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I came across a copy of The Killer, The King vinyl record on Ebay for an almost give-away price should anyone still be looking for a copy.  This is a used copy which the seller describes as in near mint condition for the record and the cover only has a little bit of storage marks.

As you will see this record is only $7.99 which is such a bargain.  The photo is not included but that is no big deal as the photo is only of an image close to those shown on the folding cover.


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Another month of Elvis news items…I am NOT happy with this title at all!!

Elvis Presley News Report 2020: April (Can Elvis rise again ?)

Mar 27, 2020

Emiel Maier

The Graceland archivist pointed out: “You will notice the lining is a little discoloured.

“That’s because Elvis, he used to sweat in these things!

“As you can see this one’s kinda light, not very heavy, but it’s really recognisable.”

Delving further into the box, Angie discovered Elvis’ very own size 12 designer stage boots.

Pointing out the colour of the jumpsuit and boots, Angie revealed: “You also will notice the colour of everything.

“On stage all of this looks white, but you’ll notice actually it’s an off-white colour.

“Turns out it was the stage lights that made it shine a bright white. If actually white, it wouldn’t have shone up as well on stage.”


Baz Luhrmann was days away from shooting Elvis Presley biopic when production shut down

Baz Luhrmann was four days away from shooting his Elvis Presley biopic when production shut down after Tom Hanks tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

The Oscar-winning actor was in Australia with his wife Rita Wilson preparing to start filming Elvis, in which he plays the rock ‘n’ roll star’s longtime manager Colonel Tom Parker, when they both tested positive for the virus in March and were quarantined in hospital.

In an interview with Deadline, Elvis director Luhrmann revealed that the team, including Austin Butler as Presley, had been in rehearsals when the tests came back positive and they shut down immediately that day, only four days away from shooting.

“I was four days out from shooting. I had built the Vegas showroom, the International which became the Hilton, and you know that famous scene where Elvis is playing that showroom?” he explained, referring to when Presley was mobbed and kissed by dozens of fans. “We were rehearsing camera positioning, everything, and I’d done all the tests, Austin, Tom, and the whole cast was on fire. We were that close.”

The Moulin Rouge! filmmaker revealed they were in the middle of rehearsing that scene when his producer came in to tell him about Hanks.

“So, I’m getting ready to begin shooting on a Monday, and I’m rehearsing the scene where we’ve built the Vegas showroom, and Tom guides in Austin as Elvis, and it’s a scene where basically hundreds of girls are kissing Elvis, in a ’70s show,” Luhrmann recalled. “Tom guides him through the crowd. All of a sudden, I see my producer, Patrick McCormick on the set… You and the world knows what happened next.”

The crew used the footage to help track down anyone who had been in contact with Hanks and they all had to quarantine for 14 days. They were tested and it turned out “we never had one more infection in the entire crew”.

Hanks and Wilson are now recovered from the virus and are back home in the U.S. They have donated some blood to help create a vaccine.


My longtime friend Melinda F. sent this video to me and I appreciate her doing so very much.  I will be putting this on a DVD to send to Jesse this week.

August 14, 2018

Wink Martindale and his wife Sandy tell the story of how they both met (and became friends with) Elvis Presley!



While speaking with a dear friend tonight on the phone, she directed me to look on Facebook at the posted item by Franklin Graham who is the son of Rev. Billy Graham.  She knew that I would love seeing this because of it being about Elvis.  Below is the article to which my friend directed me followed by the subsequent articles which I visited.

Franklin Graham
6 hrs

If you’re sick and tired of all the news about the coronavirus, here’s something different—Elvis. Here’s something you may not know about Elvis Presley. The “King of Rock and Roll” loved to read the book of Psalms from the Bible, filled with the writings of King David. The Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. has two of Elvis’s personal Bibles on display. As a young man, Elvis grew up singing in his church and later recorded many Gospel songs. Unfortunately he died at the young age of 42. But most importantly of all, it’s my hope that Elvis knew the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ as His Savior. No matter how much fame and fortune we might have in this world, that is the only thing that will matter when we step into eternity and stand before God.

Elvis Presley’s notes show he probably read this book of the Bible most

By Caleb Parke | Fox News

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, got his start performing in an Assembly of God Church in Tupelo, Miss., so it’s no surprise his work was somehow impacted by the Bible.

Actually, Elvis’ only Grammy awards were for his gospel music, winning best sacred performance in 1967 and best inspirational performance in 1972 and 1974.

Today, two of his Bibles – his personal Bible and one gifted to him by a fan that he held onto through the years – are part of the collection at the Museum of the Bible, in Washington, D.C.

Even though the museum is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, that’s not stopping one of the curators from opening up about what’s inside.

This Bible was gifted to Elvis Presley in 1977 by a fan.
This Bible was gifted to Elvis Presley in 1977 by a fan. (Museum of the Bible)

Amy Van Dyke, the museum’s lead curator of art and exhibitions, shared the story about the first time she held Elvis’ personal Bible.

