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Also Elvis’ song “Suspicious Minds” was in second place for the Song of Ages and was not far behind the #1

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MONDAY, JULY 2, 2018

Elvis Presley’s Jewish Roots

Elvis Presley’s Jewish Roots

I was all shook up in Mississippi.

Inside a museum next to the modest two-room house where Elvis Presley was born in 1935 in Tupelo, Miss., visitors will find all the things you’d expect to see in a shrine celebrating the early years of a boy who would grow up to become the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

There are guitars, childhood photographs, old record albums, performance costumes and other memorabilia from Elvis’ illustrious career.

But amidst all the artifacts inside the Elvis Presley Museum, there’s something else that one wouldn’t expect to find – a gold menorah with nine Hanukkah candles.

The menorah at the Elvis Presley Birthplace Musuem (Photo: Dan Fellner)

Could it be that the great American cultural icon of the 20th century was a member of the tribe?

Well, sort of.

Elvis’ maternal great-great grandmother, Nancy Burdine, was believed to be Jewish.

Turns out, Elvis’ maternal great-great grandmother, Nancy Burdine, was believed to be Jewish. Her daughter gave birth to Doll Mansell, who gave birth to Elvis’ mother, Gladys Smith. That, according to a Jewish law, which confers Jewish lineage by way of the mother, makes Elvis technically a Jew.

Elvis in front of Tupelo City Hall, Mississippi (Photo: Dan Fellner)

While Presley was aware – and even proud – of his Jewish pedigree, there is no evidence he ever practiced the faith.

I recently went to Tupelo, Miss., to learn more about Elvis’ upbringing and his Jewish roots. Despite the sweltering June heat in the hills of northeast Mississippi, I opted to take a newly inaugurated, self-guided, Elvis-themed bike tour that takes visitors to 13 marked sites throughout the city tracing the early years of Presley’s life.

I began at the humble, two-room dwelling where Elvis was born and lived the first two years of his life. The house is the centerpiece of a 15-acre park that includes a “Walk of Life,” a series of concrete blocks that traces each year of Elvis’ life. Next door sits the Elvis Presley Museum, which contains memorabilia – including the menorah – related to Elvis’ legendary career.

The menorah was originally owned by the family of George Copen, who moved to Tupelo from New York in 1953. Copen, now 75, told me that his childhood best friend in Tupelo was a boy who lived across the street named Jim McComb. Jim’s mother, Janelle, was a close family friend of the Presleys. She first met Elvis when he was just a two-year-old, beginning a friendship that would last until Presley died in 1977 at his Graceland mansion in Memphis.

According to Copen, Janelle once asked to borrow his family’s menorah and show it to some friends. Apparently, Elvis was one of those friends. The menorah was never returned to the Copen family. George speculates that Janelle gave the menorah to Elvis; he later became aware of a photo of Elvis with the menorah. Perhaps The King viewed it as a “good luck charm,” the name of one of his biggest hits.

“I was pretty upset with Janelle when I realized she might have given it to Elvis,” says Copen. “Even after the funeral (McComb died in 2005), I looked throughout her house, but no menorah. Gone.”

But later, George heard that the family menorah had been found and was on display at the Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum. Indeed, much of the museum’s collection consists of gifts and mementos that Elvis had given Janelle over the years, which she donated to the museum.

So that’s where the Copen family menorah sits today, on display for the museum’s 50,000-100,000 annual visitors to view.

Copen says he’s honored that so many people have the chance to see a family heirloom, which he believes sends an important message of tolerance that Elvis embraced.

“Janelle wanted to show that Elvis liked all faiths,” says Copen. “I would rather people see the menorah there at the museum than at my house. Maybe this will help everybody appreciate each other and say, ‘We are all one people.’”

Elvis was 13 when he and his parents left Tupelo for Memphis. When Gladys died in 1959, he made sure to put a Star of David on her headstone at a Memphis cemetery, in honor of his Jewish heritage. After Elvis died in 1977, Gladys was reinterred at Graceland. Her new gravestone, lacking Elvis’ attention, didn’t get a Jewish star.

Elvis wearing a Chai

Toward the end of his career, there are photos of Elvis wearing a chaipendant during concert performances. In fact, he was reportedly wearing both a chai and a cross the night he died. In Memphis, he belonged to the Jewish Community Center and gave money to several Jewish organizations, including $150,000 to the Memphis Hebrew Academy.

“He was very close to the Jewish people, especially in Memphis,” says Copen. “He always treated them very nicely and they treated him very nicely.”

It’s believed that “Colonel” Tom Parker, Elvis’ Dutch-born manager, didn’t want his client’s Jewish roots to become public knowledge, thinking it might be seen as a negative by some of the hordes of Elvis fans in the Bible Belt back in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

During my time in Tupelo, I also spoke with a local Jew, Marc Perler, who once met Elvis in Nashville in the early 1960s. At that time, Perler, now 73, worked as a gopher in the music industry. He says he was surprised when he later learned of Presley’s Jewish background.

“I thought it was cool,” he says. “It was like, ‘welcome to the club.’”



I wish everyone a very happy, safe and blessed July 4th holiday.  I have made it my own special 4th celebration for many years to play the below song by Elvis.  I would get out my 45 record and play it for years.  Now there are so many good versions on the Internet so that it is no longer the way I carry out my tradition.

It is my opinion that this song, played with Elvis singing it, should be our National Anthem.  Better not see anyone “taking a knee” to this!

