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I had a dear friend, Susan, who was very supportive of me in my work on my web site and for Jesse.  Sadly, she passed away some years ago.  Last night while doing some work on my computer, I came across the below photo which Jesse had sent to her and it is so beautiful and such an excellent example of Jesse’s handwriting that I want to share it here for everyone to see and enjoy.  I don’t think that Susan would mind my doing this…she was a dear sweet lady who I miss a lot.  The date of this was May 29, 2014.


Below is Emiel Maier’s Elvis News for Feb. 2022.  His reports are always interesting and enjoyable.

Elvis Presley News Report 2022: February (45th anniversary year has begun + Bill Black + more news!

Premiered Jan 28, 2022

Emiel Maier







Elvis Presley: The King of Rock Enters the LEGO Building

LEGO is continuing their Art Series as The King of Rock has entered the building with the new 3 in 1 Elvis Presley set. Coming in at 3,445 pieces, master builders will be able to create 3 different versions of Elvis throughout the years. Each brick LEGO Art portrait will come with a brick-build frame that can be hung on the wall. To make things even more interesting, the set does include nearly 2 hours of content that master builders can listen to as they dive into the world of Elvis once again. It also looks like if you purchase 3 Elvis LEGO sets you can create a massive Elvis Presley portrait to really impress your friends.  Priced at $119.99, this LEGO Art 3 in 1 Portrait is set to go up for pre-order right here on March 1, 2022. Be sure to check out all of the other Art Portraits as well with Harry Potter, Iron Man, Star Wars, and much more.

“Music lovers and Elvis Presley fans, we have the set for you. Create 1 of 3 portraits of the iconic entertainer with this LEGO® Art Elvis Presley “The King” (31204) kit. As you build, you’ll also develop other meaningful things. Like a zone of joyful zen, with a calm focus enhanced by each tile you click into place. Build 1 of 3 wall decor pictures of Elvis Presley through the years – his start in music, in his prime or later in his career. Can’t choose one? Combine 3 sets to make the ultimate memorabilia piece. As you build, scan the QR code and listen to the Soundtrack, with nearly 2 hours of content tailor-made to really immerse you in the project. Finish the art piece with an Elvis Presley signature tile, ready to display on a wall or shelf.”

“Welcome to LEGO sets for adults. A space to relax and build detailed craft projects that pay homage to the worlds of entertainment, motorsports, travel, gaming, sports, science, technology and history.”

  • Made for display – This 3,445-piece LEGO® hobby project includes 9 canvas wall decor plates, an Elvis Presley signature tile, 2 hanger elements, a brick separator and brick-built frame
  • Created for Elvis Presley fans – Pay tribute to the King of Rock & Roll, creating a LEGO® portrait of the entertainer during his rise to fame, in his prime, or later in his career
  • Find your creative zone – Enter a realm of total relaxation and focus with the Soundtrack, which immerses you in unexpected details as you produce this art project
  • Celebrate your passion – To really push your creativity, use 3 of the sets to create a combined Elvis Presley wall art piece to display in your home or office
  • Give as a gift – This LEGO® Art set measures over 15.5 in. (40 cm) square and can be displayed on a wall or shelf. It can also be given as a gift for anyone who’s into music or Elvis Presley



Another good match…


I want to share with everyone that Jesse called tonight and spoke with Tom and me.  Of course, we were ecstatic to get his call as always.  We were sad to hear some news from Jesse though.  Last week Jesse slipped on some snow which was melting on a linoleum floor and, unfortunately, he broke his right arm.  So, he is in a splint and having to rest a lot.  His voice sounded great though and he and I managed to laugh a little.

We discussed my current series of radiation treatments…today was my 3rd of the 20 which are scheduled now thru sometime the first week of March.  We had freezing rain today which made the trip more unpleasant.

As always, speaking with Jesse made my day so much better and he said he felt better speaking with me too.  What a wonderful blessing he is to me.



My dear friend, Shawn K., created the below comparison of the note which Jesse wrote to my late friend, Susan N., back in 2014 and another note which Elvis wrote.  Shawn wrote about the comparison:  “A similar signed Thank You message by Elvis that was sold at Julien’s Auction“.

My heartfelt thanks to Shawn for thinking to research and put this together for all of us to enjoy.


My friend, Beata T., has been on the lookout for some Elvis articles to share with me while my time and health have limited my time for research.  Below is a sweet article which Beata came across and I thank her so much for sharing this with all of us.

