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I have just printed out the final batch of messages for Jesse and I will be mailing them out to him today.  I thank each and every person who has shared your love and support with him through your kind messages.

I have closed the Messages for Jesse page now.  Hopefully, I will have it open and available for next Christmas and for his birthday next year.

Much love and appreciation,



I just posted this announcement on my Facebook pages and want to share it here as well.

Linda Sigmon is feeling exhausted.

Just want to let everyone know that I am NOT going to be moving my original website from its current location after all. Been working on that effort and it has been very stressful.






Peyton’s Places library on ESPN+

  • Final Five Episodes Remaining in Season-long Series
  • All Previous Episodes Available to Binge Anytime

The ESPN+ original series Peyton’s Places, the 30-episode documentary hosted by Peyton Manning, continues with weekly episodes debuting through the conclusion of the NFL postseason.

The football-themed Peyton’s Places series is produced by NFL Films in collaboration with ESPN+ and is part of the year-long celebration of the National Football League’s 100th season. It debuted in July exclusively on ESPN+ and the first 25 episodes are available for streaming anytime.

In the next five episodes (eps. 26-30), Peyton hits golf balls with his favorite rival, Tom Brady, explores Elvis Presley’s touch football playbook, discusses the quarterback position with NFL Hall of Famers, investigates the history of the NFL’s championship game and visits the busts of NFL legends in Canton, Ohio.

  • Episode 27 – Elvis Presley (January 12): Peyton visits Graceland in Memphis, where Jerry Schilling, the man who considers Elvis Presley his best friend, shares how “The King” drew up an entire playbook worth of football plays.


Linda Thompson gifts Brody Jenner with ex Elvis Presley’s necklace

Call it a gift fit for a King.

For Christmas this year, Linda Thompson surprised her son Brody Jenner with a diamond necklace that once belonged to her ex-boyfriend, late musical legend Elvis Presley.

The piece features the letters “TCB” — a nod to the “Heartbreak Hotel” crooner’s motto, “Taking Care of Business” — along with a sparkly lightning bolt.

“@brodyjenner has a deep admiration for Elvis – not only as the king of rock ‘n’ roll, but as the ‘king of bling’ as well… 😉⚡️So this is what I got Brody for Christmas this year!” Thompson, 69, shared on Instagram. “He already has a TCB tattoo on his wrist!”

Brody Jenner TCB necklace
Linda Thompson TCB necklace to Brody Jenner



I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me tonight.  He sounded wonderful and we had a nice visit.  He said that he is not looking forward to his birthday and we agreed that age is just a number and just one more day.  He said that he is going to live his life out as Jesse.  As always, his call really did make my day for me.




Starts Today at 9:55 AM

2020 Elvis Birthday Proclamation…

Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, USA

Happy 85th birthday, Elvis! Elvis fans from around the world will gather on the front lawn of Graceland to celebrate the king’s birthday.



Below is the link at which we may watch this video after the 12th.  I will be making Jesse a DVD copy of this episode because I know this will be of particular interest to him.

Episode 27 – Elvis Presley (January 12): Peyton visits Graceland in Memphis, where Jerry Schilling, the man who considers Elvis Presley his best friend, shares how “The King” drew up an entire playbook worth of football plays.


I thank my nice friend, Ricky P., who shared the below image of today’s front page of the  Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper honoring Elvis.  How very nice to see this tribute.




For those who may have missed the birthday proclamation ceremony on live stream yesterday, here is a video of it in its entirety.

Elvis Presley Birthday Declaration Graceland January 8th 2020 The Spa Guy

Jan 9, 2020

The Spa Guy takes you to the Annual Birthday Declaration on the front grounds of Graceland January 8th 2020.




This is a video of the Midnight Sing at Graceland on the eve of Elvis’ 85th birthday.

Elvis Presley 85th Birthday Midnight Sing Graceland Jan 7-8 2020 The Spa Guy

Jan 8, 2020

In this video The Spa Guy takes you to the annual Happy Birthday Singing at the Graceland Front Gate.. Held at midnight on January 7th to commemorate Elvis’ 85th Birthday on the 8th.






The below was shared by my friend Bernadine M. on Facebook.  We have displayed smaller versions of this photo before.  The scar on his shin is very clear on this one.  Because of the angle of this left leg, the scar on that shin cannot be seen.  But, it is there as I have shown before.  

My thanks to Bernadine.