Elvis America The Beautiful 1976

Published on Aug 5, 2010

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 30.August 1976





Today in rock history: On this date in 1954, during his very first recording session at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis Presley made music history. Accompanied by guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, the trio started to play an impromptu, upbeat version of “That’s All Right,” a song originally recorded in the 1940s by Delta blues singer Arthur Crudup. Studio owner and producer of the sessions Sam Phillips overheard the three musicians running through the song and asked them to play it one more time. He recorded the track and, subsequently, it became the first single Presley would release for the Sun Records label, and a hit. Other songs recorded during that very first session included “I Love You Because,” “Harbor Lights” and a version of Bill Monroe’s bluegrass classic, “Blue Moon of Kentucky.”


A new comparison of Elvis and Jesse…

New compare to Jesse-horz


Hollywood News Daily

Elvis Presley Week 2018: Events and ticket prices announced

Elvis Presley Twitter

The 41st anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley is soon approaching and Elvis fans and family members from around the globe will once again be flocking to pay their respect on August 16. Every year thousands of dedicated fans will return to Graceland mansion to hold the yearly Elvis Week celebration. Elvis Week begins on August 9th and continues thru the 18th in Memphis.

A week-long celebration in honor of Elvis Presley includes celebrating the music, movies, and legacy of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. has recently posted a full schedule of events and ticket pricing list including news on the annual Candlelight Vigil at Graceland honoring the 41st anniversary of the late King of Rock N’ Roll Elvis Presley. Tickets for Elvis Week are now on sale and suggests ordering earlier to secure your place at what is expected to be a maximum crowd.

This year there are three special ticket packages being offered to fans. The first package “Elvis Week Elite” offers very limited seating comes in at $1500. The Elite Package purchases are limited to six (6) per person/transaction. The Elite Package can only be ordered over the phone.

The Elvis Week Elite Package includes: Reserved, assigned front-of-the house seating at the following Graceland Soundstage events: Special Event with Lisa Marie Presley (8/11), Elvis Presley Fan Club Presidents’ Event (8/12), Darlene Love in Concert (8/13), Conversations on Elvis: Co-stars (8/14), The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Concert (8/14), Conversations on
Elvis: Gospel (8/15), A Musical Salute to Elvis (8/15), Conversations on Elvis: ’68 Special (8/16), ’68 Special 50th Anniversary Celebration (8/16), Conversations on Elvis: Elvis Connections (8/17) and Elvis Live in Concert (8/18)

General admission seating at the following additional events: Elvis Fan Reunion (8/13), Elvis Week Dance Party (8/13) and Party at Elvis Presley’s
Memphis (8/17)
Exclusive Photo and Autograph Opportunity with Lisa Marie Presley on August 11
Photo Opportunity with Darlene Love on August 13 plus autographed photo

Cissy Houston autographed photo
Private VIP reception on August 16 prior to ’68 Special 50th Anniversary
Early Access to Graceland Soundstage events 10 minutes prior to general public

Ticket for Ultimate Graceland VIP Tour to be scheduled during Elvis Week
$150 in food vouchers for Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex
Access to Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment complex on August 10-18

Elvis Week Parking Pass good for Graceland parking on August 10-18
Elvis Week Collectibles Pack with exclusive merchandise valued at $50
Commemorative Elvis Week Elite laminate

Reserved line placement for Candlelight Vigil
Dedicated on-property shuttle service between Guest House and
Graceland (8:00 AM – 11:00 PM)
Elvis Week Property Pass

The next step down package Elvis Week Premier PLUS Package is priced at $685 and also includes a Lisa Marie Presley Autograph Opportunity. While not as extensive as the VIP package there is still a lot of activities to enjoy throughout the week for a cheaper price.

Finally, there is a $220 package for Elvis Concerts only. This includes four nights and is one of the hottest selling packages according to the EP site. If you are only able to attend evening Elvis Week events? Our Elvis Week Concert-Only Package features special seating to four exciting nights of Elvis Week entertainment at the Graceland Soundstage.






One of my most supportive and hard working friends, Simon Laxon, has outdone himself with his new Elvis/Jesse comparison video.   This is definitely one of my favorites.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 58

Published on Jul 6, 2018


Another wonderful comparison video of Elvis/Jesse by our very talented friend, Simon Laxon.  My heartfelt thanks to Simon.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 57

Published on Jul 6, 2018


Simon Laxon has really worked hours preparing three of his beautiful comparison videos in one day.  I am so thankful for all he does to substantiate that Jesse’s face does match Elvis’s so perfectly.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 59

Published on Jul 6, 2018


MONDAY, JULY 9, 2018

I posted the following article on my Facebook pages during the time recently when I was unable to access my web site to add new items.  Want to share it here also for those who do not visit Facebook.

The following excerpts are from an article which came out recently about the theories that Elvis is alive…one Facebook page was featured two times in this article showcasing their insane garbage. There is a clickable link to that FB page in the second section below which did not copy and paste…you can visit the web site of the whole article to find out the name of the Facebook group…PLEASE DO SO. The group also is shown as furnishing the photo in the first section below although that photo did not copy and paste.


(Pic via Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive)

Most people will know that Elvis was actually a twin – but his identical twin brother Jesse Garon Presley was sadly stillborn. Not according to conspiracists, though, who cite several errors with dates on his birth/death certificates as proof that he did not die at birth. Apparently there are photos of Elvis pictured with Jesse in 1981 and a 2014 film called ‘The Identical’, starring Ray Liotta, is even loosely based on their story (and the premise that Jesse survived).


