Below is a video which Graceland has provided about the premiere showing of the Hallmark movie “Christmas at Graceland” which took place during a celebration at Graceland.

Christmas at Graceland’ Premiere at Elvis Presley’s Graceland


Published on Dec 18, 2018

The Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Christmas at Graceland” had its world premiere at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee on November 15! The movie, one of the highest-rated Hallmark Channel Christmas films, stars Kellie Pickler and Wes Brown. The movie was filmed on location at Graceland in July 2018. Several of the movie’s stars, plus Elvis fans from around the world, attended the world premiere at the Graceland Soundstage. Go to to learn more!



The below copies of the book co-authored by Jesse himself (much in his own handwriting) are available for sale if anyone has been looking for a copy.  This web site currently has 11 copies of the book listed for sale.  The prices range from $61 to over $200.  A number of them have free shipping.

Every once in a while someone asks about finding a copy of the book, so I am sharing this in case anyone is looking now.  Other sources are: and

This is on


The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words

View all 11 copies of this book:

7 Used from US $ 61.73

4 New from US $ 124.68



Elvis Presley Estate, Live Nation To Produce Wide Range Of Concerts At Graceland In 2019

Artists of all genres are about to be received at Graceland. The former home of Elvis Presley, which is now a famous tourist attraction in Memphis, Tennessee, is set to begin hosting non-Elvis related concerts in the coming year. Elvis Presley Enterprises is teaming up with concert promoter Live Nation to produce concerts on the property, which will range from well-known legacy artists to emerging talent when the shows begin in 2019.

The events will take place in different parts of the property, which already welcomes a reported 600,000 tourists on an annual basis. Live Nation will likely handle the booking and marketing side of the partnership, with members of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) likely to help set up the event logistics on site. There will be two different locations on the property where shows can take place, the first being in the 2,000-capacity Graceland Soundstage located at Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment complex, and the second being the 464-capacity theater located inside the Guest House at the Graceland Hotel. A new Graceland Exhibition Hall is also currently undergoing initial construction and is expected to be ready by May to add even more property space where music-based events could be held.

Graceland is already known for hosting different events mostly themed around Elvis and his music. This would be the first time that the museum would start consistently producing concerts by artists who don’t have anything to do with the Elvis brand. As of Saturday, the only announced performer for 2019 whose music fits outside of the Elvis realm is Rick Springfield, who is scheduled to play at the Graceland Soundstage on January 19th.

“Graceland is already the most famous music destination in the world. And we want to make it one of the most famous destinations to see live music as well,” Graceland Holdings managing partner Joel Weinshanker said in a statement about their forthcoming concert plans. “We’ve already had a lot of interest within the industry and from artists about playing Graceland. We expect we’re going to be doing a lot of different kinds of show, whether its album release parties, or someone wanting to make a live album.”

Some of the aforementioned legacy artists and outspoken Elvis fans likely to perform at Graceland could range from Aerosmith’s Joe Perry to Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, could also be one of the notable names to perform at her old home sometime in the future.

[H/T Commercial Appeal]


Because I never tire of the comparison photos showing that Jesse is Elvis, below are two more. 

My friend, Steven R., shared the two below photos of Elvis and I thank him so very much.

The first comparison below shows Elvis from this beautiful family portrait.


Comparison from family photo

The second below is important because of the perfect match of Jesse’s lower lip.

Comparison lower lip






Elvis Presley Enterprises Joel Weinshanker makes peace offering to Memphis City Council Memphis Business Journal

‘Let’s stop fighting:’ EPE offers the City of Memphis a peace offering (Updated)

By   – Staff Reporter, Memphis Business Journal

Joel Weinshanker, the head of Elvis Presley Enterprises, appeared to offer the City of Memphis a peace offering during Tuesday’s Memphis City Council meeting.

“Let’s take a step back and allow the people who really care about Memphis to see if we can come to an agreement in the next 30 days,” Weinshanker said. “We’re going to commit to basically take that step back — to basically stop the rhetoric — to not initiate anything.”

The businessman’s words on Dec. 18 were a distinct departure from the contentious relationship he and his firm have had with Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland‘s administration. Weinshanker has even threatened to run a candidate against Strickland in the next mayoral election.

Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) has one pending court case against the City of Memphis related to its plans for a 6,200-seat arena. Another complaint, brought in June, was dismissed last week. EPE plans on appealing.

