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SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2019

I have created a very important new page for this website.  I want to ask that everyone please visit this page and digest what you see and read.  Then I ask that everyone please share this page with everyone you know who is interested in the fact that Elvis is alive.

I am growing very weary of fighting battles over the validity of the photo which Jesse gave me of himself with his grandson Ben in 1994.

I am hoping that this new page will settle this issue once and for all where the lies which Mickey Moran has told about the 1950 black and white photo are concerned.  

Below is the link to this new and very important page:


Rev. Dale Presley 1950 and later along with Jesse


Just sharing a recent envelope and note to me from Jesse.  I have removed anything personal so that I hope Jesse won’t mind me sharing.  Just documenting that he and I are still in close touch.  The critics and skeptics are coming out of the woodwork. 

Jesse's most recent note to me


Jesse called late this afternoon and we had a good time chatting.  He is doing pretty well other than feeling kind of tired and sluggish.  We talked about my week of fighting the non-believers.   I told him that I will be sending him the printout of my new page next week.  I had never before told him about Moran’s video challenging us to appear on a TV show with him.  Jesse laughed at that…so absurd. It angers him when people try to bait me into exposing more about him…doesn’t do much for my attitude either. I will send him Moran’s video next week since I have finally, after 6 years, posted it on my website.  

Jesse has always been aware of  what I go through and he always supports me.  I am so thankful for him.


MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2019

Below is one example of Jesse being aware of what I go through.  This is not a recent letter from him, but it does show his understanding of my situation.  Again, there is nothing personal in this portion of his letter, so I don’t think he will mind my sharing it.

Jesse paragraph Lawdy, Lawdy

Years ago, Jesse once told me “You’re a hard-headed woman.”  I laughed and said “Thank you!” because I took that as a compliment.  There is one thing about me:  I NEVER back down when I know that I am RIGHT.  God gave me that trait because He knew I was going to need it for this particular mission.

It has taken nerves of steel and a hard head to keep this website going for the past ten years.  I had already gone through a lot of bad experiences with people disbelieving the truth and threatening me before I started the website.  In fact THAT is the exact reason that I even asked Jesse’s permission to use my real name to defend myself in the first place back in 2009.

My whole adventure started back in 1988 when I bought a copy of Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s original book “The Most Incredible Elvis Presley Story Ever Told“.  That was the first publication of her book which later was re-published as “Is Elvis Alive?“.  She and I became good friends for several years and she authorized me to publish a newsletter in conjunction with and support of her when she stopped her own newsletter.  Little did I know that my newsletter would be my first experience in people being jealous of me and talking behind my back.  My very first attacks by telephone calls came as a result of that newsletter.  Gail and I gradually ended our contact in the early 90’s.  I NEVER told her that I heard directly from Elvis.  I assume she knows that now through my work on my websites and Facebook.

One woman, Mary Smiley who came to hate me for reasons of her own without knowing me at all, began calling our home and spreading slanderous lies about me. She called here one night while my mother lay dying in the hospital and cursed my husband because I did not want to speak with her.  She even called back and cursed my husband even more violently a few minutes later.  She had a jealous vendetta against me back then because I supported Gail Brewer-Giorgio and because Gail authorized me to publish the newsletter and gave me her mailing list for that purpose.  This woman and her partner in crime continued their vendetta against me until she died.  Her associate, Paul Monroe continued his attacks after Smiley died.  He even posted my full name, home address and phone number on a forum with the words “Call her America” around 2003.  He did an interview with Elvis Information Network in which he slandered me.  I pleaded with them to remove his lies about me…but that, too, was to no avail.

Tom and I visited Gail Brewer-Giorgio in her home in Jan. 1990 and she played her tape of her phone conversation with Elvis in Oct. 1988.  I immediately knew that it really was Elvis on the phone and I heard him complimenting Gail on her work and the fact that, at some time in the past, he HAD wanted to come back out and was not able to do so.  That is what really started me on my mission to support Gail and to do everything in the world that I could to help Elvis.

The below photo is of Gail and me during our visit with her in her home in Jan., 1990.

My visit in Gail's home 1990.jpg

My newsletter was the result of hearing Elvis speaking with Gail in a favorable way about her book, her work and hearing him say that he would send her ammunition. He did send her ammunition on Palm Sunday of the following year in the form of Gene Smith (Elvis’ first cousin) who told Gail that if she would have the handwriting on Elvis’ death report authenticated, it would prove that Elvis wrote that document.  Gail did have the handwriting analyzed by an expert who confirmed that it was Elvis’ handwriting.  I have earlier shown (on my original website) a quote from a book which showed that Dan Warlick, the medical examiner’s associate who originally filled out that form stated that the next time he saw that form it had been copied over in someone else’s handwriting…handwriting which he believed was Dr. Francisco’s.


Jesse, years later, told me that he did not want that woman (Gail Brewer-Giorgio) to make any more money off of him.  He said that the tape of their conversation which she put out with a subsequent book had some changes made to it.  The biggest thing was that she taped the conversation after she was specifically told NOT to record it by an associate of Elvis’ who called her BEFORE Elvis called.  So she taped it against his wishes and then SOLD a tape of the conversation with one of her books.  Also, Gail kept pressing on way too long and even signed to do a second TV show after the original Bill Bixby show.  That second show was taken out of her hands and it was done in such a way as to discredit the first show.  She has published other books since then and, as far as I know, is still pressing on about Operation Fountain Pen, etc.  Jesse wrote in his book that she is putting out things which are “pure fiction“.

A woman named Barbara Lee Rowe, who claims to be Elvis’ cousin, contacted FOX 8 and Suzanne Stratford after watching their reports about Hinton and Jesse. Suzanne called me to see if it was all right if she gave Ms. Rowe my contact information.  I said yes and Rowe and I corresponded for some time.  She came across as very friendly and believing of the truth.  This went on for some time and then she suddenly published a very negative article about me, Hinton, and the truth.  She became a very active enemy toward me.  She obviously pretended to be friendly to get her foot in the door with me.  Everything I shared with her was of a very friendly and generous nature and not one single word that she could ever have used against me in any way…yet she dropped her veil of friendliness and lied about me publicly.  I still have copies of Ms. Rowe’s “friendly” Emails with me.  Below is just one example:

Barbara Lee Rowe Country Music Magazine.jpg

Here is another example of her duplicity with me during our correspondence:

Barbara Lee Rowe top half of Email (2018_10_24 19_45_10 UTC).jpg

The above people and events are just the tip of the iceberg.  I wanted to share just a little of my history of people who have chosen to hate me and attack me for reasons of their own making.