“One particularly off-the-wall theory is that not only was Elvis a triplet – that he had a second brother by the name of Clayton – but that his mother Gladys went on to have a fourth son, Franklin, and that both Clayton and Franklin took turns filling in for Elvis at public appearances (and that it was actually Franklin who died in 1977). We can’t find any other source for this other than this Facebook group – so we’ll take this one with an extra-large helping of salt…”

He may have passed away 40 years ago today, but that hasn’t stopped some Elvis fans insisting that The King is alive. Over the years, there have been numerous outlandish…


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2018

I want to share with everyone that Jesse called this afternoon while we were away for a Dr. appointment and he left a good message on our answering machine.  He is doing well and sounded wonderful.  Of course, I am sad that I missed his call, but so happy to know that he is fine and all is well.



ON FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2018



For Elvis fans in the UK…

Elvis comeback gig returns for screening

ELVIS’S 1968 Comeback Special, the legendary gig that re-launched Elvis Presley’s career, is to be screen in over 250 cinemas across the UK on August 16.

The event coincides with Elvis Week, from August 11 to August 18, as well as the 50th Anniversary of the 68 Comeback Special.

Following the incredible gig, the screening will include a walkthrough of the NBC soundstage with insights from producer Steve Binder and Priscilla Presley.

The programme was originally aired on December 3, 1968 and marked Presley’s return to live performance and re-launched his singing career.

Find your local screening at


Sony/ATV Music Becomes Co-Producer, Investor of New Elvis Presley Musical

John Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images
Elvis Presley

Sony/ATV Music Publishing revealed today (June 13) that it will be a co-producer and investor of the brand new Elvis Presley stage musical, Heartbreak Hotel.

The musical, written and directed by Floyd Mutrux, is a prequel to the Tony Award-winning Million Dollar Quartet. The story recounts the astonishing early life of Presley, whose pioneering recordings with record producer Sam Phillips at Sun Records propelled Presley to worldwide fame.

Sony/ATV has also agreed to license to Heartbreak Hotel more than a dozen songs recorded by Presley. These include some of his successful early hits, such as “Hound Dog,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Mystery Train,” Lawdy Miss Clawdy” and “Rip It Up” as well as “Heartbreak Hotel,” Presley’s first Billboard pop No. 1.

“I am proud that Sony/ATV is now involved as a co-producer and investor of Heartbreak Hotel, which will not only serve as a fantastic reminder to everyone like me who grew up with Elvis just how unique and special he was, but will be a terrific way for a new audience to discover the music and life of The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” said Martin Bandier, Sony/ATV Music Publishing chairman and CEO. 

Elvis Presley

Heartbreak Hotel Producer Scott Prisand added: “We are incredibly excited to have Marty and the Sony/ATV team on board. There is no bigger story in the history of rock ‘n’ roll than Elvis and their support will play an essential role in making Heartbreak Hotel a success.”

The deal was overseen by Sony/ATV Co-President Danny Strick and SVP, Business & Legal Affairs Bruce Scavuzzo.

“Heartbreak Hotel had a record-breaking world premiere at the Ogunquit Playhouse and we’re thrilled to finally launch in Chicago. Having Floyd Mutrux, Scott Prisand and Sony/ATV as our partners gives this one-of-a-kind musical the support to become a fan favorite in theaters around the world,” added Corey Salter, Authentic Brands Group president.


SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018

Below is a different article regarding the new musical “Heartbreak Hotel”.  This gives more details about the people behind the production.

‘Elvis Presley is the ultimate music icon’: Sony/ATV backs Heartbreak Hotel musical

'Elvis Presley is the ultimate music icon': Sony/ATV backs Heartbreak Hotel musical

Sony/ATV Music Publishing has signed up as co-producer and investor of a new Elvis Presley stage musical, Heartbreak Hotel.

A prequel to the Tony Award-winning Million Dollar Quartet, the show focuses on the early life of Presley.

The new musical is written and directed by Million Dollar Quartet co-creator Floyd Mutrux and is a partnership between Heartbreak King Productions and Authentic Brands Group, owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises LLC. It will have its premiere at the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago on Sunday, July 15.

Sony/ATV has agreed to license more than a dozen songs recorded by Presley, including Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Mystery Train, Lawdy Miss Clawd, Rip It Up and Heartbreak Hotel.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing chairman and CEO Martin Bandier said: “Elvis Presley is the ultimate music icon who not only totally transformed music but changed the world. I am proud that Sony/ATV is now involved as a co-producer and investor of Heartbreak Hotel, which will not only serve as a fantastic reminder to everyone like me who grew up with Elvis just how unique and special he was, but will be a terrific way for a new audience to discover the music and life of The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

The deal was overseen at Sony/ATV by co-president, US, Danny Strick and SVP, business & legal affairs Bruce Scavuzzo.

Producer Scott Prisand said: “We are incredibly excited to have Marty and the Sony/ATV team on board. There is no bigger story in the history of rock ‘n’ roll than Elvis and their support will play an essential role in making Heartbreak Hotel a success.”

Authentic Brands Group president, celebrity and entertainment, Corey Salter, said: “Heartbreak Hotel had a record-breaking world premiere at the Ogunquit Playhouse and we’re thrilled to finally launch in Chicago. Having Floyd Mutrux, Scott Prisand and Sony/ATV as our partners gives this one-of-a-kind musical the support to become a fan favourite in theatres around the world.”

author twitter FOLLOW ANDRE PAINE


I haven’t shared anything which I have received from Jesse for quite some time.  On June 20th, I received the below gift from Jesse.  He told me about it over the phone before he actually got it sent out to me.  