On Tuesday, Weinshanker said he was willing to wait on building the arena until the judicial system decides whether or not that proposed Graceland venue would actually be prohibited under the FedExForum arena use agreement between the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and Memphis Grizzlies.

Instead, to the council, he offered a large economic carrot alongside his olive branch: Weinshanker again reiterated plans for a manufacturing facility that would bring 1,000-plus jobs; he touted the recent deal EPE announced with leading entertainment company Live Nation Entertainment; and he said two more Hallmark films are in the works to be filmed at Graceland.

Weinshanker said that $1.50 of every ticket sold for the Live Nation deal will be donated to Whitehaven-area causes.

The city, for its part, seemed receptive, but noted some procedural steps it believes are needed for the parties to move forward.

“What Mr. Weinshanker put forth today, which is a ’30 days to come to a resolution,’ is what we’ve been talking about all along,” said Memphis chief operating officer Doug McGowen. “There’s a very easy remedy for this. That is to, as he said, set aside the arena. But, you have to do that procedurally and separate that from anything else.”

At the core of the issue, McGowen said, is whether EPE is willing to withdraw, remove references to the arena, and then resubmit pending applications for changes to its TIF district and development plans at Graceland.

Doing so would be an easy way for the proposed developments to get off the ground, McGowen said.

“We’re very encouraged by all of the development that has happened at Graceland. And we’re very encouraged by all the proposed development that’s going to happen at Graceland,” McGowen said.

The city has no problem with EPE’s proposed changes to the Graceland TIF — increasing the percentage of the tax increment that would be used from 50 to 65 percent, McGowen said. The city is awaiting the development proposal for the 1,000-job manufacturing and warehousing opportunity.

“They talked today about made in Memphis manufacturing and some warehousing opportunities that they would like us to consider. We have been ready for more than a year since we were first made aware of these opportunities to receive their development proposal and any incentives that they need to go along with those,” said McGowen. “To date, nothing has been filed.”



Wink Martindale, Ronnie McDowell Pay Tribute To Elvis Presley With ‘Heavenly Child,’ To Air On SiriusXM

December 21, 2018 at 1:08 PM (PT)

Wink2018.jpgWink Martindale

WINK MARTINDALE brings the legend of his pal ELVIS PRESLEY to life in the divine narrative, “Heavenly Child,” a ghost-written account of The King’s creation scored by RONNIE MCDOWELL.

Famed game-show icon and host of ENVISION NETWORKS’ “The 100 Greatest CHRISTMAS Hits Of All Time,” MARTINDALE delivers a quasi-biblical illustration of the late music legend’s larger-than-life phenomenon. Following WINK’s excerpt, “Heavenly Child” segues into a revival of “The King Is Gone” — the 1977 tribute that branded MCDOWELL as “The Voice of ELVIS,” following the tragic death of an icon.

Last week,,MARTINDALE debuted the collaborative commemoration live on “GOOD MORNING AMERICA,” and the piece is also scheduled to air on SIRIUSXM’s ELVIS RADIO at the start of 2019.

McDOWELL crafted the album art for “Heavenly Child” with an original painting of a young GLADYS LOVE, following the birth of her son.


These are the best holiday attractions and events in the USA

Make your holidays the happiest
10Best Editors


Black Friday has come and gone, holiday tunes have taken over the airwaves and Santa’s on his way. Ready or not, the holidays are upon us. 10Best wanted to find the best seasonal events and shopping opportunities in the U.S., and to do that, we asked our readers to vote for their favorites in eight seasonal categories.

Click on each category below to see the full list of winners.

Best Holiday Historic Home Tour: Graceland

Graceland decorated for the holidaysGraceland decorated for the holidays — Photo courtesy of Graceland

Graceland is one of the most-visited private homes in the nation. Every year, more than 600,000 people go to Elvis Presley’s former estate in Memphis. The Christmas season at Graceland kicks off with a lighting ceremony mid-November, after which visitors can tour the home decorated for the season with traditional lights, a live-size nativity scene and Santa. Presley family Christmas artifacts are on display during this special time of year.

