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FRIDAY, JULY 2, 2021

My best friend MJ also shared another link with me to the Southern Living site which includes an article about the new 24/7 Elvis channel.  I thank MJ so very much for this contribution.

A 24/7 Elvis Television Channel is Coming

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American singer and actor (1935–1977)

Try to not get all shook up, but Elvis Presley is headed to a television near you.

Elvis Presley Enterprises has joined forces with streaming company Cinedigm to create The Elvis Presley Channel, featuring 24/7 Elvis content, set to debut in 2022.

According to Cinedigm, the free channel will air “Elvis Presley archival content and specials, as well as musical content from some of the most influential rock ‘n roll artists that inspired the music industry.”

“There are few individuals more iconic than Elvis Presley, he transcends time, genre and medium,” Erick Opeka, President of Cinedigm Digital Networks, said in a news release. “The opportunity to build a branded channel around Elvis opens up streaming possibilities to an entirely new demographic in the fastest-growing segment of the ad-supported business. The channel will allow a whole new audience to experience Elvis, while also giving his fans a more in-depth look at their idol.”

Elvis Presley portrait
Elvis Presley portrait

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Exclusive specials and documentaries include Singer Presents…Elvis (the ’68 Comeback Special)Elvis Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite and Elvis by the Presleys. The Elvis Presley Channel will also give fans a chance to watch rare home footage from the Graceland Archives.

“Many of music’s most iconic locations will be on display, with specials highlighting impact cities like Memphis that helped shape rock ‘n’ roll, as well as general music documentaries,” a press release explains. “The new channel will provide viewers an intimate view into the artist that defined a generation.”

The Elvis Presley Channel will be available in the U.S. and Canada online, on smart TVs, and on multiple streaming platforms including Samsung, Pluto, Roku, Hulu, Amazon, and Tubi.



Below I am going to share the promised name of the man about whom Jesse spoke with me several weeks ago.  I apologize that it has taken me awhile to do my own research as Jesse recommended.

I have read one of his books in it’s entirety and am well into the second book…there remains a third book which I have not purchased yet but which I do plan to buy as soon as I can find a better price on a used copy as this book in new condition is quite expensive.

The man’s name is Stan Romanek and he has lived through alien abductions and has seen many UFO’s…the sightings were the first of his experiences leading to his visitations.  His story is much too involved to even begin to sum up here on my site.

In a nutshell, Mr. Romanek was guided through his alien contacts to tell his truth publicly.  As a result of his doing so, he received death threats, was shot at, was told to “keep his mouth shut“, and ultimately had his computer hacked and implanted with child pornography images.  He was tried and convicted because of the child pornography on his computer, sentenced, eventually put on ten years of probation, then again charged with violating the terms of his probation and then sentenced to more years of probation.  In other words, he was forced to “keep his mouth shut”.  

After watching the documentary movie of Stan Romanek’s amazing experiences and reading his books, I have to believe that his account of his extraterrestrial experiences are true and that he was forced to stop making his truth public.

There is someone in the news today who has been very available publicly who was a government (Pentagon) employee who has appeared very recently (a number of times) on Tucker Carlson’s FOX TV show as well as on many other interviews and videos regarding the Pentagon report and his knowledge about the UFO sightings.  This man is now being pressured to “keep his mouth shut” just as  was Mr. Romanek.  Below is a video just released a few days ago with this gentleman recounting what our government has told him:



Jun 28, 2021

Below are the photos of the two books which I have purchased.  I have read every word of the book titled “The Orion Regressions“.  I am well into reading the book titled “Messages“.  The remaining book which I shall purchase is the one titled “Answers“.

Below is the one remaining book which I shall buy very soon.  It is available on Amazon now for a very small price on Kindle…however, I like a “real” book to hold in my hands.

Below is the full display of Mr. Romanek’s books on Amazon.  Don’t let the prices scare you…I bought used copies of both of my books at very reasonable prices on Ebay and thriftbooks via

Below is a link to a YouTube video of Stan Romanek speaking at a UFO event during which he shares much of his personal history involving his own UFO/alien experiences:

Messages, The Stan Romanek Story

28.5K subscribers

The Stan Romanek case is one of the most well known and controversial cases in the world. There have been well over 100 individually unique experiences that Stan, his family and friends have encountered since December of 2000, some of which remain unexplainable. Being abducted is only one of many experiences.