And this image is from the IMDB picture of Elvis in Kid Galahad and the scar is there on his shin, i know you have had this image before but this one is on the Movie Data base 🙂🕺

Image may contain: 2 people, shorts




The musician sat down with us to go over his album lineup process and his friendship with Elvis.


C&I: Regarding the Elvis Presley songs — “I Wanna Live Like Elvis” and “The Day Elvis Died” — you and Elvis were very close. In fact, he even purchased your first tour bus for you, right?

T.G.: Yes, he did. He bought me my first tour bus, and that was a great gift. But you know what the greatest gift was? In giving me the bus, he gave me the confidence to work harder, and not let him down as a friend. I didn’t want to disappoint him after giving me such an incredible gift. So I worked harder to try to make my mark and to cut the best music I could.

C&I: But because you were such good friends — is that why it’s taken so long for you to sing about him? Like, maybe as recently as 10 years ago, it still might have been too painful?

T.G.: Painful is a good word, I guess. But really, I didn’t want people to think that I would be riding the coattails of my friend. And let’s face it, it would’ve been easy years ago to jump on the train, write a book, start recording music about him, because of our friendship. But I have never wanted to do that, or make it appear that I was doing that. So therefore, I have waited all these years to actually pay tribute to my friendship that I had with him. And I’m glad I haven’t done anything up until now. But, yeah, anytime that I am at Graceland, it’s still difficult to go into the house and walk through, because all the memories come flooding back. I don’t know, I guess I still expect him to turn the corner and walk out of a room like I’ve seen him do so many times in the past — and it’s still tough.

ON THE RADIO: T.G. Sheppard continues to share music and memories from 2 – 5 p.m. Central each Friday on the T.G. Sheppard Show on SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio (Channel 19).

You may read this full article at the below link:



My good friend Dennis F. Miller loaned his copy of Dick Grob’s book “ELVIS – Safe and Sound” to me and I just finished reading it a few days ago.  This is a very good book and is well-written and well-documented throughout.   This book validates that many people have formed misconceptions and wrong opinions about some of the people who were close with Elvis.  One such person is Colonel Tom Parker who has been badly misjudged by a lot of fans.

As I have shared previously, Jesse remained close with Col. Parker until the day Col. Parker passed away.  I know this for a fact because Jesse called one of our mutual friends about three weeks before the Colonel’s passing saying that he was sick and going to die.  Then, on the day of Col. Parker’s passing, Jesse again called our friend to tell him that Col. Parker had just passed away.  This was BEFORE any news agency had gotten hold of the story.

Jesse has written that Colonel Parker was the mastermind behind the August 16, 1977 faked death plan.

Jesse has told me that he did not know what he was going to do when Col. Parker died.  Jesse has stated that he is not a businessman.

So he still counted on Col. Parker for advice and assistance.  

People have wrongly blamed Col. Parker (and also Dr. Nick) for Elvis’ “death” on August 16, 1977.  This is terribly wrong for without these two devoted and loyal friends, we would not have the man the world knew as Elvis still with us as Jesse to this very day.  These two men withstood all kinds of hate and daggers from people who profess to be Elvis fans and never once exposed Jesse to the world by defending themselves.  My respect for Dr. Nick and Col. Parker knows no bounds because of their never-ending loyalty to Elvis even at their own expense and troubles.

My reason for this lengthy explanation and defense is because of the following paragraph from Dick Grob’s book which substantiates that which I have just written.  Dick Grob’s book is, of course, copyrighted and therefore I cannot scan pages to share.  However, I have typed a transcript of a portion of a paragraph to share below.  This is found on the first page of Chapter 11, page 146.

Over the years many people have referenced the number of shows Elvis did in 1976 as a possible contributing factor to his passing on August 16, 1977, implying that Colonel Parker overworked Elvis in 1976.  I do know for a fact, because I was present during a conversation between Elvis and Colonel Parker at the end of 1975, that this was not true.  Elvis told Colonel Parker, “I want you to book more shows next year!”  When Elvis first started doing tours and performances in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, his desire was to play to live audiences so he could see and hear his fans; this was his driving force.  During their meetings, there was a discussion between Elvis and Colonel Parker about booking more shows.  This conversation ended when Elvis told Colonel Parker, “If you don’t book me more shows, I’ll get a new manager who will book more shows.  I want to do more shows on the road next year!”  With that statement Elvis left his bedroom and walked into the hotel suite where everybody was sitting.  Colonel Parker did his job, booking more shows in 1976 than ever before.  He did this, although he did not want to, because he knew the toll it would take on Elvis and everyone else in the group.

