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Take a look at this great match between Elvis in the Army and the Statue of Liberty.


I enjoyed this video showing some of the gifts which Elvis gave to Gary Pepper.  This is very touching to me because of the many gifts which Jesse has given to Tom and me.  Nothing can compare to being friends with Elvis/Jesse…not because of the material gifts but because of the love he expresses to his friends in every way.

Gifts Elvis Gave Gary Pepper!

Ashley Drew

Let’s take a look at even more gifts Elvis Presley gave his friend Gary Pepper! Watch my video on 𝐆𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐫 here: Watch my 𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐞𝐰 𝐰/ 𝐆𝐚𝐫𝐲’𝐬 𝐍𝐮𝐫𝐬𝐞 here: The TRUTH about Gary Pepper! Interview with nurse Nancy. Elvis Presley’s friend Gary Pepper was a special person. He had Cerebral Palsy but that didn’t stop him from being Elvis’s #1 fan and accomplishing great things. I had the opportunity to chat with Gary’s nurse and friend Nancy who was there through it all in Memphis, TN







I want to recommend an older book to everyone.  There are so many trash books out there and people get lead astray by them.  So, I want to make everyone aware of a truly wonderful book about Elvis.  I think that over the years I have probably mentioned this book before…so please forgive my memory if I repeat myself.  This book is so good that it deserves to be mentioned more than once.

The title of this book is “The Truth About Elvis” and it was written by Jess Stearn with Larry Geller.  The dedication near the front of the book says it all…see copy below.

I have had my copy of the book for so many years and am thinking of reading it once again now.  I will display the copy of the front and back of my book so you may search for it on the Internet.  It is available on Ebay and at affordable prices.  It is also on Amazon but the price is high on there.

When you read the covers you will understand a little of why I love this book so much.  

I want to share something here that I do not believe I have ever shared before.  During a phone conversation with Dr. Hinton when Jesse’s book was being written, we discussed a title for the book.  I suggested “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley – In His Own Words“.   As you can see, this book influenced my suggestion for the title.  

Below are the images of this book:



Elvis Presley’s White Eyelet Jumpsuit From 1972 Madison Square Garden Concert Sold

By Bruce Haring

September 5, 2021 8:37am

Elvis is still the King. Kruse GWS Auctions, the entertainment memorabilia auction house specializing in celebrities, sold a key piece of his career at a Saturday auction for more than a million dollars.

The Elvis Presley Eyelet Jumpsuit and Cape from his 1972 Madison Square Garden performances in New York has sold for $1,012,500, with the auction house reporting it as a world record price, albeit without noting any details on what record it beat.

The ensemble, designed by Bill Belew, became one of the most-photographed and iconic costumes of Elvis’s career. The show where he wore it was his first live performance at Madison Square Garden. The eyelet jumpsuit and cape has been in a private collection for more than 30 years prior to it going to auction.

Other Elvis memorabilia also was a hit at the weekend auctions. Highlights include an Elvis Presley Jar of Hair with extensive documentation, sold for $72,500; Elvis Presley’s racing helmet from the film Viva Las Vegas, sold for $23,750; the Elvis Presley tuxedo tailcoat from the film Frankie & Johnny sold for $75,000; Elvis Presley’s personal and stage-worn boots sold for $28,750; Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback Special Sheet Music sold for $15,000; Elvis Presley’s Schick electric razor sold for $3,000; and an Elvis Presley Custom Eagle Belt made by Mike McGregor sold for $25,000.

“We are thrilled to have hosted such an exciting auction this weekend where fans and collectors from around the globe bid on extraordinary memorabilia from the life and career of Elvis Presley,” said a statement from Brigitte Kruse, rounder and lead auctioneer of Kruse GWS Auctions “The outstanding sale of his iconic 1972 Madison Square Garden eyelet jumpsuit and cape represents not only a world record price, but is a true testament to the legendary reverence and love people still feel for him.”

Elvis performed four sold-out concerts at Madison Square Garden, the only New York City arena shows of his career (he was on stage for several TV broadcasts in 1956-7, including The Ed Sullivan Show).

The shows spawned a live album, Elvis: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden. It peaked at No. 11 on the Top 200 US Billboard Top Pop Albums chart, and was certified triple platinum in 1999 for sales of more than three million units. It ranks as one of the best-selling live albums of the 1970s.