Here is the link to the documentary movie based upon Mr. Romanek’s personal UFO and alien contact experiences:

Stan Romanek is the center of the world’s most documented extraterrestrial contact story, and the multitude of evidence accumulated over the past decade has convinced thousands around the world that his story is true. This documentary film takes audiences on a journey through Stan’s past, present and future with one goal in mind: help the world understand that no one knowingly chooses the challenges Stan and his family have endured. This film’s intention is not to prove the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials, but it does pose the question: What if this is all true? “extraordinary: the stan romanek story” is about one man’s evolution through a life he did not choose and the messages he is driven to deliver to mankind.

Now, I want to add something about Elvis himself which ties in with the prominent occurences of the ORION portions of Mr. Romanek’s history of his encounters.  Now you will realize WHY I had to read Mr. Romanek’s book titled “The ORION Regressions” first.

Below please read the transcript of a conversation which Elvis had with Wanda June Hill which has been shared in Mrs. Hill’s books and on the following website which contains some of Mrs. Hill’s own works and that of Ms. Nartoomid as well.  You may visit this website at the following link to read much, much more about Elvis.

From the phone transcripts:

Wanda: You are really into all of that – spiritualism type of things, huh?

Elvis: What-no! Not spiritualism – spiritual development, soul growth and learning to develop the powers we all have lying innate. I’m not a conjure of spirits. I don’t have to, but I am not of this world, either. I know that, I know who I am. I am a man, a human being now, but what is ‘me’ is not from here. I am from out there. Did you ever hear of Rigel? (a star in the constellation of Orion.)

Wanda: No, is it a country or a person?

Elvis: A place, my home is near there – my other home – where I am from, and I have the Blue Star for my sun. I have eight moons and a mansion beneath the outer shell of my planet. You think I’m making this up, but its true – you’ll know that one day. You’ll remember what I told you – before you die – you’ll see some of it happen, and you’ll be involved because you and I are tied together and you don’t know it but I do. I can’t tell you how – I don’t remember it, but I feel it in my heart, in my inner self, and so do you. Why else are we talking about this? Why are you here? Why am I? I care about you because you are a part of my past as I am yours, and together it makes that tie in this life. Because of you and me things will happen – people will do things and have opinions and change minds and perhaps be more content, happier because of you and me knowing each other…that is life.

I do have the audio tape of the above conversation between Elvis and Ms. Hill.  However, I have not sent them a copy of it to ask for their permission for me to share it on my web site, thus I will not do so.

One last thing that you will love listening to…  I have previously shared the below audio tape of a portion of a tape of Elvis speaking with Wanda June Hill.  Many years ago, I sent the below excerpt to Wanda and to Jesse to gain their approval for me to share it on my original website.  They each gave me their permission to share this short tape.

If there is anyone who doubts the validity of Wanda’s personal friendship with Elvis and that the above excerpt is legitimate, please take time to enjoy this audio.

I hope all of this will help the skeptics to open a tiny crack in their minds to understand my many years of interest and documentation regarding Orion (the singer) and the Orion Pictures movie facts.




Not to mention that Jesse, himself, confirmed to me many years ago that I was correct in my belief that some of the Orion songs were actually sung by him.  He confirmed that it was alright for me to have my Orion songs and movies material on my website.



I want to wish everyone a very happy July 4th and let’s all remember the great nation that is honored on this day.   We are all so blessed to be Americans.  May God bless our nation that one day we may have “…brotherhood from sea to shining sea.”  

Elvis Presley – America the Beautiful live ( master Piece )



My very good friend, Dennis F. Miller, shared the below photo of Elvis with me.  I like it so much that I want to share it with my visitors as well.  My thanks to Dennis for his generosity.


Below is an ad which ran on the back of the most recent issue of the Vintage Rock magazine.  Perhaps someone will be interested in this new release.  It will be wonderful, that’s for certain.

The photo of Elvis which appears on the front of his book was taken from this same time frame…his first shows in Vegas in 1969.  You will recognize the same suit in the below photo of the new 3 CD set.

Below is the listing for this item on Amazon:

Las Vegas International Presents Elvis – The First Engagements 1969-70



I have one more beautiful 4th of July image which I wish to share on my site.  My dear friend, Lucilia, shared this item from Facebook with me and I thank her so very much.


Of course, I can’t let July 4th pass completely by without my pointing out that the Statue of Liberty has Elvis’ face!

