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Over the course of my long friendship with Jesse, he has given to my husband and me so many gifts.  I have shown just a few of these on my site over the past almost 7 years.  Usually, I have displayed these on the CURRENT NEWS AND EVENTS PAGES.  Therefore, they are scattered throughout the site.

I have decided to create this page to display my previous articles containing the gifts which Jesse has so generously given to us in this one location.  I can’t go through my entire site to locate all of these at once.  So, I will be adding to this page as time allows.

I hope everyone will enjoy seeing these personal items from Jesse. 


Below is part of the letter which Jesse wrote to me in July, 1997 to accompany the above photo of him with Benjamin.

Page #1



Page #2

Page #4

Below is the gold face of Jesus which Elvis/Jesse sent to me, about which he wrote in his letter above. He sent this to me in the same package as the photo of him with Benjamin. That took place in July 1997. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful and special gift.


Everyone needs something to lift our spirits as only Jesse himself can do.  So, I beg his forgiveness for displaying this without discussing it with him first.  He has told me that I am his “baby sister” and anything I do is fine with him.  He is so good to me always.

I will also display the letter that Jesse wrote to Tom and me when he sent this gift.  The name which I have whited out is the man who channels our mail to and fro.  Bless his heart too…he is an unsung hero in all things.

First of all, here is the letter in which Jesse explains what the gift is.  I will let Jesse’s words say it all…I need to add nothing to his letter.

Also, as a PS in that same package, Jesse sent me several pieces of his grandmother’s (Dodger’s) jewelry.  There were 4 pieces in all…I am displaying one pair of earrings below along with his PS on the back of his envelope explaining about the jewelry.



My good friend Chris McC shared the below wonderful photo of Elvis with Don Siegel who gave Elvis the beautiful hat from the movie filming of “Flaming Star” which I have written on my site several times.  I told Chris that I thought this photo would make such a nice addition to my article about the hat and Chris agreed and told me that I could post it here to share.  My sincerest thanks to Chris.


Jesse’s autograph in my copy of his book:


Jesse’s autograph in his book for Tom


I recently wrote to Jesse and asked his permission to display two very precious things on my site.  We spoke this weekend and he gave me his permission, and I feel so honored to be able, to share these with my visitors.

I thank Jesse, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing these precious gifts with me and for giving me his permission to display them here on my web site.

Over the many years of our friendship, Elvis/Jesse has given me countless lovely gifts.  Needless to say, I treasure everything he has ever given to me and will for the rest of my life.  I will never, in this lifetime, part with one single letter, card nor gift which he has shared with me.

Of the many gifts, there are a few which hold very strong sentimental value for him and which are especially treasured by me…and hold equal sentimental value for me.  Two such gifts are displayed below.  Both of these are rings which belonged to Elvis’/Jesse’s mother.  You will see very clear images of the rings themselves along with his handwriting which accompanied each of them when he sent them to me.

The first was given to me many years ago…I do not have the date, on which I received this first ring, recorded.  I do know that it was a gift for my birthday one year as he had written my name and the date of my birth on the outside of the box.

As you will see, this was his mother’s ring which was kept in a safe deposit box by Delta in 1958.  It is a beautiful platinum and diamond ring.


The next ring is a lovely diamond and ruby ring which belonged to his mother.  He gave me this ring in June of last year.  You will see, from the excerpt in his accompanying letter, the precious memories he has of her wearing this ring.


In the next photo, you can see where the ruby stone had been which was discovered missing by his mother.


Again, thank you so very much, Jesse, for giving these treasured gifts to me and for allowing me to share them here.


Jesse sent us some very nice things from his past life as Elvis for Christmas.  Two of the things which he sent to Tom and me are very precious and further substantiate that Jesse is Elvis.  I am sharing photos and copies of his notes below*.  I hope everyone will enjoy seeing these two items.  I feel that we all need something happy to help alleviate the recent turmoil and stress.

The first item shown below is a 1962 World’s Fair pennant and Jesse’s accompanying note explaining that it was given to him by little Vicky Tui who had a part in the movie.  An interesting side note is that Vicky grew up to become the first lady of Hawaii as the wife of  Governor Ben Cayetano.


