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My good and long-time friend, Chris sent me the below video of very young Elvis and Johnny Cash.  Those were the good ole days for sure!!

RARE Elvis and Johnny cash footage

Sep 17, 2019

Lightning Lass


Below is an excellent video about Elvis and Johnny Cash performing in 1955.  

Elvis and Johnny Cash at the Big D Jamboree

Sep 2, 2020

A story about Elvis and Johnny Cash’s performances at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas, Texas at “The World Famous Sportatorium”


Below is a portion of an article regarding the fact that several big-name stars asked that Elvis co-star in some of their movies.  Col. Parker always wanted Elvis to be the star of his movies and not share top billing, or to be second from the top.  This was very smart on the Colonel’s part.  Most of us have read or heard about the offer for Elvis to appear in the Barbara Streisand movie “A Star Is Born“.  I am very happy that all of Elvis’ movies were just that:  Elvis starring movies.

John Wayne ‘asked Elvis Presley to co-star in his movies but Colonel blocked’ says cousin

Back in 1956, Elvis Presley shot to international fame as a rock and roll singer before starring in his first Hollywood movie Western, Love Me Tender. It wasn’t surprising then that stars of the day were seeking The King out for their movies. Now Elvis’ cousin Billy Smith has confirmed that John Wayne himself asked the handsome youngster to co-star in his movies.
Speaking on the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Billy said: “[John Wayne] did. In fact, he asked him a couple of times.”  However, The King’s manager Colonel Tom Parker had the final say and turned Duke down.

Elvis’ cousin continued: “Of course, it was always carried through Colonel, and at that time when he was asking, Elvis was such a big star.

“Colonel didn’t want him to play second co-star or second star…with anybody else, so that ruled that out.”

John Wayne ‘asked Elvis Presley to co-star in his movies but Colonel blocked’ says cousin (Image: GETTY)

But it wasn’t just John Wayne who sought out Elvis, with other Hollywood legends calling up The King as well.

Billy shared: “Robert Mitchum wanted him to do his son in Thunder Road and Colonel turned that down too.”

You may visit this full article at the link below to continue reading if you wish:




This is a fun item!

NASA issued Boarding Passes to Mars

I do not know who to credit for entering Elvis’ name to be included on the list of names sent to Mars.  It certainly was a good idea though.



Tomorrow, March 5th will be the anniversary of Elvis’ discharge from the Army.

This Day in History – March 5

1960 – Elvis Presley discharged from U.S. Army.

After a two-year stint, in which he had risen to the rank of sergeant, E-5, Presley was honorably discharged. He had served as a regular soldier, refusing to go into the Special Services unit of the armed forces as an entertainer. This was mostly due to the insistence of his manager, Tom Parker, as a public relations gambit. Many at the time saw Presley as a menace and poor example for American youth, and Parker saw a regular army tour as a way to enhance Presley’s reputation. Parker also did not want the singer performing for free. Presley was at first resistant to the idea, preferring instead to go into Special Services and taking advantage of its privileges, but later took pride in his army career.

Elvis Leaves Germany 1960

Apr 10, 2015

Elvis Aaron Presley served in the United States Army between March 1958 and March 1960. At the time of his draft he was one of the most well-known names in the world of entertainment. On February 11, 1960, Presley was promoted to sergeant. The army held this press conference on March 1 before Presley departed from West Germany. Presley was asked about his decision to serve as a regular soldier instead of as part of the service club. He said, “I was in a funny position. Actually, that’s the only way it could be. People were expecting me to mess up, to goof up in one way or another. They thought I couldn’t take it and so forth, and I was determined to go to any limits to prove otherwise, not only to the people who were wondering, but to myself”. Before entering the U.S. Army, Presley had caused national outrage with his sexually charged performances and rock and roll music. Many parents, religious leaders, and teachers groups saw his draft, removing him from public view, as a positive thing. Despite being offered the chance to enlist in Special Services to entertain the troops and live in priority housing, Presley decided to serve as a regular soldier. This earned him the respect of many of his fellow soldiers and people back home who had previously viewed him in a negative light. During his service Presley’s life was affected in several ways. First, his mother, Gladys, died of a heart attack brought on by acute hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. Presley was deeply affected by her death and would never fully recover. Secondly, during his time in West Germany, he would meet his future wife Priscilla Beaulieu. Also, while in West Germany, Presley began to become dependent on stimulants and barbiturates. These drugs, and more importantly the drugs they would lead onto, would eventually contribute to Presley’s death at age 42. After his release from military service, Presley found a new fan base among an older age group, thanks in part to his army career and releases of ballads over rock and roll songs.
Served: 1958–1960
Rank: Sergeant Unit: 3rd US Armored Division, Company A, 1st Medium Tank Battalion, 32nd Armor Regiment, 3rd Armored Division