Below is a copy of a very special poem written by Col. Parker himself as a tribute to his friend Elvis.  The last line of the poem is very special and significant.

Col. Parker poem framed for sale in Jan. 2017

In closing my article, below are three small excerpts from Jesse’s handwritten letters for the book in which he mentions Colonel Parker in his usual favorable terms.  These copies are taken from my rough draft of the book.

Jesse letter re the Colonel

Jesse's letter for book about the Col._20190912_0001

Jesse's letter for the book about Col Parker and plan



I thank my good friend Dennis F. Miller for sharing the below document with me.


The below news was shared with me by my “bestest” friend, M. J.   I thank her so much.  Looks like a good show.

Next Sunday, January 19, “Collector’s Call” a Me TV series episode will show…

Next time on Collector’s Call: ”Meet George”

Elvis superfan George has spent decades building a collection covering the entire reign of the King of Rock and Roll. His hundreds of records, movie posters, fan magazines and more take up nearly every inch of his home. We’ve brought certified appraiser (and lifelong Elvis fan) Judy Martin to put a price on the collection. Judy has also brought a rare Elvis comic-book appearance that she’ll try to persuade George to take in trade for one of his other treasures.




My friend, Elisabeth W. wrote the following and posted this good comparison on my Facebook timeline.  Hugs and thanks to Elisabeth.

Hello Linda Sigmon! I saw the post about the scar on Elvis’ right leg and it got me to thinking. Here are two photos where I lined up the left collarbone that’s kind of wonky and the right leg (from the knee down). They’re the same.

Image may contain: one or more people, shorts and outdoor
Elisabeth W.   Here are the photos used:
Image may contain: 1 person, ocean, outdoor and water
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting






Below is a letter which I received from Jesse in 2004.  This was written after the dust started to settle from the book being published; after Hinton and his associate did their best to destroy the friendship between Jesse and me; it was not the best of times.

I have shared this on my original website at some point in the past.




More than 80,000 people have claimed Elvis tribute artist as profession

Jan. 8, 2020 would have been the King’s 85th birthday

There are 84,000 individuals who have previously told the Internal Revenue Service in the United States that earn a living by impersonating, ahem, paying tribute to the King of Rock’N’Roll, who would have turned 85 years old Wednesday.

Tributes to Elvis Presley started as early as 1956, so shortly after Presley’s rise to fame, and by the time of Presley’s death by heart attack on Aug. 16, 1977 at the age of 42, 170 tribute acts existed.

This number has since ballooned into the tens of thousands, if not more, now part of a global industry that includes memorabilia, conventions, and tribute competitions, including the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist World Championship. Preliminary rounds for that competition started last year with winners travelling to the final showdown during Elvis Week 2020 running Aug. 8 to 16 in Memphis, TN.

Graceland, Presley’s famed mansion in that city, located at 3717 Elvis Presley Blvd, will be the site of several events marking his birthday, starting Jan. 8 and running through Jan. 11. They include tours, concerts, and appearances by Jerry Schilling, a long-time personal and professional friend of Elvis, and Elvis’ wife, Priscilla Ann Presley.

Elvis Presley also remains an alive force on various charts. According to Forbes, Presley remains the second-highest earning dead celebrity, having earned $39 million dollars in 2019. That places him second behind the son-in-the-law he never met. Michael Jackson, who was briefly married to Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie Presley, topped the list with $60 million.

Elvis’ cultural presence will likely grow in the coming years thanks to a bio-picture scheduled for release in October 2021, starring Austin Butler as the King of Rock and Tom Hanks as his long-time manager “Colonel Tom” Parker. At least Hanks is not donning the jump suit himself.


Below is a wonderful interview with Mrs. Marian Cocke which was just recorded last week.  

Marian Cocke Interview by Carey Rayburn Elvis Presley’s 85th Birthday Celebration Memphis 2020


Jan 15, 2020


This is a clip from my interview with Elvis nurse Marian Cocke




Interesting speech by Mayor of Shelby County.  

When I initially posted this video of the speech by Mark Luttrell, I was convinced that he HAD to be speaking about the “Elvis Found Alive” CD album which was recorded by Jesse.  It was pointed out to me, quite bluntly that, that was not the case.  Below is my humble explanation.