Full list of winners: Best Holiday Historic Home Tour »


15 Celebrities Who Are Oddly Worth More Dead Than Alive

Lauren Hamer | 

March 12, 2018

Celebrities who rise to fame often amass large fortunes for themselves along the way. Success then snowballs into more success as these celebrities capitalize on their personal brand through licensing and other business ventures. But many stand to make even more money postmortem than while they were alive and kicking. Elvis Presley, for example, is one of the highest paid dead celebrities, still raking in millions from beyond the grave thanks to album sales and Graceland’s popularity.


Next: The king

7. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, the King

The king is still selling albums. | AFP/Getty Images

Elvis Presley remains a top contender in the realm of postmortem cash year after year. His legacy lives on at Graceland. Although the estate costs around $500,000 per year to maintain, it’s said to earn at least $32 millionin revenue each year.

The king of rock ‘n’ roll enjoys mainstream music success and still moves many albums to this day, a remarkable feat for someone who’s been gone for decades. A commemorative stamp was released in 1993, which the USPS ranks as the top-selling commemorative postage stamp of all time.


After All The Movies & Albums: How Much Is Elvis Presley Worth?

Mariella Van Houten 

December 21, 2018

How much was Elvis Presley’s net worth when he left the building for the last time? How much is he worth today? It all depends on who you ask.

During his heyday, Presley sold hundreds of millions of records and commanded upwards of $1,000,000 per performance. More than 20 of his albums reached the coveted #1 spot on the Billboard charts, as did 35 of his singles.

In addition to his hugely successful recording career, Presley starred in dozens of movies, including Love Me TenderJailhouse RockKing Creole, and Blue Hawaii.

Popular Presley flicks

In G.I. Blues, Elvis portrays a singing soldier named Tulsa who aspires to open a nightclub. Directed by Norman Taurog, the 1960 movie brought Presley to the silver screen with dancer Juliet Prowse as his leading lady. According to IMDBthe movie earned a healthy $4 million during its theater run.

Wild in the Country gave Presley a chance to show off his acting skills as a troubled young writer in search of a real literary career. Co-starring Tuesday Weld, Millie Perkins, and Hope Lange, the 1961 musical film was directed by Philip Dunne.

Viva Las Vegas paired Elvis with Ann-Marget for a rollicking musical adventure that takes place in Sin City. The 1964 comedy musical was directed by George Sidney and earned more than $5 million box office dollars.

Skyrocket to fame and a moderate fortune

Born Elvis Aron Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935, the humble young man with movie star good looks started his ascent to fame in the mid 20th century. His first #1 single, “Heartbreak Hotel,” set teenage hearts aflutter in 1955. The very next year, his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, arranged deals on the singer’s behalf with Paramount Pictures and RCA Records. Most sources agree that Parker’s 50% cut of Elvis’ earnings was not in the singer’s best interest.

Presley earned enormous bucks for Parker, Paramount, and RCA, but the 42-year old entertainer was worth a relatively paltry $5 million when he died from heart failure at his Memphis home on August 16, 1977.

Where the money went

Elvis Presley with guitar

Over the course of his lifetime, Presley spent lavishly. Much of his money, according to Celebrity Net Worth, went toward real estateprescription drugs, and a massive entourage. His 1973 divorce from Priscilla Beaulieu Presley also cost The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll a pretty penny.


When Elvis purchased Graceland in 1957, he paid a then-whopping sum of $102,000 in cash for the 23-room Memphis mansion. Over the next few years, Presley shelled out at least half a million dollars on adjacent land and household accouterments.

Many sources say that Elvis’ biggest cash outlays were done on the behalf of family members, including his father and a stepmother with whom he did not get along. After Elvis’ mother, Gladys, passed away, Vernon Presley remarried and moved his new wife and her kids into the Graceland mansion. The King grew weary of their presence, so he purchased a nearby house for them. At Elvis’ expense, his dad and stepmom made significant renovations, including a swimming pool in the master bedroom.

For most of his natural life, Elvis also financially supported the traveling entourage he called the “Memphis Mafia.” In his later years, Presley is purported to have spent plenty of money on doctors and prescribed medications.

Elvis Presley’s current net worth

Celebrity Net Worth pegs the net worth of the Presley estate at a mere $20 million. Most sources, including GOBankingRates, say the entertainer is worth more dead than he was while alive and estimate the current value of Elvis Presley Enterprises at between $200 and 400 million.



After knowing the truth that Elvis was so tired of being “Elvis Presley” and knowing Jesse personally for going on 27 years, I have grown so weary of hearing people who were around Elvis saying how much he loved his life as Elvis and how he would never have left that life.  