*I have posted a brand new update about the second item which Jesse sent to Tom.  Please see the new article below on Monday, March 7, 2016


One of Elvis’ gold rings…

 A badge…


As you will see, this is an autographed Graceland Museum ticket that Jesse sent to me and Tom in 1992.  This is a priceless treasure because it was signed by Elvis Presley long after Aug. 16, 1977.  It, of course, speaks volumes in that it absolutely dates itself.  This is one of my very favorite gifts from Elvis/Jesse.



Below is the photo of one of the rings which Jesse gave to my husband, Tom, years ago.  I have displayed this photo on my site before.  However, I recently came upon some new information that substantiates the note which Jesse wrote to Tom about the ring.  At the time, for some reason, I just assumed it was his right wrist.

Over the weekend I happened upon a website specializing in celebrity X-rays.   This came to me through a news alert for Elvis’ name to which I subscribe.  When I glanced at the site and read the article about Elvis’ broken wrist, I found it amazing that this wrist X-ray is of Elvis’ left wrist and shows that it was broken during Karate practice in the month of September 1973.

You will note in Jesse’s note to Tom, he wrote that it was broken by Kang Rhee, his Karate instructor.  You will also see that the identifying label on the X-ray itself shows that it took placed in SEPT, 1973.  While Jesse wrote, from his memory, that it was in SEPT., 1974.  I believe that this article pertains to the broken wrist to which Jesse referred…but that he was off one year in his memory of when it happened.  This is completely understandable as it had been well over  35 years at the time that Jesse wrote his note to Tom shown below.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I experienced two excruciating injuries myself much more recently than 35 years. Once I tore the meniscus in my knee and the pain was excruciating and took a very long time to heal.  The other was a stress fracture in my spine.  Both of these were so painful that the memory of the events is indelibly burned into my memory.  However, if someone held a gun to my head, I could not begin to remember the year that my injuries took place.

So, in Jesse’s note,  the month of SEPT was correct and the year was off only one year.

When I first shared the photo of the ring and note, it was associated with an X-ray of Elvis’ right wrist and a photo of Elvis with his right hand injured.  Now that I have this new documentation, I feel certain that Jesse was referring to his left wrist as shown in this new material.




Below is one of our most treasured gifts from Jesse.  We did not ask this of him…he surprised us with it.



Below are photos of a little book that Jesse sent to us years ago.  It was one of his childhood books and has his writing in it from way back then.  The publication date of this book was 1935.  This is very precious to Tom and me.


Below are items that Jesse gave to Tom and me… a ring for each of us, earrings for me, and a wrist wrap for Tom.

Below are the earrings which Jesse gave to me for Christmas, 2011



FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013 @ 1:13 AM

Below are several photos of the gift which Jesse sent me.  It is a figure of a tiger…hand-stitched and beautifully made.  Jesse said that it was his “mascot” in the Jungleroom and that Lisa used to play with it a lot.  You will be able to see that one front leg and one back leg have been broken.  Jesse told me specifically, during our last conversation, that I could display this on the site.  He wrote a brief letter to me which accompanied the gift today.  I have pondered all day whether to display his note in his own handwriting so that no one can say that I am making this up.  I have read Jesse’s note several times and there is nothing in it of a private nature and so I am going to take a chance on displaying it.  I beg Jesse’s forgiveness if I am doing wrong by displaying his note. 

While we were away today, Jesse phoned and left us a message.  Of course, I was so sad and disappointed when we got home tonight and I learned that I had missed a call from him.  I mention this only so that everyone can know that he is all right and sounded as if he was feeling well today.  He was calling in response to my last letter to him.

Here are the photos of the beautiful tiger and below that, Jesse’s letter.


These rings were for Valentine’s in February 2012.  They were sent to me with the two-page letter which Jesse wrote regarding the Elvis Found Alive DVD situation.

Below is that letter also.



This month marks the 24th year anniversary of the very first time that Jesse wrote to me.  I am sharing copies below of the first two postcards which I received in April 1992.  I have erased ALL of the confidential information which was shown in these cards to protect Jesse’s privacy as well as other people whose names he mentioned in the notes.  I erased the name of the city and state in the postmarks but left the dates in place to show that it was April 1992.

Needless to say, I cried for happiness when I received them…especially the first one.  I could have never dreamed that he would write to me.  Nor could I have even dared to hope that he would contact me anymore after the two cards.  But, that was a wonderful turning point in my life and has brought unimaginable joy to my life during these 24 years.    

