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A very good friend to Jesse and me has surprised me by writing a testimonial letter for me to share here on my website.  I can’t thank SK enough for all the time and thought he put into creating this letter of recommendation for us and the truth which I have presented on my websites for the last eleven years.   He has also included all of my research and truths which I published dating back to the late 1980’s thru Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s newsletters and my own newsletters dating from July, 1990 thru March, 1991.  It has all been a true labor of love for me.

To whom it may concern: 

For anyone seeking an easy to fact check character reference of Linda Hood Sigmon, please take a good look at her outstanding 30 year track record of truth. You will find Linda’s relentless research and hard work, her rock-solid integrity and honesty, and all the facts and evidence she has so generously and bravely shared with the public throughout her 28 year friendship with Jesse. Linda Hood Sigmon’s Truth speaks for itself. 

Linda shares her truth and knowledge freely (ALWAYS FREE of charge) and has been defending it and her and Elvis’/Jesse’s good names and honor against ignorant naysayers for decades. 

Linda Hood Sigmon has debunked ALL the so-called debunkers. Her truth and proof wins by knockout each and every time. These self-described debunkers and naysayers never seem to want to share the weblinks or any summary on how their battle against Linda and her truth turned out. This is understandable. Once Linda jumps in the ring to engage them with her truth and evidence, they are too embarrassed to share that she took them to school and debunked their ridiculous claims.

Linda Hood Sigmon is kind, sincere and wise, bold and brave, and an unwavering workaholic who is driven by pure love, loyalty and the highest respect for her dear friend and “Big Brother” Jesse.  

As someone who is Blessed to be a friend of Linda for over 6 years, I could certainly share many of my own experiences of her outstanding character, kindness and honesty. A number of Linda’s friends have already done an excellent job attesting to this so I won’t…only because it would be A LOT to read and close-minded skeptics with preconceived notions don’t care about facts that they can’t verify. This is understandable and no one can blame another for wanting solid evidence. Fortunately, Linda Hood Sigmon’s truth written in her own words, and all the evidence she has shared these past 3 decades are facts that anyone can verify very easily.   

So if you are searching for the truth, congratulations you found it!! Linda Hood Sigmon is the lightsaber and lighthouse of truth about Jesse. Hopefully you will take the time to review all (or at least A LOT) of the information Linda has shared on her website(s) and enjoy her work of heart. 

We are all so very lucky and Blessed to have Linda and Jesse in our lives. Noone on Earth works harder and is more selfless in their service than Linda when it comes to sharing the Truth about Jesse and being his voice. And yes you could safely bet your life that Jesse is exactly who he and Linda say he is. Jesse has proven this himself for years now and you will find the proof of all these facts in Linda’s pages if you take the time to look. Just please understand and respect all the good and valid reasons and need for privacy and discretion. There appears to be a slight yet odd correlation between those who dig up certain ancient Pharaohs/mummies in Egypt and those who try to make a name for themselves piggybacking off of Linda and Jesse’s friendship and calling them out or trying to publicize them. In a nutshell, none of these individuals got the kind of results and fan-followings that their illusions of grandeur had them initially thinking. 

If you have a good head on your shoulders, a touch of street-smarts, and the time and ability to re-write what you think you knew in exchange for what’s true and real without blowing your top, you will greatly appreciate Linda Hood Sigmon and her Truth. If not, there is likely nothing anyone could ever write, say or show you to convince you of otherwise..other than perhaps a Breaking News report highlighted in red on your TV or phone feed. Best not be holding your breath for that and learn the truth on your own from the most credible sources there are, Linda Hood Sigmon, and Jesse himself. 

Please enjoy Linda’s beautiful truth, the truth about Jesse. Whether you are able to believe it or not is ok, it’s still the truth and isn’t ever going to change. 



I just came from Facebook where I have been made sick to my stomach.  I had not heard a word about this horrible desecration to the beautiful wall at Graceland until I received a message from one of my very dearest friends who sent me the below images which were posted on another Facebook page earlier.