There was a good number of people to whom he voiced his weariness with the never ending grind of his public life and private life as Elvis.  He spoke of this to people like his cousin, Gene Smith; his close friend, Wanda June Hill; his nurse, Marian Cocke; Donnie Sumner; his double first cousin, Harold Loyd (in front of others) just to name a few.

I own the book by Harold Loyd “Elvis Presley’s Graceland Gates” and in that book there is a small excerpt which speaks of Elvis voicing his unhappiness with his life.  I am sharing a scan of this very small quote as a means of recommending this book to others.  It is still for sale in very limited locations and I will share one of those at the end of this article.  I hope that this usage of just a few lines from this book will be considered as a review of the book and allowed use here on my site.

Harold Loyd book


Tom and I met Harold when we visited Graceland on two separate occasions and we enjoyed speaking with him very much.  He explained to us that his mother and Elvis’ mother were sisters; how his mother died from a fire when he was young and how good his Aunt Gladys, Vernon and Elvis were to him during those hard times.  Below are the photos of our two visits with him.

Linda with Harold Loyd

Harold Lloyd Elvis' double 1st cousin


Below are other examples of his voicing this same sentiment to other people:
The first quote below is taken from Gene Smith’s own book:
Gene Smith's book visit to Graceland

I have a page on my original web site which is devoted to Gene Smith, who was Elvis’ first cousin and life-long close friend.  Below is the link to that page:

Below is an excerpt from the book by Elvis’ private nurse Marian Cocke. The title of her book is “I Called Him Babe:  Elvis Presley’s Nurse Remembers“.  I love this book and also wholeheartedly recommend it.

The below is from Donnie Sumner’s book titled:  “In The Shadow of Kings“.

This book is an autobiography of Donnie Sumner.  It does not have as much in it about Elvis as I had thought when I purchased it.

I have a page on my original web site devoted to Wanda June Hill’s friendship with Elvis and her endorsement of the truth on my web site that Elvis IS Jesse now.  Wanda knew of Elvis’ health problems and other stresses in his life. 

Wanda recalls him talking to her so many, many times about the troubles with which he was dealing, the health issues which needed to be taken care of, of wishing he could go back to being the person that he was BEFORE he became ELVIS…saying “if I can even remember who that was“, and telling her how weary and tired he was of being ELVIS. 

You may read about all of this on my below page where you can also listen to an audio tape of Wanda’s interview with Elvis.  There are several lengthy statements on this page which Wanda composed and wrote specifically for me to post on my site.  Please read her words and accept what she wrote because she always cared about his well being and she still does.

Wanda and I are no longer in touch.  We were close friends and were very frequently in touch for several years.  We spent countless hours visiting on the phone and Emailing.  I thank her, from the bottom of my heart, for all that she shared with me.

I hope that perusing all of the above material will help everyone to believe and understand that Elvis was very unhappy and he needed to stop being Elvis to save his physical life and his sanity.

As I promised at the outset of this article, below is one of the purchasing locations for the book by Harold Loyd which I certainly enjoyed and do recommend to everyone.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland gates Hardcover – 1987

 See all formats and editions

Also, here is the information for buying the book by Mrs. Cocke, Elvis’ nurse

  • I Called Him Babe: Elvis Presley’s Nurse Remembers (Twentieth-Century Reminiscence Series, Vol 1)

    Jul 1, 1979

    Below is the buying information for one of Wanda June Hill’s books.  I have loved her books since I read my first one in 1990-1991.  Wanda is a hero of mine.


    MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2018


    Elvis Christmas

    (This image is photoshopped, of course.  I am sorry that I don’t know who to credit with this creation.)

    My good friend, Steven R., shared this lovely image with me and I thank him very much.


    Evenstar – ELVIS

    Published on Dec 3, 2014

    “On a Snowy Christmas Night” written by Stanley Gelber was listed as track #3 Side One on Elvis 1971’s album Elvis sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas. Over the years, it has become a perennial favorite. It was certified Gold on November 4, 1977, Platinum on December 1, 1977, 2x Platinum on May 20, 1988 and 3x Platinum on July 15, 1999 by the RIA




    I want to share with everyone that Jesse called and left a very nice message on our answering machine yesterday afternoon while we were away for Christmas Day.  Then he called again this afternoon so we could speak.  We had a very nice visit this afternoon.  He is doing all right.