Because of Jesse’s security situation and being relocated so many times over the years, we have not had continuous contact.  But, he has always gotten back in touch with me.  Words cannot express how blessed and honored I feel.

If God permits, we will reach our quarter-of-a-century mark next year in April.

Jesse’s second postcard later in April 1992


This necklace was a birthday gift to me in 2012.

Below are photos of some other items which Jesse sent to me at the same time as the above necklace as well as some which he sent to me earlier.  My description is also shown from my post in Oct. 2012 on my Current News and Events page.



I have very good news to share tonight.  Jesse called me earlier this evening and he is doing very well.  He sounded great.  When I told him how worried I have been about his surgery, he said that he is up in age and these things come up.

He was very concerned about my health as I was about his…so after we each reassured the other that we are both mending OK…all is well.

As I wrote earlier, Jesse sent me a lovely gold and sapphire necklace for my birthday…so he asked me to post a photo of it on the site.  Also, in this same package, Jesse sent me an assortment of jewelry, etc. which his Mama had kept in a drawer all those many years ago.  He said he wanted me to have it so that it would not get thrown away.  Jesse said that even though he was giving her gifts of gold, diamonds, etc., her taste was not for the expensive flashy things but the more simple things.  He said that she had kept all of this and that some of it were given to her by the fans.  This is the second assortment of her jewelry which Jesse has sent to me.  So, I got out the earlier things as well as the ones which he just sent me last week.  I picked out the pieces which would be easiest to see in a photo and have made photos of them tonight.  I will display them below for everyone to enjoy.  He said that someone may recognize something.  Also, displayed below will be the photo of the necklace he sent last week for my birthday.  He went out shopping personally to get this precious gift for me.  Of course, I shall treasure it for the rest of my life…as I do everything he has given me.

Jesse wants to convey once more that when he left in 1977, he left everything behind.  He said that he has stuck by his guns in keeping to the lifestyle which he chose at that time.  Just a regular man…living the life that Jesse would have had he lived at birth.

Also, he said that just about everything written about him since 1977 has been done just for money and that most of it are not the truth.  He has left those people behind in his prior life.  He is very content now to have just a handful of friends who have never tried to make money from our friendships with him.  He and I are both so very thankful for all the years that we have been friends.  I am so very, very honored that he considers me his “baby sister”.    I believe everyone can tell by my website how very loyal and devoted to him that I am.


The above is enlarged for better viewing and is not the actual size of the necklace.





I received some mail today from Jesse.  I am very touched by a gift he sent to me.  He told me a few weeks ago that he had seen something with my initial and that he had gotten it for me.  I have scanned the lovely “L” pendant.  I love it so much…especially because it came from him.

The image below is larger than the actual pendant…I show it larger to show the detail.


SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2016

I received a letter and a gift from Jesse in the mail this week and I don’t think he will mind my sharing it here.  I have not asked his permission to share the following tiny excerpt from his letter.  I don’t think he will mind as I am always so careful to not display anything of a private nature.

My heartfelt thanks to Jesse for all he does for me.  He is my hero and my big brother who I love dearly.


TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016

It just occurred to me that the most important gift Jesse ever gave me, and the one which most showed his trust in me, is the 1994 photo of Jesse with Benjamin. This is displayed on another of my site pages, but it had not occurred to me until now that it should be on this page at the very top. I also displayed portions of his letter which he wrote to me to accompany the photo which should be of interest to everyone.

Therefore, I am posting that photo and article at the top of this page.

Please do scroll to the top of this page to read Jesse’s letter to me in 1997.



Below is a photo of two gifts that Jesse sent to me a little while ago.  The ring has sapphires that don’t show up as blue in the photo.  I treasure everything he has given me over the years.  It is my joy to share things with my visitors.




Below is a scan of Jesse’s Christmas gift to me which I received last week.  As you can see, it is a lovely matching necklace and bracelet.  I am so happy with it, of course.  I thank him so.o.o.o.o much for remembering me with this gift.

Jesse’s gift to Tom is something owned by him personally and from his filming of “Stay Away, Joe“.  Since this is a privately owned item of Jesse’s, I won’t display a photo of it without his permission.