Some people have suggested that I just ignore the “naysayers” but I must tell everyone that had I just ignored them, I would not still have this website.  Their lies about me have certainly mushroomed and multiplied over the years.  Now, I am having the lies which originated years ago from ignorant fools such as Mickey Moran, Mary Smiley, Barbara Lee Rowe thrown back in my face from new people who do not even know where or from whom the original lies originated.

Moran, in his inane little video challenge from 2013 to me and Jesse, says that maybe Elvis just picked my name out of a phone book to choose me; or that he (Moran) has been involved in this all for 25 years (in 2013); Moran obviously has not even read my website. Had he read my website, he would know that it was through the newletter which I published in 1990-1991 that Elvis became aware of me because I was sending all of the monthly issues to a friend of Elvis’ and asking that he pass the editions on to Elvis.  People really should have read my website so they would know all of the absolute facts before they start spewing forth their vomit of garbage about me and Jesse.

I hope this will help just a little to explain the past 31 years of my journey.  “Walk a Mile in My Shoes“…  My journey actually began on the night of August 16, 1977 when I first KNEW in my heart and soul that Elvis did not really die.  I woke up the morning of the 17th and I KNEW he was not gone.


Jesse called last night and he was feeling very well…his feeling of sluggishness had passed.  The reason he called again last night was because of receiving my mail and seeing my articles which I had posted last week about the liars and attackers of me and the truth on my websites.

Jesse is very disturbed by the jerks who are pretending to be Elvis on the Internet. The following are the thoughts that he expressed about them:  “Do they think that I left because of all the stress I was under for years and years just so that I could play games with people???”  The “they” he was referring to are the fans who follow the impostors and support the lunacy of these fools who pretend to be him.

His thoughts about Mickey Moran having started the lies about his photo with Benjamin which have snowballed over the 6 or more years since Moran published his garbage are a lot more severe.  

Even though I have not kept up with Moran’s current actions, if any, the attacks upon me from people like Shawna Fleming are a direct result of Moran’s lies.  This is documented in the fact that Fleming showed Moran’s comparison of Jesse’s photo (with the side by side of the 1950 black and white photo of Rev. Dale Presley holding his twin sons Jerry and Terry) in her lying statements about me.  Moran circulated that comparison image all over the internet even circulating a petition to get signatures to get EPE to close down my website.  

Jesse is not at all at peace with these lies and attacks upon me about him and the truth on my website.  He is putting a lot of thought into this entire matter…  Jesse had Moran investigated 3 or 4 years ago and he said he learned that Moran has a police record which is a matter of public record.  Jesse and I discussed all of this Moran mess from the beginning back around 2013.

Jesse said that I could publish anything that he said…but I choose not to do so.  His privacy is extremely important to me.

I will be sending him a copy of my entire new page “PROOF THAT JESSE’S PHOTO HAS NOT BEEN DEBUNKED BY MICKEY MORAN”  along with the accompanying images and DVD of Moran’s challenge video.  Jesse is always interested in what is going on and I keep him abreast of many things plus he reads the printout of my weeks work every week.

His distaste of Moran has only increased with the attacks I have been getting recently caused by Moran’s original lies.

Even with all the negative topics which we discussed, Jesse’s call was wonderful and we had a good time just speaking.  Jesse’s love and support are what keep me keepin’ on.


Well, here is another of the fools pretending to be Elvis…another of many.  

This man is posting very little about himself and yet he has many “friends” on Facebook who obviously have fallen for his photo and name.  This is getting ridiculous.  Someone should start a support group for the downtrodden souls who get their joy in life from leading a double life pretending to be Elvis on the Internet. It is not bad enough that there are so many of them, it is the number of supposed Elvis fans who are being taken in by these lying idiots and jerks.  Below is a little about this one:]-h-R&eid=ARCPNQaCnmM4Pvl7g-4qJAmRAQJsR2-5PqQ-rCp9Pa-zVN55UBBKN6b_ZpZrWEZBmd25P7iLzxefjoTJ

Jon Burrows

Jon Burrows up close.pngHow can anyone possibly believe this is really Elvis?????????? Wait ’til Jesse sees this guy’s photo!!!!😂🤣

Jon Burrows retired

Jon Burrows friends

What really threw me for a loop was the below:  

This guy has 3,583 Facebook friends which is inconsequential…but this is the sore spot with me; he has 491 mutual friends with me.  This means that 491 of my “friends” really don’t accept the truth that Jesse is Elvis and they are just following my material as a lark or just something to pass the time of day.

As I have proven over all these years, I am as serious and devoted to sharing the real truth from Elvis himself as a human being can possibly be.  I prefer to not have my material taken lightly.  I have endured so much for the 10 years of this website and have spent so much money on my website ($32,500+) to be able to share the ONLY REAL TRUTH about Elvis which is on the internet anywhere so that his fans can rejoice in the truth.  Jesse has told me that I have more (documentation) than anyone.

Therefore, my friends list on Facebook most likely will be downsized to eliminate those who are only playing games.  I do know that some of my real freinds do go to these other pages just to monitor what is going on and to let me know if they see something that they think I should be aware of and I certainly WON’T delete them. But, others who I do not know personally, will probably be deleted.



I am sharing below a letter written to me in the early 90’s by Gail Brewer-Giorgio which proves that she and I were once good friends.  I want to say that were it not for my support of Gail, I would not be friends with Elvis now.  It was my newsletter which I published in 1990-1991 with Gails approval and blessing which introduced me to Elvis.

It was Gails very first book “The Most Incredible Elvis Presley Story Ever Told” that set me on the path that I travel to this day.