Elvis Presley’s White Eyelet Jumpsuit From 1972 Madison Square Garden Concert Sold



Someone Paid $72,500 For The Weirdest Piece Of Elvis Memorabilia Ever

One of Elvis Presley’s most iconic jumpsuits sold for more than $1 million over the weekend.

But something quite odd also went for big bucks.

A jar of the King’s hair, with “extensive documentation” to prove it’s not faux fur, fetched $72,500, Kruse GWS Auctions said in a news release.

This jar of hair that belonged to Elvis Presley sold for $72,500. (Photo: Kruse GWS Auctions)
This jar of hair that belonged to Elvis Presley sold for $72,500. (Photo: Kruse GWS Auctions)

“This collection of hair was saved from haircuts given to Elvis Presley by his personal barber, Homer Gilleland, over the years and represents the largest and most well-documented collection of Elvis’ hair in the world,” the auctioneer described the memorabilia, now someone’s newly acquired treasure. “This isn’t a lock of hair that you typically find, but is a massive, baseball-sized specimen which has not been offered for sale in nearly 20 years.”

Whoever won the auction might even feel like they got a bargain: The hair last sold in 2002 for $115,120.

Grooming was apparently a big deal at this weekend’s auction, as the King’s Schick electric razor sold for $3,000.

Other auction highlights include the jumpsuit that Elvis wore for his landmark performances at Madison Square Garden in 1972 and which sold for a record $1,012,500, a racing helmet worn in the film “Viva Las Vegas” ($23,750), his “Frankie & Johnny” tuxedo tailcoat ($75,000), his personal and stage-worn boots ($28,750), sheet music from his 1968 Comeback Special ($15,000) and his custom eagle belt ($25,000).

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.


West Memphis looks to showcase its musical heritage with blues depot.






Please take note of the smooth rounded edges of the badge which Elvis is wearing.

Now, take note of the design of the edges of the badge which Elvis was given…as circled in red.

Also, I have read accounts stating that Elvis only carried the badge inside the leather case always…this was quoted as being stated by some of his associates.  

Also, we have all seen photos of Elvis wearing his DEA STAFF  logo warm up suits.  Below is an article from my original website which validates that these suits were official issue.

Ron sent me the following excerpts from the article titled   ELVIS: MEMPHIS TO MADISON” by Bruce Frey

“Hi Linda,

I came across this article, ELVIS: MEMPHIS TO MADISON” by Bruce Frey. Good article!

He writes, ” I attempted to find the source of Presley’s DEA outfit mystery and contacted Elvis Presley archivist at Graceland. They were confused about the outfit and did not seem to have any information. I reminded them that they currently had the DEA running suit displayed in Graceland which they confirmed. The archivist stated that they never learned the origin of this particular outfit.”

And so, he writes, “I contacted the DEA museum collection manager, Vince Lutes, who informed me that Presley had acquired the “DEA Staff” running outfit through his personal contacts in the DEA. Lutes states that this particular outfit was only available to DEA officials and staff workers at this time and that the general public would not have been available to obtain one. Presley was obviously very fond of this outfit as he can be seen in numerous photos towards the end of his life wearing this”

He did mention that Elvis was wearing this outfit on very early morning of August 16, 1977.”

I thank Ron so sincerely for bringing this article to my attention.

Elvis on June 26, 1977… before his very last show.

Below is a news article regarding Graceland celebrating the 50th anniversary of the meeting of Elvis with President Nixon.

Gallery: Graceland celebrates 50th anniversary of Elvis, Nixon meeting with pop-up exhibit

Famous Elvis and Nixon White House meeting
Famous Elvis and Nixon White House meeting(Elvis Presley’s Graceland)
Updated: Dec. 21, 2020 at 4:42 PM EST

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – Elvis Presley’s Graceland opened a pop-up exhibit Monday in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Elvis and President Richard Nixon meeting.

50 years ago an Dec. 21 Elvis and Nixon had a rather unusual meeting.

The meeting stemmed from Elvis’ passion for collecting police badges. Graceland officials say he was after a badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, so he wrote a letter to president and flew to Washington, D.C. to hand deliver it offering his services in the war on drugs.

“After Elvis, the biggest star in the world, asked me to proofread his letter to President Nixon, the leader of the free world, we ended up in the Oval Office of the White House,” stated Jerry Schilling, a friend of Elvis. “Now Elvis’ letter is displayed at the National Archives in Washington DC along with such documents as The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. It was an honor to be part of this true American story.”

