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FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2022

I am seeing an awful lot of unjust negative material now circulating everywhere on the Internet against Col. Parker.  I have been aware that some “Elvis fans” blame Col. Parker for the death of Elvis.  These feelings stem from total ignorance.  First of all, Elvis did NOT die!  Second of all, all of us who love Elvis so much and are so thankful that he is still here on earth with us, owe it all to Col. Parker who was the mastermind behind Elvis’ escape plan of August 16th, 1977.

Because I have been so blessed to be in contact with Elvis since 1992, my perspective about Col. Parker is unique because of what Elvis/Jesse has shared over the last 30 years; things I have witnessed; and things I have learned.

I feel honor bound to show and tell facts that I hope will dispel the horrible lies being repeated so heavily today.   It is taking me several days to compile my material for this article because of having to type with one hand as well as my other health issues.  Please do take time to digest the below and share it with others who may have a bad impression of Col. Parker.

Of course, Elvis and Col. Parker were very close business associates for so many years thru times of enormous stress and there were differences between them occasionally…but there was always a bond of friendship and love.

Jesse spoke these words to me personally:  “I didn’t know what I was going to do when Col. Parker died.

Back in January of 1997, Elvis/Jesse called our mutual friend and told him that Col. Parker was dying and our friend relayed to me the sad news.  This took place several weeks before Col. Parker passed away…at a time when his illness was not public knowledge.  On the day that Col. Parker did die, Elvis/Jesse again called our mutual friend and told him that Col. Parker had just died…again before it was made public on the news.   I heard it on the news while driving home from work after 5 PM that same day and our friend called to tell me of Elvis/Jesse’s call soon after I arrived home.  Elvis/Jesse has done this same sort of inside news sharing over the years as one of many ways of proving who he is.  He told me about Charlie Hodge being diagnosed with cancer before the public knew.  He also told me about Joe Esposito being diagnosed with something that we would be hearing about before it was made known to the public…dementia.

First of all, below is Elvis speaking from the stage stating that he loved Col. Parker.  Here you may hear Elvis say something about how he felt about Col. Parker.  I KNOW that this was true because of what Jesse has expressed.

“He’s not only my manager…but I really love him”

Below you will hear Tom Hanks say that Elvis and the Col. loved each other and that he was told that by Priscilla and Jerry Schilling. Priscilla said that the Col. took good care of them all and that they wish he were still here.  I have read of PP’s comments to Tom Hanks in other articles but I chose to share this video where everyone may hear Hanks for themselves.

Please take note beginning from the 2:17 minute marker below:


Yesterday I sat down with my own personal copy of the rough draft of Jesse’s book and leafed thru it in an effort to locate and scan copies of each time that Jesse wrote of Col. Parker’s aid in planning and carrying out the August 16th, 1977 “death plan“.  As you will see below in Elvis’ own handwriting, Jesse repeatedly gave credit for his successful faked death to Col. Parker.  

Also, many have criticized Col. Parker for his attire at Graceland when Elvis “died“…very casual and taking care of business instead of drowning in grief.  If one thinks about the real truth of that time, it only made sense that Col. Parker had a lot of business details to continue watching over to make sure that things ran smoothly from a practical angle.  Below is an excerpt from a new magazine which is on the newsstands now THE COMPLETE STORY – ELVIS & THE COLONEL.  My two wonderful friends MJ and Dennis Miller each gifted me with a copy of this magazine.  MJ pointed out the below excerpt to me when she called.

On page 94…

I do recall hearing about this in the news back then.  I also recall hearing that the Col. also made a similar statement to reporters which went something like this: Nothing’s changed…this is no different from when he was in the Army.

When I was publishing my newsletter back in 1990-1991, one of my subscribers reported to me that she had seen Col. Parker interviewed on a local CA TV show and that he responded to a question about Elvis’ death that “he wanted a way out and I showed him how to do it.”  I am sorry that I do not have a copy of this interview.

Below are the scans of the excerpts of Jesse’s letters in which he speaks of Col. Parker.  Again these copies are from my own copy of the rough draft of Jesse’s book.