Jesse said that this was his Mama’s perfume bottle and that he recalled seeing it on her dresser “for.r.r.r.r.r.rEVER“.  

Of course, I love it and told Jesse that I would keep it always and that it sits on my own dresser now.

I thought my visitors would enjoy seeing it also.

Elvis Jesses Mamas perfume bottleJesse's gift of his Mamas perfume bottle


TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018

Just to share with everyone, Jesse called me earlier tonight.  We did have a very good chat though not too long.  We compared notes about our most recent Dr. visits for which we both got good reports.  

We discussed a business decision also.  I had a request from a person with a Russian TV Center for an interview.  She was very nice and respectful.  I had declined the offer of the interview but told her that I would tell Jesse about it just in case he would want me to do it.  Jesse and I decided that there would be no purpose served by my doing this interview.  I was honored by her request though and it made me feel good when she told me that she had been getting letters from people asking her to interview me.  Jesse said something like “The Russian people must love me!”  and I said “Oh yes, they do!“.



ON FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2018


Elvis Week 2018 Line-Up Announced

Events include an All-New Gospel Album listening party with Lisa Marie Presley, an unprecedented 10 concerts, the opening of the new Chapel in the Woods, and new exhibits at Elvis Presley’s Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Graceland® in Memphis, Tennessee has announced that Elvis Week™ 2018 will feature more events and performances than ever. Newly announced guests and events include marking the 50th Anniversary of the “’68 Comeback Special” with director and producer of the special, Steve Binder. The recently announced gospel album from RCA/Legacy Recordings, Elvis Presley – Where No One Stands Alone, will be heard for the first time at Graceland during a special listening party hosted by Lisa Marie Presley on August 11, and an unprecedented ten concerts will feature music from guests Darlene Love, members of The Imperials, members of The Stamps, Rockabilly and Outlaw Country artist Dale Watson and Elvis’ friend and country star TG Sheppard and his wife, Kelly Lang.

A new wedding chapel called The Chapel in the Woods will be opened on August 13 and available August 14 for couples to get married or renew their vows, and two new exhibits will be unveiled at Elvis Presley’s Memphis ™. The new Lisa Marie: Growing Up Presley exhibit will open on August 10 when Lisa will cut the ribbon. It will include personal items from her childhood including her record player, roller skates and clothing, as well as items from her musical career. The exhibit explores Lisa the daughter, the mother, her charity work, her career, as well as how she continues to carry on her dad’s legacy at Graceland. As part of “Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum,” Where No One Stands Alone: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley is an expansion which includes his three GRAMMYs, sheet music, original acetates, and much more, all related to Elvis’ love of gospel music. Also new to Elvis Presley’s Memphis is the just-opened Hillbilly Rock exhibit featuring country music and early rock ‘n’ roll artifacts from The Marty Stuart Collection.

On August 13, Darlene Love, one of Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Singers of All Time,” Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and lead singer for The Blossoms, who sang with Elvis in the “’68 Comeback Special,” will rock the Graceland Soundstage in her first-ever appearance at Elvis Week. Darlene and her band will perform the hits that made rock ‘n’ roll history, such as “He’s a Rebel,” “The Boy I’m Going to Marry” and “Da Doo Ron Ron,” plus a special tribute to Elvis.

Elvis’ Imperials will join former members of The Stamps Quartet on August 14 for The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Celebration Concert. Imperials Terry Blackwood, Darrell Toney and Lynn Royce Taylor and former Stamps Ed Hill, Donnie Sumner, Bill Baize and Larry Strickland will be on stage for a special night of gospel music.

Elvis co-stars Millie Perkins and Ginny Tiu will join Darlene Love and Michael Dante at Conversations on Elvis: Co-Stars on August 14. Perkins co-starred with Elvis in the 1961 film “Wild in the Country,” and later played Gladys Presley in the 1990 “Elvis” TV series. Tiu co-starred with Elvis in the 1962 film “Girls!Girls!Girls!”

On August 15, Conversations on Elvis: Gospel features those who spent many hours performing gospel music alongside Elvis, both on and off stage. Confirmed guests include host Andy Childs; Dr. Emily “Cissy” Houston, who was a member of The Sweet Inspirations; former members of The Stamps Quartet, Ed Hill, Donnie Sumner, Bill Baize and Larry Strickland; and Terry Blackwood, Jimmy Murray and Armond Morales, who performed with Elvis as part of The Imperials.

The concert the afternoon before the Candlelight Vigil will celebrate the iconic music of blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll. Guests will perform their own hits and a variety of Elvis’ music. Performers include Rockabilly and Outlaw Country artist Dale Watson and others to be announced.

The Elvis Week cornerstone event, the Candlelight Vigil, will begin on August 15, at 8:30 p.m. Central Time at Graceland’s front gate. Elvis music sets the tone of the evening as fans walk up the driveway to the Meditation Garden. This event lasts throughout the night as thousands of participants gather on Elvis Presley Boulevard listening to music, remembering Elvis and enjoying the memorials that are created by fans along the street.

On August 16, fans and friends are invited to an open house at the new Chapel in the Woods between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and to enjoy wedding cake to celebrate the opening. The new chapel is located just south of The Guest House at Graceland. For the last 18 years the original Chapel in the Woods was host to almost 2,000 weddings, dedications, and vow renewals. The all-new chapel features modern design and architecture and is officially open for reservations as soon as August 14, 2018.