Graceland says the exhibit includes a five-page, handwritten letter from Elvis to Nixon, the clothing Elvis wore to the Oval Office, the presidential cufflinks gifted to Elvis and a badge that was presented to him.

My good friend  Dennis F. Miller shared with me the below photo of a display of some of Elvis’ DEA items,etc.:

Footnote:  Monday, September 27, 2021

My good friend, SK, has furnished me with some more information about the above display of Elvis’ DEA Staff tracksuit.  Below are some of SK’s comments explaining the differences between the suits which Elvis actually wore and the suit on display:

“…the easiest way to confirm the tracksuit is a reproduction (other than just the white zipper) is the substantially different font used for the letters, E and F specifically… The ones on the reproduction jacket displayed at Graceland have really extra pronounced hooks on the top and bottom lines of the letter E that come way too far down and up…closing off the open space that’s on the original one dramatically, and the same for the letter F.  The font size and spacing differences over the letters can be seen as well but those 2 letters are the easiest to notice. It’s understandable that a new reproduction model would look aesthetically better on display given the way the polyester material can pill up and sag after lots of wear.

The below photo of the badge along with the accompanying credentials is very much validation of Elvis’ position.



Below is an article about another valuable document from Elvis’ life  being auctioned…something which should have never left the estate and should be on display at Graceland.  I don’t understand how this is allowed to happen.


My good friend of many years, SK, wrote to tell me that thru his research he has determined that the below copy of the contract purchasing Graceland belonged to the realtor who sold her copy.  I thank SK so very much for straightening me out on this fact. 

Below is a link to the full information about the auction of this copy back in 2017.  You can also see a much clearer copy of the contract on the below linked site along with other accompanying documents.  Again, I thank SK so much for sharing the link to all of this documentation with me.


The 1957 contract signed by Elvis Presley to purchase Graceland brings $114,660 in an online auction

  • PHOENIX, Arizona

  • September 22, 2021

The custom-framed 1957 contract signed by Elvis Presley and his parents for the purchase of the home in Memphis that became known as Graceland sold for $114,660 in an online auction.

PHOENIX, Ariz. – The 1957 contract signed by Elvis Presley and both of his parents for the purchase of the home in Memphis that became known as Graceland soared to $114,660 in an online auction held August 10th by, based in Phoenix. It was the only lot in the auction. A month later, Beckett named its Auction House of the Year for 2021.

“This auction was certainly one of a kind,” said Jared Kavile the president and founder of “The company is proud to be part of the sale of such an incredible piece of history. The legend of The King will always live on, and Graceland is one of the most famous mansions in the world, visited by millions of people from around the globe. To be part of that is an honor.”

The contract was the actual purchase agreement allowing the Presleys to purchase the property at 3764 Highway 51 in Memphis. It was printed on Virginia Grant Realty Company letterhead and included Virginia Grant’s handwritten agreement, stating the Presleys would trade their property on Audubon Drive in Memphis for $55,000 credit, plus an extra $90,000 to purchase Graceland.

When Elvis was a boy, he told his parents one day he would make a lot of money and take care of them, putting an end to their years of hard work and financial struggles. Buying the Graceland mansion was the fulfillment of that childhood promise. Graceland was Elvis’s world. He and his parents lived and died there. For many, Graceland has come to represent the American Dream.

The custom-framed document, 30 inches by 34 inches, was dated March 17, 1957. It was signed by Elvis, his parents (Vernon and Gladys) and agent Virginia Grant, who signed her name in red and black ink pen. The $114,660 purchase price included the buyer’s premium. After Presley’s 1977 death, Graceland was named a National Historic Landmark. It opened to the public in 1982.








I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me last night for my birthday.  He sounded wonderful.  He did get the results of his recent bone marrow tests and the results did come back clear which is a huge relief to me.  

I turned 75 today which is not a cause for celebration…at least not in my book.  But Jesse’s call certainly did lift my spirits.  I received a gift package from him in the mail on Saturday.  I will try to post photos of his two gifts later.


Below is a photo of the gifts which Jesse sent for my birthday.  I thank Jesse from the bottom of my heart for remembering my birthday with the beautiful necklace and bracelet.  Most of all, I thank Jesse for sharing the past 29 years of our close friendship…for being my brother. 