My heart is just sickened and broken by this outrageous disrespect.  Elvis loved people of all races and all social classes and reached down to help everyone who he saw in need.  He never looked down on anyone in his life unless it was for really bad behavior…NEVER for the color of their skin nor where they came from.

As President Trump has attempted to stress to everyone for all of these many months of social unrest, rioting, luting, murdering, and desecration of our nation’s monuments:  Antifa and the big money backers of BLM are anarchists and terrorists.  They are not out there to honor nor defend black lives at all.  Anyone can tell that by the number of black children and black policemen who they have murdered.  

I am just sick to my stomach to see this. Antifa and BLM are NOT protestors at all. They are those who seek to destroy our great nation. Of all the desecration and damage they have done, this angers me the most of all. I have NO publicly acceptable words to express my disgust and anger.

May God help us all.



The cleanup is underway at Graceland.  

The Levitt Shell in Overton Park was also vandalized.

The only bright spot I see in this horrible situation is the synchronicity of the Orion sign in the Levitt Shell.  This was the venue where Elvis  gave his first paid concert on July 30, 1954; and, of course, the name ORION  is so closely associated with Elvis and Jesse…at least in my own mind.

May God help us all and heal our nation.






I have to wonder if those people who defaced the wall at Graceland ever listened to this wonderful song of compassion from Elvis.



I want to share with everyone that my wonderful brother Jesse called me today.  He is doing well.  He was to have gone on the picnic yesterday but it rained.  So, their plans were to go this afternoon very shortly after we hung up.

I told him about the horrible defacing of the wall at Graceland by the BLM and Antifa rioters.  Jesse had not heard about it and was dismayed to learn about this.  He wondered why they would do that at Graceland.  I told him my thoughts that it was not directed in any way toward Elvis but rather they chose that location because it is such a well-known place and would get public attention.  

I was so very happy to get his call and it certainly was the highlight of my day.



My good friend, Tracey H., shared the below video with me and I enjoyed viewing it so much.  I wanted to share it here with my visitors.  I will also send a copy of this video to Jesse later this week.  I thank Tracey so much.

Gary Pepper

Premiered Sep 3, 2020

Ashley Drew


The below video shows that the Graceland wall has been cleaned up from the horribly ugly defacing which took place this past week.  

Graceland Wall Defaced Now Cleaned Up Sept 1 2020 Spa Guy

Sep 2, 2020

In this Video The Spa Guy Goes to Memphis to show you the defaced wall and the clean up effort at Graceland and the Levitt Shell.


Another month of Elvis news from Emiel Maier on YouTube.  I always enjoy these informative monthly reports.

Elvis Presley News Report 2020: September (Release date: ‘Nashville’ box set)

Premiered Aug 30, 2020



I believe Jesse will enjoy reading this current news about the Blackwood Quartet and their show based upon his love of gospel music.

Blackwood Quartet to perform in El Dorado, Arkansas

story.lead_photo.captionThe Blackwood Quartet will perform “The Gospel Side of Elvis” on October 24 in El Dorado. (Contributed)

The year was 1934. Brothers Roy, Doyle and James Blackwood, along with Roy’s son R.W., formed what was to become among the most beloved gospel groups of all time, The Blackwood Brothers Quartet.

The band was featured on television on shows such as “Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters,” “Hee Haw” and in 1954 on the “Arthur Godfrey Talent Show.”

A few weeks later that same year, tragedy struck when two members of the group, R.W. Blackwood and Bill Lyles, were killed in a plane crash. After the accident, many fans and critics alike believed that the quartet would not be able to go forth. However, as fate would have it, R.W.’s youngest brother, Cecil Blackwood, joined the group along with the bass singer, J.D. Sumner, silencing any doubts the public had about the quartet continuing to be a force in gospel music.

Cecil Blackwood was a childhood friend of Elvis Presley. They attended Sunday school together and formed their first gospel quartet called “The Songfellas” long before Elvis went on to become the King of Rock ‘n Roll. The association between the two families was lifelong.