Turns out this speech was sometime in 2016 and therefore it is highly unlikely that the album he referred to is Jesse’s.

Here is an article which contains a video of this speech and states that it was in 2016. The first place that I saw this speech did not give any indication of when it was delivered. Thus my two day search on YouTube, Google, etc. trying to find the date.

I can’t understand why he was so excited and repeated “Elvis is alive” several times.

I apologize to everyone for this false alarm from me.

Here is the article which I found which includes this video also along with the year in which the speech was delivered.

It is not surprising that, as usual with any event at Graceland, there was a rumor started that the man in the background in the red jacket was really Elvis.  Which, of course, it was not.



Below is another reason for Elvis leaving when he did:

Elvis Presley: King didn’t want to be an ‘OLD MAN’ on stage says Priscilla

ELVIS PRESLEY didn’t want to perform over 40-years-old and wouldn’t believe his popularity as fans celebrate his 85th birthday, reveals Priscilla Presley.




Just want to share with everyone that Jesse called us this afternoon.  Tom and I enjoyed speaking with him so very much as always.  He is doing pretty well although he has had a virus for a few days.  He is already looking forward to spring when he will be getting to sit out on his balcony and enjoy some time outside.  We talked about our little Daisy and what a joy she is.  While we were on the phone, our cat, Bob, came and rattled the window screen to get in which set off a very loud round of barking by Cayce and Daisy who are always ecstatic when Bob comes in.  Jesse said that sounded like fun and I told him that it is a zoo around here sometimes.  We had a very enjoyable time visiting and it made my day as always.  How very blessed I am to be Jesse’s “sister”.



Photos of Daisy,Cayce, and Bob…our sweet fur babies.❤️🥰😍

I am going to be sending these photos to Jesse on Friday and so I thought I would share them here for everyone to see.  These are three of the sweetest spirits on earth…our comfort zone.

Daisy Jan 20, 2020Daisy and CayceDaisy and Bob with Tom

As you can see above, the term “fighting like cats and dogs” does not apply in our household.



Blackwood Quartet to perform ‘The Gospel Side of Elvis’

Gospel Elvis 560x315.jpg


Mars TheatreSat, Feb 8 2:00 PM

Buy Tickets 

Mars TheatreSat, Feb 8 7:00 PM


Event Info
Doors Open: 1 hour before showtime
Run Time: 90 minutes with intermission
Ticket Price: $25
More Info
Blackwood Quartet
Today, Mark Blackwood fronts The Blackwood Quartet and continues the tradition of his family and their association with Elvis Presley.

SPRINGFIELD — The incredible songs, the amazing stories, the history of a legend will all come to the stage in “The Gospel Side of Elvis,” starring the Blackwood Quartet. 

Two shows are scheduled at the Mars Theatre on Feb. 8. Tickets are still available for the 2 p.m. show but the 7 p.m. show is sold out (call to be placed on the wait list). Tickets can be purchased at, Springfield City Hall, theatre box office or call 912-754-1118.

The year was 1934. Brothers Roy, Doyle and James Blackwood, along with Roy’s son R.W., formed what was to become the most beloved and respected gospel group of all time, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet. This quartet went on to be featured on several TV shows, including “Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters,” the beloved American classic “Hee Haw” and the prestigious “Arthur Godfrey Talent Show” in 1954. 

A few weeks later that same year, tragedy struck when two members of the group, R.W. Blackwood and Bill Lyles, were killed in a plane crash. After the accident, many fans and critics alike believed that the quartet would not be able to go forth. However, as fate would have it, R.W.’s youngest brother, Cecil Blackwood, joined the group along with the bass singer, J.D. Sumner, silencing any doubts the public had about the quartet continuing to be a force in gospel music.

Cecil Blackwood was a childhood friend of Elvis Presley. They attended Sunday school together and formed their first gospel quartet called “The Songfellas” long before Elvis went on to become the King of Rock ‘n Roll. The association between the two families was lifelong. 

In 1958, Elvis sent a plane to North Carolina and brought the Blackwoods to sing at his mother’s funeral. James Blackwood would sing “How Great Thou Art” at Elvis’ Funeral.

Cecil Blackwood’s son, Mark, joined his family in the Blackwood Brothers Quartet in 1986. He sang lead for many years alongside his dad, Cecil, and many other talented singers. 