I supported Gail so strongly because I heard Elvis himself doing so in his conversation with her.  He made it clear, back then, that he approved of what she was doing and would help her by sending ammunition which he did.

I have not had any contact with Gail since the early 90’s…we each went on with our lives in different directions.  

I would not be here now were it not for the fact that Dr. Hinton exposed my real identity in the book by putting his own name and face on the book after we all agreed to be under pseudonyms.  That’s when my troubles all started.

To sum up, I do want to give credit to Gail for my becoming friends with Elvis.  Even though Jesse no longer approves of her later work and does not want her to make any more money off of him, I know he won’t mind my acknowledging her part in my life back at that time which made it possible for me to be his “baby sister” today.

Here is one of Gail’s last letters to me:

Gail Brewer-Giorgio letter to me

So…my sincerest thanks to Gail for her part in putting me on the path to my soul’s purpose of being Elvis/Jesse’s friend and helping him in every way I possibly can.






Back in August, 2016 after I made Jesse aware that the Facebook page “Evidence Elvis Presley Is Alive” was publishing that they were in touch with Elvis and that he wanted people to follow their page and that he was telling them things to publish, Jesse wrote the following letter for me to publish on my Facebook pages and on my website.  Jesse did not mention that page by name when he wrote the letter for me to publish.  However, Jesse did take that opportunity to make it clear what he knew about Mickey Moran.  As Jesse wrote, Moran did not like that and published the statement below.  In this statement, Moran once again lied about me and attacked my credibility.  As you will see, he was vicious in his comments about Jesse’s photo.

Below once again is Jesse’s letter which I have shared a few times since August, 2016.  Also, below is Moran’s attack upon me in response to Jesse’s letter.  Moran never quits in his jealous slanders of me as a person, the truth on my website, and Jesse himself.  Just read what Moran wrote about Jesse’s photo.  Here Moran is slapping the face of the very man that he claims to love and respect and has spent decades trying to track down.  He is so blinded by his hateful jealousness of me, that he can’t even recognize the very man that he is obsessed with finding.  Ironic, isn’t it!?

Jesses-letter-for-my-web-site-August '16


It is a very sad commentary when fans actually follow this man (Moran) and believe him when they could be accepting the REAL truth from Elvis himself on my websites.  His lies have influenced others, who have not even read the truth which I have furnished, to hate me too; people like Shawna Fleming.


SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019

Susie Mitchell who has, according to reports to me by others who have followed her on Facebook, promoted the fake photo of “Elvis” shown below for several years now while claiming that she is in touch with “Elvis” while publishing negative material about me, sent me a friend request very recently.  Below you will see my response to her friend request.  This friend request from her came right on the heels of the friend request from the man using the fake name of “Jesse E. Presley“.  Then right on the heels of those two things, I learned about the lies being published about me by the woman named Shawna Fleming.  It appears that these people may be interconnected in some way through Facebook.  Nothing they have published about me is true and certainly would not hold water if investigated by anyone showing enough interest to check them out.

Here is the fake “Elvis” photo once more:

Supposedly Elvis at 82 from Susie Mitchell

Photo being passed around as “Elvis at 82”.

Below is a copy of Susie Mitchell’s friend request which she sent to me:

Susie Mitchell friend request

Below is my response to Susie Mitchell’s friend request which I sent to her in a private message:

My Message to Susie Michell May, 2019

Susie Mitchell photo

Susie Mitchell

1:19 PM

You: Hi Susie: I see that you sent a friend request to me. While I appreciate your request, I must ask why you have sent this to me in light of the fact that you have posted untrue and negative things about me over the past few years?

The photo of “Elvis” with the long white hair which you have propagated for a good long time is a fake. I sent that photo to the REAL Elvis Presley who IS Jesse now. I have been close personal friends with him for 27 years and he chose me to be his voice. My web site has been in existence for 10 years with his 100% approval and support. I speak with him just about every week.

I understand that you are involved with a woman by the name of Shawna Fleming who has also been posting lies and slander about me and Jesse. I saw that you were also involved with the guy who was fraudulently trying to present himself on Facebook as “Jesse E. Presley” who also sent me a friend request and I shot him down publicly a few days ago.

I mean you no embarrassment or ill will, but if you and your group of “friends” continue to lie about me and Jesse, I will publicly show you all up for the false statements and material which you are distributing about me. You are most welcome to respond to me with any legitimate and truthful correspondence. However, don’t waste your time nor mine by responding with any of the garbage about being in touch with Elvis. He and I have discussed the fake photo of the man with long white hair and your statements that you are in touch with Elvis.

Again, I mean you no ill will in spite of the fact that you have mislead people about Elvis/Jesse and me for quite some time now.


Linda Hood Sigmon

I also see that Susie Mitchell and I have mutual friends on Facebook totaling 160.  I shall be removing those 160 “friends” from my own Facebook page.  Last night I removed 460 mutual friends from my Facebook page because they were shown as also being friends with the above fake “Jon Burrows“.  

I have worked pretty much 24/7 for the past 10 years and spent well over $32,500 to provide for FREE the truth about the real Elvis Presley (with his approval) and the fact that he did not die in 1977 and a little of what his life has held since then.  I do not intend any longer to allow people to lie about me; slander me; defame me; nor trod rough-shod over the precious material that Elvis has so generously and graciously allowed me to share.  I have begun exposing and refuting the lies from these frauds and will continue to do so.

It is time to choose sides people.  I care not if I only have a total of 10 friends left when the dust settles.  Better 10 true, loyal, intelligent and dependable friends than 5000 merely curious passerbys who take my precious material and publish lies.


My dear friend, Deb, shared the below with me about 7 years ago. I posted it then but it certainly bears repeating now with so many attacks against me and the truth.



TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2019

What a wonderful surprise to see an interview with Marian Cocke at the 2019 Tupelo Elvis Festival!




I created and added the below new video to my YouTube channel over the last few days. I think it may be interesting to those who have only seen the individually televised broadcasts before. In this compilation video, you may see most of the TV reports which aired on FOX 8 in Cleveland. Here the reports are shown in the chronological sequence as they aired in 2002-2004-2008.