In 1958, Elvis sent a plane to North Carolina and brought the Blackwoods to sing at his mother’s funeral. James Blackwood would sing “How Great Thou Art” at Elvis’ funeral.

Cecil Blackwood’s son, Mark, joined his family in the Blackwood Brothers Quartet in 1986. He sang lead for many years alongside his dad, Cecil, and many other talented singers.

Today, Mark Blackwood fronts The Blackwood Quartet and continues the tradition of his family and their association with Elvis Presley.

The Blackwood Quartet will perform “The Gospel Side of Elvis” on Saturday, October 24 at the El Dorado Municipal Auditorium at 100 W. 8th St. at 7 p.m. In “The Gospel Side of Elvis,” the group performs Presley’s personal favorites, including “Amazing Grace,” “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “Crying In The Chapel.”

Tickets are available at the door for only $25 general admission, while children 12 and under are admitted for $10 each and those five and under are free. Advance tickets are available for $20 each through Generous discounts are available for groups. Tickets are also available at Shelly’s Shoes, Etc. in Downtown El Dorado.

Bill Gaither said, “The Blackwood name is the best-known name in gospel music worldwide.”The group tours regularly and brings the word of Christ through song to both believers and non-believers.”

The Blackwood family has received nine Grammy Awards and is in the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, the Nashville Music Hall of Fame, the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame and many more.


Below is a YouTube video which was created by Joe Esposito from his home movies of Elvis.  This video on YouTube is on the channel owned by * CHRISHAYRIDER68 *.

Way back many years ago, (May, 1999 postmark) Jesse sent me a copy of some of Joe’s home movies on a VHS tape.  He said something like “I told Joe these are not good enough to put out.”  I have not had that tape out of storage for so many years and never copied it onto a DVD.  When it arrived, the tape on the VHS had come loose and would not play but Tom managed to repair it so that we could watch it.  I have had it locked away in a fireproof safe box since then.  I got it out today and made a copy of the label which Jesse printed for that tape.  


Also, back so.o.o.o many years ago, I read that Joe wanted to release some of his home movies and that EPE would not let him do so.  Joe had created a fund and I sent a check to Joe to help him with his financial expenses in trying to get the right to use his videos.  Much later, I received my check back from Joe saying that things had been settled.  Below is a copy of my returned check from Joe, his envelope to me and his note.


Also, within a couple of years of Elvis’ “retirement“, Joe, Charlie Hodge and Colonel Parker did a small show in Charlotte.  In that show, Joe did show some of his home movies.  After the show, I spoke with Joe and told him that I enjoyed his movies most of all.  There were “photo albums” for sale at the show and we bought one. This is a beautiful collection of full page photos of Elvis on stage.

Below you may see the front of my booklet which Joe and Colonel Parker autographed.   I can’t recall why I missed getting Charlie’s autograph.

Finally, below is the CHRISHAYRIDER68 YouTube video of Joe’s home movies which triggered all of these memories for me today.



We get to see silent footage of Elvis Horse back Riding behind Graceland, Hawaii Holidays, Road trips which includes seeing Elvis driving a Bus and then having some fun play fighting with the boys during a bus break, Snowmobiling, some Outtakes are seen on the set during some of the Elvis movies like Easy Come Easy Go, Clambake, Stay Away Joe, and Live a little love A Little, get together’s with Family and friends.

Don’t forget that Jesse wrote that out of all the people who worked for Elvis, Col. Parker chose Joe to be involved in the faked death plan of August 16, 1977.  The below letters were written to Dr. Hinton for the book.  These copies are from my own rough draft of the book.

Enlargement of paragraph shown above:


Below is another mention of Joe being one of the very few people with whom Jesse discussed the plan beforehand.






The below image was shared with me by my good friend Dennis F. Miller on Facebook.  This certainly applies to me and, most likely, to many of my visitors.


My friend from Facebook, Chantal, shared the below photo of Elvis with me to compare to Jesse.  I thank her very much for this contribution.



My good and long-time friend, Tracey H., shared the below article with me.  It is interesting to read and to see the outcome of the poll of Elvis fans regarding the USA election coming up in November.