“That makes it ALL worth while!” Elvis receive a STANDING ovation for “American Troligy”


For those who have been interested in buying a copy of Jesse’s book (co-author Donald Hinton), below is an offer of the book at a reasonable price.  I have been seeing some outrageous prices for this book recently.  Below is a copy of the ad page and the link to the site to make your purchase if you wish to do so.  As you will see, the price is $45.04 with FREE shipping in the USA.







I want to explain to everyone that the only reason that I have not posted any updates about Jesse’s health and his planned surgery is that I haven’t heard from him since I last posted an update.  As far as I know, he was scheduled to go into the hospital last week for the surgery.  Naturally, I am very concerned about him.  I will post an update the minute that I hear any word at all from him.  I am just as worried and anxious as I know all of you are.  Prayers, please!!

Also, I am having to spend a good bit of my limited computer time on repairing my two websites from which many images were lost recently.  Reconstructing from this damage is extremely tedious and time-consuming.  Also, it is not enjoyable…kind of like repairs to a piece of clothing…dull but necessary.  

I thank all of my visitors for your understanding and patience with this tired old lady.



A good interview with Johnny Cash about Elvis…




Also a good interview with the Jordanaires, Gordon Stoker, and Ray Walker…  Pay attention to what Ray Walker says because he knows more than he says.



Mar 6, 2021



My very good friend, Dennis F. Miller sent the below photo to me.  I love this great photo of Elvis which I had not seen before.  The red and black outfit is right up my alley as that is my favorite color combination.  The turban is a great look too.


Elvis Presley – ‘On Stage’ Vinyl Review

The King’s iconic 1970 live album is getting a new vinyl release.

Elvis Presley - On Stage

Credit: Music On Vinyl

‘On Stage’ is a new vinyl release capturing Elvis Presley’s live performances at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in 1969 -1970. The follow-up to ‘From Memphis to Vegas/From Vegas to Memphis’, ‘On Stage’ was originally released in June 1970 through RCA and it has sold more than 10 million copies across the globe. ‘On Stage’ features Presley singing songs, which at the time, were not associated with him and this vinyl release features the 10 tracks that appeared on the original version.

The album opens with ‘See See Rider’, a popular blues and jazz standard, that became a staple of Presley’s live sets. The song is completely in Presley’s wheelhouse and with his distinctive deep tone tackling the melody, it sounds truly fantastic. ‘Release Me’, a song that has been released by a number of artists over the years, sounds powerful and gritty in the hands of Presley. You can really hear the grit when he pushes his voice during the more challenging notes, and he sounds fantastic.

The most notable song on this collection is ‘The Wonder of You’, originally recorded but never released by Vince Edwards in 1958. For Presley, the song became a worldwide number one hit and in the UK it was one of his most successful singles ever, spending six weeks at number one.

Elsewhere on the album Presley transforms The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ into a soulful ballad, stays true to the original Creedence Clearwater Revival classic ‘Proud Mary’, and puts his own stamp on Neil Diamond’s iconic ‘Sweet Caroline’. Even though you’re familiar with the originals, you can imagine all of these songs being Presley originals. The album closer is a gorgeous version of Gilbert Bécaud’s ‘Let It Be Me’, which was popularised in English by The Everly Brothers in 1959. It’s a fitting end to an album that may only run for 32 minutes but is hugely enjoyable.

Perhaps what’s most striking about ‘On Stage’ is that it’s incredible to think this was recorded live. The quality of Presley’s vocal is so impressive that were it not for the audience sounds throughout, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were listening to studio recordings. Presley truly was one of the world’s best performers and that shines through here. Few artists can tackle songs from other artists and make them sound like their own, but Presley does it across ‘On Stage’ with ease.