Mickey Moran (in apx. 2013) chose a clip from one of the earlier reports in which Bill Beeny declares that Elvis is not Jesse because Jesse’s DNA did not match his (Beeny’s) Elvis samples. In this full video, you will see that in a later aired report that Jesse’s DNA DID match Elvis’ first cousins on the Presley and the Smith sides of Elvis’ family.

I have a page on my original website on which two lab reports are shown documenting this match of Jesse’s DNA to the Smith and Presley cousins.   Below is the link to that page:




ON FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2019



I came across this post which I shared many years ago and thought that it bears repeating.  I hope those who were not visiting my site back then will enjoy seeing this.


My good friend, Tim, phoned me on Monday to tell me about something he saw in a glass display case in an antique store last weekend.  There was a magazine on display showing the following quote from Elvis in 1977.  This just about says it all as to his thinking leading up to August 16.

If I could walk around and see things without mobs of people and be free, it would be worth a million dollars if only for a week; just being plain little old me instead of just the image would be a relief after 22 years.”  The headline of this article read ELVIS DIES OF LONELINESS.

As you can see, by reading the article on my previous page which outlined the shows which Elvis performed all the way back to 1954, he was including 1955 as being part of the past 22 years.  Below, again, is the list of shows which he performed in 1955 alone.  He was working so very hard in 1954 and 1955 long before the world as a whole had heard of him.