Marking the 50th Anniversary of Elvis’ “’68 Comeback Special” on August 16, the day will start with Conversations on Elvis: ’68 Special. Special guests will include the “’68 Comeback Special” director/producer Steve Binder; musical director Billy Goldenberg; writer Allan Blye; guitarist Mike Deasy; and Tanya Lemani George, the belly dancer who performed during “Little Egypt.”

Also on August 16, at The Guest House Theater at 3:00 p.m. – Niko Live in Concert. Italian singing star Niko will make his first appearance at Graceland. Niko has opened for Celine Dion, toured with Chicago and the Doobie Bros. and performed to a sold-out, standing ovation audience at Carnegie Hall in New York City. This is a not-to-be-missed concert event, featuring a live stage introduction by ’68 Special director/producer Steve Binder.

That evening, Elvis’ groundbreaking NBC television special will be celebrated at the ’68 Special 50th Anniversary Celebration. The event will feature an enhanced screening of the show with live music and special guest appearances.

A staple at Elvis Week also includes the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest events including the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Showcase August 9, the 2018 Ultimate ETA Contest Semifinals on August 10, a special show featuring past winners in ELVIS: The Greatest Hits Ultimate Tribute Artist Show on August 11 and the 2018 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Finals on August 12. Backing band for the shows will be the EAS Band.

Also returning this year on August 12 at The Guest House at Graceland Theater is The Auction at Graceland which will include artifacts from across the spectrum of collecting, including items owned by Elvis, gifted by Elvis, written by Elvis, used by Elvis and created to promote the king and his career. Every lot in this auction has been thoroughly researched and certified by Graceland Authenticated, the authority in Elvis and pop culture authentication. For more about The Auction at Graceland, visit

On August 17, Conversations on Elvis: Elvis Connections will be held at the Graceland Soundstage and will feature those whose connections to Elvis varies from personal to professional. Special guests this year include: Ann Moses, who was editor at “Tiger Beat Magazine” from 1965 – 1972 and sat on the stage for Elvis’ “’68 Comeback Special,” toured Elvis’ and Colonel Parker’s offices, observed filming for “Change of Habit” and attended Elvis’ opening show in July 1969 in Vegas; Billy Blackwood, James Blackwood’s younger son, who toured with Voice, the opening act for the Elvis Presley in the 1970s; Donna Rhodes Morris, who sang harmony on the original Elvis recordings of Elvis’ “In The Ghetto,” “Kentucky Rain” and “Suspicious Minds”; Elvis’ friend and country star TG Sheppard; and Mark Kogan, who worked with Concerts West to promote Elvis’ concert tours.

The week will end on August 18 with a special afternoon performance by TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang in Concert at The Guest House Theater at The Guest House at Graceland and the special Elvis Live in Concert – with an All-Star Band in the Graceland Soundstage. The show will celebrate the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s greatest hits with Elvis live in concert and on the big screen, in the tradition of Elvis’ legendary, live concert tours. A live, rock ‘n’ roll all-star band will accompany Elvis and bring this stage production to life at Graceland with former members of The Stamps Quartet and a very special guest appearance by legendary TCB band member Ronnie Tutt.

In addition to these events the week will feature parties, a special brunch with TCB band member Ronnie Tutt, fan club events, receptions, meet and greets with celebrities and artists, evening entertainment at The Guest House at Graceland and more. For a complete schedule of events visit the Elvis Week schedule page. Tickets are available at or through Graceland Reservations by calling 800-238-2000 or 901-332-3322.

There is limited availability at The Guest House at Graceland resort hotel on select nights during Elvis Week. Visit for availability and room reservations.

About Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in Memphis, is music’s most important and beloved landmark, with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world visiting the historic home each year. Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) manages the operations of Graceland and its related properties, including Elvis Presley’s Memphis, Graceland’s new entertainment and exhibition complex over 200,000 square feet in size; the AAA Four-Diamond Guest House at Graceland 450-room resort hotel; and the Graceland Archives, featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ home and career. EPE also produces and licenses Elvis-themed live events, tours, and attractions worldwide. Graceland Holdings LLC, led by managing partner Joel Weinshanker, is the majority owner of EPE. Auction A Circle and Graceland Auctions TNGL#5967 is the entity that manages Auctions at Graceland. Graceland was named “Best Tennessee Attraction” for 2018 by USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards. In 2015, Graceland was named the world’s “Best Musical Attraction” and “Best Historic Southern Attraction” in the USA Today 10 Best Reader’s Choice Awards and in 2013, voted the #1 “Iconic American Attraction” in the same poll. For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit

Stay connected to Elvis Presley’s Graceland:

@VisitGraceland on Twitter and Instagram
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Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.
David Beckwith, 323-632-3277
Ashleigh Gallant, 901-652-1602



Christmas in July? Hallmark Channel and Kellie Pickler bring the holiday to Memphis, Graceland

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

“That humidity slaps you in the face,” confirmed country music star Kellie Pickler.

But the fire is so delightful.

Delightful? Are daily high temperatures in the fiery 90s delightful?

And since we’ve no place to go…

Except to the hotel and to the set, because there’s not much time for tourism when you’re in town to shoot a feature film in 20 days.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Snow? Of course, the “snow” is an illusion, created with blankets of lightweight white fabric and spray-on flakes of recycled damp paper, the consistency of spitballs.