    He asked me to pass along: “thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the messages, cards, letters and gifts which were sent to him.

    Jesse mentioned to me, again today, that this upcoming year will be a monumental year for him.  August 16, 2019 will mark 42 years that he has lived as Jesse.

    You may continue sending messages to him for his birthday through all of this week and some of next week.  I will be mailing those out to him this Friday and then the final mailing will be on Friday, January 4th.

    I also want to thank everyone for taking part in the Messages to Jesse page of my site.





    My dear friend, M. J., called my attention to the below photo because she noticed that the photo of Elvis’ hands holding little Lisa show that the hands are those of the same person as the photo of Jesse holding little Benjamin.

    I thank M. J. for her astute observation.

    Elvis with baby Lisa in 1969


    Elvis Birthday Celebration in Memphis to Include Events with Elvis’ Close Friend Jerry Schilling, Special Guests, Live Music and The Auction at Graceland

    Hundreds of fans gathered at Graceland for Elvis' birthday. (Photo: Business Wire)

    Hundreds of fans gathered at Graceland for Elvis’ birthday. (Photo: Business Wire)

    MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Music fans from around the world will travel to Elvis Presley’s Graceland® next week to celebrate the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s™ 84th birthday. Numerous events are scheduled for January 5-8, 2019, including The Auction at Graceland, events with Elvis’ good friend Jerry Schilling, a special ‘birthday bash’ in the Elvis Presley’s Memphis™ entertainment and exhibit complex, the annual Birthday Proclamation on the front lawn of the Graceland mansion and a performance by the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Fans will also have the opportunity to see the Medal of Freedom recently awarded to Elvis. Many of the birthday celebration events will be held at The Guest House at Graceland™, the new AAA Four Diamond-rated resort hotel located just steps from Graceland. For a complete day-by-day schedule visit Highlights include:

    “My Friend Elvis” package holders will join Elvis’ close personal friend Jerry Schilling for an unforgettable, unique Graceland experience during the 2019 Elvis Birthday Celebration. Jerry first met Elvis in 1954 and they developed a friendship that lasted a lifetime. From personal moments with Elvis spent at Graceland, to concert tours throughout the US, to a secret visit to the White House, Jerry was there. As part of this first-ever birthday package featuring Jerry Schilling, fans will get an insider look at what life was like with Elvis as told through the eyes of one of his closest friends. The package can be purchased here.


    At 7:30 p.m., fan favorite Jerry Mike Jeffrey joins the Memphis Symphony Orchestra for a salute to Elvis’ Las Vegas performances. Tickets on sale through the Memphis Symphony Orchestra by calling 901-537-2500 or by visiting Exciting changes for the 2020 Memphis Symphony Orchestra Show will be announced that evening.


    At 11:00 a.m., the Elvis Birthday Party on Wheels bus will depart Graceland for an excursion to where it all began to Elvis’ birthplace – Tupelo, Mississippi. Fans will enjoy lunch at Vernon’s Smokehouse before hopping aboard the Graceland Excursions bus along with special guest host Tom Brown for a trip filled with music, trivia and fun down highway 78 to Tupelo. In Tupelo, guests will see significant Elvis landmarks such as the Tupelo Fairgrounds, the Elvis Homecoming Statue, Tupelo Hardware, schools that he attended and the Elvis Presley Birthplace with a meet ‘n’ greet with Elvis’ childhood friend Guy Harris. Tickets available here.

    At 7:00 p.m. “Viva Las Vegas” Sing-A-Long at the Guest House Theater. Enjoy a screening of Elvis fan favorite film “Viva Las Vegas” while singing along to some of your favorite songs from the movie, including “Viva Las Vegas,” “The Lady Loves Me,” “C’Mon Everybody” and more! FREE. Limited seating available on a first-come, first served basis.


    The Elvis Birthday Brunch will be held at 9:30 a.m. in The Guest House Ballroom. Host Tom Brown will welcome first-time guest Charlotte Stewart, who co-starred with Elvis in the 1968 movie “Speedway.” Charlotte also starred as Miss Beadle in “Little House on the Prairie” and as Betty Briggs in “Twin Peaks.” Charlotte will share some of her favorite memories of being on set with Elvis. Tickets available here.