1 January Houston Texas, Eagles Hall
4 January Odessa Texas, High School Auditorium
5 January San Angelo, City Auditorium
6 January Lubbock, Cotton Club
7 January Midland, Midland high School
12 January Clarksdale Ms, City Auditorium
13 January Helena Arkansas, Catholic Club
14 January Marianna Arkansas
17 January Boonsville Ms, Northeast Mississippi Community College
18 January Corinth Ms, Acorn Country Courthouse Assembly Hall
19 January Sheffield AL
20 January Leachville Arkansas
21 January Sikeston MO
24 January Hawkins Texas
25 January Tyler Texas
26 January Gilmer Texas
27 January Longview Texas
28 January Gaston Texas
4 February New Orleans
6 February Memphis
7 February Ripley Miss.
10 February Alpine Texas
11 February Carlsbad NM
12 February Carlsbad NM
13 February Lubbock Texas
13 February Lubbock Texas
14 February Roswell NM
15 February Abilene Texas
16 February Odessa Texas
17 February San Angelo Texas
18 February West Monroe LA
20 February Little Rock, AR
21 February Camden AR
22 February Hope AR
23 February Pine Bluff AR
24 February Bastrop LA
25 February Texarkana AR
26 February Cleveland OH
2 March Newport AR
2 March Newport AR
4 March DeKalb, Texas
8 March Helena AR
9 March Poplar Bluff MO
10 March Clarksdale MS
19 March College Station Texas
19 March Houston, Texas
20 March Houston, Texas
20 March Houston, Texas
30 March El Dorado Arkansas
31 March Longview, Texas
1 April Odessa, Texas
2 April Houston, Texas
7 April Corinth MS
8 April Glover MO
10 April Houston, Texas
10 April Houston, Texas
13 April Breckenridge, Texas
14 April Gainesville, Texas
15 April Stamford, Texas
15 April Stamford, Texas
16 April Dallas, Texas
20 April Grenada, MS, American Legion Hut
22 April Texarkana, AR. Arkansas Municipal Stadium
23 April Waco, Texas Heart O’ Texas Coliseum
24 April Houston, Texas Magnolia Gardens
24 April Houston, Texas Cook’s Hoe-Down Club
25 April Wichita Falls, Texas M-B Corral Club
25 April Seymour, Texas High School Auditorium
26 April Big Spring, Texas City Auditorium
29 April Lubbock, Texas Cotton Club
30 April Glade Water, Texas High School Gymnasium
1 May New Orleans, LA Municipal Auditorium
2 May Baton Rouge, LA High school Auditorium
4 May Mobile, AL Ladd Stadium
5 May Mobile, AL Ladd Stadium
7 May Daytona Beach, FL Peabody Auditorium
8 May Tampa, FL. Fr Homer Hesterly Auditorium
9 May Fort Myers, FL City Auditorium
10 May Ocala, FL South-Eastern Pavilion
11 May Orlando, FL Municipal Auditorium
12 May Jacksonville, FL Gator Bawl Baseball Park
13 May Jacksonville, FL Gator Bawl Baseball Park
14 May New Bern, NC Srine Auditorium
15 May Norfolk, VA Norfolk City Auditorium
16 May Richmond, VA Mosque Theatre
17 May Asheville, NC City Auditorium
18 May Roanoke, VA American Legion Auditorium
19 May Raleigh, NC Memorial Auditorium
20 May Kilgore, Texas KOCA Radio
22 May Houston, Texas Magnolia Gardens
22 May Houston, Texas Cook’s Hoe-Down Club
25 May Meridian, MS American Legion Hall
26 May Meridian, MS Junior College Stadium
28 May Dallas, Texas Sportarium
29 May Forth Worth, Texas North Side Coliseum
29 May Dallas, Texas Sportarium
31 May Midland, Texas High School Auditorium
31 May Midland, Texas High School Field House
1 June Guymon, OK High school Auditorium
3 June Lubbock, Texas Johnson Connelly Pontiac Showroom
3 June Lubbock, Texas Fair Park Coliseum
5 June Hope, AR Fair Park Coliseum
8 June Sweetwater, Texas Auditorium
10 June Breckenridge, Texas American Legion Hall
14 June Bruce MS High School Gymnasium
15 June Belden MISS High School Gymnasium
17 June Stamford, Texas Roundup Hall, High School
18 June Dallas, Texas Sportarium
19 June Houston, Texas Magnolia Gardens (matinee)
19 June Houston, Texas Cook’s Hoedown Club (eve)
20 June Beaumont Texas
21 June Beaumont Texas
23 June Lawton, OK McMahon Memorial Auditorium (8pm)
23 June Lawton, OK Southern Club (11pm)
24 June Altus, OK
26 June Biloxi, MS Slavonian Lodge Auditorium
27 June Kessler, MS Air Force Base
28 June Kessler, MS Air Force Base
29 June Mobile, AL Radio Ranch Club
30 June Mobile, AL Radio Ranch Club
1 July Plaquemine, LA Casino Club
3 July Corpus Christi, Texas Hoedoen Club
4 July Stephenville, Texas City Recreation Hall
4 July DeLeon, Texas Hodges Park (afternoon)
4 July Brownwood, Texas Soldier’s & Sailor’s Memorial Hall (8pm)
20 July Cape Girardeau MO Cape Arena
21 July Newport, AR Silver Moon Club
25 July Fort Myers, FL City Auditorium
26 July Orlando, FL Municipal Auditorium
27 July Orlando, FL Municipal Auditorium
28 July Jacksonville, FL Gator Stadium Baseball Park
29 July Jacksonville, FL Gator Stadium Baseball Park
30 July Daytona Beach, FL Peabody Auditorium
31 July Tampa, FL Ft Homer Hesterly Armony
1 August Tupelo, MS Fairgrounds
2 August Muscle Shoals, AL Sheffield Community
3 August Little Rock, AR. Robinson Auditorium
4 August Camden, AR. Municipal Auditorium
5 August Memphis Overton Park Shell
7 August Houston, Texas Magnolia Gardens (matinee)
7 August Houston, Texas Cook’s Hoedown Club (eve)
8 August Tyler, Texas Mayfair Building
9 August Henderson, Texas Rodeo Arena
10 August Gladewater, Texas Bear Stadium
11 August Longview, Texas Reo Palm Isle Club
12 August Kilgore, Texas Driller Park
22 August Wichita Falls, Texas Spudder Park
23 August Bryan, Texas Saddle Club
24 August Conroe, Texas High School Football Field
25 August Austin, Texas Sport Center
26 August Gonzales, Texas Baseball Park
1 September New Orleans, LA Pontchartrain Beach
2 September Texarkana, AR Arkansas Municipal Stadium
3 September Dallas, Texas Sportarium Then Round Up Club
5 September Forrest City, AR St Francis Country Fair and Livestock Show
6 September Bono, AR High School Gymnasium
7 September Sikeston, AR National Guard Armony
8 September Clarksdale, MS City Auditorium
11 September Norfolk, VA City Auditorium
12 September Norfolk, VA City Auditorium
13 September New Bern, NC Shrine Auditorium
14 September Wilson, NC Fleming Stadium
15 September Roanoke, VA American Legion Auditorium
16 September Asheville, NC City Auditorium
17 September Thomasville, NC High School Auditorium
18 September Richmond, VA WRVA Theater
19 September Richmond, VAWRVA Theater
20 September Danville, VA Fairgrounds
21 September Raleigh, NC Memorial Auditorium
22 September Kingsport, TN Civic Auditorium
28 September Glober, MO B&B Club
3 October College Station, Texas G Rolle White Coliseum, A&M University
4 October Paris, Texas Boys Club Gymnasium
5 October Greenville, Texas City Auditorium
6 October San Marcos, Texas Southwest Texas State University (matinee)
6 October Austin, Texas Skyline Club
8 October Houston, Texas City Auditorium
10 October Brownwood Texas Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
11 October Abilene, Texas Fair Park Auditorium
12 October Midland, Texas High School Auditorium
13 October Amarillo, Texas City Auditorium
14 October Odessa, Texas
15 October Lubbock, Texas Fair Park Auditorium later at Cotton Club
16 October Oklahoma City, OK
17 October El Dorado, AR Memorial Auditorium
19 October Cleveland, OH Circle Theatre
20 October Film locations (day) Circle Theatre (eve)
21 October St Louis MO Missouri Theatre
22 October St Louis MO Missouri Theatre
23 October St Louis MO Missouri Theatre
24 October Newport, AR Silver Moon Club
26 October Prichard, AL Greater Gulf States Fair Blakely Island
6 November Biloxi, MS Community House
7 November Keesler, MS Airmen’s Club, Keesler Air Force Club
8 November Keesler, MS Airmen’s Club, Keesler Air Force Club
12 November Carthage, Texas Carthage Milling Co (aft)
13 November Memphis, Ellis Auditorium
14 November Forrest City, AR High School Auditorium
15 November Sheffield, AL Community Center
16 November Camden, AR City Auditorium
17 November Texarkana Arkansas Municipal Auditorium later Hut Club
18 November Longview, Texas Reo Palm Isle Club
19 November Gladewater, Texas High School
25 November Port Arthur, Texas Woodrow Wilson Junior
2 December Atlanta, GA. Sport Arena
3 December Montgomery, AL State Coliseum
4-7 December Indianapolis, IN Lyric Theater
8 December Louisville, KY Rialto Theater
19 December Memphis, Ellis Auditorium

Elvis/Jesse said to me once during our phone conversations “I’ve had a hard life.  People don’t think that I have but I have.


Once more I want to share a post from my site way back in 2013.  This is such a good example of Jesse’s handwriting for comparison to Elvis’.  I will include a letter written by Elvis for comparison at the end of this article.

Below is a letter which I have displayed on this site before.  I share it here again to substantiate that which I have written recently pertaining to my involvement in the writing of the book.  This proves that I am the “Linda” mentioned in the letters which Jesse wrote for the book and his intention that I be involved in the book.  I show this to disprove the comment which was made in the FOX 8 report in which it was erroneously stated that “Dr. Hinton and Linda have made no profit from their book.” while referring to Linda Felix-Johnson.  It was never her book.

Also, you may compare Jesse’s handwriting in the following letter to that in the image of his handwriting above.  Please take into account that these two letters were written, at the very least, 24 years apart.

This letter was written to Tom and me in 2000…almost 14 years ago.

Jesse's letter about book fictional or not

The name which I have whited out above is the real name of “Bern” in the book.

Jesse's letter about book fictional or not page 2

Here is the letter written by Elvis which you may use for comparison to his handwriting in his above letter to Tom and me.