She said she could tell it was “something special to him” by all the notes in the margins.

“His favorite book, from what it looks like, was the book of Psalms,” she shared. “Because in the book of Psalms there’s a lot of notations and writings in there, which makes sense because it’s a book of songs. So for a musician, it made a lot of sense.”

This Bible gifted to Elvis Presley in 1977 has his name engraved on the front cover.
This Bible gifted to Elvis Presley in 1977 has his name engraved on the front cover. (Museum of the Bible)

She added, “And in the back of that Bible, there’s also some writing and some stanzas that he’s written in there and poems and other things that really spoke to him.”

The other of his Bibles housed at the museum was gifted by a fan, Pat Hyder of Cowpens, S.C., on Feb. 20, 1977, and she wrote her address inside.

Dr. Jeffrey Kloha, chief curatorial officer at the museum, told Fox News it’s no surprise the King spent so much time in the book of Psalms.

“Musicians have always found inspiration in the Psalms,” Kloha said. “Like Elvis, J. S. Bach, for example, wrote notes in his Bible throughout the Psalms. This is because the Psalms themselves are intended to be sung, and have been sung in churches and synagogues for centuries.”

In a series called the Lonesome Curator on YouTube, Museum of the Bible staff has been sharing about its treasures while the gates remain closed.

PARAMOUNT PRESENTS    Paramount is creating a new label ‘Paramount Presents’ for classic films from their expansive library, each remastered from 4K film transfers in Blu-ray, with special features and collectible packaging.  The chosen films are enduringly popular and culturally significant. The first 3 classics are: Adrian Lyne’s combustible 1987 ‘Fatal Attraction’ (Blu-ray, Paramount, R),  Michael Curtiz’s 1958 black-and-white Elvis Presley New Orleans musical ‘King Creole’ (Blu-ray, Paramount, Not Rated) and Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 Riviera-set romantic thriller ‘To Catch a Thief’ (Blu-ray, Paramount, PG) that memorably teamed Cary Grant who had previously starred for Hitch in ‘Notorious,’ my choice for Hitchcock’s greatest movie, with Grace Kelly.

Among the extras: Hollywood historian Leonard Maltin offers new insights on both ‘Creole’ and ‘Thief.’ ‘Thief’ has an audio commentary by Dr. Drew Casper, a Hitchcock historian. ‘Attraction’ has Lyne’s audio commentary as well as the now-infamous ‘Madame Butterfly’ alternate ending which was cut after previews and replaced by the more satisfying grand guignol finale we all know.  Today, ‘Creole’ is considered to be not just Presley’s best performance but his best film.  It was his personal favorite, a case of the actor connecting personally with the role and with the way Curtiz, a Hungarian immigrant, was able to make Presley stand as tall as his impressive co-stars.

Elvis Presley has lost one of his trademarks, his Presley length sideburns, in Hollywood on Feb. 12, 1958. His role in the movie “King Creole” required the shortening. (AP Photo/STU) NO SALES

‘King Creole’ is based on Harold Robbins’ bestselling book ‘A Stone for Danny Fisher’ – Robbins would became a Sixties publishing phenom with ‘The Carpetbaggers’  — but this story of a kid from Nowhere who is going Somewhere has personal relevance for Swivel Hips, a shy kid who came from nothing and here offers his only peak performance. Curtiz cannily propels ‘King Creole’ — he’s a wizard who knows how to structure scenes, to stage each action with drive and momentum.  Hal Wallis, a legendary, beloved Hollywood veteran, is the producer. He was the man in charge at Warner Bros. whose incredibly troubled and complicated production of ‘Casablanca’ won Best Picture Oscar night.  But before he could get to the stage, Jack Warner was up there grabbing the gold statue — as his family blocked Wallis from getting to the podium!  Wallis was so angry, he left to produce at Paramount and then as an independent.  His ‘King Creole’ cast looks and works like the proverbial speeding train flying down the tracks.

Carolyn Jones, best known for creating Morticia Addams on the TV series and who was never less than enchanting and was under a multiple picture contract with Wallis, is Ronnie, the world weary gangster’s moll with a soft spot for Presley’s Danny.  The Paramount Presents box opens to reveal the now-classic poster of Presley and Jones locked in an embrace.  Walter Matthau was virtually unknown when cast as the ruthless gangster known not affectionately as ‘The Pig.’ Blond, elegant Dolores Hart who would become famous in the spring break classic ‘Where the Boys Are’  and who would then famously exit Hollywood for a nunnery, is the ‘good girl.’ Curtiz had a remarkably productive Hollywood career, beginning in the silent era.  A master of almost every kind of picture, he won his only Best Director Oscar for ‘Casablanca.’  Curtiz directed Jimmy Cagney (‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’) and Joan Crawford (‘Mildred Pierce’) to their Oscar wins. Among his classics: ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood,’ ‘The Sea Hawk,’ ‘White Christmas’ and the faux Cole Porter biopic ‘Night and Day’ with Cary Grant.




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