    At 2:00 p.m. the Elvis Presley Fan Club Celebration will be held in The Guest House Theater. Elvis Presley fan club presidents and members will join to celebrate what it means to be an Elvis fan through this new special event that will feature fans’ stories, prizes, competitions and more, hosted by DJ Argo. This event is open to all.

    An Elvis Birthday Bash will start at 6:00 p.m. with a private evening tour of Graceland Mansion. Following the tour at Elvis Presley’s Memphis, fans will dance to Elvis music by DJ Argo at Presley Motors. Other activities will include Elvis trivia in the Graceland Archives Exhibit, the newly-expanded Presley Cycles exhibit and Elvis on the big screen inside the Graceland Soundstage. Guests will be able to browse all of the exhibits at Elvis Presley’s Memphis at their leisure without crowds. This will also be the last opportunity to see Graceland decorated for Christmas. Graceland was recently chosen as the #1 “Best Holiday Historic Home Tour” in USA TODAY’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards. Tickets available here.


    The annual Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Graceland’s North Lawn. The special ceremony will feature Graceland/EPE officials, a birthday cake cutting and proclamation of Elvis Presley Day by Memphis and Shelby County officials. Following the event, complimentary birthday cake and coffee at Vernon’s Smokehouse, Elvis Presley’s Memphis.

    At 12:30 p.m. The Auction at Graceland will take place in The Guest House Theater. Following the record-breaking Auction at Graceland this past August, fans and collectors from around the world will participate on-site and online for this auction, featuring artifacts authenticated by Graceland Authenticated. A portion of the auction will benefit the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation (EPCF), a 501(c)3 organization. Fifteen lots including many unique experiences at Graceland are being offered solely to benefit the EPCF, which was formed by Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. in 1984 to continue Elvis’ own tradition of generosity and community service, and to honor his memory. All of the items in the auction that are not part of the benefit are offered from third-party collectors and none of the items included in the auction will come from the treasured Graceland Archives. A selection of the artifacts can be viewed at Graceland’s Elvis Presley’s Memphis now through January 6, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and at The Guest House at Graceland in The Rock Conference Room Monday, January 7, from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Online bidding is now open at

    For additional information on all events and to purchase tickets visit

    About Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

    Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in Memphis, is music’s most important and beloved landmark, with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world visiting the historic home each year. Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) manages the operations of Graceland and its related properties, including Elvis Presley’s Memphis, Graceland’s new entertainment and exhibition complex over 200,000 square feet in size; the AAA Four Diamond Guest House at Graceland 450-room resort hotel; and the Graceland Archives, featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ home and career. EPE also produces and licenses Elvis-themed live events, tours, and attractions worldwide. Graceland Holdings LLC, led by managing partner Joel Weinshanker, is the majority owner of EPE. Graceland is the only attraction worldwide to ever receive five USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards: in 2018, it was voted “Best Tennessee Attraction” and Best Holiday Historic Home Tour, in 2015 voted the world’s “Best Musical Attraction” and “Best Historic Southern Attraction,” and in 2013 voted the #1 “Iconic American Attraction.” In 2018 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards named Graceland one of the top 25 landmarks in the world and it was named one of 10 Great American Music Landmarks by Rolling Stone. For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit

    Stay connected to Elvis Presley’s Graceland:

    @VisitGraceland on Twitter and Instagram
    Graceland Live:
    Livestream events:
    SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio, Channel 19:


    David Beckwith / 323-632-3277


    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2018

    What a wonderful gesture from an Elvis fan club.  Good for them.

    Scholarship Opportunity – Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club

    High school seniors graduating in 2019 are eligible to apply for $10,000 in scholarships available through the Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club. Please visit for details. Applications are due February 14, 2019.


    Many of Elvis’ guns, badges, etc. up for sale:

     Elvis Relics
    To LHSig LHSig@


    Elvis Owned Guns, Badges and Police Related Artifacts

    Now available for sale at Elvis Relics
    Elvis in full police uniform in Denver, Colorado, 1976
    Elvis was friends with law enforcement all over the United States.  The officers knew of Elvis’ love for police related items and regularly gave him mementos of their particular departments. Most often badges, and sometimes police hats, or jackets.  He would sometimes wear the badge or hat for a few moments on stage at the concert where it was given to him.  The photo of Elvis wearing a police hat in 1975 is NOT the same hat that is available, it is merely a visual aid to show what I am explaining in this text. Many more photos can be found online of Elvis wearing similar police hats.

