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Also Elvis’ song “Suspicious Minds” for the Song of Ages. 

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I am sharing a video/audio of a supposed interview with Elvis which I am told originally came out on a CD many years ago.  I had never seen nor heard a word about this tape until last week when a very good friend sent it to me to hear.  I listened to it and initially actually thought it was Elvis.  It confused me, though, because so much of what is said in this interview is direct contradictions to the things which Jesse has always told me.  

So, when Jesse called me last Thursday, I spoke with him about this supposed interview.  Jesse asked me to send it to him so he could hear it which I did and he will be receiving it this week.  When I told Jesse that this interview was supposedly done in the home of a young lady in Hawaii during a visit there.  Jesse laughed and said he had never done anything like that and that the voice on the tape is not him.  

So, after speaking with Jesse about it and knowing that several of my good friends believed that it was really Elvis, I decided to try to track down the origin of this tape so that I could prove to my visitors that this tape is a scam.  I did learn exactly that, and that it was done by a fake and a con artist for the people in his group of followers originally many years ago.

After exchanging messages with two of my friends who believed it was Elvis, I learned from them the name of a man who had this tape posted on his Facebook page until he was warned to take it down which he did.

I sent this man a friend request and after my request was approved, I wrote a long message to introduce myself and to tell him about my friendship with Elvis himself, who is Jesse.

This gentleman was so very kind in sharing all of his known facts about this tape with me.  He has given me permission to use his name so I can acknowledge all of his help to me in explaining the history of this tape.  His name is Luke Thunder Hawk and he has a nice Facebook page.  Luke has been investigating some of the entities who have been claiming to be Elvis on the Internet.  Thus his accumulated details about this tape.  Luke has a wealth of knowledge about this tape and about the entity(ties) known as “Jon Cotner” which he so kindly shared with me.  I will only share a few of the facts from Luke’s messages to me in order that my visitors may understand better what you will be hearing on this tape, which is a total scam, which has become very confusing to some Elvis fans.

(1) The tape/audio of what was supposed to be Elvis being interviewed in Hawaii some time in 2007 was Jon Cotner. It came from one of the first audio CDs he gave to his group of people and from there the audio got passed around into circulation quietly for years. Very few people came to even know about it. That is, until last year when Luke posted it on his Facebook page.  Luke intended for people to know that it is a tape done by Jon Cotner but some people chose to believe that it is Elvis and things got convoluted from that point on.

(2)  Luke posted the tape/audio on his Facebook page last year to expose the complexities of the man known as Jon Cotner.  I am not certain how much of Luke’s findings I should include here.  There is a lot of hidden truth about Cotner or whatever his real name is.  I did some research into Cotner myself years ago after his groupies attacked me.  I finally just went on to other topics of interest and left Cotner and his group to say and do whatever they chose to about me.

(3) There is at least one other person whose voice has been used on the recordings, etc. which “Jon Cotner” has put out and done on PalTalk, etc.  Luke gave me the name of the other man whose voice has been used as that of Cotner and it is someone who I had learned a little about way back when I did my little bit of an investigation.  He is a much younger man.  It is not even known for certain who the guy with the white hair and beard in the photos of Cotner really is.  Cotner is an illusive character as are most con artists.

(4) Cotner has undoubtedly made a considerable amount of money over the years by selling his CD’s, his book, and other business ventures tied to the name of Elvis.  Cotner is like many other people who have made a living off of hooking up to Elvis’ name.  Then again, as a plus, the men behind the Cotner name may just enjoy the attention and devotion of the fans who they have conned.

Here is the cover of the original CD which Luke shared with me.  As you can see, it clearly says “Jon Cotner” on the cover and the photo of the man on the cover is a much younger man than Cotner and it certainly is NOT Elvis.  Also, please note the disclaimer on the front with the usual terminology about “any similarities …. fictional…” etc.  trying to cover the bases.  One may notice that the man on the cover is made to resemble Elvis with a beard…only a much younger man than Elvis would have been in 2007.

Jon Cotner fake Elvis interview cover

I had hoped to upload the copy of this tape directly onto my web site here, but was unable to get my site to accept the video.  So, I had to load it onto YouTube in order to get a copy to post here.  

I hope that everyone who has been mislead at any point into believing that this tape is really the voice of Elvis himself will now understand you have been hoodwinked and tricked once more by the man/men who go by the name “Jon Cotner”.

I do thank Luke so very much for all of his enlightening help with my search for the truth about this tape.  