The below photo was taken during construction…


Because of the Postal Service mishandling several of my recent packages which caused my mail to be late arriving, I have decided that I will try sending out my mail on Thursdays each week rather than Friday.  I do hope this will improve the processing of my parcels.



Just want to share that Jesse called me tonight and we had a very nice, though brief, phone visit.  He said he is doing good except for his back hurting.  He couldn’t talk long because he had to eat so that he could take his medicine.  As always, his call made me very happy just to know that he is OK.





SUNDAY, JULY 11, 2021

I thank my friend Chris M. who shared the below article with me.  I really enjoyed this article and hope that my visitors will also.  I think Jesse will like this article also.

At Graceland, newly displayed grave marker honors Elvis’ complicated Jewish heritage

The large crate sat unopened in a 20,000-square-foot warehouse here for more than four decades, concealing a little-known fact about one of America’s cultural icons.

Inside was the headstone of Elvis Presley’s mother, Gladys, which had been stored in the Graceland archives along with 1.5 million other items since 1977. And on the upper left side of the long-unseen marker — designed by Elvis himself — is a Star of David.

Yes, the King of Rock and Roll had Jewish roots.

The headstone, which was taken from storage only in 2018, is now on display at the sprawling complex in Memphis where Elvis lived from 1957 until his untimely death 20 years later at the age of 42. It sits in Graceland’s Meditation Garden, just outside the mansion and a few feet from Elvis’ own grave.

Stories of Elvis’ Jewish heritage have long been in circulation, but when it comes to a legend like Presley — whose death is not even considered settled fact in some quarters — it’s not always easy to separate fact from fiction. With the headstone now on public display and an accompanying sign proclaiming “Gladys’ Jewish heritage,” any lingering doubts can finally be erased.

Gladys Presley’s grave marker, now on display at Graceland. It was designed by her famous son to honor the family’s Jewish heritage. (Photo/JTA-Dan Fellner)
Gladys Presley’s grave marker, now on display at Graceland. It was designed by her famous son to honor the family’s Jewish heritage. (Photo/JTA-Dan Fellner)

“There was a lot of mystery surrounding it,” said Angie Marchese, Graceland’s vice president of archives and exhibits, and the one who came up with the idea of unveiling Gladys’ headstone on the 60th anniversary of her death, partly to dispel doubts about Elvis’ Jewish lineage. “The star is on it, so it answered a lot of questions that were out there.”

Marchese says Elvis’ maternal great-great-grandmother was a Jewish woman named Nancy Burdine. Little is known about Burdine, but it’s believed her family immigrated to America from what is now Lithuania around the time of the American Revolution. According to, Burdine was born in Mississippi in 1826 and died in 1887.

Burdine’s great-granddaughter was Gladys Love Smith, who married Vernon Presley in 1933. Two years later, Gladys gave birth to Elvis in Tupelo, Mississippi. The family moved to Memphis when Elvis was 13.

The Presleys once lived in an apartment directly below the family of Rabbi Alfred Fruchter, the first principal of the Memphis Hebrew Academy. The rabbi’s son, Harold, who now lives in Maryland, said that Elvis actually served as the Fruchters’ “Shabbos goy,” a non-Jew who performs household tasks for observant Jews that are normally forbidden on the Jewish Sabbath. Fruchter said his parents “never had even an inkling” that Elvis had Jewish roots.

“If they had, they would never have considered asking him to be a Shabbos goy,” Fruchter said.

Elvis was especially close to his mother, who died of heart failure in 1958 at the age of 46. Initially Elvis had her buried in a public cemetery in Memphis. Her headstone was marked with a cross.

But Marchese says that six years later, Elvis replaced the headstone with one designed to his specifications. The new marker featured a Star of David on one side and a cross on the other along with the words “Sunshine Of Our Home” engraved between.

This portrait of Gladys Presley hangs on the wall inside the Graceland mansion in Memphis. (Photo/JTA-Dan Fellner)
This portrait of Gladys Presley hangs on the wall inside the Graceland mansion in Memphis. (Photo/JTA-Dan Fellner)

What prompted Elvis to include the Star of David on his mother’s headstone? Marchese isn’t exactly sure, or even when Elvis learned of his mother’s Jewish heritage. But she says “the Jewish faith gave him comfort when he was seeking answers” to help him deal with her passing.

Following an attempt to steal Elvis’ body from a Memphis cemetery, Vernon Presley had the remains of his son and wife moved to Graceland for security reasons. Gladys’ grave marker with the Star of David went into storage. And there it remained until Marchese suggested it be put on public display.