The following is an excerpt from an actual letter written by Elvis BEFORE 1977.  I want to present it here because the words which he wrote could just as easily have been written to me about my web site.  I love the comfort and inspiration within his writing.

Also, I want to share it here as a good example of his handwriting for comparison to his handwritten letters here on my site…those which he wrote for publication in his book and those which he has written to me personally.

Elvis handwriting inspiring excerpt from letter

You may click on this image to see a full size display.

My copy of this image was one which I came across in a video belonging to LiveInLakech on YouTube.    This lady has many videos pertaining to Elvis’ spiritual quest and beliefs if you care to do a search in her YouTube channel.

Here is the link to the video from which I copied the above image several years ago:


Below is a comment which I just finished posting on my Facebook pages…  

This morning I de-friended everyone who is mutual friends with myself and Mickey Moran. I left several people who I have known for many years who have, otherwise, been very supportive of me and my material.

Moran is not going away and has created his own massive amount of material to discredit me. He does not, and will never, accept that Jesse is Elvis. Therefore, in view of all the effort he has put forth to destroy me, my website, Elvis’ truth about being Jesse, I can only say this: “I fought the rats and the rats won.”

I have done my very best to show that Moran has lied since he began his crusade against me in 2013.

The events which got me started on my efforts in the last week or so to, once again, prove that Moran has lied were the Shawna Fleming attacks against me based on Moran’s lies; coincidentally with the Shawna Fleming things, two women of whom I had never even heard, showed up on my Elvis/Jesse page and repeatedly posted comments stating that the photo of Jesse had been debunked years ago. So, even if Moran never does another thing against me, his lies have taken hold and been spread so widely that people will never stop passing them around. There will always be people who show up to throw his lies in my face which will never cease to upset me.

In view of the above, I may cut way back on my Facebook activities as Facebook is the place where I am facing this kind of thing repeatedly.

I am going through a soul-searching process right now and determining whether it is worth a continued fight against lies which have taken on a life of their own.

In a final attempt to reach Moran myself, I posted a statement on his Presley Assignment page under the “Recommendations” section. I began the statement as though it were written by someone other than myself in the hopes that Moran would read it before he deleted it. At the end, I said that I was the poster and signed my name. What I wrote had absolutely no effect on Moran at all and he responded with a very curt and brief remark and ended by saying “You are a nut.” So, I just deleted my statement and gave up. My statement was not hateful nor rude only factual. I knew he would delete it as soon as he read it but had hoped that what I wrote would sink in and help settle the issue of the lies he has told.

Please pray for me as I try to sort out my own feelings about all of this.

I thank each person who has sincerely accepted the truth I have told.

Love, Light and Peace to all,
Linda Hood Sigmon😢


SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2019

Jesse and Elvis


MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2019

In the past I have documented, on my original site, that a book “The Death of Elvis” was published by ORION Books Ltd. in 1993 in England.  Below are the images to document this fact once more.


The Death of Elvis inside text page with Orion, etc

I recently purchased a second book about Elvis which was published by this same publishing house.  I will insert the documents below to prove this fact as well.
The significance of this is that after Elvis left in 1977 there was always a very strong connection to the name ORION.  This publishing house is another example of that.

Elvis book front cover

Elvis Orion Book inside double page

Elvis book inside page with Orion, etc


ORION the singer



Those who have followed my work dating back to my newsletter in 1990-1991 will know that I have consistently proven the Elvis/Jesse/Orion saga of events taking place after 1977.

Also, remember the statement which Elvis made to Wanda June Hill about Rigel which is the large blue star in the ORION constellation being his home…where he is from.

Open your minds and contemplate this for a while.



Jesse called me late this afternoon.  He was doing well today.  We had a very nice visit and had several topics to discuss.  We talked about our health as we both worry about each other.  Us old folks have to stick together. Ha, ha!  We talked about one of the people who has been causing me trouble.  I told Jesse that I have been working on the website all day (my original site) and he said that he thinks that I work too much.  The voice distortion is much less than it was years ago and so I can enjoy hearing his voice. Such an incredible pleasure to be blessed to have the phone visits with him.  I am so very thankful for my big brother.  As always, his call made my day a whole lot better.

I had forgotten to post that Jesse did attempt to call me several times Tuesday of last week but I was on the phone for a long time and was on one of our extension phones which does not display the call waiting ID and so I did not interrupt to catch the call because I did not know that it was him.  He called a mutual friend to ask that they tell me that he tried to call and to give me a brief message from him.  We both felt bad that we missed speaking last week.  Jesse has to pick his chances to call and cannot always call back again soon.



This is the first time that I have seen this really lengthy article.  Even though it is several years old, thought maybe others would like seeing it too.
I wrote about the groundsman not being Elvis as soon as I started seeing the rumors and later showed Mr. Barmer at his computer screen at Graceland, etc.

Jesse and I have discussed the various “Elvis” sightings at Graceland and, of course, none of them are really him.  

Gotta say I told you so!! Ha,ha!!

ELVIS ALIVE? Man at centre of internet storm said to be ‘King aged 81’ finally speaks

HE BECAME an internet sensation after videos of him working at Elvis Presley’s former home were uploaded amid claims he was the King alive and well aged 81.


Now the mystery pony-tailed, grey-haired Elvis has spoken for the first time about the conspiracy theory that has swept the web.

But, unfortunately for those hoping we had final proof that Elvis Aron Presley faked his own death in 1977, it does not appear to be the case.

Now, on the anniversary of Elvis’ death 39-years-ago today, can reveal the man has denied being the King.

In a YouTube video entitled “News Proof: Elvis Presley Graceland groundsman filmed Is Not Elvis Presley,” the man, who is a groundsman at Elvis’ former mansion Graceland in in Memphis, Tennessee, denies being Presley.

In the clip, the man appears to have been grabbed by a young blonde woman who has followed the story.


She says in the video: “OK, hi everybody. This is the famous groundskeeper that everyone thinks is Elvis. I found him here in Memphis.”

Elvis, left, who died today 39 years ago and Bill Barmer, who denies being the King.