I do not want anyone to think that the things which Jesse has explained to me about not being on the Internet in any way, shape, nor form has not been the truth.  Jesse says that they want to keep him antiquated and off the electronic devices and the Internet for safety and privacy.

So here is this recording which has caused so much aggravation to myself and others.





Jesse called tonight and he is doing very well.  He saw his Dr. today and nothing was found to be wrong.  So, I said “Hallalejuh!”  Knowing he is well and safe makes me so happy.  We had a really good visit. We discussed his health and mine again as we always do.  I told him that my eye surgery has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 14th…a week from tomorrow.  

He has listened to the tape about which I wrote above and I told him that I was posting it and Jesse said that is fine.  I sent the “Elvis interview” to him on a DVD last week.  He said that the person on that tape “is a phony”.  He told me that he would NEVER stab me in the back by doing anything like that tape.  He is only in close contact with me, our trusted go-between, and a very close mutual friend to whom I introduced him almost 17 years ago.  

The telephone which he uses was made especially for him to protect him for safety and privacy.  He has NO use of a computer or any other device which connects to the Internet in any way, shape nor form.  He does NOT allow his voice to be recorded in any manner.

So, you will NOT see him, read from him, nor hear him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter nor any other form of Internet presence or social media.  NONE of the supposed photos of him working at Graceland or standing in the crowd at Graceland are actually him. Every instance of someone representing themselves as Elvis, except here on this web site, is a fraud.  Jesse has reiterated the above facts to me so many times over the years.

Below is a letter which he wrote several years ago specifically for me to post in response to false claims being made by a Facebook page “Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive” which claims to be running their page of fantasies and outright lies under the direction of Elvis himself.  Jesse also, in his letter, touched upon another man who has tried his very best to destroy my credibility for years.  Jesse’s letter sums everything up very succinctly.

As always, his call made my day and meant the world to me.

Jesse wrote the below letter in August, 2016

Jesse's letter for my web site August, 2016



I did not know until very late last night that my original web site is down with a notice coming up stating that the site has been deactivated.


As I have stated before in these instances, I paid my web host in advance for ten years and I still have at least 8 of those years remaining.

I thank everyone for your patience.


I want to make it clear to everyone who visits my websites that the man, (photo below) who is all over the Internet with people hoping and believing that he is Elvis, most certainly IS NOT ELVIS. Everywhere you see the below photo…YouTube, Facebook, etc. with the name Jon (Jonathan) Burrows from TN, be aware that this is NOT connected to the real Elvis, who IS Jesse, in any way, shape, or form.

Jesse is NOT on the Internet anywhere at all.

Below is the link to the REAL person whose photo appears on the Facebook page (link is shown above in this article) leading people to think he is Elvis. This photo has been used all over the Internet for years misleading people to think that it is a photo of Elvis. The photo is actually a man who went by the name of The Fabulous Fonzerelli. His real name was Alfonse Monteon Armendarez “Fonz”. It is a shame that so many fakes have used this man’s photo to misrepresent themselves as Elvis.

The fakes and frauds are really getting under my skin. Shame on them all for disrespecting Elvis, who IS Jesse.

The photo below of “Fonzarelli” with the lady shows that he is the same man in the “Jon Burrows” photo and that he is NOT Elvis.


SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2019

Elvis Presley once gave away his jewelry to fans

Elvis Presley was extremely generous with his jewels.

According to his longtime jeweler Lowell Hays, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll wasn’t precious when it came to his collection of mega-carat bling, and regularly passed his jewelry out to fans — which is how a number of his personal pieces have wound up on the auction block at Omega Auctions in the UK.

In a video from 2014, Hays recalled Elvis once asking him to bring his jewelry case up on stage during a performance. “He started taking pieces of jewelry out of the case and going over and was giving them to these girls on the front row and just giving the jewelry away. He gave away a lot of jewelry that night; he was in one of those moods, and I was frankly embarrassed and wished it hadn’t been there because to me, it was a huge amount of money.”

Continued Hays: “So when the show ended, I ran out the back door and jumped in Elvis’ car and I said, ‘Elvis, I’m embarrassed. I just wish I hadn’t been here and then you wouldn’t have lost all that money, you just gave away all that money out there!’ And he looked at me and he laughed that little Elvis laugh he has and he said, ‘You know what, Lowell? I’m going to have to sing five minutes more tomorrow night to pay for it.’”