“We thought it would be a great way of honoring her Jewish heritage as well as honoring her,” said Marchese, who has worked at Graceland for 32 years and is one of the world’s preeminent experts on the Presley family. “We think it’s what Elvis would have wanted.”

There is evidence that Elvis’ Jewish lineage meant more to him than just a symbol on a headstone. He gave generously over the years to a variety of Jewish organizations, including the Memphis Jewish Community Center, a donation honored with a plaque that hangs in Graceland today. Elvis’ personal library included several books on Judaism and Jewish history. An entire book on the topic, “The Jewish World of Elvis Presley,” was published last year.

During the final years of his life, Elvis was frequently photographed wearing necklaces with the Star of David and the Hebrew word “chai,” which means life. The chai necklace is kept in a cabinet at Graceland next to the keys to the singer’s famed 1955 pink Cadillac. Never one to be accused of subtlety, Elvis had the necklace designed with 17 diamonds. He purchased the jewelry in 1976, one year before he died.

Elvis Presley wore this diamond-studded chai gold necklace during the final years of his life. (Photo/JTA-Dan Fellner)
Elvis Presley wore this diamond-studded chai gold necklace during the final years of his life. (Photo/JTA-Dan Fellner)

“He would often make a joke, ‘I don’t want to get left out of heaven on a technicality,’” Marchese said. “So he would wear a Star of David, a chai and he would also wear a cross. He wanted to keep all his bases covered.”

Gladys’ heritage notwithstanding, Presley was raised in an Assembly of God church, but he explored other religions as he got older and began to struggle with physical and mental issues.

“He was always searching for answers as to why he was chosen to be who he was,” Marchese said. “I think he found some of those answers through different religions.”

There have been suggestions that Elvis’ handlers didn’t want his Jewish heritage known to the public, fearing it might prompt some of his Southern fans to abandon him. But Marchese says there is no evidence of that.

“It was not something he was shying away from,” she said. “He would be photographed in these [necklaces] and he would make donations to Jewish community centers throughout his entire life.”


ELVIS PRESLEY was not a hermit like Howard Hughes, claimed his father Vernon Presley, just weeks before the star’s death in 1977.


Not many celebrities have lived with the unbelievable heights of fame that Elvis Presley did. The most successful solo artist of all time got by keeping his close inner circle, his Memphis Mafia, around him at his Graceland mansion home. And when he moved in, the star had a privacy wall with one-way mirrors installed on the upstairs landing, at the entrance to his private haven.

But despite Elvis living with incredible stardom, his father didn’t believe claims in the late 1970s that his son was a recluse.

Vernon Presley gave an interview just weeks before The King’s death for the posthumous 1977 TV special Elvis in Concert.

The CBS programme was broadcast on October 3, 1977, a couple of months after the star died of a heart attack at 42 on August 16.

In Vernon’s interview, given on June 22, Elvis father said: “I know he can’t go out like an ordinary person because people see him and, of course, they recognise him.”

elvis and vernon

Elvis and Vernon weeks before The King’s death (Image: GETTY)

howard hughes

Howard Hughes was famously reclusive (Image: GETTY)

Vernon added: “There’s been so many different news reports out that they’ve made him into a hermit type guy like Howard Hughes was supposed to be.

“I don’t know how all this stuff gets started but it’s not really true.”

In another vintage interview, Elvis’ girlfriend from 1972-76, Linda Thompson remembered how The King handled going out in public.

She said: “Dates with Elvis consisted of riding golf carts around Graceland or riding motorcycles or three-wheelers or going to movies.”

elvis and vernon

Vernon outlived Elvis by two years (Image: GETTY)

elvis and linda

Elvis and Linda (Image: GETTY)

Linda continued: “He would rent an entire theatre out and show movies all night. And he enjoyed going roller skating occasionally.

“He would rent the fairgrounds out, ride the rollercoaster 15 times in a row – that sort of thing.”

But when outside the gate of Graceland, Elvis would never disguise himself from his fans.

His former girlfriend said: “No, because he had his own walk and his own stance. There’s no way he could really disguise who he was. Not effectively.”

Here is Linda Thompson’s full video which she published on Instagram:



Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Roslynn Carter, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary this past Wednesday. 

Our heartiest congratulations to this beautiful couple.