I also received a very unique and special birthday gift from my good friend SK who designed this and had it made for me.  Hugs to SK for his kindness, creativity, and generosity.


My dear friend Dennis F. Miller sent the below humorous greeting to me for my birthday.  Goodness knows 75 is enough to cause a look of shock and incredulousness.   



I am displaying below a letter which was displayed as part of the authentication of the purchase contract showing the signatures of Elvis and his parents when he bought Graceland.  I found this letter as a result of my friend SK sending me the 2017 sale of the realtor’s copy of the contract.

I really enjoyed reading this letter about Elvis being a sheriff’s deputy in Memphis.   I think my visitors and Jesse will enjoy it as well.

I apologize that it had to be cut into sections to be copied and shared here…this was due to the manner in which it was shown in the original article.


While looking back thru some of my original website images from way back in 2009-2010, I was looking at this enlarged photo of the Jan 1, 1978 photo of Elvis/Jesse sitting behind the pool house door watching some visitors walking past his “grave“.  I have this photo on my page devoted to the topic of this photo but I am sure there are new visitors to my website who have missed seeing this.  It is so very clear and it really caught my eye all over again.

I do KNOW for a fact that this really was Elvis/Jesse.



David Bowie Wrote This Song For Elvis But The King Didn’t Take It

When you hear an Elvis Presley song, do you think of David Bowie? Of course not. That would be like saying you hear Alice Cooper in a Frank Sinatra song. It’s just not possible. Or so we thought. There was once a groundbreaking moment in music history when David Bowie was asked to write a song for the King. But it didn’t end the way Bowie wanted.

Elvis Presley performing in 1972, and David Bowie performing in 1973.
(L-R) Elvis Presley and David Bowie | United Archives/Michael Putland/Getty Images

RCA Records asked David Bowie to write Elvis Presley a song

Somehow, we didn’t think David Bowie would be the first person a million-dollar record company like RCA Records would approach to write a song for Elvis. Maybe we’re wrong. It did happen.

Bowie was a huge Elvis fan. He thought it was a sign that they had the same birthday, but Bowie got an even bigger sign when RCA came to him with the opportunity to work with the King. Bowie was thrilled, and this was a chance for RCA, which managed both artists, to spruce up Elvis’ catalog with a fresh tune possibly. A song by Bowie would be mean getting the ears of a younger audience.

By the 1970s, Elvis was playing to sold-out shows, but he was hardly a teen idol anymore. The teens that idolized him at the height of his career were now adults. Bowie was now the teen idol, pioneering a new sound in rock ‘n’ roll, glam rock.

Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker reportedly asked to bring Bowie in to write a chart-topper for the aging rockstar. So, Bowie wrote his 1975 hit song, “Golden Years.” However, upon hearing the song, Elvis wasn’t interested.

According to Express, Bowie talked about the incident in 2002. “There was talk between our offices that I should be introduced to Elvis and maybe start working with him in a production-writer capacity. But it never came to pass,” Bowie said.

Elvis sent David Bowie a sweet apology

Bowie must have been massively let down when he heard that Elvis didn’t want to take his song. “I would have loved to have worked with him. God, I would have adored it,” Bowie said. Unfortunately, Bowie never got another chance to work with the King. Elvis died two years later, in 1977. But Bowie did get a memento from the incident, a letter of apology from Elvis himself.

After rejecting “Golden Years,” Elvis sent Bowie a note saying, “All the best, and have a great tour.” Bowie allegedly kept the message in his possession until he died in 2016.

Bowie’s then-wife Angie said the song came about differently

According to Bowie’s then-wife Angie, “Golden Years” was actually written after Bowie became inspired by her. “I did ‘The Mike Douglas Show,’ singing ‘I’ve Got A Crush on You.’ And David was so astonished that he wrote ‘Golden Years,’” Angie said.

After he wrote it, Bowie sang the song to her over the phone. Whichever story is correct, it’s hard to discredit the fact that “Golden Years” would have been an excellent song for Elvis. Bowie later recorded the song for his 1976 album Station to Station, and he sings it in a deep voice, similar to Elvis’. At the time, Bowie had also adopted a new Elvis-like persona, the Thin White Duke. Compared with the earlier Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke was suave and sexy like Elvis was in his earlier career.