All of which explains how three pieces from Elvis’ personal collection wound up for auction, including a 14-karat gold link braceleta 14-karat yellow gold clover ring covered in 49 small diamonds and a 14-karat gold nugget-style ring set with six diamonds and two rubies, each of which is expected to fetch around £10,000.




The sale is set to take place on March 12.



Those who have been following my web site for years may recall that I posted an article regarding the Sundial suit which Elvis wore on his last tour and the fact that the numbers “8” and “16” could be found in the beautiful emblem on the back of his suit.

My good friend, Dennis F. Miller, shared with me recently that another VERY interesting fact about that suit was shared with him by someone involved in the making of the suit.

The new fact is that there was also a “7” & “7” on the belt of the suit…in the center of the back.
Dennis shared the below photo with me in which this new fact can be seen.

75 Dennis Miller Dennis Miller added a new photo (1)

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Dennis who is a true friend.


My good friend, Steven R. shared the below photo of Elvis with me.  I loved the photo and could not resist creating the below comparison with Jesse’s photo.  I cannot thank Steven enough for all of the wonderful photos he has shared with me and Simon.

Steven R. Elvis photo


YouTube has taken down my recent video of the Jon Cotner video/audio which I posted above on this page.  Jon Cotner claimed copyright infringement.  This does not surprise me at all and I understand the action.  I was unable to upload the video onto my web site directly and that was my only reason for putting it on YouTube to begin with.  I wanted those who read my article to be able to see and hear the video for themselves.

However, I was finally able to upload it onto my computer and will share it again below:


My new friend Luke Thunder Hawk, who was so instrumental in helping me with my recent research into the fake “Elvis interview” video/audio, has given me permission to share some more of what he uncovered over many years of researching the Jon Cotner “character”.  The following is taken from Luke’s correspondence with me.  I thank Luke so very much for all the research which he did to expose a con artist and for sharing it with me and allowing me to display it here.

The below is from Luke’s messages to me, which I share with his permission.  I have removed some details as I do not want Luke to be troubled for having told me.

It is not enough for me to just tell you it is Jon Cotner as you and I both know that is not his real name. After many years of research by myself and the group of people I have worked alongside, it has been ascertained that the voice of Jon Cotner is xxxxx “Tony” xxxx xxxxxx of Atlanta GA. He is far from an old man as he only turned 50 last year. Which means during all of his online games he was in his 30s and 40s. The identity of the man with the white hair and beard in those Photoshopped pictures he has put out as being him is yet to be determined but the pictures are most likely to be an older relative of his who is “in on it”.
“Tony” has not acted alone and it would seem there is maybe another individual working with “Tony” under the Jon Cotner character and name. But the main point is Jon Cotner’s voice which is what we hear in the audio you heard. And that voice is none other than “Tony’s” voice.
I know for a fact “Tony” xxxxxx is the voice of Cotner because his former manager while “Tony” was singing under a stage name Arion (a rip-off of Orion), came out a few years back and identified Cotner’s voice and Tony’s voice as being the same.
Here is a picture of “Tony”.

And this (below video) was “Tony” singing. which 10 years ago was uploaded to a YouTube channel as being “Arion”. But people immediately heard that “Tony’s” singing voice here and Cotner’s singing voice were exactly the same.



I just want to share with everyone that Jesse called me this afternoon in advance of my eye surgery tomorrow.  He is doing fine and his call certainly made my day.


My original web site is back on line now after being down for a full week.   It is now fine to visit at

I thank everyone for your patience and understanding during this problem.


I love this short video of Elvis and Col. Parker.  It is so cute…








I am just dropping by to post a brief update about my eye surgery and recovery thus far.

My vision is still minimal in my eye.  The Dr. is still hopeful that it will improve with time.  I will be seeing him for another appointment tomorrow.  I have seen him three times since the surgery.  I am very blessed to have an excellent and very caring Dr. who is as eager as I for my vision to improve.  

Mine was a complicated and challenging surgery with risks involved of which I and my Dr. were aware.  Some other problems have also arisen with my cornea.

I want to share that Jesse has called to check on my progress since the surgery and he is well.

I will return to posting and have not gone away forever.  Any time spent on the computer is now done with one eye completely closed which is not comfortable for long periods of time.

I thank everyone for your understanding and patience.

Love, light and peace,
FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2019

My visit with my Dr. went well today in that he said my eye is healing really well. Also, the sight tests showed that I am regaining a little more sight.  I have an appointment to be seen again a week from today.

I thank everyone for all of the get-well wishes, kind thoughts, and prayers.

MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2019

Since videos are easier for my eyes right now, I will begin sharing those.