My sincerest thanks to Tracey for bringing this excellent article to my attention.

We all well know that Elvis never liked to express his opinions publicly regarding politics and I still respect that completely.   I hope that Jesse won’t mind my publishing this article regarding Elvis’ private opinions.

2020 Presidential Election Survey of Elvis Presley Fans Results is an Eye-Opener

Was Elvis Presley a Democrat or Republican? What about his fans today?

Elvis Presley was awarded the highest civilian award for an American, the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2018.

The real answer is that the King of Rock and Roll was both. Elvis fans in America and around the world are of all political, religious, cultural persuasions.

Like it or not, in light of the recent criminal defacement of the Graceland Wall, Elvis Presley’s name has been the subject of countless political conversations over the decades, but especially now.

But politics aside for a moment, many fans have found renewed comfort in his music. The chaotic world and pandemic of 2020 has provided an avenue of escape for, and in, the hearts and minds of millions.

Even Graceland is political with their “2020 Elvis For President” mugs on sale.

Elvis Presley Enterprises, as with just about every business, has been making sacrifices and changes to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis and restrictions. This included shutting down tours and events, layoffs, reductions in executives pay and even one owner not taking any pay at all.

The Elvis world and Memphis tourism were particularly excited when Graceland reopened, with reduced and limited touring offers.

In late June, my wife and I stayed at the Guesthouse at Graceland while being among the first to visit Graceland, the Elvis Memphis and museum complex, Sun Studio and other Memphis venues. We saw hope and excitement returning.

The Graceland tours were limited to about 10 people at a time instead of their normal 40 to 50 during peak seasons.

Although the Civil Rights Museum and much of Beale Street remained closed, restaurants like Marlowe’s (close to Graceland) and Corky’s BBQ were back in business. It was promising.

The Birthplace of Elvis in Tupelo was also welcoming, but much of the city was still struggling with reopening. Residence and business owners we talked to were concerned about local city leadership response.

We found the face of large Elvis statue on the square in front of City Hall wrapped in a mask, much to the disappointment of fans who traveled far and wide to see it.

Even the annual celebrations of Elvis Week back in Memphis during mid-August were limited, with much of it regulated to virtual participation.

Then it happened. In the early morning hours of September 1, 2020 the front wall of Graceland was defaced by spray painted graffiti and  tags supporting the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) and “Defund the Police” causes.

In my 46 years of investigative reporting, writing and blogging, I’ve had the greatest honor of meeting Elvis and interviewing him. I’ve been blessed to meet some of his family, staff, Memphis Mafia members, close friends (childhood and beyond), girlfriends and others who knew him.

When interviewing music stars like B.B. King, Merle Haggard, Kenny Rogers, Chubby Checker, Fats Domino and Justin Timberlake, I always ask about Elvis.

It was the same with people like Eddie Murphy, Clint Eastwood, John Wilkerson (Elvis’ guitarist in the ’70s) and even John Lennon’s girlfriend May Pang.

I’ve remained a loyal fan and an ambassador for Elvis going back into the 1960s. My biggest rewards have been knowing, corresponding with and meeting thousands of fans around the globe. I’ve met Elvis fans in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico and Canada. I’m still in touch with surviving fellow fans, and even the children of those who have passed, that I’ve met in Memphis, LA, Las Vegas, at many Elvis concerts in the ’70s, and scores of Elvis festivals and Elvis Tribute Artist shows.

My point is, throughout the years the subject of Elvis and politics has come up often. It is not a taboo subject (although a few might think it is). My intent, by polling thousands of fans, was to gain more insight and effect the recent defacement of Graceland has on fans and their preferences on the 2020 presidential election.

Before I give the results, I have something to say about Elvis’s political preferences. I’ve researched, interviewed and written about it many times. I’m naturally curious and pay attention to what his fans think.

In public, he was wise enough to not say much. Many of today’s celebrities could learn a thing or two from Elvis Presley.

One of the most familiar video clips of an Elvis news conference was on
June 9, 1972. Elvis was sitting with his father Vernon Presley to talk about his upcoming Madison Square Garden concerts in New York.
He was asked a question concerning the Vietnam War.