    This particular hat that is currently available is the exact hat that was given to Elvis by a member of the Jefferson County Police.  It was later given by Elvis to his sound engineer, Felton Jarvis.  Felon produced most o Elvis’ records in the 1970’s.  This hat was obtained directly from his estate and comes with a letter from them stating the facts of this unique law enforcement artifact that belonged to Elvis Presley.

    Elvis Presley’s personal briefcase that went with him everywhere he traveled.  Usually carried by his stage manager, Charlie Hodge, or his road manager,
    Joe Esposito, as seen in the photo above.  It contained his guns, police-related items, medication, important papers and other personal items that
    Elvis wanted with him at all times.Elvis’ Official police handcuffs, and keys  he had several pair over the years, this pair and everything pictured here was in his briefcase at the time of his death.Six spare .38 caliber full metal jacket bullets carried by Elvis (in case he needed to quickly reload his revolver that he carried with him everywhere.
    (bullets available as a set or individually)Elvis personal can of chemical mace, used to easily subdue an assailant
    in a non-lethal manner.Elvis’ long black police flashlight.  again, Elvis had several of these in his lifetime and can be seen in numerous photos holding this light. It’s long, heavy base filled with heavy batteries -used a a grip, doubled as a club in a combat situation,
    when a gun was not suitable.

    1970 Elvis Presley .38 Special Gold Plated S & W Handgun

    A .38 Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun that Elvis had gold-plated on the trigger, hammer and cylinder release button. Serial #J575849.  It was personally given to Bonnie Burnett who owned the Hickory Lodge restaurant across from Graceland in the mid-1970’s.  Take-out orders from there were frequently delivered to Elvis at Graceland over the years. After Elvis’ death, Vernon moved back into Graceland from his Dolan Street house behind Graceland.  It was purchased by Hobart and Bonnie Burnette.   Chris Davidson of the Elvis-a-Rama Museum purchased this gun directly from Hobart after Bonnie’s death.
    It was on display in the Elvis-a-Rama in Las Vegas for years.

    This authentic Elvis owned gun with gold accents is accompanied with letter of authenticity from:

    The Elvis-A-Rama Museum;

    The Elvis Presley Museum (owned by Jimmy Velvet) who personally knew the Burnettes and has a first hand knowledge of the gun and it’s sale;

    and also a letter from Joe Esposito, attesting to all the facts about
    Elvis owning this gun.

    The gun was among items stolen from the Elvis-A-Rama during a break in, and was listed on the FBI’s national database, listing it as Elvis Presley’s gun.
    It was later recovered and returned to the Museum.
    The documentation is incredible on this artifact.

    Elvis with the Hilton Security force in Las Vegas in the 1970’s
    Elvis Presley’s personal LAS VEGAS HILTON SECURITY “DIRECTOR” badge.
    Given to Elvis by the head of Security of the Las Vegas Hilton
     hotel in the 1970’s. Comes with a letter of authenticity from Elvis’ friend and Road Manager, and best man at Elvis’ wedding, Joe Esposito.
    Joe describes in his letter how the other guys in the Memphis Mafia all received Hilton badges as well, but only Elvis received the special “DIRECTOR” badge.

    “He had a million badges and a blue police light on his car.”

    That’s the recollection of actress Priscilla Presley, who does exaggerate the number of badges accumulated by the man to whom she was married from 1967–73. Her words appear in “Elvis, By the Presleys,” a 2005 book comprised of quotes from her, her daughter, and others who knew Elvis Presley.

    Elvis was very heavy into law enforcement. He had friends in Law Enforcement all over the country, and was even given a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge and ID from President Nixon. He was an actual Captain (not honorary) of the Memphis Police Department, and a deputy on the Shelby County Sheriffs Department in Memphis. Because of his involvement in Law enforcement, Elvis purchased flashing police lights for all of his personal vehicles.
    Elvis took this actual police light from one of his cars and gave it to a friend of his and mine who worked for the Shelby County Sheriffs office.
    The photos above show Elvis driving in Memphis with the flashing police light on the dash of his car.  also shown are still images, taken from actual video of Elvis arriving at a Karate School in Memphis. His blue police flashing light can clearly be see on the dash of his car that he was personally driving when the film was shot. He was being filmed for a karate documentary that was never completed or released. These still images came from a segment of that original film that was included in the 1981 Warner Brothers documentary: THIS IS ELVIS.
    Elvis was a sworn police officer in Memphis, and would sometimes go (in disguise) on drug raids with local law enforcement.  He would also stop and assist in the event of an accident, like in the photos above, on March 26, 1976 when Elvis was driving his stretch limo on the interstate in Memphis and came upon the scene of an accident that had just taken place.
    The flashing blue police lights that Elvis kept on the dash of all of his vehicles
    were not just for show.
    Elvis’ personal Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver. Customized with
    Elvis’ personal TCB and lightening bolt logo.