Even though Bowie never got to work with his hero, he did give the King a shoutout on his last album, Blackstar. Bowie named the album after Elvis’ song “Black Star,” which spoke about a man who knew he was dying. Bowie made Blackstar as he was dying, so it fit. Could you imagine getting to see Elvis and David Bowie perform together, let alone record together, though?



Zales Is All Shook Up With New Elvis Presley Men’s Collection

Of the cultural and musical icons who remain in the public’s imagination, Elvis Presley continues to magnetically draw people into his orbit—one of the many reasons Zales recently launched a collection for men inspired by the King of Rock ’n’ Roll.

The Elvis Presley collection features 23 styles—from link chains and bracelets to statement diamond rings to pendants—that both pay tribute to the fashion-forward king and are designed to complement anyone who wants that same swagger in their jewelry, says Jamie Singleton, Signet Jewelers’ president of Kay, Zales, and Peoples.

Singleton says this collection comes at a key moment for Zales, as the brand is seeing major growth in its men’s jewelry and in men buying jewels for themselves. Plus, she notes, it attracts different generations, each one bringing their own insights into Presley to the collection’s bold look.

“There’s an influence on the millennial and Gen Z consumer by celebrities and influencers to embrace jewelry for all genders—think pearls, layered gold chains, diamond rings, tennis bracelets,” Singleton says. “We’re seeing them all over the red carpet! We’re seeing an uptick in jewelry sales from male consumers as men try to keep up with all these new jewelry trends, and we love it.”

Elvis Presley Collection Men's 1_3 CT. T.W. Diamond Milgrain Horseshoe Ring in 10K White Gold $1,629.00
Elvis Presley collection men’s Milgrain Horseshoe Ring in 10k white gold with 0.33 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,629

Putting together the collection required a deep dive into Presley himself. That led to equestrian details—Presley owned horses at Graceland—like a diamond horseshoe ring and a golden profile of a horse’s head and shoulders. There are rings that highlight Presley’s famous phrases such as “Taking Care of Business.” And there are flying eagle pendants that speak to the singer’s spirited independence.

“His style was unlike anyone else’s during his time—bold, risky, and confident,” Singleton says. “We wanted to create something that would embody his personal, spunky appearance and give our customers the chance to rock his style with elevated high-end jewelry.… Elvis is a worldwide legendary pop icon who left a mark on the music and fashion industry, which continues to influence incoming generations.”

Zales added Presley’s signature on every piece in the collection as a mark of authenticity and a reminder of his life and mantras. Wearing something that makes you feel like a king is part of the fun of these celebrity collections, Singleton says.

“When people think of Elvis Presley, they think of him as the King and associate him with Graceland and his famous songs. We wanted to highlight his most iconic traits and phrases to properly pay tribute to his personality, style, and what he’s most known for,” Singleton says.

Elvis Presley Collection Men's 1_4 CT. T.W. Diamond _Rock 'n' Roll_ ID Bracelet in 10K Gold - 8.75_ $4,249.00
Elvis Presley collection men’s “Rock ’n’ Roll” ID bracelet in 10k gold with 1.4 cts. t.w. diamonds, $4,249

The Elvis Presley collection does for music what other Zales celebrity collections have done for Hollywood (the Marilyn Monroe collection) and athletics (the Serena Williams collection).

Of that Marilyn Monroe collection, Singleton says, “Similar to the Elvis Presley collection, the goal is to give fans that sense of nostalgia and something to remember their favorite icon by. The Marilyn Monroe pieces were made to look like some of the actual pieces Marilyn herself was known for wearing in Hollywood—pearls, sparkly diamonds, dangly earrings. She was such a huge part of Hollywood’s history, so we wanted to create something that really embodied her glamorous persona.”

The Marilyn Monroe collection is still available for purchase, along with Zales’ Vera Wang LOVE collection and its new Serena Williams Jewelry collection. The Elvis Presley collection includes 23 styles set in yellow and white 10k gold with diamond accents throughout. Prices range from $1,249 to $4,249.

Top: Zales recently launched its Elvis Presley collection, which features pieces such as this men’s Flying Eagle Pendant in 10k gold with 1.3 cts. t.w. diamonds, $1,629. (All photos courtesy of Zales)

You may view photos of all of the items in this Elvis collection by Zales at the below link.  I believe there are 18 pieces of jewelry. 

It is fun to look at.