So many people have accused Col. Parker of making Elvis to do too many shows nearing the end thereby “killing” him.  This certainly was not the case.  In Dick Grob’s book, he states that he was present during a discussion between Elvis and Col. Parker about how many shows Elvis wanted to be booked for in the later 70’s.  The Col. felt that Elvis should not be booking such a heavy schedule while Elvis wanted to book all the shows he could.  It came down to Elvis insisting on the heavy schedule and him telling Col. Parker that if he would not book him, he would find somebody who would.



I want to wish everyone a very happy July 4th and let’s all remember the great nation that is honored on this day.   We are all so blessed to be Americans.  May God bless our nation that one day we may have “…brotherhood from sea to shining sea.”  

Elvis Presley – America the Beautiful live ( master Piece )


Each month I like to share Emiel Maier’s interesting monthly news report.  He does a good job.

Elvis Presley News Report 2022: July (The future of ELVIS after the 2022 movie…



In response to my above article about Col. Parker, my long-time good friend Deb O. shared the below sweet photo of Elvis and Col. Parker having fun during a show.  My thanks to Deb.






I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me tonight.  He sounded good and was about as well as usual.  We had a good chat with him asking about my health issues and me asking about his well-being.  He said that he hasn’t been getting outside as much as he would like.  It certainly was a big joy in my day to hear his voice and to know that he is alright.


MONDAY, JULY 11, 2022

Ain’t this so!!!!


Priscilla Presley was one of the speakers at Col. Parker’s memorial service.

Friends say goodbye to ‘Col.’ Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s longtime manager

Saturday, Jan. 25, 1997 | 11:59 a.m.

About 160 people including Arnold, Parker’s wife, Loanne, and Presley’s former wife, Priscilla, gathered to say goodbye in a memorial at the Las Vegas Hilton, where Presley entertained 2.5 million people in 837 performances between 1969 and 1977.

Presley’s attendance records remain unbroken.

It was a day of praise of Parker.

Priscilla Presley told the group few people realize the role Parker played in bringing Elvis to prominence.

“The Colonel is somewhere working up another great promotion,” she said. “I think most of us assumed he would live forever.”

The one-time carnival pitchman, who guided Presley’s career for 22 years, died Tuesday of complications from a stroke. He was 87.

Parker made 25 percent of Presley’s total income at times and 50 percent at other times – figures that some in the Presley circle considered too high. He defended the profits he made, once saying, “I sleep very good at night.”

“He was a man of his word,” said country singer Eddy Arnold, who was one of Parker’s first clients in the mid-1940s. “When I talked to him, I knew where I stood.”

The “colonel” was an honorary title bestowed on Parker in 1948 by Gov. Jimmie Davis of Louisiana. Presley affectionately called Parker “admiral.”

“Where do you begin to celebrate the memory of a man that’s been so dear to us?” said John O’Reilly, chairman of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

Reilly spoke in front of a life-size picture of Parker in a cowboy hat.

“If the colonel was here, I know he’d have the thoughts that would guide us.”

O’Reilly, sharing a humorous anecdote, told how Parker once worked as a Santa Claus for Walgreen’s and urged a little girl to ask her mother for an extra hamburger because he was hungry.

While soft music from a piano and violin played, Mrs. Parker told the gathering she is considering having a monument built to honor her husband.

Parker’s friends depicted him as an emotional man, always prompt with his appointments. Many speakers read poems to Parker, who often sent poetry to his confidantes.

“He was the man behind rock ”n’ roll,” said Bruce Banke, former vice president of advertising and publicity at the Las Vegas Hilton.

He said Parker was asked after Presley died in 1977 if he thought the King was still alive.

“If he is, would you tell him to get in touch with me because I’ve got work for him,” Parker responded.

At the close of the memorial service, the lights dimmed and a recording of Presley singing “How Great Thou Art” filled the room as those gathered held hands.

“You and Elvis are together again,” said Henri Lewin, former president of the Hilton. “I know you’ve looked forward to this part.”


TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2022

My closest and longest friend MJ shared the below newspaper article with me many years ago.   I want to share it here now as a part of my defense of Col. Parker.