This vinyl release from Music On Vinyl is pressed on transparent red vinyl and limited to 2,500 individually numbered copies. The release features the original artwork and includes a poster of Elvis too, which is a nice bonus. The innersleeve features the covers and information about the numerous albums and soundtracks Presley released during his time with RCA/Victor.

‘On Stage’ is always worthy of a revisit but this vinyl release from Music On Vinyl is the definitive version in terms of its sound and quality. These songs have never sounded better (apart from if you were at the live performance of course) than they do on 180-gram vinyl. There’s a rich sound and depth across all 10 tracks, and it’s the closest you’ll get to feeling like you’re seeing The King live.

Track listing: Side 1 – 1. See See Rider 2. Release Me (And Let Me Love Again) 3. Sweet Caroline 4. Runaway 5. The Wonder Of You Side 2 – 1. Polk Salad Annie 2. Yesterday 3. Proud Mary 4. Walk a Mile In My Shoes 5. Let It Be Me (Je t’appartiens) Released by: Music On Vinyl Release date: 12th March 2021

Buy ‘On Stage’ now



FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2021


SUNDAY, MARCH 14, 2021

Below is a video from the same time as the above photo of Elvis wearing the turban.

My closest and longest friend, MJ found this video after she saw the photo.  MJ said that she thought that she recognized Ed Parker and Hebler in the video.

My sincerest thanks to both Dennis and MJ for sharing their treasures with me.

Unseen Film Elvis Wearing A Turban! – Elvis News, By For Elvis Fans Only.flv

Perry Rubino


My good friend, S. K., also found another video of the above turban event which has a little more info. about it.  I thank S.K. so very much for his research and sharing of this video.

ELVIS IN A TURBAN? Mystery Solved At Last | King’s 1973 Karate Dojo Visit: REVEALED

Oct 18, 2020

-RARE VIDEO Beautifully Restored- Reliably dated to March 1973 by the opulent jewellery Elvis is wearing, these astounding photos and videos were taken at Hebler’s Karate studio in Glendora, California USA. Dave Hebler was an instructor in Kenpo Karate and he would work as a bodyguard for Elvis from August 1974 to July 1976. After being fired from Elvis’ entourage, Hebler would co-author the much-hated book “Elvis What Happened” which was released 2 weeks before Elvis’ death.


Now we go from the ridiculous (Dave Hebler) to the sublime (Muhammad Ali).  I LOVE the below video so much!!  Too good for words to describe!

Muhammad Ali calls ELVIS “The Greatest of All-Times”

Mar 16, 2021

Globetrotting With Trey

On Episode #69 of Globetrotting With Trey.. Hear Muhammad Ali talk about Elvis Presley on August 16th, 1985 plus George Klein share a great Muhammad Ali story from that day!



My good friend, Dennis F. Miller shared the below photos with me and I liked them so much that I wanted to add them to my site.  I hope my visitors will also enjoy seeing these great photos.

My thanks to Dennis as always.


Below is another wonderful photo that I saved to my desktop a good while ago…don’t remember where I got this one.


Just in case there are those who have not visited this wonderful YouTube channel to see all of the proof that the photo of Jesse really is Elvis, I want to share the link again.

Simon is no longer active on his channel, but you will see that he has a total of 92 videos which do prove that the facial features of Jesse do match perfectly with Elvis’.

My forever thanks and appreciation to Simon for all the work he did to substantiate the truth which Elvis/Jesse has authorized me to share on both of my websites.

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons


FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2021

Below is an interesting new video…

Graceland’s Smokehouse Treasures!

Premiered Mar 12, 2021




FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2021


SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2021


My very good and generous friend, Dennis F. Miller sent the below photo to me.  I love this beautiful photo which I have never seen before.  My heartfelt appreciation to Dennis.


For those who perhaps don’t have the time to visit Simon’s YouTube channel about which I wrote above, below are a few screen shots of the display of video photos from his channel’s home page.  This will give you a quick sample of some of his wonderful comparisons.

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Believe it or not, the above are not all of the videos on Simon’s channel…there are 33 more which did not readily display when I was doing my screen captures.