Today, Mark Blackwood fronts The Blackwood Quartet and continues the tradition of his family and their association with Elvis Presley. “In The Gospel Side of Elvis,” the group performs Presley’s personal favorites, including “Amazing Grace,” “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “Crying In The Chapel.”

The Blackwood family has received nine Grammy Awards and is in the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, the Nashville Music Hall of Fame, the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame and many more!

Bill Gaither said, “The Blackwood name is the best-known name in gospel music worldwide.”

The group tours regularly and brings the word of Christ through song to both believers and non-believers.

Visit to learn more about these shows and upcoming movie schedules.



I came across the below photo of Elvis which I thought was a good comparison to Jesse’s photo.  As I always say, we can’t have too many good matches.

Elvis to compare-horz best






Elvis Presley and The Beatles among Top 10 album artists of the 2010 decade


The two biggest artists of the 20th century are still making their mark well into the 21st century. Elvis Presley and The Beatles both made Nielsen Music’s list of the Top 10 artists of the past decade (2010-2019) for U.S. album sales. They were the only non-contemporary artists who made the Top 10.



When Muhammad Ali called Elvis Presley “The Greatest”


Muhammad Ali is considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. “I’m the Greatest” became Ali’s catchphrase even before it was true.

“It’s not bragging if you can back it up,” Ali once said.

But there was one person (besides himself) who Ali also called “The Greatest” – The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

Ali was a huge Elvis fan. In the 1970s, when asked who his favorite singer was, Ali said that Presley was his second favorite only to Sam Cooke.

“When I was 15 years old and saw Elvis on TV, I wanted to be Elvis,” recalled Ali to his friend, Tim Shanahan, author of Running with The Champ. “Other kids in the neighborhood were listening to Ray Charles and James Brown, but I listened to Elvis. I admired him so much and I decided that if I was going to be famous, I’d do it just like him. He’s one of the reasons I wanted to entertain people and be loved by the people and make the girls admire me so much.”

As a young teenager, Ali was influenced watching Elvis become successful during his breakthrough year of 1956. He was particularly impacted when Elvis followed through on his promise to buy his mother a car and a house when he became rich.

“I was 14 years old when I heard Elvis say that, and that made me want to do the same thing,” Ali remembered. “I said, ‘When I get rich and famous I’m going to buy my mother a car and then a house.’ After my first pro fight, I bought my mother a pink Cadillac… And after my second fight I bought my folks a house. Just like Elvis.”

Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali first met in February 1973 in Las Vegas and were photographed together. Presley presented Ali with a custom-designed robe made especially for Ali. The bejeweled white robe had a similar look to the jumpsuits that Presley wore on stage at the time. Ali reciprocated by giving Elvis boxing gloves that he signed: “Elvis, You are the Greatest. From Muhammad Ali. Peace 1973.”


“Ali said he really liked the way Elvis dressed,” explained Presley’s friend, George Klein. “He said they were both originals. So Elvis contacted his designer and ordered a robe made for Ali and presented it to him. It said ‘The People’s Choice.’ It was supposed to say ‘The People’s Champ.’ But Ali wore it anyway. Howard Cosell asked Ali, ‘Where did you get that beautiful robe? Ali told him, ‘Elvis gave it to me.’”

Presley and Ali remained friends until Elvis’ death in 1977. Ali recalled that when they met in Las Vegas in 1973, Elvis was closing his February concert run there and had invited Ali to drive back to Los Angeles with him in his gold-plated Cadillac station wagon. Ali wanted to, but had plans to return to Louisville instead. Years later, he regretted that decision.

“Maaan, that would have been historic,” Ali said. “I always wanted Elvis to drive me down Beale Street in a convertible, so his hometown could see that Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley were good friends. Then I’d bring him to Louisville and do the same thing.”

During Elvis Week on August 16, 1985, Muhammad Ali agreed to speak at the annual memorial service for Presley sponsored every year in Memphis by George Klein. Ali had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984, but he won over the crowd of Elvis fans when he sang a few lines a capella of one of his favorite Presley songs, “Don’t Be Cruel.” Ali then gave a very heartfelt speech about his friend.

Muhammad Ali with Jack Soden at the Meditation Garden at Graceland, 1985














“We black people are kinda funny about music,” Ali told the crowd of Elvis fans. “We aren’t going to follow someone unless they’ve got soul – Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Michael Jackson – but the only white boy that had soul, who could sing as good as any of them was Elvis… He had singing ability, he had everything – he was pretty, I know. And when it comes to boxing, nobody has the class, the style, the wit, the speed, the beauty of Ali. And when it comes to singing, nobody had everything like Elvis… I’ll tell the world, Elvis was the greatest of all time.”