A love story at 75

For a couple who occupied America’s most famous residence for just four years, the Carters have had a profound, lasting impact on our country. But of everything he and they have done — in the White House, in founding the Carter Center, his winning the Nobel Prize as a broker of Middle East peace, even his friendship with Elvis Presley — Jimmy Carter counts his love affair with Roslynn as life’s greatest achievement.



Gifts Elvis Gave Aunt Delta

Premiered Jun 25, 2021

Ashley Drew

Gifts for Aunt Delta. Let’s explore some gifts Elvis Presley gave his Aunt Delta at Graceland

Gifts Elvis Gave Dodger!

Premiered Jun 18, 2021

Ashley Drew

Gifts for Dodger. Let’s take a look at some of the gifts Elvis Presley gave Minnie Mae Presley.



This is a wonderful video which makes it perfectly clear that Elvis was NEVER a racist.

Friends `n` fellows talking about Elvis Presley






SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2021

Freddie Mercury wrote Elvis Presley tribute in the bath in 10 minutes

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ was written and released two years after Presley’s death


My closest friend, MJ, sent the below article to me to share here for those who may be interested in attending.  My thanks to MJ as always.



I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me last night.  I wish the news were better…but Jesse is not feeling well at all.  He has been having vomiting and will be seeing a specialist tomorrow.  It may be caused by his current antibiotic medication…let’s hope that this is the problem and that it can be corrected with a change in medicine.  It was comforting to both of us just to speak.  



Why Elvis Presley’s Dad Thought His Son’s Birth Was Mystical

Many religious figures supposedly had mystical births. In addition, Elvis Presley’s dad felt the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s birth was mystical. Here’s the unusual thing that happened when he was born.

Elvis Presley | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Where Elvis Presley was born says Elvis was born to Vernon and Gladys Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi. Their home at the time was a two-room house. Along with Elvis was born a twin brother named Jessie Garon. Jessie was stillborn and so Elvis would remain Vernon and Gladys’ only living child.

What Elvis Presley’s dad said about the night his son was born

In her book A Little Thing Called Life, Linda Thompson, Elvis’ girlfriend of almost five years, discusses his birth. Vernon relayed to her that in their home in Tupelo was a shelf that housed “two identical glass bottles sitting decoratively, side by side.” She recounts Vernon told her, “When the twins were born, as Elvis cried, and Jessie Garon lay still, one of those bottles inexplicably, spontaneously burst.”

Vernon, Elvis, and Gladys Presley
Vernon, Elvis, and Gladys Presley | Bettmann / Contributor

Vernon believed the spontaneously burst glass bottle represented a sign from heaven. Thompson says, “Mr. Presley told me that he always perceived that as a sign from the heavens that one baby was destined to live for two, to survive to do great things.” Vernon believed there was a “mystical quality to Elvis’s very birth.” He thought Jessie’s soul had become part of Elvis’ that day – “doubling his capability, charisma, and talents.”

Furthermore, “He felt that perhaps Jessie’s influence was even the reason for Elvis’s paradoxical, dichotomous nature.” Thompson reveals that in Elvis’ family, like her own, there was a reliance on faith for things with no explanation – such as the bursting bottle. Faith, she says, would be a big part of Elvis’ life.

How Vernon and Gladys Presley honored Jessie Garon

As the Presleys welcomed one son, Elvis, Jessie was stillborn. The Chicago Tribute reports to honor Jessie Garon, Vernon and Gladys gave Elvis the middle name Aron. The spelling of Aron matches the spelling of Garon. That is the spelling on the Gracleand grave site of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Elvis’s middle name was also a salute to a friend of Vernon’s whose name was Aaron Kennedy. However, in keeping with honoring Jessie, they used the spelling closest to his middle name.

A Jesus statue atop the Presley family headstone
The Presley family headstone | Mario Tama/Gettty Images

How Elvis Presley honored Jessie Garon Presley

The Washington Post reports that Elvis’ brother was always on his mind. Whenever Elvis’ heart was heavy, it is believed he had long conversations with his sibling. Elvis was mystical as an adult, which is fitting given the supposedly mystical elements of his birth.

Why Elvis Presley’s Dad Thought His Son’s Birth Was Mystical

As an aside to the above article, it is most interesting that Vernon Presley also told Elvis and Larry Geller that the outside of their Tupelo home, where Elvis was born, was bathed in a blue light at the time of the twin’s birth.  Vernon had stepped outside for a few moments and saw the blue light.  This is very compelling as Elvis said in his later life that his “other home“, where he was from, was Rigel.  Rigel is the blue star in the ORION constellation. 