Question: “You were in the Army and were drafted. What is your opinion of war protesters? And would you today refuse to be drafted?”

Elvis: “Honey, I’d just soon to keep my own personal views about that to myself? Cause I’m just an entertainer and I’d rather not say.”

Privately, especially as he matured and read more became more focused on politics and current events. (He was way too busy and on the road constantly trying to build a career in the first years. Plus, for those of us who know about what McCarthyism did to Hollywood and entertainment careers, you understand why he said little publically).

What is critical to understand is that his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley started out as conservative Southern Democrats. They supported Stevenson over Eisenhower and Kennedy over Nixon.

Elvis went into the Army in 1958 and had two years to read, grow and formulate his own opinions. He loved President John F. Kennedy and was devastated about his assassination.

Like many, he supported Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson was the first president he met. He was along the lines of many Southern Democrats at the time. But things evolved.

Ronald Reagan and so many others, including my own parents through time, noticed the Democratic party changing. They switched and so did

Memphis Mafia’s Marty Lacker told me Elvis was “usually supportive of whoever was president at the time. He was loyal and patriotic to America. It was an America First attitude with Elvis, like most of us.”

“Hey, we owned guns,” he continued. “Everyone knows Elvis loved his guns. And his badges. He loved his guns and badges and was always respectful with police. He had police friends everywhere.”

Lacker passed away a few years ago, but he told the same story as others. Elvis was a strong believer in the Second Amendment and gun rights. He respected and supported police and law enforcement.

“Elvis was very private about his political views, but was passionate about them in private with those of us and friends he could trust,” Sonny West said.

It’s interesting that West and Elvis’ most liberal Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schiling went with their friend and boss to visit Richard Nixon in the White House Oval Office on December 21, 1971.

“Elvis didn’t write many letters himself, but one of his most famous is the one he wrote on airline stationary to the President when we were on our way to see him (Nixon). He liked Nixon and was loyal, but after Watergate, he felt letdown.”

Early in that letter, Elvis wrote “I talked to Vice-President Agnew in Palm Springs 3 weeks ago and expressed my concern for our country. The drug culture, the hippie elements, the SDS, Black Panthers, etc. … ”

“He liked President Carter too,” West said. “He was some kind of distant cousin to him and he even met him and Roslyn once. But he didn’t vote for him. He was a Reagan man by then. War and college protests and the way our soldiers were treated when they came home from Vietnam angered him.”

Schilling and Lacker both leaned liberal but by all accounts, even their own, they admitted Elvis was definitely conservative in the 1970s.

Elvis met future president George H. W. Bush at an awards ceremony in the early 1970’s.

According to many who were close, and even Rex Humbard, Elvis was a Born Again Christian. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior before he died.

Anyone who knows Elvis, realizes his devotion to Gospel music was strong.

Many I have spoken to in Memphis show and tell of a long history of Elvis supporting various local religious causes. He was very giving towards the Jewish community there.  His grandmother was Jewish. He studied many religions including Hinduism.

The Survey

On Thursday, September 4th beginning at 8:30 p.m. CST, and ending on Sunday, September 6, during Labor Day weekend we conducted a poll of Elvis fans. It was presented on 48 different Elvis fan pages and Facebook Group sites.

Two of the group sites elected to be taken off the survey (after administrators had approved it) because of other administrator’s concerns.

However, four additional Elvis groups requested to be included, so we netted two groups, bringing the total to an even 50.

The survey was sent only to Elvis groups. There was no known biases or information for any political, cultural, racial or ideologies. The only criteria was being an Elvis fan and a member-follower of one of these fan groups.

Here are the instructions and information posted on each group page:

“We are conducting a survey on 48 different Elvis Presley social media pages and sites. PLEASE NO COMMENTS  so we can streamline entering into a database. It will be the largest such survey ever.

If you must comment, please do so on my personal Facebook page. This will help us facilitate the poll expeditiously and properly.

