Jesse’s Comin’ – 1980 ELVIS Country Music Magazine

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Special Collector’s Edition ELVIS Country Music Magazine

This Special Collector’s Edition ELVIS Country Music Magazine is truly fascinating.  This was published in1980many years before anyone had even thought of Elvis being Jesse.  I will display for you here the pages of interest in the order in which they appear….except for the Jesse’s Comin’ page which I will display first below and then again in the page order in which it was published.  The page order is very important as the page numbers appear to be symbolic of the events in the last years of Elvis’ public existence.

Page #78

(1978 – Turning over a new leaf – life).

It is very intriguing that the above full page “Ad” bears no credit to the entity who sponsored this page nor is anything actually being advertised.  My good friend, Pat, pointed out to me that it was most likely Col. Parker who paid for this page.  I agree completely.  There were times when Elvis/Jesse did consider coming out.  This may be heard in the taped phone calls which came out with Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s books.

Front cover

Index –  Note Page numbers

Country Music Mag. Elvis INDEX New

Page #76

(1976)  The end (“sunset”) of one life.  This article is about Elvis’ fame and how he could not escape to be an “island unto himself“.   It is interesting to note that, in his book with Dr. Hinton, Jesse said it had originally been planned to take place in 1976 (Page 76)…but he changed his mind.

Country Music Mag. Elvis SUNSET headline New

Country Music Mag. Elvis SUNSET Top half New

Country Music Mag. Elvis SUNSET bottom half New

Page#77 (please note that page 77 is not listed in the index of pages)

August 16, 1977, farewell to “Elvis”

Country Music Mag. Elvis Page 77 New.jpg

Page #78 (1978) back of page #77

Turning over a new leaf…life as Jesse

It is also interesting that the shadow in the middle — the one representing Jesse — is shown with a pose which is very similar to the following painting of Elvis which is on display at Graceland and the second image below.


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