    EXTREMELY RARE! Comes with copies of all paperwork, including purchase
    receipt signed by Elvis himself, presenting his Shelby County badge as
    Identification upon purchase. The documentation with matching serial number,
    SIGNED BY ELVIS HIMSELF is the best possible provenance possible. The gold
    “TCB” insignia makes this a very unique and sought-after artifact.
    Local Law Enforcement enjoy one of the many displays at
    as we toured the world a few years ago.
    elvisrelics@gmail.comJewelry items available, including rings, pendants, watches, bracelets, cuff links
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    If you have just recently joined ELVIS RELICS and would like to see past posts that you may have missed, just contact me and let me know the date you joined, and I will send you the previous posts.

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    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2018


    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2018

    My longest & closest friend, M. J., Emailed a link to me to be used as an addition to my above article regarding Elvis telling people that he was “So tired of being Elvis Presley“.   I recalled having heard and/or read that he spoke those words to Felton Jarvis who was his record producer.  However, I could not recall where to locate that statement by Mr. Jarvis.  M. J. found documentation of this, for me to share here, in the following book:

    Being Elvis: A Lonely Life

    By Ray Connolly

    Ray Connolly – 2017 – ‎Preview –

    Being Elvis A Lonely Life Ray Connolly Google Books

    Also below is a second book which includes this same quote:

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé

    By Bob Stanley

    Yeah Yeah Yeah The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé Bob Stanley Google Books

    Eighteen months would have had Elvis speaking these words to Mr. Jarvis early in 1976.  Jesse told me that he had “originally planned to do it in 1976, but chickened out“.


    MONDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2018

    Elvis Presley News Report 2018: December

    Published on Dec 21, 2018



    Elvis Presley

    Published on Dec 21, 2018

    Music video by Elvis Presley performing ’68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition) Unboxing Video. (C) 2018 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment



    Glen Campbell duets with Elvis Presley on long-lost demo recordings

    Duet With Elvis

    18 PREVIOUSLY unreleased recordings, originally made by the late Glen Campbell as demos for songwriters Sid Wayne and Ben Weisman for submission to Elvis Presley, have been issued on a new CD and vinyl album, ‘Glen Campbell Sings For The King’. Read part of a review in Mojo magazine, “One song ‘All I Needed Was The Rain’ sounds as if it might have utilised an ‘Ode To Billie Joe’ backing track, while Elvis himself turns up electronically to duet with Campbell on the gospel track ‘We Call On Him’, possibly providing a well-earned seal of approval.” CR


     DECEMBER 31, 2018


    I wish everyone a most blessed and Happy New Year…for all of 2019!




    One last article for 2018…

    Below is a brief article which I just came across on a Gainesville, GA web page:

    08192018 ELVIS 1.jpg
    Local writer Gail Brewer-Giorgio thinks Elvis Presley didn’t die Aug. 16, 1977. She has what she calls “explosive evidence” to prove her theory. – photo by Scott Rogers


    Did Elvis die Aug. 16, 1977? Gainesville author says no

    Elvis Presley died on Aug. 16, 1977. At least, that’s what most people think and what news reports indicated.

    Gail Brewer-Giorgio, a writer and Gainesville resident, isn’t one who believes so. While she’s not certain if he’s alive today, she is sure Presley didn’t die that day 41 years ago.

    Brewer-Giorgio, 79, said she was never a fan of Presley’s, like the rest of world. To this day, she still isn’t. There aren’t photos of Presley plastered on her walls. There aren’t Presley tunes filling her home either.

    Well, I am sure that I don’t understand how Gail Brewer-Giorgio can NOT have become an Elvis fan after all the money and attention she has gained from writing about him.  But, be that as it may, Jesse is certainly NO fan of hers either.  

    He once spoke these very words to me “I don’t want that woman making any more money off of me.