Also, stop and think of all the times that the word blue comes up in the titles of Elvis’ songs.  Then there are the blue lights which line the driveway at Graceland during Christmas.  Definitely food for thought!

This account of the blue light is found in many books and articles.  Below is a sample from a book:

Above is from this book: 

The Tao of Elvis

By David H. Rosen






Jesse did phone me again tonight as promised when he called on Tuesday night.  He let me know how his visit with the specialist went this afternoon.  Not much change as the Dr. says that Jesse has to keep on taking the antibiotics even though that may be what is making him sick.  The earlier antibiotics caused his skin to be very sensitive to the sun and to burn so he cannot go back to that medication.  Jesse was very fatigued today.  Let’s all keep sending prayers and healing thoughts for Jesse.



The following excerpt from a very long article caught my eye because of the mention of Elvis.   I will only share here a portion of the story along with a link to the entire article for those who would like to read about this small Texas town and some of its history.  I enjoyed this and hope that my visitors and Jesse will also.

Mary McCoy Keeps Texas Country Radio’s Golden Age Alive

After seven decades behind the mic, the Conroe deejay still spins the sort of country records they just don’t make anymore—for a town that barely resembles the one she grew up in.

Mary McCoy in front of the Crighton Theatre, in downtown Conroe, on June 21, 2021.

Mary McCoy in front of the Crighton Theatre, in downtown Conroe, on June 21, 2021.Photograph by Michael Starghill

One of the greatest events in the history of Conroe, located about forty miles north of Houston, happened 66 years ago, on August 24, 1955. On that night, Elvis Presley and other musicians from Shreveport’s Louisiana Hayride country music radio show performed for the town at David Crockett High School’s football stadium.

The twenty-year-old “hillbilly cat” from Mississippi was already a regional phenom when he drove into the roughly eight-thousand-person railroad town. National stardom would come months later with his release of “Heartbreak Hotel,” but for that one night, Elvis was Conroe’s alone to enjoy. To this day, the account of Elvis’s visit continues to be told and retold, every detail studied like a favorite drawing. One notable resident was even remembered more for his relation to that day than his lifetime of achievements: a story in the local newspaper commemorating the late Lee Meredith, a World War II veteran, radio deejay, and schoolteacher, ran with the headline, “Multi-talented musician, newsman had a hand in bringing Elvis to Conroe.”

Photographs of Elvis’s performance quickly became cultural totems for the town. One image shows him and his band atop a makeshift stage (made from the beds of two pickups parked on the fifty-yard line of the football field). Elvis’s left hand is awkwardly over his shoulder and fiddling with his guitar strap, and the microphone obscures his face. But another photo shows his mouth twisted in a hunky sort of snarl while his arms are wrapped around the waist of a Conroe teenager named Mary McCoy.

McCoy wasn’t just another beaming fan. The sixteen-year-old was already an established deejay at the local KMCO radio station, where she had been hosting her own show since she was twelve. She was also an aspiring country artist. She performed that night along with the rest of the Hayride, including Johnny Horton, David Houston, and a scrawny upstart from Beaumont named George Jones. That was the second, though last, time she shared a stage with Elvis; she’d performed with him at the Hayride’s home in Shreveport just weeks earlier.  “It was the thrill of my life, being at the right place at the right time,” McCoy said recently.  

For McCoy, launching a radio career in East Texas during the fifties was serendipitous. Radio was still experiencing its golden age; in 1955, only half of America’s households owned a television set, but just about everybody, including in smaller towns like Conroe, possessed a radio.

In the South, a loose network of local record companies, independent producers, and promoters cultivated roots music artists, including country acts. The East Texas touring circuit was a proving ground for emerging musicians, who would often gig for months at a time, sometimes doing two or three shows a night, or sign on to package tours, which would send them to backwaters and bedroom communities all over the state. There they would perform at fairgrounds, high school stadiums, and community halls. The best publicity for these shows was via local radio stations such as KMCO and deejays such as McCoy, who served as influential tastemakers. The constellation of stations across East Texas gave small towns tangible cultural clout. Elvis didn’t put Conroe on the map. KMCO put Conroe on Elvis’s map. 