Please simply reply with a “T” if you support President Trump, or a “B” if you support Joe Biden. Please just the letter, no comments.”

The response was overwhelming. With just over two hours after posting, more than 2,600 ‘votes’ came in.

I owe a great deal of thanks to three college “nerds,” (their words not mine) who facilitated the tabulation, databased it to check for duplicates across different group member votes and accuracy. Cynthia Herrera,  Kamal Kaisar and Mitch Delaney had fun and perhaps became Elvis fans with this project.

This is the first targeted poll exclusively of Elvis Presley fans for a presidential election of this scale in history. As a comparison, to a typical Pew Research Center national survey of 1,500 completed interviews, they calculate they will be within plus or minus 2.9 percentage points with a 95% confidence interval. This means that in 95 out of every 100 samples of the same size and type, the results we obtain would vary by no more than plus or minus 2.9 percentage points from the result we would get if we could interview every member of the population.

Here are the results of the 2020 Presidential Election Survey of Elvis Presley Fans.

There were 5,836 total votes cast. But after duplicates were taken out to assure one vote per Elvis fan, we had 5,293 certified votes.

Instead of voting with a “T” for Trump or a “B” for Biden, 18 people made comments disliking the survey or calling it inappropriate. However, 62 comments were complementary or thankful for the survey.

Out of 5,293 certified votes, the totals are:

Donald Trump:   4,950 (93.519%)

Joe Biden:    343 (6.48%)

2020 Presidential Election Survey of Elvis Presley Fans Results is an Eye-Opener


Did anyone else notice the very good match of one of the Elvis photos in the above article to that of Jesse?



Just want to share with everyone that Jesse called us earlier this evening.  He sounded well and we had a short visit.  He wasn’t able to stay on the phone too long this time.  He is doing alright.  He still has not gotten to make the trip for which he had hoped.  He has not given up and said that he wants to see some more of these United States.  As always, his call was a blessing to me and made my day brighter.



My closest friend, M J, was looking through some very old magazines and came across the below article regarding Elvis and his study and practice of Karate.  I was certainly impressed with how far he advanced in this art.



My friend, Steven R., sent the below photo to me and I thought it deserved to be displayed alongside Jesse’s for comparison.  I thank Steven so very much.  He has been very faithful for years in providing photos.


A good friend to Jesse and me, S K, shared the below proof that a photo used in the Joel Gilbert movie, ELVIS FOUND ALIVE, was indeed photoshopped.  Gilbert took a lot of liberties in creating the movie and, in my opinion, did a dis-service to a movie in which he was privileged to have the script read by the very-much-alive and REAL Elvis Presley who IS Jesse.

I thank S K so very much for providing this new documentation with us of something else Gilbert did which was underhanded in the movie.  Gilbert only wanted Jesse’s voice.  Jesse said he was filmed in silhouette but Gilbert replaced the actual film of Jesse with an actor.

You may read Jesse’s handwritten two-page letter regarding this movie on my original website on the below page link:


Here is the proof which S K furnished that the photo of supposedly Elvis with President Ronald Reagan was photoshopped using a photo of President Reagan with someone else.

Here is S K’s description of his find:

It was showcasing the photo from the film, “Elvis Found Alive” of Elvis shaking hands with President Reagan. 

As Jesse stated, only his voice was used for this movie and he was filmed in silhouette and replaced with a body double in the finished film. As you know, the image on the cover of the movie isn’t a real photo of Elvis, nor is the one with President Reagan. 

I found the proof of this by searching for similar images on Google this morning…In fact I found the exact and original photo of President Reagan and C. Everett Koop that was doctored/photoshopped for the movie. (Attached below) 

It was foolish of Gilbert to “doctor” what should have been done in nothing but an above board and credible fashion.   






Phew!!!  I thought I had done a better job than this!  Guess that means that there are just fewer of us to luxuriate in enjoying the proof he has given to us.

Do You Believe in Bigfoot is Elvis Still Alive and What’s Inside Area 51 See Where You Stack Up in This MSN Poll

Is there any chance Elvis is still alive?