That day, Ali visited Graceland. He went to the Meditation Garden where Presley is buried to pay respects to the friend that he greatly admired. In 1988, Ali donated the robe that Elvis gave him to the Hard Rock Café in New York. The robe is on display now at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville.

“People don’t realize what they had till it’s gone,” observed Ali. “Like President Kennedy, there was no one like him, The Beatles, and my man Elvis Presley. I was the Elvis of boxing.”


Elvis was my close personal friend,” recalled Ali. “He came to my Deer Lake training camp about two years before he died. I don’t admire nobody, but Elvis Presley was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you’d want to know.

Muhammad Ali speaks at Elvis Memorial Service



And the last thing, we must understand, he did lot for poor people, he cared for people, he had a good heart, he just wasn’t a person who was great with talent, but he was great in spirit and with God in his heart, and this is great too. I realize how good I am in my profession, I wouldn’t praise nobody if he don’t deserve it, because I am the greatest of all time in boxing, in boxing. I said boxing ! But I’m telling you, not just you all, the Elvis fans, so naturally you praise Elvis, he’s of European race as you are, but I’m Black, I’m a Islamic, I’m 100% different from you. But I’ll tell the world Elvis was the greatest of all time. I’m a Muslim who’s black who stands up for what he believes. I don’t have to say what I don’t feel, I’m not false, I don’t have to say this. I have no Bosses. I’m free. He to me, is one of the greatest singers, actors and all round men of all time.” ~



Interesting history of Elvis’ car is included in this article.

Elvis Presley’s Pink 1955 Cadillac To Be Shown At Charlotte Motor Speedway

This year’s Pennzoil AutoFair at the Charlotte Motor Speedway will feature one of the most recognizable Cadillacs of all time – Elvis Presley’s iconic pink 1955 Cadillac Series 60 Fleetwood Special.

The car will be on display for all four days of the annual automotive exhibition, which will be held from April 2nd through to the 5th. This year’s Pennzoil AutoFair will also feature “more than 50 car club displays and more than 10,000 vendor spaces offering an array of automotive parts and memorabilia,” according to event organizers.

Presley’s 1955 Cadillac was actually purchased by the singer when he was still up-and-coming. The story goes that in January of 1955, Presley bought a 1951 Lincoln for him and his band mates to travel around in, but his bass player crashed the car in March of that year. He then replaced the Lincoln with a 1954 Cadillac, which caught fire on the side of the road that June and burned down. In need of some wheels, Presley’s manager agreed to help him finance the 1955 Cadillac Series 60 Fleetwood Special, which he took possession of in July of 1955.

Presley’s Cadillac came well equipped from the factory with optional air conditioning, a dual-speaker radio and front spotlights. Standard equipment offered on the Fleetwood that year included a 331 cu. in. V8, an automatic transmission, power windows, power brakes and a power driver’s seat. He paid $4,728 for the car new – equivalent to just over $45,000 today.

The car didn’t feature the familiar pink and white exterior color combination from the factory, though. The car was blue with a black roof when he bought it, but he later had the body repainted pink to match many of his suits. The car was then in an accident in September of 1955 (it was a bad driving year for Presley, apparently) and he had the car repainted in the pink and white color scheme the car has become famous for. He later gifted the car to his mother Gladys.

The 2020 Pennzoil AutoFair will kick off at the infield at Charlotte Motor Speedway on April 2nd at 8 a.m. The show will remain open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. through to April 5th.

Subscribe to GM Authority for more vintage and restoration newsCadillac news, and around-the-clock GM news coverage.

Photos: Elvis Presley Enterprises, Wikimedia Commons


Below is a part of an article regarding the new Elvis biographical movie which is in the making and starring Tom Hanks as Col. Parker.  I agree with the widow of Col. Parker in that I hope that Tom Hanks and the producer will do a fair and honest portrayal of the Col. who has been villainized by some of Elvis’ fans and the media.

Elvis Presley movie: Did King and manager Tom Parker get on? Widow speaks on HUGE role

ELVIS PRESLEY’S new movie biopic, features a major role for his manager Colonel Tom Parker, and now his widow has hinted at the pair’s relationship in the wake of Hollywood megastar Tom Hanks’ casting.