Elvis, left, who died today 39 years ago and Bill Barmer, who denies being the King.

Bill giving the

Bill giving the “cryptic sign” in an earlier video.

The man interjects: “I’m not really 81, OK.”

She says: “I literally found him. His name is Bill.”

He says: “I’m like a Pokemon go guy.”

He then mocks the conspiracy theory by placing two fingers at the side of his head, something he had done while being filmed at Graceland, and which believers had said was a sign he was giving that he was really Elvis.

The theory had grown since June after several clips of him working at Graceland were uploaded.

Comparisons between Bill and Elvis made in conspiracy theory videos.

Comparisons between Bill and Elvis made in conspiracy theory videos.

Various conspiracy theorists had even showed the videos alongside old clips of the King to show they had they same body and walk, and even superimposed the legend’s face over the groundsman’s.

But it now appears the theories are dead in the water.

The man has been identified as Bill Barmer, an employee of Elvis Presley Enterprises, which runs Graceland.

He was snapped there this week unveiling a new King-related tourist attraction at the museum.

Graceland employee Bill Barmer unveils a large rendering of the new tourist facilities being built in the west side of Elvis Presley Boulevard during a press conference held by EPE officials. (Jim Weber/The Commercial Appeal)

Graceland employee Bill Barmer unveils a large rendering of the new tourist facilities being built in the west side of Elvis Presley Boulevard during a press conference held by EPE officials. (Jim Weber/The Commercial Appeal)


I have completely restructured the menu of site pages on my original website.  This new version will make it much easier to navigate to find the topics on the pages which are devoted to only one subject.  I hope everyone will visit and take a look at the fresh new look to the menu.


Graceland to host ’50s themed weekend

By   – Staff Reporter, Memphis Business Journal

People who enjoyed the 1950s might want to travel down to Graceland this weekend for a trip down memory lane.

Graceland will be holding its first-ever “Fabulous 50s Weekend” June 21-23, according to a release. The three-day weekend will be packed with 1950s-themed activities, including a sock hop, after-hours dinner in the Presley Motors Museum, movie marathons, trivia and games, and other activities.

The weekend will also feature two live shows: a “Salute to the King” by acclaimed Elvis Presley tribute artist Victor Trevino Jr. and the legendary Chubby Checker and the Wildcats.

“When you think [the 1950s], Elvis, rock ‘n’ roll, and Graceland just fit together so perfectly,” Debbie Miller, chief marketing officer of Graceland, said in a release. “We know our guests will absolutely love everything we’ve planned for our first-ever ‘Fabulous 50s Weekend.'”


I am sharing a letter which was written by a friend who has been following my website for sometime and has become acquainted with my material and Jesse’s truth.  He so graciously gave of his time and effort to write the below letter to be posted on my website to, hopefully, help enlighten those who attack me with lies and all manner of slander.  My heartfelt thanks to S K for caring enough to write his wonderful letter for everyone to read.

—–Original Message—–
From: S K
To: Linda Sigmon <lhsig>
Sent: Thu, Jun 20, 2019 6:54 pm

To ALL the “Haters & Baiters” of Linda Hood Sigmon and the TRUTH about Elvis who is Jesse. 

There is A LOT of information (and A LOT MORE misinformation) surrounding the truth about Elvis and what happened on and post August 16th, 1977.  

I too was initially a skeptic and believed the decades of media and first-hand reports of Elvis’ doctor and close friends. The tried and proven “Illusory Truth Effect” (hearing lies repeated enough so they are believed to be the truth) had me hook, line and sinker.. just like you. 

Up until 5 years ago I thought Elvis fans who believed he was still alive were delusional and just couldn’t let him go…wishful thinkers, dreamers and maybe even a little nuts. I had no ill feelings towards them but I was ignorant and never bothered to look into the facts and evidence. I wasn’t a hater or baiter but I was 100% wrong in assuming THEY were the fools. 

The near 42 years of misinformation surrounding Elvis has been intentionally crafted (with expert help) to throw you off track at every corner. This has been, and still is absolutely necessary in order to protect Elvis’ safety, privacy and everything related to his music, image and business-end of things that he no longer has authority over since his retirement.

The truth about Elvis and how much more he really did outside of being the King of Rock & Roll and world’s best singer and entertainer is not meant to be the “official” story…at least for now. Don’t feel bad for believing all the lies and stories that were force-fed to all of us , or for being confused or not having the time, energy or focus to sort through it all. …but PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK LINDA HOOD SIGMON for being brave enough to put the truth out there and share it with Elvis’/Jesse’s fans for him.  

The majority of naysayers and haters of Linda and the truth haven’t even bothered to look at any of the facts and evidence she has Mickey Moran who says Linda’s website is too difficult to navigate. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mickey Moran’s one and only photo he uses and claims is Jesse is of the late Reverend Dale Presely. That photo came directly from his son, Jerry Presley’s old website alongside many others. Moran chooses to omit all the other photos because they PROVE 100% that Jesse and Rev. Dale Presley are NOT the same person. Moran dreams of becoming famous and in the history books by challenging Linda and Jesse to go on television with him. He even made a video of himself declaring this. Moran is in the “Baiter” class of pests.       

The “Baiters” are typically open to, or already believe the truth and try to become famous by attacking Linda in attempts to get Jesse to come out publicly in her defence.  (NOT going to happen) 

The “Haters”are generally those who are not capable of critical thinking or independent thought and/or are too busy or lazy to invest the time to research the facts and evidence…and lack thereof in the “official” story. Haters know-it-all without even looking and seek validation like the baiters but are weaker minded and desperate to receive it fast. They attack without any substance or knowledge of what they’re talking about..just standard dismissive insults and one-liners to get approval from their equally ignorant peers. Haters accuse LINDA of being nuts, a quack and drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid while in fact they have the whole big glass jug of it pressed to their faces and are chugging it all down themselves…How IRONIC!  