Below is a photo of a ring that was a gift to Elvis/Jesse’s mother from his father.  This was from Jesse to me in December 2011 for Christmas.

Vernon's ring to Gladys Christmas 2011.JPG


Below is a ring that belonged to Elvis/Jesse’s mother which Jesse gave to me in August 2012

Jesse's Mother's ring August, 2012.jpg

Jesse's Mother's Ring August 2012 side view.jpg



I had written asking Jesse’s permission to display photos of a gift which he sent to Tom many years ago…probably about 13 years ago.  He did give me permission to display photos of the item but not the name of the person whose gift it was to him.

Below you will see these photos.  This is a handmade shirt and vest which was made for him as a gift by a very close personal friend.  I hope you will enjoy seeing these photos:

As you will see, these garments were very carefully hand-sewn and beautifully done.

Footnote:  I forgot to post initially that this gift was given to Elvis before 1977.


SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2017

I received a gift from Jesse this past Thursday along with a letter.  Below is the photo of the lovely necklace along with a tiny excerpt from his letter explaining to me the origin of the necklace.  I enjoy sharing things such as this with my visitors.

Lots of love and hugs of thanks to Jesse.

Jesse's letter 4-2017 re necklace from Graceland.jpg

Necklace from Jesse April, 2017.JPG



SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018

I haven’t shared anything which I have received from Jesse for quite some time.  On June 20th, I received the below gift from Jesse.  He told me about it over the phone before he actually got it sent out to me.

Jesse said that this was his Mama’s perfume bottle and that he recalled seeing it on her dresser “for.r.r.r.r.r.rEVER“.

Of course, I love it and told Jesse that I would keep it always and that it sits on my own dresser now.

I thought my visitors would enjoy seeing it also.

Elvis Jesses Mamas perfume bottleJesse's gift of his Mamas perfume bottle



Below are photos of the antique watch which Jesse sent to me for my birthday in September.  It is so delicate and beautiful.  I will treasure it always just as I do everything he has ever given to me.  Hugs to Jesse for such a sweet gift.


Watch 4

Watch 2

Watch 5


The above is a photo of Jesse’s envelope and the lovely pendant which he sent.
Gift from Jesse pendant
The above is a close-up photo of the beautiful pendant which he included in my gift box.  Don’t get all shook up…those are NOT diamonds!  Jesse told me to tell Tom once, years ago when he asked what he could send to Tom, “I don’t give away guns and cars anymore.”  He doesn’t give away diamonds anymore either.  That does not bother us one whit.  We love him and anything he does for us is just extra special.
I treasure everything Jesse has given me over the 27 years of our chosen-family relationship.  Most of all I treasure having him in my life and for the trust, he has given to me.



I received a wonderful box and two letters from Jesse.  I am going to include the first page of his second letter to me below because on this page he explains some of the items which he sent to me and Tom.

Jesse's letter page 1 May, 2020

Daniel Boone record from Jesse May, 2020
Gifts from Jesse May, 2020
Gifts from Jesse Creamer and pottery May, 2020
Gift from Jesse reverse painted bowl May, 2020
Gift from Jesse Christmas tree late 1960's
Gift from Jesse May 2020 blue vase he brought from Hawaii
Gift from Jesse May 2020 reverse side of blue vase he brought from Hawaii

Below is page 4 of Jesse’s letter.

Jesse's letter page 4 May, 2020


SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2020

I came across the below gifts which Jesse sent to me a while back.  I did not display these gifts when they came and therefore I don’t recall exactly when I received them.  I have many, many things that Jesse has given me over the years which are not displayed on my site.  I asked him when we spoke last week if it is still OK for me to display photos of his gifts and he said “You don’t need to ask me.”  So, when I came across these today, I wanted to share them.  If he wrote to me when he sent these, I did not keep that with the gifts.  So, I can’t recall if he wrote anything about the sweet little baby spoons or not.

Jesse pendant and spoons



I received a very precious gift and two letters in the mail yesterday from Jesse.  He told me when we spoke last week that he was going to send something to me which had belonged to his grandmother “Dodger”…something she had owned and worn for much of her life and was very special to her.