ELVIS – “How It All Began – 1953 & 1954” – TSOE 2019

Published on Mar 25, 2019

The story of Elvis Presley’s discovery begins with a shy, 18-year-old Elvis entering a recording studio in 1953 to cut two songs on an acetate disk at a cost of four dollars – and the rest is history…
Summer 1953: “My Happiness” & “That`s When Your Heartaches Begin”
January 1954: “I`ll Never Stand In Your Way” & “It Wouldn`t Be The Same Without You”
Naration: “Last Train to Memphis” by Peter Guralnick
No profits made.
For education only.
We hope you enjoy! TCB




I found this article to be interesting…though I am not certain of its accuracy.  

How A SHAZAM! Character Inspired Elvis Presley

Mar 25 2019 — 3:26 PM

Two uniquely American art forms spawned in the 20th century were comic books and rock n’ roll. But what few people know is that the the so-called King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, was deeply inspired by a comic book superhero — Captain Marvel Jr., who will make his big screen debut in the upcoming Shazam! film, played by actor Jack Dylan Grazer.

After the soaring popularity of the original Captain Marvel comics in the early 1940s, so popular they even outsold Superman comics for several years, the character’s publisher Fawcett decided to create a spin-off hero. In 1941, they introduced Captain Marvel, Jr., who proved equally popular, and was given his own series months after his debut. And one of the comics’ most ardent fans was a young boy named Elvis Aaron Presley.

Captain Marvel, Jr. was teenager Freddy Freeman, who is crippled in a fight between Captain Marvel and his nemesis, Captain Nazi. Marvel takes Freddy to the lair of the wizard Shazam, who grants him the powers of Captain Marvel, whenever he says the name of his hero out loud. Unlike his mentor however, Freddy remains a teenager in superhero form, and also remains handicapped while in his mortal identity. Despite being a teenager, many of those early stories were more serious than the adult Captain Marvel comics, with Freddy taking on urban crime, while living a meager existence in his regular identity.

So when did Elvis first come across Captain Marvel Jr? No one is sure, but if one goes on a tour of Graceland, they’ll be told that Elvis’ childhood collection of Captain Marvel Jr. comics still sits in the attic at his tourist destination estate. In addition, a copy of 1947’s Captain Marvel Jr. #51 is placed on the desk in the recreation of his childhood room at Memphis’ Lauderdale Courts housing complex. Elvis himself is on record as saying how much he loved comic books, imagining himself as the hero when reading them as a child. While he didn’t specifically state Captain Marvel Jr. was that hero…his comic book collection is pretty telling.

There are the other clues: Elvis’ early haircut seems very much based on that of Freddy Freeman’s from his late ’40s period. Elvis’ signature “half capes” worn on stage also seem very inspired by those worn by the teenage hero. And the insignia for Elvis’ core rhythm section, the TCB band? It’s a very Shazam-esque lightning logo. These all point to direct homages to the superhero he grew up loving the most.

And in turn, ever since it was revealed how much Elvis loved Captain Marvel Jr., the comics themselves have returned that inspiration. In the 2000s era Teen Titans series, Captain Marvel Jr. was described as a big Elvis fan. Another famous homage took place in DC’s seminal graphic novel Kingdom Come, where we get a glimpse of a future version of Captain Marvel, Jr., whom artist Alex Ross specifically designed to look just like ’70s-era Elvis. He even named the character “King Shazam,” as a tribute to the King of Rock n’ Roll. The latest version of the character, named “Shazam Jr.,” also petitioned to be called King Shazam.

Will Jack Dylan Grazer pay homage to Elvis as well in the movie?  Unknown, but if it were to happen, it would sure be in keeping with tradition.

Images: DC Comics/MGM




Rick Diamond, Getty Image

With nearly two dozen hit songs under his belt, TG Sheppard doesn’t have anything to prove. The country star rose to mainstream success in the mid-1970s with hits such as “Devil in the Bottle,” but it’s been more than two decades since he released a new album.

“The reason I’m doing this now is that I really didn’t know where I fit in,” Sheppard explains to The Boot. “I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go … and I finally just sat down and said, ‘I don’t need a direction. I just need great songs, and they will dictate the direction I go in.'”

The first of those new songs, “I Wanna Live Like Elvis,” is a lighthearted tribute to the King of Rock and Roll himself, who was also a long-time friend of Sheppard’s. The country singer says he wanted to record the song not only because of his own personal connection to Elvis Presley, but also because of how accurately the song’s writers captured the spirit of the iconic performer. Plus, Sheppard adds, he’s freer now to make the kind of music he wants to make than he ever has been before.