Below is the link to one of my earlier pages containing some of my material defending Col. Parker.  This is my September 2019 page…3 years ago.   Please scroll down to my  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th  entry.



I stumbled upon the YouTube Channel this week and was surprised to see a lot of my website material contained in the below video.  I certainly do appreciate the work which this man has put into compiling this video…much work was done to study and document the material in his video.  Most of all, I appreciate that he went to the trouble to credit me and my website with much of his video content.  He does not reach a conclusion that Elvis is alive and is Jesse…but leaves it up to his visitors to make up their own minds and reach their own conclusions…he invites his visitors to post their opinions and I do see that many of the posts are favorable that they do believe that Elvis is alive.

My sincerest appreciation to this young man.  I request that my visitors please do visit his YouTube channel for this video and leave a “Like” and post your comments as well.

24.4K subscribers

Did Elvis Presley fake his death in 1977? He may have had reason to with fears for his safety and perhaps mafia provocation, many have theorised in the last 45 odd years that hes still alive! Who is this man who calls himself Jesse Presley, who claims to be Elvis and helped write a book about it, he has had his DNA authenticated as likely to belong to Elvis, Handwriting, DNA and medical experts also corroborate his story!





MONDAY, JULY 18,2022

Those who are unable to attend Elvis week next month may do so virtually.  Below is the email announcement sent out by Graceland.

—–Original Message—–
From: Elvis Presley’s Graceland <>
Sent: Thu, Jul 7, 2022 11:45 am
Subject: Virtual Elvis Week 2022 Details Announced


You don’t have to miss a thing!
Graceland is excited to announce our second annual Virtual Elvis Week – Live from Graceland on August 9-16 for fans who can’t make the trip to Memphis during this historic year! 

Celebrate the legacy of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll from anywhere in the world through an amazing online experience with live concert events, conversations with special guests, and incredible fan experiences! Highlights include Elvis in concert on the big screen, All the King’s Men Jam Session, Ultimate ETA Contests, a full day of Conversations on Elvis, and more!

We are pulling out all the stops for Virtual Elvis Week 2022, with concerts and events at the Graceland Soundstage live streamed in pristine HD with soundboard audio! And, to enhance your experience, we are expanding the viewing time! All shows included in each pass are available from the time they premiere and can be re-watched on demand for 7 days following the show.

Passes for Virtual Elvis Week are on-sale now! 

And, if you are still making your plans to join us in person for Elvis Week 2022, there are still great seats available to many of our Elvis Week events, including our Ultimate ETA Contest and concerts, All The King’s Men Jam Session, Conversations and more!

Also, we will be able to enjoy watching the Candle Light Vigil streaming live from Graceland.

Elvis Week 2022 Candlelight Vigil

Mon, Aug 15 from 9:20 – 11:00pm EDT 

Join us online for the annual Candlelight Vigil live from Elvis Presley’s Graceland during Elvis Week 2022. Fans will gather at Graceland on the evening of August 15 to carry a candle up to Meditation Garden in quiet remembrance of Elvis’ life and legacy, on the 45th anniversary of his passing. Fans from around the world are invited to join us live from Elvis’ home in Memphis, Tennessee.

As always, Graceland will also Livestream free of charge for the annual Candlelight Vigil held at Graceland on the evening of August 15. Watch the 2022 Candlelight Vigil broadcast HERE.



I have good news to share.  Jesse called last night…he and I were both feeling better.  We had such a good phone visit.  He is still seeing his Dr. for shots to get his hemoglobin up and is not too far from the correct reading.  One of his doctors had the nerve to remind him that he is not 21 anymore!!  As always, his call was the best medicine in the world for me.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.


Just to share that Jesse phoned me again this afternoon to tell me a couple of things that he had not mentioned last night.  I think everyone will be happy to know that he is well today and we enjoyed a brief visit.



I enjoyed reading the below article about Elvis’ advice to Wanda Jackson who ended up in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Elvis Presley Made 1 of His Girlfriends Promise to Sing Rock Songs and Now She’s in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Elvis Presley gave the world some of the most famous rock songs of the 1950s and 1960s. During an interview, a 1950s star mentioned taking career advice from Elvis. This star later became a rock singer.

