or dinner at Vernon’s restaurant. Tickets to go inside the exhibits and museums located in Elvis Presley’s Memphis are available as a separate purchase.

For those seeking the ultimate Graceland experience, join us early as Graceland’s VP of Archives and Exhibitions Angie Marchese will lead an after-hours, Hidden Graceland Tour at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, June 30. Limited to just 15 guests, this is as close as guests can come to having their own private tour of Elvis’ iconic home when they will be immersed in the stories that make Graceland the king’s castle. This exclusive experience will provide a glimpse of hidden areas and items not seen on regular tours – and will feature a special photo op inside Graceland Mansion.

Tickets are now on sale for Graceland’s All-American Weekend, including weekend hotel packages and individual tickets, at

About Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in Memphis, is music’s most important and beloved landmark, with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world visiting the historic home each year. Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) manages the operations of Graceland and its related properties, including Elvis Presley’s Memphis, Graceland’s entertainment and exhibition complex over 200,000 square feet in size; the new 80,000 square feet Graceland Exhibition Center featuring rotating exhibits; the AAA Four Diamond Guest House at Graceland 450-room resort hotel; and the Graceland Archives, featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ home and career. EPE also produces and licenses Elvis-themed live events, tours, and attractions worldwide. Graceland Holdings LLC, led by managing partner Joel Weinshanker, is the majority owner of EPE. Graceland is the only attraction worldwide to ever receive ten USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards including “Best Holiday Historic Home Tour,” “Best Tennessee Attraction and Iconic Landmark,” “Best Musical Attraction,” “Best Historic Southern Attraction,” and the #1 “Iconic American Attraction.” The TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards named Graceland the most popular attraction in Tennessee and one of the top 25 landmarks in the world and Rolling Stone named it one of 10 Great American Music Landmarks. For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit

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