“It’s the first time in my career that I am able to make my own decisions,” the country star points out. “I’m producing it myself. I don’t have to listen to a record label telling me that I should be doing this or should be doing that.”

When he was finally able to record exactly the kind of songs he wanted, Sheppard realized that he wanted to make a song like “I Wanna Live Like Elvis.” “I never would have cut that song on a record label,” he admits. “They probably wouldn’t have wanted me to, because it would appear that I was riding his coattails. And I wouldn’t have done it years ago, either.”

Now that time has passed, Sheppard is making music on his own terms, and he doesn’t care whether or not anyone thinks he’s using Presley’s name for his own purposes. He came by his perspectives honestly: “It’s okay to do that song because I lived that life. I was there with him during a lot of those stories,” Sheppard notes; in fact, Priscilla Presley herself has given the song her blessing.

Even more importantly, the song is simply a lot of fun, and fun-loving music, Sheppard adds, is desperately needed in today’s cultural climate. “We’re living in an age now where there’s so much anger, so much fear, so much sadness in the world. I think people want a good laugh,” he relates. “A good funny song now and again is good for the psyche.”

The proof lies in the fan response: “What people are saying is, ‘God, I heard your new song, and it is so funny. I laughed so hard. I really enjoy the energy of it and it makes me feel good when I hear it,'” Sheppard goes on to say. “That’s what I’m getting.”

In his return to the studio, Sheppard can’t help but notice how both music and the recording process have changed since he cut his first hits. Sure, the technology of recording itself has changed, he says, but the most noticeable difference is how fans receive new music today.

“I mean, what would have happened to us in the ’80s if we had social media? Wow!” Sheppard says with a laugh. “Over and above technology — that is, records being made better by technology — we have avenues now to where airplay is important, but you can reach people yourself through your own social media and play them your music. So it’s an exciting time for any genre of music, because we have new platforms to get out there and expose it to people.”

Sheppard is excited to apply that process to his new music, most of which is brand-new material.

“There is an array of songs on this album that have never been heard, and I can’t wait for people to hear them,” he relates, adding that even if social media changes the way artists interact with fans, his music itself never really changes that much: “I am known to be a type of artist where I’m big on story songs. What country music has been missing for the last few years, it’s lost its melody and it’s lost its story. And that’s coming full circle again this year. Some of these songs tell great stories, and I’m eager for people to hear that again.”

No matter what the album does after its release, however, Sheppard is excited to have gone through the experience of making it.

“I’m in total control for the first time in my career. It’s fun to be in control of your destiny,” he says. “If it does well, great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay. I’m having a great time doing it.”

Hear T. G.’s song “I Wanna Live Like Elvis
I love that this song was released on Jesse’s birthday!!!

TG Sheppard “I Wanna Live Like Elvis”

Uploaded on Jan 3, 2019

TG Sheppard “I Wanna Live Like Elvis” Available 1.8.19 Official Website:


Another month of Elvis news…

Elvis Presley News Report 2019: March

Published on Mar 22, 2019

If you like this posting then please inform other kindred spirits (like fellow Elvis-fans!). (Spread the word!) THANKS to all who have put this EPNR on their Facebook page. I truelly appreciate that!!! Every month I will post an Elvis Presley News Report. Thanks for subscribing.




I have something new to share about which I am very happy.  A friend on Facebook wrote a very nice and informative private message to me yesterday.  She shared with me her findings and documentation photos which prove that the “7 7” appeared somewhere else on Elvis’ Sundial suit besides the belt which we saw recently from my good friend, Dennis F. Miller.

Below is an excerpt from the message which my friend wrote to me to accompany her photos below:

Hi Linda,

I love and follow both your website and your posts on Facebook. I have loved Elvis all my life but have great respect for his privacy and for everything he has had to endure both during and after his career.

I recently was in Graceland and took these photos of Elvis last suit…I read your most recent post on Facebook about the suit and wanted to add that the front of the suit, on the right side the 77 is also very clear. This is the only place where the design does not have the little round mirror embroidered next to each of these 7’s. I have attached the photos I took in Oct, 2018 of the suit and also a marked photo for clarity.

Feel free to share these photos.

My sincerest thanks to the friend who discovered and shared this wonderful information with me.







They’re making deals for another Elvis biographical movie:

Hanks, 62, might be playing the iconic music manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann’s new biopic


March 28, 2019 05:14 PM

Tom Hanks might have his next biopic lined up.