But even an artificial snowfall in July is a remarkable sight, especially in a city all but melting like a dropped Popsicle under a blistering heat wave.

So credit movie magic, Hallmark sentiment, the miracle of the Yuletide season and the power of Elvis for bringing Christmas in July to Memphis. It’s here, in Elvis’ longtime hometown, that the Hallmark Channel is currently in production on “Christmas at Graceland,” a movie romance set to be the crowning star atop the cable network’s 2018 “Countdown to Christmas” tree.

Starring country singer and CMT talk-show host Pickler as a native Memphian turned Chicago finance executive whose return to her hometown for a bank deal inevitably leads to the rekindling of her passion for music and for her hunky ex-boyfriend and singing partner (Wes Brown), “Christmas at Graceland” is one of 22 (!!) new movies created for this year’s 10th annual “Countdown to Christmas” marathon, which begins Oct. 27 and concludes New Year’s Day.

A veritable avalanche of happily-ever-after holiday heart-tuggers for audiences eager to overindulge on the eggnog of “I love you,” “Countdown to Christmas” is not just a tradition — like the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” but with fewer kills if just as many teeth — but a ratings juggernaut for Hallmark: The cable channel attracts some 85 million viewers during its  “countdown,” even frequently beating the broadcast networks in the prime-time ratings. (Meanwhile, the network’s sister channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, will produce an additional 14 original holiday movies for its own programming marathon, dubbed “Miracles of Christmas.”)

According to Hallmark, the channel’s most loyal viewer demographic for its Christmas movies consists of women ages 25-54. The titles affirm the gender emphasis: Some of Hallmark’s other new movies this year include “A Shoe Addict’s Christmas”; “Pride & Prejudice & Mistletoe,” starring Hallmark stalwart Lacey Chabert; and “It’s Christmas, Eve,” with LeAnn Rimes as the titular Eve.

Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of programming for Crown Media Family Networks, the Hallmark parent company, said the Hallmark Channel has produced Christmas movies for the past 17 years, “but it was in 2009 we decided we would take ownership of the holiday.”

In 2009, Hallmark produced six original Christmas movies; by 2017, the number was 21. “Our audience couldn’t get enough of these movies,” Vicary said, explaining that the films function more or less as the dramatic equivalent of comfort food.

“The Hallmark brand is synonymous with holiday traditions and family and emotional connectivity,” she said. “We make a promise to our viewers that if you’re going to spend two hours with us, you’re going to walk away feeling just a little bit better and more hopeful about life.”

“Obviously, Hallmark is such a safe place,” said Pickler, 32, explaining her decision to make her dramatic acting debut in a Hallmark Channel production.

The first fiction film to be shot at Elvis’ famous Memphis home, “Christmas at Graceland” was conceived by the “Elvis teams” at Graceland and at Authentic Brands Group, the company that manages the licensing of Presley’s name, image and likeness.

Joel Weinshanker, managing partner for Graceland Holdings LLC, said Graceland approached Hallmark because the “brands” share similar philosophies. 

“We’re not salacious people at Graceland, we’re not looking for a story that will titillate the senses,” said Weinshanker, noting that Graceland has script and casting approval. “We’re talking about respectful, quality entertainment.”

Confirmed Vicary: “Graceland pitched the idea, and of course we said yes immediately because what an iconic landmark in American history the house is — the house and Elvis.”

Weinshanker said Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises have been eager for a long time to bring film and television production to Graceland and to Memphis in general. (Weinshanker’s plan for an expanded Graceland includes space for production soundstages.) He said other projects likely will follow in the wake of “Christmas at Graceland.”

“The entire production of this movie is in Memphis, so that’s a lot of jobs,” he said. “The other positive for this city and for Graceland is tourism. People will watch this movie and say, ‘Wow, I want to go to Memphis.'”

While most Hallmark Christmas movies are shot in Vancouver, “Christmas at Graceland” was  — true to its title — shot in the former Elvis stomping grounds of Memphis and North Mississippi, with scenes set inside and outside Elvis’ home and at the nearby Guest House at Graceland hotel and at the Elvis Presley’s Memphis attraction across the street. The crew worked around Graceland’s public hours, so that shooting did not disrupt the tour schedules that bring some 600,000 visitors to Elvis’ home each year.

The only set constructed for the film was a recreation of the Graceland music room, built inside the performance soundstage at Elvis Presley’s Memphis, and “dressed” with drapes, a piano and furniture formerly owned by Elvis.

To mimic the winter setting, special effects teams transformed Graceland into the type of visually appealing winter wonderland rarely seen in real-life Memphis. Workers placed white eco-friendly “geotextile” tarps known as Terram on the grass to mimic blankets of snow and sprayed moist paper “snow” onto bushes and trees. The actual Graceland Christmas lights and decorations were pulled from storage early, to re-create the mansion’s holiday look.

Several houses on Carr Avenue in Midtown also received the snow treatment, becoming short-term tourist attractions for curious passersby and social-media Instagrammers. “We made the most of it,” said Elizabeth Domas, whose house on Carr was “cast” as the Pickler character’s childhood home, complete with an artificial snowman and “Reindeer Crossing” sign. “We had our children dress up in their Fourth of July swimming outfits to pose in the snow.”

After about three weeks of pre-production in town, shooting on “Christmas at Graceland” began July 9 and is scheduled to conclude July 29. Budgeted at a bit more than the $2.5 million typical for a Hallmark production, the film employed a crew of about 90 people, including about 40 Memphis hires, according to line producer Ryan Westheimer.