If you’ve read this far down the page then there is still hope for you yet. Get familiar with Linda’s website.. Look at the letters in Elvis’ clear and obvious handwriting (verified by the late graphology expert, Shirley Mason) , Check out Jesse’s DNA reports matching both sides of Elvis’ family, his photo comparisons, facial and body features, the scars on his shins, his grandson Benjamin in other photos around the same age.. Read the book, ‘The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In his own words’ by Dr. Donald Hinton and “Jesse”… Listen to his songs recorded in 2012 under Elvis’ official known alias, Jon Burrows… Watch the documentary/mockumentary, ‘Elvis Found Alive’…Yes the intro of the film is a fake n’ cheesy reenactment with bad acting but the rest of the film is Jesse’s/Elvis’ actual voice reading the script from a teleprompter. 

Note: The Producer of ‘Elvis Found Alive‘ wrote a good chunk of it around politics and his own agenda and just wanted to use Jesse’s voice. Jesse has stated he wasn’t very happy with the film and that they substituted him with someone else as a silhouette and put words in his mouth about politicians that he never would have said. The film is a mix of fact and fiction (like most others) but still very much worth watching. There are A LOT of verifiable facts and documented PROOF in that movie that most people surely didn’t know existed. 

If you still don’t believe the TRUTH after researching all of this then that’s your problem and shortcomings…It is a good thing to be skeptical but be skeptical of everything you’ve been “led to believe” and sort through the FACTS. DO NOT ATTACK LINDA for the cheap and fast high of a few clicked likes from your fellow clueless clowns. She has dedicated and invested most of her entire life to sharing the truth for Jesse/Elvis and his fans…Linda does everything FREE of charge and at her own expense of tens of thousands of dollars over the years. She doesn’t sell anything or do TV interviews for fame. She is one heck of a fantastic and loyal, brave, generous and kind woman, and a dear friend and soul-sister of the man you all claim to love and care about. 

True Elvis fans should all be thanking Linda Hood Sigmon and sending her your blessings. If you’re not ready for the truth then please keep walking and leave her alone.  

Best wishes to you all and may you find much peace and happiness in the truth. 


*I am not as brave as Linda to share my full name. It turns out many of these haters are absolute nut-jobs and I value my privacy and don’t wish to engage with any of them.   



ON FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2019



While looking way back in some of my files, I came across the below letter which Jesse wrote to a man who was, and still is, an ETA.  This man could not make up his mind if Elvis was alive and Jesse or not.  He communicated with me for a while and sent this copy of Jesse’s letter to him to me.  I have never shown this letter before. When I read it again this week, I decided to share it now because it shows much of what Jesse has tried to convey to the fans.  

I am displaying this now and hoping that neither Jesse nor the man to whom he wrote this letter will object to my sharing it.

This man contacted Jesse through Hinton and Felix-Johnson when they had a website back around 2001 in conjunction with the book.  He had obviously sent Jesse one of his own CD’s by way of mailing it to them.  This letter from Jesse is obviously in response to an E-mail which this man had sent to them and which they had printed and sent on to Jesse.  

I hope everyone will read Jesse’s words in this letter and take to your minds and hearts what he said about Elvis and himself.

Jesse's letter to Walt page 1

Jesse's letter to Walt page 2


As I wrote, I don’t have the permission of Jesse or Walt to be sharing this letter.  I don’t think they will mind.  I have had it filed in one of my safes since Walt sent it to me many years ago.  He still may not feel certain that Jesse is Elvis…but if not, that is certainly his mistake and his huge loss.


Flash from the past:


My friend, Jeannette, shared this beautiful quote and image with me on Facebook.  I love it so much.

Elvis quote re Gossip


TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2019

I have finished the repairs on another of the pages from my original website.  Many damages have been done to my website over the years by my webhost and co-administrator while making repairs to my site because of attempted hacks into my site, upgrades, moves to different servers etc.  I may never be able to find the time to make all of the repairs…but I will work on it as time and health permits.

Below is the link to the most recently repaired page:

Below is a copy of a new addition which I made to the above page during my repairs.  Since this is new material, I want to share it here as well.

While going back through some older files, I came across another magazine which contains a photo taken at the same time as those shown above.  These are good clear photos as well and actually show a better view of Benjamin than those in the National Examiner.


You can easily see that it is the very same little boy.  Benjamin was born in 1992 and the photo with Jesse was taken in 1994.


Elvis Presley News Report 2019: June

Emiel Maier

Published on Jun 21, 2019



Flashback: Hear Elvis Presley Sing ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ at Final Concert

The King gave his last-ever live performance on June 26th, 1977, but it also proved a historic date throughout his life and beyond

Those who have taken an interest in the importance of Numerology in Elvis’ life will know that having been born on the 8th day of January made the number 8 very prominent and important to Elvis.  Of course, in Numerology one adds the digits of a number together to get the single digit value.  Therefore 26 = 8.


Jesse wrote that he chose 8-16-1977 as the “perfect date” because of Numerology. Because there were two babies born on Jan. 8, 1935, there was the 16 for the two 8’s.

Below is his handwritten introduction to his book mentioning this fact:

(This copy is from my own copy of the rough draft of the book.)

Jesse's handwritten introduction to book page 1Jesse's handwritten introduction to book page 2



Good Elvis story…

Elvis Sheriff Badge Lee County Gene Autry Turner The Spa Guy Part 1 of 2

Published on Jun 27, 2019

This is part #1 of 2.. This video is about The Spa Guy introducing you to Gene Autry Turner who has an incredible Elvis story to tell… Don’t forget to subscribe..




ON FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2019


FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2019

SCAM ALERT!!!  Don’t save up your money for this book…

Will Boyd lies


A new friend on Facebook Lisa B. sent the below video to me and I enjoyed it so much.  I know my visitors will too.

She sang with Elvis

rick rowe

Published on Aug 14, 2018

every time Elvis performed in Las Vegas Estelle Brown was there




Jesse called late this afternoon and he is well today. We had a good visit and discussed some ongoing issues related to people who slander me with their same old lies which have been passed around for years.  Jesse and I certainly grow increasingly intolerant of these jealous attacks.  It always helps me so very much to be able to talk things over with Jesse.  His calls are always such a wonderful blessing to my days.