The day of the concert, McCoy drove Elvis to the studio for an interview with KMCO’s station manager, which seemed to have been at least as important to Presley as the upcoming performance. The typically charismatic singer reportedly spent the entire interview nervously twiddling a piece of metal, which he ultimately managed to break. Radio, at least for the moment, was still king. 

And it still is to McCoy. This year marks her seventieth on the air in Conroe, making the 83-year-old a contender for the Guinness World Record for longest-serving female radio host, first on KMCO and, since 1992, on K-Star Country (KVST), which broadcasts her shows six days a week. (Guinness lists Peruvian radio host Maruja Venegas Salinas as the record holder, but she died in 2015 during her seventieth year as host.) To Conroe, however, McCoy represents something greater. The 2010 inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame is a treasured cultural institution and a repository of East Texas’s past. The number of residents with a connection to that past is diminishing as the town becomes part of the larger Houston metropolis. But as long as McCoy is on the air, those memories remain alive in the imaginations of her listeners. 

McCoy with Elvis on the night of the Louisiana Hayride performance in Conroe, August 24, 1955.
McCoy with Elvis on the night of the Louisiana Hayride performance in Conroe, August 24, 1955.Courtesy of Mary McCoyThis article originally appeared in the August 2021 issue of  Texas Monthly with the headline “Texas’s Radio Matriarch.”


SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2021

I feel sure that everyone, like myself, has been wondering when in the world are we going to ever get to watch the Agent King series which was first promised to us way back in 2019.  I have about given up on ever seeing this series come to fruition and I am still not certain that we will ever get to see it.  Below is a recent article pertaining to this topic which I came upon last night.

Agent King:

Everything you need to know in 2021

In an unusual move of artistic destiny, animation in our hemisphere—that is, cartoon television, films, movies, commercials, and so on—appears to speak solely in jokes and, for the most part, to children. And, thanks to darker, heavier, and more violent content, the animation is regaining its adult status.

Today we are talking about a show that’s hiding under the carpet despite being called out, I guess, millions, not lesser than ten million times. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we will be discussing Agent king and its status in 2021.

Remember in 2019, when news broke about this and fans (like us) were screaming to death? Guess what? We are still screaming. But this time- screaming in anger because Netflix is shamelessly hesitant to share the deets with us- until now in 2021.

Netflix has purchased the adult animated comedy-drama series “Agent King” from Priscilla Presley and John Eddie on the 42nd anniversary of Elvis Presley’s passing. The series also includes collaborations with Authentic Brands Group, Sony Pictures Animation, and Sony Pictures Television.

The series is solely based on Elvis Presley and his dreamy adventures. If you forgot who Elvis is, Holy potato, you forgot about Elvis Presley? Never mind, let me break it down for you here.

Elvis Presley, nicknamed “The King of Rock & Roll” or merely “The King” by so many, continues to have a tremendous impression on contemporary entertainment as we know it today. His meteoric rise to superstardom in the 1950s was unprecedented in American history, and it was only mainly driven by his adoring admirers.

In the face of strict customs and graces, Elvis devotees let go of their shyness to roar and rave shamelessly, buy albums in droves, and ratchet up enough energy at sold-out events in ways never seen before.

Elvis Presley’s fans were unquestionably one of the first examples of what we now consider typical teenage fan behavior. His fans, if you remember, are called Memphis Mafias.

Agent king is a show center around him and was announced in 2019. The news from Netflix comes at the end of “Elvis Week,” a Graceland celebration of Elvis Presley’s music, movies, and legacy.

It’s been two years; if you have been wondering what’s up with the show, Read here!

What will be the plot of ‘dark animated humorous show’

According to Netflix, Elvis Presley works as a super spy in this adult animated action-comedy. When Elvis is discreetly accepted into a shadowy government spy project to help counter the hostile powers that imperil the land he cherishes, he switches in his white jumpsuit for a jet pack – all while maintaining his day job as the King Of Rock And Roll. Nothing more is known about this plot, but the makers have started something.

“Ever since he was a child, Elvis Presley envisioned becoming a crime fighter who would combat crime and save the world! Priscilla Presley remarked, “Agent King allows him to do precisely that.” “My co-creator John Eddie and I are ecstatic to be embarking on this incredible production with Netflix and Sony Animation and to have the opportunity to introduce the world to an Elvis they’ve never seen before.” This acclaimed adventure story features one of the Unfulfilled dreams of the late star.