“Just to get to walk these grounds and shoot here is a real privilege,” said Brown, 36, a veteran of multiple Hallmark romances who was last seen in the ensemble cast of a production that would never be confused for a Hallmark original, “Twin Peaks: The Return.”

“That’s one of the things I like about this business,” Brown said. “You can go from David Lynch to Hallmark.”

With a soundtrack scheduled to be loaded with Elvis recordings and Pickler covers of holiday classics, “Christmas at Graceland” concludes with a Graceland concert scene that gives both Pickler and Brown a chance to sing, beneath a fall of inauthentic snow. The first part of the scene was shot Thursday night, in front of the entrance to the mansion; viewers will see a picture postcard vignette, but participants in the shooting are more likely to remember the 90-degree heat than the twinkling Christmas lights.

“My heart really goes out to the actors,” said debuting feature director Eric Close, 51, who is better known as an actor (he plays the mayor on “Nashville”). “They have winter coats on and scarves and gloves. It’s not for the faint of heart.”

“You look outside the door and you think it’s going to be freezing,” said Pickler, referring to the lovely faux snow. “And then you step outside and that humidity slaps you in the face.”

But what’s a little heat on the way to Christmas romance? Spoiler alert: “Of course, all Hallmark movies have happy endings,” Pickler said.


SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018

Another attraction for Elvis week…the Circle G ranch.

Circle G to open for Elvis Week event

  • Updated 

The people behind the renovation of Circle G Ranch will give the public their first chance to see what has been happening at the site of music legend Elvis Presley’s ranch and honeymoon cottage at the corner of Highway 301 and Goodman Road in Horn Lake. 

That opportunity will come during the upcoming Elvis Week feativities in Memphis next month.

The group of investors led by Mississippi native Davage “Buddy” Runnells Jr., founder and owner of Real Estate International Inc. (REI), has been working on their renovation project since acquiring the property in 2014.

On Sunday afternoon, Aug. 12, the ownership group is holding “A Day at the Ranch” at the site between 1-6 p.m.

Representatives of the owners made the announcement exclusively to the DeSoto Times-Tribune Thursday afternoon.

Admission will be complimentary, although a $5 fee for parking onsite will be charged and the limited parking will be first come, first served.

Festivities will include live music, food vendors, a meet and greet with the Memphis Mafia, returning to the ranch after 50 years, with stories and merchandise. There will be children’s activities, a preview of the Unknown Child Holocaust Memphis, photo opportunities and more.

The “Memphis Mafia” was the group of Elvis’ friends and others who accompanied and protected him during his musical career until he died in 1977.

Experts will be on hand to talk about the history of the Ranch and explain the owners’ efforts to nominate the property to the National Register of Historic Places.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own blankets and chairs. Outside food and beverage and personal coolers will not be allowed.

Those who come will also have the chance to view conceptual plans for restoration of the Ranch and development as a culturally inspired entertainment destination that celebrates the heritage and achievement of the Mississippi Delta community.

“We are so excited to finally open the gates and invite the community and fans to come enjoy the Ranch,” said Runnells, who serves as co-manager for the project. “Everyone has been so incredibly supportive of our vision and planning for the property, so this is our way of showing our gratitude and welcoming them with open arms, just as they have done to us.”

While this is the first open, public event at the ranch, it may be the last one for awhile, as Circle G will close to regular tours after Aug. 12 to allow restoration to continue.

The 231-acre tract of land known as Circle G includes 163 acres that Presley owned with wife Priscilla.

The land also has the stables where Elvis and Priscilla kept their horses, a 14-acre lake and a prominent 55-foot cross.

The current investors have exciting plans for the future of Circle G Ranch as an entertainment destination that preserves historic features, embraces the local community, and honors causes about which Elvis felt most passionately, such as children with special needs, and also active military and veterans.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.


SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018

My wonderfully talented and supportive friend, Simon Laxon, has created two more great photo comparison videos.  The contributions of his hard work and loyalty mean so much to me and I know that my visitors find his substantiating proof that Jesse is Elvis most validating and enjoyable as well.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 62

Published on Jul 21, 2018

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 63

Published on Jul 21, 2018


TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2018

I found something interesting in a news article of which the topic  does not pertain to Elvis at all.

Below is a brief excerpt from the article.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the city of Shreveport, Louisiana has a street named for Elvis.  Of course, this is very fitting as Elvis performed there early on in his career many times on the Louisiana Hayride.  He did shows there from 1954 to 1956.

SHREVEPORT, LA – The City of Shreveport is hosting a job fair today.

The job fair continues until 6 p.m. Thursday at the Municipal Auditorium, 705 Elvis Presley Avenue.


The crew for the Hallmark Channel USA‘s film #ChristmasAtGraceland has taken over the front lawn of ELVIS PRESLEY‘s home. In the middle of July, the production has created a little winter wonderland in #Memphis. We’ve got more #BTS looks coming to you from our recent set visit. Stay tuned.

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, house, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor
Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: outdoor



This looks like a good magazine.  You can buy a single issue to try it out before subscribing by the year.  The below special offer has expired.  I am showing the image only so that everyone can get an idea of the magazine’s appearance.