  • 2% – Uh-huh

  • 3% – Perhaps

  • 93% – No

  • 2% – Elvis who?

(Photo by Liaison)



Just want to share with everyone that Jesse called me earlier this evening.  He sounded wonderful and said that he was feeling well today.  We only talked about everyday things this time and so I really don’t have any news to share.  I know that my regular visitors look forward to knowing when he calls and how he is doing.  It certainly was a wonderful part of my day…as it always is.  I love it so much when my “big brother” calls.



He set such a good example…young people today would do well to be educated about his life when he was a young man.

Elvis Presley REFUSED any special treatment when he was drafted in the military

Elvis Presley REFUSED any special treatment when he was drafted in the military

During his time here he embarked on a voyage to Bremerhaven, Germany.

While many of Presley’s fans were no doubt worried for his safety, the military themselves saw this as an incredible public relations opportunity.

Elvis, at the time, was perhaps one of the most sought after people on the planet – and having him serve in the U.S. military would be great for everyone involved.

On Presley’s 22nd birthday he was considered “1A”, and it was announced he would be drafted soon.

With the King about to enter the building many different divisions of the military were eager to get their offer on the table.

Published at Tue, 22 Sep 2020 09:08:30 +0000



I have grown so weary of the people who create the fake photos of an “older Elvis” and pass them around trying to make people believe that their photo is a current photo of him. 

My friend Steven R. sent the below photo to me today.  This is one currently being shown around on Facebook.  

To whoever created this image, I say “Nice try…but NO cigar!”

I have tracked down the original photo of Elvis on which they worked their magic.  This photo came from the movie “Change of Habit“.

Below is a black and white of Elvis in the same shirt also from the backlot of the filming of “Change of Habit


My good friend SK has sent a follow-up regarding the above article  regarding the photoshopped image of President Reagan with “Elvis” from the Joel Gilbert film “Elvis Found Alive“.

Below is SK’s additional comment and a wonderful image and quote of President Reagan.

A quick bit of irony I wanted to share is that the original man in this photo, C. Everett Koop was known as the “Rockstar” Surgeon General. 

Even though the photo was faked, it’s safe to say that President Reagan would have been very happy and honored to meet Elvis and be photographed with him shaking his hand.:)  

My heartfelt thanks to SK for his help and support.






Just want to share that my wonderfully sweet brother, Jesse, called me this evening for my birthday.  Needless to say, that absolutely MADE my day as special as it could be.    We only spoke for a few minutes this time since we just talked a couple of days ago.  He is well today.


As many of you will recall, I have been trying to tell people for a number of years that Pastor Bob Joyce is NOT Elvis.  Most have refused to believe that they are not the same person in spite of the most kind and generous act of Pastor Joyce in sending an Email to me, in response to my Email to him, stating that he is not Elvis and the fact that he had tried to discourage the spreading of that false rumor.

This past week The SPA Guy, who many of us are familiar with because of all of the very factual and entertaining videos which he has published on YouTube, put out a new video in which he met and spoke with Pastor Bob Joyce who confirmed that he is NOT Elvis.  He also stated that he is only 68 years old.

I am sharing The SPA Guy’s video in hopes that this combined with my own video, which I created quite some time ago, will serve to help stifle the ongoing barrage of rumors and out-and-out lies which continue to be spread.

Bob Joyce IS NOT Elvis I Asked Him If He Is Elvis.. The Spa Guy

Sep 24, 2020

59.9K subscribers

Click the above links to see Bob Joyce Videos and more.. In this video The Spa Guy goes to talk to Bob Joyce and ask that question are you Elvis? It is a simple question and he answers it easily.. Make sure you Subscribe and also visit Bob’s website..

Below is my own comment which I posted yesterday in response to the above video which The SPA Guy published on his YouTube channel.