Below are several photos of “Dodger’s” ring along with the letter which Jesse wrote about it.  As you will read, he has such sweet memories of her and seeing her wearing this ring.  As you can imagine, I will treasure this precious gift and his touching letter about it for the rest of my days.  I feel so blessed and honored when he gives me such a special item and shares his memories about it with me.

A huge hug of thanks to my brother, Jesse.  Words cannot express my appreciation of him and all the things he has shared with me over all these years.  The most of which is his trust and close friendship with Tom and me.

Also, he wrote a private letter to me and I hope he won’t mind that I am sharing a copy of just one sentence from that letter.  His words mean the world to me and Tom…just as Jesse himself does.  

I hope everyone will enjoy sharing in my happiness at receiving this mail from Jesse.


Dodger's Ring 1

Dodger's Ring 2

Dodger's Ring 3

Below is Jesse’s letter to me about “Dodger’s” ring…such sweet memories.

Jesse's Letter about Dodger's ring gift to me 7-6-2020 Page 1

Jesse's Letter about Dodger's ring gift to me 7-6-2020 Page 2

This is the one-sentence from Jesse’s private letter to me:

Jesse's note about his long survival atrributed to me and Tom 7-6-2020

His words of appreciation mean more to me and Tom than anything in the world…as does he himself.  We love Jesse so very much…he truly is our family.



As promised, below are the photos of the wonderful Christmas gifts which Jesse sent to Tom and me.  I love these gifts so much and will treasure them until I leave this earth.  My heartfelt thanks to my sweet brother, Jesse.

First of all below are photos of a wonderful surprise gift of Johnny Cash’s original high school graduation diploma.  Elvis/Jesse and Johnny Cash were very good friends.  It was Elvis who introduced Johnny to June Carter Cash.  In one of Jesse’s handwritten letters, he wrote about how depressed he was before leaving on August 16, 1977, and said that he was not even seeing his good friends and named Johnny Cash.  I have looked for this letter but cannot put my hands on it right now.

In our phone visit with Jesse last week Jesse said about this diploma “I thought that Tom would like to hang this somewhere.


Proof that above is actually Johnny Cash’s diploma issued to him as “J. R. Cash

Biography – Johnny Cash Infocenter › about-johnny › bio…

Milestones in the Life of Johnny Cash › page › show › 3163781-mi…

Johnny Cash in High School

Johnny Cash attended high school in Dyess, Arkansas. Here’s a rare portrait of him from the school’s yearbook.


The next below gift from Jesse is so very, very precious and so unique and if ever made public would unequivocally prove that Jesse is Elvis.  However, I will NEVER make this public for anyone else to hear.

As you will see it is an original reel-to-reel 1970’s Jungle Room jam session of Elvis with some of his musician friends.  I feel so very, very, very honored that Jesse has trusted Tom and me with this wonderful gift.  Jesse told me during our phone visit last week that this tape has never been put out at all.

The third gift from Jesse shown below is a personally owned home decor item from Jesse’s homes.  He has been telling me a little about this upcoming gift for a few months…that it is large and heavy and a problem to mail; that it was in his home in CA and that he had brought it to Graceland.  I send Jesse a big hug of thanks for this very unique and special gift.  It appears to have been very carefully handmade.  The “jewels” in the outfit are so intricate.

Back of above item:


Below are photos of a Christmas gift that Jesse gave to my husband, Tom, quite a few years ago.  I remembered that I had not shared a photo of this gift on my website and thought perhaps my visitors would enjoy seeing these boots which were a gift to Elvis from Burgess Meredith during the filming of “Stay Away Joe“…as you may see on the attached copy of Jesse’s note.




Below are photos of another gift that Jesse gave to Tom quite a few years ago which I do not recall having posted on this site.    This is a beautiful Smith & Wesson jacket.



Below is a photo of the gifts which Jesse sent for my birthday.  I thank Jesse from the bottom of my heart for remembering my birthday with the beautiful necklace and bracelet.  Most of all, I thank Jesse for sharing the past 29 years of our close friendship…for being my brother. 


Hugs to Jesse for the wonderful gifts.


THURSDAY, JULY 22, 22023

We received a gift box from Jesse and below I am displaying photos of the gift he gave to Tom and me.  We love this so much…especially his hand-written tag detailing the history of this beautiful item.

Our heartfelt appreciation to Jesse for sending this gift to us.

Big hug of thanks to my dear Brother



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