Elvis Presley remains one of the most legendary singers in the world decades after his passing, and is still named the King of Rock ’n’ Roll to this day.

A film adaptation based on the star’s life has been a long time coming, partly because the singer has such an unusual look – an appearance almost impossibly hard to replicate by today’s actors.

After months of decision making it was finally announced Austin Butler beat out the rest of the competition in Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort and had been chosen to play the superstar.

And this was shortly followed by the news Toy Story, Big and You’ve Got Mail actor Hanks, who most recently starred in A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, would be taking on the role of Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker.

But what was their real relationship like? Were the pair friends or did things ever turn frosty?

Judging by the simple fact the production chose Hollywood nice guy Hanks for the part, it would suggest the former, but Parker’s widow Loanne was later quizzed on the news.

Her response definitely seemed to suggest there was real friendship between the pair, but also referred to heroes and villains in the story.

Elvis Presley: Widow speaks out on late manager Tom Parker and singer

Elvis Presley: Widow speaks out on late manager Tom Parker and singer (Image: GETTY)

Elvis Presley: Widow speaks out on late manager Tom Parker and singer

Elvis Presley: The singer shot to fame in the 50s and 60s (Image: GETTY)

“If Tom Hanks takes on a role, he makes it a good fit,” Loanne said.

“He will be a good fit for Colonel, I have trust in his abilities.”

“Every story has a hero and a villain,” the manager’s widow went on. “And the past stories that made Elvis a hero…

“That leaves only the Colonel to be a villain, and both of them were heroes in their own right.”

Elvis Presley: Widow speaks out on late manager Tom Parker and singer

Elvis Presley: Loanne Parker hopes Tom Hanks will do an honest portrayal (Image: GETTY)

The interviewee then showed her concern over the possibility for her late husband to be portrayed differently, but reiterated her belief in Hanks’ acting prowess.

“I would like to see that clarified, and I have great faith in Tom’s ability and integrity,” she said.

“I just pray he wouldn’t do anything less than the truth.”

The new film is set to be a major contender in next year’s releases, particularly given its game changing director Baz Luhrmann, who is known for his stylised movies Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge.

October 2021 is the movie’s current scheduled release date.

The biopic will depict Presley’s rise to fame through the 1950s and ’60s, a time undoubtedly shown the star’s heyday.

Olivia DeJonge has been cast as the singer’s wife, Priscilla Presley.

The new Elvis Presley film doesn’t yet have a title.

Another important person in Presley’s life was his mother, Gladys Presley, whom the star often talked about.


I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me tonight and he is doing well.  We had a very nice phone visit.  He is thinking about getting outside more…fresh air and moving around.  

Jesse was talking about memories from back in the ’50’s and told me about meeting the great baseball player Ty Cobb.  He said he really enjoyed meeting him and was very enamored with Mr. Cobb.  

I found the below video of Mr. Cobb on the TV show “I’ve Got A Secret” from 1955 and am sharing it here so that I can put it on a DVD to send to Jesse.  I feel sure that he will enjoy seeing this show.

As always, Jesse’s call was the highlight of my day.  I am so very blessed.

Ty Cobb on the TV show “I’ve got a Secret.” Sep. 28, 1955




Below is a video focused upon Elvis’ love of football.  This seems appropriate with the Super Bowl coming up this weekend.  I really enjoyed this video and think that Jesse will also.


NFL Films Presents Elvis Presley

Jan 25, 2019


Below is another video about Elvis and football:


Feb 7, 2018


Below is a very clear copy of the interview which is included in the above video.  The announcer who spoke with Elvis was Harold Johnson who was very well known in our area as he was a regular on one of the local TV stations in our area for many years…and a very nice fella.

Harold Johnson talks to Elvis Presley at Football game, August 10, 1975

Oct 3, 2015


Just one more video about Elvis and football…

Elvis Presley Football Game December 27 1956 Now and Then Spa Guy

Jun 27, 2017

Spa Guy

This video is about Elvis Football Game December 27 1956 The Spa Guy shows you what the area looks like now and compares it to then.


Below is a brand new video from Graceland featuring Jerry Schilling telling about his first meeting with Elvis in 1954 and Elvis’ love of football.


Jerry Schilling on Elvis and Football

Jan 30, 2020 

One of Elvis’ close friends, Jerry Schilling, remembers meeting Elvis at a game of touch football. He also talks about Elvis’ love for football and the NFL.