Linda Hood Sigmon
I have been trying to tell everyone that Pastor Bob Joyce is NOT Elvis for years. Pastor Joyce was kind enough to write an Email in response to my Email for me to publish on my website and on my Facebook Elvis/Jesse fan page regarding the stories that he is Elvis. I have never believed that he is Elvis for a minute but people keep asking me this question too. I do KNOW the real man who the world knew as Elvis Presley. I have been sharing Elvis’ own truth for over 11 years with his complete approval and support. The image died that day…but the physical man lived on and is still alive today. We have been close friends since 1992. I have a massive amount of proof of this which he has permitted me to share. I won’t post the link to my websites here because I don’t want it to appear that I am soliciting visitors. My site has had far in excess of one million visitors so I do not need to beg for visitors. What I have just written is Elvis’ own truth which he does want his fans to understand. He had to leave that life he was living as “Elvis” in order to physically survive…he would have died had he continued. He wants his fans to understand this. Thank everyone for reading.


footnote:  The spa guy has removed all comments from his video and is no longer allowing anyone to post comments.  I must assume that this is all the result of my posting my above comment.  he reportedly wants nothing to do with anything about Elvis being alive.

Below is a video from my own personal YouTube channel in which Pastor Joyce’s Email to me is featured.



(I very much appreciated the owner of the below channel for using my Email from Pastor Joyce in their video.  I was angered that Skutnik filed a complaint against the below channel which caused their video to be removed from YouTube.)

THE TRUTH WILL AMAZE Published on Oct 29, 2017

Below is a video of Pastor Bob Joyce speaking from his pulpit refuting the lies being told about him being someone other than himself.  As you can see, he was disturbed, stressed and very unhappy about the falsehoods being told about him.

This video is from the following YouTube channel:

JOHN COOK bobjoyceorg




Of all the movies about Elvis which I have viewed, my very favorite has  been and still is “THIS IS ELVIS“.    I just finished reading a lengthy interview with Malcom Leo who was the director of this film.  I enjoyed reading this very much and I have printed it off to send to Jesse.  I am including the link to this interview for others who may also be a fan of this movie and would enjoy reading some of the behind the scenes history of the making of the movie.

Another reason for my strong interest in this movie is that it was produced by Warner Brothers Pictures in 1981 after they formed Orion Pictures Corporation.

Orion Pictures Corporation is an American motion picture production and distribution company that produced and released films from 1978 until 1999, and was also involved in television production and syndication throughout the 1980s until the early 1990s. It was formed in 1978 as a joint venture between Warner Bros. and three former top-level executives of United Artists.

It is also well worth noting that Col. Parker was involved with the making of this film.  Joe Esposito was a consultant.  Jesse wrote in his book about Col. Parker being the mastermind behind the August 16, 1977 plan and that Col. Parker chose Joe out of all of Elvis’ employees to be in on the plan.  I have always wondered if perhaps Elvis himself had a hand in providing some suggestions for the film by way of Col. Parker and Joe.

Below is the Orion Warner logo.




Jesse sent a beautiful birthday gift to me and I want to share it here for my visitors to see.  As you can see, even though it does not photograph nor scan too clearly, is a beautiful gold framed cameo pendant.  I love it so much for it’s beauty and most of all because it is a gift from my brother who I love dearly.

Jesse’s BD gift 9-27-2020  scan back      Jesse’s BD gift 9-27-2020 scan front

Jesse’s BD gift 9-27-2020 photo back          Jesse’s BD gift 9-27-2020 photo front



Just sharing with everyone that Jesse called us earlier this evening.  He is doing well today.  He was calling to make sure that I did receive his birthday gift which he sent to me.  I was so happy to tell him that I did and how much I love it.  We have a mutual friend who is very ill and so we spoke of that for a little while.  We did not talk too long this time.  Naturally, his call did a lot to brighten my day.

Jesse has requested that I ask those friends who have written to him before if they could see if they can find some vintage Halloween items to send to him.  He wants to decorate a room in his home for Halloween.  He always enjoys giving out treats for Halloween but, of course, this year that will probably be greatly curtailed by the Covid pandemic.  He loves to look at things from back in the days of his childhood.  I plan to shop on E-Bay for some things that I can send to him.  If you would like to send him something, please contact me.😍⚡️🎼

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