I do know, and fully understand, that everyone is checking on this site very often hoping to hear some word about how Jesse’s health is, and whether he had the surgery, and how he is doing in his recovery.  Sadly, I have still not spoken with Jesse nor has our go-between answered my phone message nor my letter to him.

However, I do believe that Jesse has been attempting to call me but his phone equipment is malfunctioning and ending every call he places to me after just one ring…ending the call before we can speak.  The caller ID is showing the same display as always when it is Jesse calling.  These calls have been coming in for the past about two weeks.  This is not a new malfunction of his phone…this same problem has occurred a number of times over the years but never for this long.

These calls have given me some reassurance that Jesse is back home and is attempting to speak with me.  Only time will tell if his phone malfunction can be corrected.

Please continue your prayers for Jesse and for me too.


FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2021

I still have not spoken with Jesse which, of course, has me feeling concerned and sad.  However, our phone did ring at about 11:45 PM Tuesday night and the same thing happened…call ended without our being able to speak.  I do feel certain that the calls are Jesse and it makes me feel better just knowing that he is thinking of me and is obviously back home.  He can only call me from his specially equipped phone in his home…that is why he never calls me when he is away on a trip, in the hospital, etc.  


My best friend, M J made me aware of a book that came out back in October 2020.  M J had seen mention of it but had not seen the book herself.  I was intrigued by the book and decided to order it from Amazon.  I received it last week and it did not take me very long to leaf through it and peruse the content.   I am posting this article regarding this book only to forewarn my visitors that they should NOT waste their time nor money on this little book.  There is nothing in it which we do not already know…it is heavy on rumors and inaccurate details from some unreliable sources.

I can’t say that I was surprised to see my website and my YouTube channel mentioned in the Bibliography, Resources & Suggested Sites in the back of the book.  But that is the ONLY place that the real truth from my material is mentioned.

Unfortunately, the author chose to believe the Facebook pages, YouTubes, websites, etc. which promote the fantasy stories that Elvis really had 3 (or more) brothers and that Bob Joyce is Elvis.  It is a shame that one of the sources from which this author chose some of his material is the fraudulent “Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive” Facebook page.  The liar(s) who own this page claim that they are speaking with Elvis himself and that he approves of their actions.  This is a blatant lie as Jesse and I discussed their claim and he even wrote a letter for me to publish stating that I am the ONLY one on the Internet with whom he is in touch.

Below are the front and back covers of this book and copies of the Bibliography, Resources & Suggested Sites pages from this book.  You will see that I circled the mentions of my website and YouTube channel.  Too bad, that he even misspelled my name.  I don’t get no respect!!!  Ha, ha!

It is sad that he did visit my website and my videos and still did not recognize that mine is the ONLY Internet location that has the real truth directly from Jesse who IS Elvis.  Jesse said that I have more than anyone else…truth and facts.

When I posted the upgraded scan of the photo of Jesse in which the scars on BOTH legs are visible and match the scars on Elvis’ legs, Jesse was very pleased and said “How can anyone deny that!?”  And yet they do…

This is a small book of only 59 pages by an author whose real name is withheld and is his first book.

The truth contained in this book consists of things we have covered over the years.  Likewise, many of the un-truths contained in this book have been refuted on my sites and in my videos on YouTube.  I notice that it displays on the front cover that this is “Conspiracy Theory Book One – Elvis Presley.  Let’s hope there won’t be a Book 2. Ha, ha!!





FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2021

This is going to be a strange post…I am only going to tell you what I am at liberty to say.  He is improving but still has a long way to go..  Please don’t ask me any questions…this is ALL that I can say at this point in time.


SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2021

Below is a very cute story about Elvis and a little girl who came up to the stage.  This was shared on Instagram:

beajly's profile picture

-One night, a litte girl came up to the stage, and Elvis asked her if she wanted a scarf or a kiss. She said no. Elvis than asked, “What do you want?” The girl said: “James Burton.” Elvis started to laugh, and then walked her over to James, who gave her a kiss. After that, she asked Elvis for a scarf and a kiss. 😀


MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2021

Below is a new match which I just created…just can’t get enough of these!





APRIL, 2021