Cast and crew of the show 

As of now, Only one character has gained the spotlight, and that’s, of course, Elvis Presley. Presley and Eddie, the show’s co-creators, will serve as executive producers. Jerry Schilling will work as a consultant on the project. Showrunner, writer, and co-executive producer Mike Arnold (“Archer”) will be on board.

The supervising director and co-executive producer will be Fletcher Moules. John Varvatos, a consulting producer on the series, will custom-design Elvis’ costume for the animated series. Jamie Salter of Authentic Brands Group will act as executive producer, with co-executive producers Marc Rosen and Corey Salter.

Release date of the highly awaited Elvis’ inspired show

It was in August’19 when Netflix officially uttered a word. Since then, no official information has been conveyed to us, let alone the Release date.

If a quick calculation is done, and it is assumed that production started in 2019 itself, it might be possible that the release date could be due somewhere in 2022. I mean, that’s a  hell of a lot of time margin even if COVID is considered to be the significant issue of the cease.

Here’s hoping for Netflix to come live on the stage and speak up on the matter asap…



Tennessee city named one of World’s Greatest Places of 2021

Time has named a Tennessee city among the “World’s Greatest Places of 2021.”

The magazine says Memphis is in the middle of an “exciting evolution” and a top destination.

Between Elvis Presley’s Graceland, music on Beale Street and iconic barbecue, the magazine says Memphis is not a spot to be missed.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee posted a congratulations on Twitter this weekend for the recognition.

“Great to see Memphis named as one of the World’s Greatest Places,” Lee said.

Some spots in Memphis Time says are worth checking out are the Memphis Central Station, South Main Arts District and the Hyatt Centric Beale Street.



How you can enjoy Elvis Week 2021 without ever leaving your home

Graceland is offering the chance to tune in to Virtual Elvis Week 2021 – Live from Graceland on August 11-17.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For fans who are unable to visit Memphis during Elvis Week 2021, Graceland is offering the chance to tune in to Virtual Elvis Week 2021 – Live from Graceland on August 11-17. Viewers will celebrate the legacy of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll through a never before offered online experience with live concert events, conversations with special guests, and unique fan experiences. Highlights include a 50th anniversary concert celebrating Elvis’ Nashville recording sessions, Ultimate ETA Contests, Elvis in Concert on the big screen, and more.

Virtual Elvis Week 2021, with concerts and events at The Soundstage at Graceland, will be live streamed in pristine HD with soundboard audio. Unlike last year’s Virtual Elvis Week where the content was pre-recorded or pulled from archival footage, this year, fans will experience Elvis Week as it’s happening. There are three Virtual Elvis Week Pass options: The Elvis Super Fan Pass, The Elvis Tribute Artist Pass, and The Elvis Legacy Pass.

All shows included in each pass can be watched live, and then re-watched on demand for 72 hours following the final performance.

The Elvis Super Fan Pass is the premium offering and was created for the ultimate Elvis Fan who doesn’t want to miss a thing. It includes over 25 hours of incredible entertainment including all nine Elvis Week shows happening live at The Soundstage at Graceland, plus a special pre-recorded Virtual Tour of Graceland Mansion hosted by Angie Marchese, Graceland’s VP of Archives.

The Elvis Tribute Artist Pass features access to the four marquee Elvis tribute artist shows as they premiere: the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Semifinal and Final Rounds, An Afternoon with Cody Ray Slaughter, and The Ultimate Return. It includes more than 20 of the very best Elvis tribute artists in the world in four shows live from Graceland.

The Elvis Legacy Pass features access to five marquee Elvis Week events as they premiere: The Nashville Marathon Sessions 50th Anniversary Concert, Elvis in Concert featuring an amazing on-screen performance by Elvis himself, backed on stage by a live band with special guest appearances by Priscilla Presley, TCB Band members guitarist James Burton and piano player Glen Hardin, plus Terry Blackwood and The Imperials, An Afternoon with Glen Hardin, and two rounds of Conversations on Elvis, including special guests James Burton, Sam Thompson and Priscilla Presley, among many others.

To purchase a pass and for information on how to log-in and watch, visit

In addition, fans may also pre-order an exclusive 2021 Virtual Elvis Week t-shirt online at Virtual Elvis Week shirts will ship out during Elvis Week 2021.

As always, Graceland will also livestream free-of-charge the annual Candlelight Vigil held at Graceland on the evening of August 15. Watch the 2021 Candlelight Vigil broadcast here







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