Elvis Presley playing songs on a guitar
Elvis Presley | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Elvis Presley told 1 of his girlfriends to sing rock songs

Wanda Jackson garnered some fame in the 1950s as a country singer. During a 2017 interview with Fox News, she said she dated Elvis for a year or so. She revealed how the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll tried to convince her to change her career trajectory.

“The thing that Elvis did for me was giving me the courage to sing this new music like he was doing,” Jackson recalled. “I would tell him, ‘I can’t do that, Elvis, because I’m just a country singer! Besides, I’m a girl. I can’t sing that stuff.’ And he said, ‘I know you could if you try.’ He made me promise that I would try.”

Jackson discussed how she reacted to Elvis’ pleas. “I kept my promise,” she said. “When I moved to Capitol Records, that’s when I recorded one of my first rock ‘n’ roll songs, ‘I Gotta Know.’ It was specially written for me. It has a little bit of a country kickoff.”

Wanda Jackson said ‘I Gotta Know’ was a ‘transition song’

“I Gotta Know” wasn’t a huge hit. The Billboard Hot 100 did not exist yet, so it didn’t chart there. The Official Charts Company reports the song did not chart in the United Kingdom. Regardless, Jackson said, “I Gotta Know” was a milestone in her career.

“It was a transition song for me,” Jackson told Fox News. “I recorded a lot of rock ‘n’ roll songs. They mostly had to be cover songs because nobody thought a girl’s point of view would sell … I began writing stuff and they all did well … Seems like I always had to be pushed a little bit.”

Wanda Jackson paid tribute to Elvis Presley at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Jackson’s decision to sing rock ‘n’ roll paid off. In 2009, she was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for being an early influence on rock ‘n’ roll music. This makes her one of the few female rock singers to be so honored. Jackson is also one of the few singers from a country music background to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

During her acceptance speech, Jackson said she wouldn’t have become successful if it wasn’t for the help of many others. She thanked Elvis for his advice. Jackson even said she could feel his presence in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Jackson became a rock ‘n’ roll legend and she might not have sung rock ‘n’ roll songs without Elvis’ encouragement.


The below video is a wonderful tribute to Elvis.  The editor of this video has done a fantastic job of compiling some of the beautiful quotes about Elvis from other entertainers.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and hope my visitors will also.

Elvis and his charisma (Part 10): What they said about him

My tribute to Elvis through what many artists have said about him.


I extend my apologies for not being quite as active on my site this past week.  I had two doctor appointments this week and have also had my physical therapy appointments moved up and so had one of those visits this week.  Also, I am doing my physical therapy work here at home.  So my time on the computer has been limited.  

I also apologize to those who have sent emails to me to whom I have not had time to respond.  

I thank everyone for being patient and understanding with this tired, sickly, and busy old lady.





SATURDAY 23, 2022

This is such sad news…the lady who played Big Mama Thornton in the “Elvis” movie passed away suddenly this week. 

Shonka Dukureh, ‘Elvis’ Actress, Found Dead in Nashville Apartment at 44

Yesterday while standing at the window to check out of the physical therapy practice, the sole of my shoe caught on the carpet and caused me to fall.  Ironically, I broke my right arm in the same shoulder area where I broke my left arm.

We were seen at the emergency room for exams and X-rays.

 I am in excruciating pain and will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon on Friday to determine the course of treatment.

So, now I am only using my partially recuperated left hand…typing with one finger.  Needless to say, I won’t be doing computer work for a while and for that I am sorry.

I won’t be able to respond to emails or post here on the site.  I will definitely post each time that Jesse calls though.

I thank everyone for your understanding and patience.  I will be back as soon as my healing permits.


I just noticed a little bit ago that we had a voice mail message and was happy to hear it was from Jesse.  We had an electrical storm this afternoon which caused our house phone signal to be lost.  Needless to say, I hate it so much that I missed speaking with him.  But I enjoyed hearing his voice and he sounded well.