The 62-year-old Oscar winner is in talks to portray Elvis Presley‘s iconic manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann‘s new biopic on the singer for Warner Bros., according to Variety.

Luhrmann, 56, has previously directed The Great Gatsby, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, Australia and the dance film Strictly Ballroom.

The story of Parker is largely defined by his successful partnership with Presley, whom he discovered in early 1955. Parker, who died in 1997 at the age of 87, went on to win Presley a recording contract with the RCA Victor record label, and made him a star with his first single “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for The Music Center; Art Zelin/Getty Images

Parker also successfully managed Presley into his acting career, persuading the singer to sing in his films. It proved to be incredibly lucrative when Presley’s first film Love Me Tender also spawned his 1956 hit record of the same name, selling over one million copies in advanced sales.


Elvis Enterprises and the City of Memphis plan to expand Graceland’s amenities

Elvis Presley Enterprises has a deal with the City of Memphis for an expansion of Graceland, the famous home and museum of Elvis Presley, promising over 1,000 new jobs.

This project will include several guest cabins for tourists to stay in, new exhibits, stores and restaurants, an update to the current Graceland Guesthouse and more than 100 new rooms along with it. A new several-thousand-seat concert arena had been in speculation for a time, and even after the announcement for expansion, the arena is still in discussions. 

For Amarjit Keshav — a travel agent for Cruise Planners who specializes in helping families plan out weddings, vacations and anything specializing in tourism — said this expansion is great for Memphis because they are recognizing the things that are biggest in this city and building on it to make it even bigger.

“This city is obviously not a tourist destination, but what we do have is loads of history,” Keshav said. “It is very smart that the city officials recognize that and use it to their advantage and bring in even more people to visit. Perhaps, in the future, they can add more to places like the Lorraine Motel, Stax Museum, Civil Rights Museum and places of that nature that will focus more on our strengths.”

John “JJ” Guinozzo, a Memphis sports and city historian, said the expansion of Graceland is a great way to continue to pay respect to someone who helped shape the identity of Memphis and what it is known for.

For several years, Guinozzo has studied the history of Memphis through athletics and pop culture, and he said he believes Elvis bleeds all through the city’s history pages. 

“Blues, barbecue, basketball and Elvis is what this city is rooted in,” Guinozzo said. “This community embodies him as a legend, and he is a huge reason why we even get a lot of tourists, because it definitely isn’t because of our weather. Graceland is what we have left of him, and he was as big as it got, so it is a good time to make his museum even bigger.”

Graceland has been around since the 1800s as a large farm owned by a wealthy family but got its fame when a young and charming 22-year-old musical prodigy named Elvis Presley bought the mansion and its land right after coming back from his first year as a superstar. 

For the rest of his life — from starring in Hollywood movies, to singing the biggest hit songs each year, to immersing himself as a pop-culture legend — Graceland was his love letter to Memphis. Even with his many trips to Hawaii, his houses in Los Angeles and worldwide fame, Memphis was his safe haven and home.  

After Presley died in 1977, his estate was turned over to his daughter Lisa Marie, and she eventually let it be open to the public and sold close to 85 percent of it by 2005. From there, Graceland has become the second most visited private home, only behind the White House, and has drawn hundreds of thousands of tourists per year. 


SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 2019

I thank each of you who have written to ask about my recovery from my eye surgery. Because my time on the computer is still somewhat limited, I am going to post my response to everyone here.

My recovery is not going as well as I had initially thought and as I had hoped for. 
I have two more separate issues with my eye which are not related to the cataract removal…at least not a part of the surgery.

There is a separation in the two layers of my cornea which was going on before the surgery and has re-occurred since the surgery. This is being treated with eye medication and hoping for some improvement with that.

My vision is no better than it was before the surgery…in fact, it is quite a bit worse. When I saw the Dr. on Friday, he saw a little more improvement since the surgery but nowhere near enough improvement. Time only will tell how much of my vision returns.

On top of those two things, I have developed vitreous problems in the area back of the eye. I have spots/floaters etc. going on. My Dr. says that there is a slim chance that this could cause the retina to detach which will be another whole surgery.

So, the bottom line is that I can’t see well at all yet from the surgery eye and it has me feeling pretty down and worried. Only time will tell. I can still work on the computer only by keeping that eye closed. So, my time on the computer is still limited.

I will be as active on my web sites and Facebook pages as my health permits.

My love and appreciation for your thoughts and prayers.