Image may contain: 3 people, text
Andrew Hearn updated his cover photo.
Image may contain: 5 people, text


FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2018

Online Bidding Begins For Elvis Week 2018 Auction At Graceland

Posted: Jul 23, 2018 10:49 AM CDT

Updated: Jul 23, 2018 10:49 AM CDT

(GRACELAND NEWS RELEASE) – A highlight during Elvis Week™ 2018 is The Auction at Graceland when collectors, fans and pop culture enthusiasts from around the world will raise their paddles to bid in hopes of going home with a piece of Elvis history. The auction will include artifacts from across the spectrum of collecting, including items owned by Elvis, gifted by Elvis, signed by Elvis, used by Elvis and created to promote the king and his career. Every lot in this auction has been thoroughly researched and certified by Graceland Authenticated, the authority in Elvis and pop culture authentication. For more about The Auction at Graceland, visit

Online bidding is now open for the auction, which will be held on Sunday, August 12 at 1:30 p.m. EDT/12:30 p.m. CDT in the theater at The Guest House at GracelandTM, and online at  Every artifact is authenticated by Graceland Authenticated, LLC.  All of the items in the auction will be offered from third-party collectors and none of the items will come from the treasured Graceland Archives. The mansion and all artifacts in the Graceland Archives continue to be owned by Lisa Marie Presley and are not for sale.

Auction highlights include:

  • Lot 107: General Omar Bradley Owned 1942 Beretta Model M1934 9mm Corto Caliber Pistol Gifted to Elvis Presley on December 9, 1970, Later Gifted to Girlfriend Barbara Leigh  Estimate: $50,000-$100,000
  • Lot 124: 1970s Elvis Presley’s Hillcrest Home Walnut Desk and Chair  Estimate: $5,000-$7,000
  • Lot 27: July 8, 1955, Publishing Agreement Between Elvis Presley and Hill and Range Songs, Inc. Signed by Elvis, Vernon Presley, Gladys Presley and Jean Aberbach  $20-40,000
  • Lot 26: Historic August 27, 1956, Elvis Presley Signed Songwriters Contract for Song “Love Me Tender” – Also Signed by Ken Darby’s (The Song’s Writer) Wife Vera Matson and Freddy Bienstock  $20-40,000
  • Lot 28: Historic November 21, 1956, Agreement Signed by Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker Granting Parker 25% of All Song Publishing Royalties  $10-20,000
  • Lot 199: Elvis Presley Owned Mother-of-Pearl Cross Gifted to Ginger Alden, Mentioned in Her Book  $15-25,000
  • Lot 133: Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Silver Concho Belt Gifted to Barbara Leigh  $10-15,000
  • Lot 102: Elvis Presley Owned 14K Gold Bulova Wristwatch with “EP” Engraved on the Reverse  $8-10,000
  • Lot 101: Elvis Presley Owned “Nudie’s” Brown Suede Jacket with Extraordinary Beaded Fringe – Gifted to His Aunt Delta  $5-10,000
  • Lot 8: 1954 Sun Records Acetate for Elvis Presley’s “Blue Moon of Kentucky” (Sun 209) with Additional Recordings on the Reverse  $5-10,000
  • Lot 181: Elvis Presley Owned Television Set from Lisa Marie’s Bedroom at Graceland – With Bullet Hole from When Elvis Shot It  $5-10,000
  • Lot 145: Elvis Presley/Charlie Hodge Stage-Used Black Binder That Held Song Lyric Sheets Specifically for Elvis During His Live Shows From 1972 to His Last Show in Indy in June of 1977  $5-10,000

Highlights will be displayed at Elvis Presley’s Memphis TM from July 23 through August 10th and on August 11th in the Rock conference room of The Guest House at Graceland.

The Auction at Graceland collectible catalog is now available to order at and features more than 200 pages of photos and details of all the auction items. Collectors wishing to bid in the live auction event can register for a paddle on Saturday, August 11th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, August 12th from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. in the Rock Conference Room at The Guest House at Graceland. Collectors with an existing bidding account can reserve a paddle for in-person bidding by emailing Advance registration is recommended.  Online bidding is now open. To register and bid online visit

For more information about how to submit items for authentication by Graceland Authenticated, please visit  To have an artifact considered for inclusion in future Graceland Auctions, please email

​​​​​​​Elvis Presley Enterprises



ON FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2018



I thank my good friend, Dennis M., for sharing the below photo with me.  This is similar to others I have shared of Elvis in his DEA Staff jogging outfit.  But, I think this one is really good and clear.

Elvis DEA


TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2018

I think I may have posted this quote from Elvis before, but the truth remains just as true today.

People think you are crazy...

‎Kimberly Ann‎ to Elvis World on Facebook


Below are some great new photos to be added to my page devoted to Elvis’ involvement with the Federal Government and other law enforcement agencies.

The photos were shared with me by my good friend, Dennis Miller.  I sincerely thank Dennis for his supportive friendship.

Elvis and Pres. Nixon

Elvis' DEA collectionElvis' DEA Collection 2Elvis' DEA collection 3

Please see my page devoted to the topic of Elvis’ DEA, etc. work:

TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2018

I want to share that Jesse called me, a little bit ago, this afternoon.  We had a good visit and talked for a good while.  He is well and sounded great.  We discussed different movies and music that he is interested in seeing and hearing.  He does not have any Internet access and therefore some of the movies which he reads about and wishes he could view are made by Amazon and are only available for viewing on line.  It is a shame that they don’t put their movies out on DVD’s.  If they did, I would get those for him.  As always, his call made my day so much more wonderful.


I have created a new page for our Current News and Events

for the month of August, 2018


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