Donna Butterworth remembers Elvis

in “Paradise Hawaiian Style”
In 1966, 10-year-old Donna Butterworth starred in “Paradise, Hawaiian Style”, Elvis’ second film set in Hawaii.
“My mom and dad took me to see ‘Blue Hawaii’ when I was a little girl and I fell in love with it then,” Donna said. “I listened to his records and I couldn’t get enough of Elvis.”
Donna remembers filming her first scene on the cliffs of Makapuu, Oahu.
“When I found out I was going to star in the movie with my idol I was so nervous….”
“I had to run into my Elvis’ arms and shout ‘Uncle Rick, Uncle Rick’. But I had only met him a few minutes before.
 So when the director called ‘action’ I ran over and got into his arms and his face was about 4 inches from mine. After all the anticipation of meeting Elvis Presley and working with him, I just froze.
I couldn’t believe I was so close to this handsome man! The whole crew snapped because they knew I was so in love. In fact, Elvis laughed the most – he just liked to laugh.”
“And I never forgot that beautiful face…”
Donna died on March 6, 2018 (age 62) after a long illness.






My dear best friend, MJ, shared the below old National Enquirer article with me to share here on my site.  This article was very interesting to me because of the friendship which I share with Wanda June Hill.  As you will see, at the time of this interview, Wanda did not know that Elvis did not die.  She did not come to full knowledge of the truth until she and I became acquainted back those many years ago.

Wanda had spoken with me about Elvis’s “beings of light” who showed him “a man in a white suit dancing on stage” when he was a small child and he did not know, at that time, that it was himself who he was being shown.

I apologize for the misalignment of the text at the bottom of the above article copy.  This article was a little too large for one scan and I had to create the two separate copies and join them. 

On my below linked page you may read letters written by Wanda June Hill to be posted on my website for my visitors to read.

You may also listen to an audio tape of excerpts of phone conversations between Wanda and Elvis.  They each listened to my tape and gave me permission before I shared it on my web site.  Very interesting and enlightening.




My friend Chris Mc. shared the below clip which was tweeted by Baz Luhrmann for the Elvis movie which is to be released later this year.  Below is Mr. Luhrmann’s introduction to this short clip:


Woe is me!!! LOL

And then one gets cancer…



I happened across the below inspirational image on Pinterest shared by and could only think of Elvis when he became Jesse in his new life.






Just want to share with everyone that Jesse phoned me tonight.  He is not doing as well with his fall injury as we would wish.  He has now also been diagnosed with a severe rotator cuff tear and needless to say he is a lot of pain.  He is going back in tomorrow for more care and does not know what is going to be done nor recommended.  He does not want to have any more surgery and I certainly don’t blame him one bit for that.  So everyone please keep him in your prayers.  I can’t help but worry for him.  

I have not felt well today either…but speaking with Jesse helped both of us.  His calls are always such a comfort and a blessing even when we both don’t feel too good.


The Baz Luhrmann trailer for his “ELVIS” movie was released today as promised.  I will insert the video below. 

As I have stated earlier, I am withholding my judgement on this movie until I know more.  My opinion of this movie will be based upon the manner in which Elvis and Col. Parker are portrayed…not upon the acting, the directing, the script writing, the wardrobe, the soundtrack, the awards, etc.  Jesse has spoken to me and written in his own handwriting his respect and gratefulness to Col. Parker. 

I do hope that this is not just another sensationalized version pieced together from books and other movies by people who do not know, and never have known, him personally.

That being said, below is the long-awaited trailer:

Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS | Official Trailer

Feb 17, 2022
From Oscar-nominated visionary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann comes Warner Bros. Pictures’ drama “Elvis,” starring Austin Butler and Oscar winner Tom Hanks. The film explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Butler), seen through the prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Hanks). The story delves into the complex dynamic between Presley and Parker spanning over 20 years, from Presley’s rise to fame to his unprecedented stardom, against the backdrop of the evolving cultural landscape and loss of innocence in America. Central to that journey is one of the most significant and influential people in Elvis’s life, Priscilla Presley (Olivia DeJonge). Starring alongside Hanks and Butler, award-winning theatre actress Helen Thomson (“Top of the Lake: China Girl,” “Rake”) plays Elvis’s mother, Gladys, Richard Roxburgh (“Moulin Rouge!” “Breath,” “Hacksaw Ridge”) portrays Elvis’s father, Vernon, and DeJonge (“The Visit,” “Stray Dolls”) plays Priscilla. Luke Bracey (“Hacksaw Ridge,” “Point Break”) plays Jerry Schilling, Natasha Bassett (“Hail, Caesar!”) plays Dixie Locke, David Wenham (“The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy, “Lion,” “300”) plays Hank Snow, Kelvin Harrison Jr. (“The Trial of the Chicago 7,” “The High Note”) plays B.B. King, Xavier Samuel (“Adore,” “Love & Friendship,” “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”) plays Scotty Moore, and Kodi Smit-McPhee (“The Power of the Dog”) plays Jimmie Rodgers Snow. Also in the cast, Dacre Montgomery (“Stranger Things,” “The Broken Heart Gallery”) plays TV director Steve Binder, alongside Australian actors Leon Ford (“Gallipoli,” “The Pacific”) as Tom Diskin, Kate Mulvany (“The Great Gatsby,” “Hunters”) as Marion Keisker, Gareth Davies (“Peter Rabbit,” “Hunters”) as Bones Howe, Charles Grounds (“Crazy Rich Asians,” “Camp”) as Billy Smith, Josh McConville (“Fantasy Island”) as Sam Phillips, and Adam Dunn (“Home and Away”) as Bill Black. To play additional iconic musical artists in the film, Luhrmann cast singer/songwriter Yola as Sister Rosetta Tharpe, model Alton Mason as Little Richard, Austin, Texas native Gary Clark Jr. as Arthur Crudup, and artist Shonka Dukureh as Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton. Oscar nominee Luhrmann (“The Great Gatsby,” “Moulin Rouge!”) directed from a screenplay by Baz Luhrmann & Sam Bromell and Baz Luhrmann & Craig Pearce and Jeremy Doner, story by Baz Luhrmann and Jeremy Doner. The film’s producers are Luhrmann, Oscar winner Catherine Martin (“The Great Gatsby,” “Moulin Rouge!”), Gail Berman, Patrick McCormick and Schuyler Weiss. Courtenay Valenti and Kevin McCormick executive produced. The director’s behind-the-scenes creative team includes director of photography Mandy Walker (“Mulan,” “Australia”), Oscar-winning production designer and costume designer Catherine Martin (“The Great Gatsby,” “Moulin Rouge!”), production designer Karen Murphy (“A Star Is Born”), editors Matt Villa (“The Great Gatsby,” “Australia”) and Jonathan Redmond (“The Great Gatsby”), Oscar-nominated visual effects supervisor Thomas Wood (“Mad Max: Fury Road”), music supervisor Anton Monsted (“Australia,” “Moulin Rouge!”) and composer Elliott Wheeler (“The Get Down”). Principal photography on “Elvis” took place in Queensland, Australia with the support of the Queensland Government, Screen Queensland and the Australian Government’s Producer Offset program. A Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation, A Bazmark Production, A Jackal Group Production, A Baz Luhrmann Film, “Elvis” will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is set to release in theaters in North America on June 24, 2022, and internationally beginning 22 June 2022.



I came across an article which includes interviews with Baz Luhrmann and Austin Butler about the background of the “ELVIS” film.  I am somewhat encouraged about the movie after reading this article.  I posted a comment on their web site which I will include below along with another person’s interesting comment:


  1. REPLY 

    Linda Sigmon

    I must say that I have enjoyed reading this interview with Baz Luhrmann and it has ignited a spark of hope for me that this will not be another typical Elvis film based on scandalous books and rumors. I have not read nor heard anywhere else about Mr. Luhrmann spending so much time in Memphis learning about the real Elvis. I see much truth in the background of Elvis which should translate into a much more honest interpretation of Elvis the man and not the image.I was gratified to see the mention of the black and gospel influence in Elvis’ life. Yes! Elvis was and IS very spiritual.
  2. Kevin Lagden

    I was an extra on this picture and was chosen to be one of Elvis’ uncle in a scene with cast members. I’ve got to say that I’ve never experienced anything like it, sets, people, director and all the artists and crew were amazing. You’ll always get critics but honestly and as a lifelong Elvis fan, Austin did a great job, lived the moment and became Elvis. Congratulations all round

Below is the article:

First Look at ELVIS has Left the Building

February 18, 2022
Baz Luhrmann and star Austin Butler discuss the highly anticipated biopic.

Almost eight years in the making, Luhrmann first entered into negotiations to direct the film in 2014, receiving the blessing of Elvis’ widow Priscilla Presley and their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, along the way.

With fierce competition for the title role, Luhrmann would find his Elvis in former teen star Austin Butler, 30, three and a half years ago.

“They are huge shoes to fill,” Butler says in something of an understatement.  “When I began the process of this, I set out to get my voice to sound identical to his, that was my goal, so if you heard a recording of me and you heard a recording of him, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. And I held onto that for a long time.

“But what that does is that it also instills fear, this fear that I am not going to achieve that or whatever. So that got the fire burning inside me to work and work and work. For maybe a year even before we started shooting, I was doing seven days a week of voice coaching and working with different experts and just trying to get the register to be in the right place and the dialect and the way he inflects and everything. I can go into the minutiae of the entire process but ultimately the life is what is important. What we realised, is that you can impersonate somebody, but to find the humanity and the life within and the passion and the heart, ultimately I had to release myself from the constraints of that and try to live the life as truthfully as possible,” says Butler, whose gyrating pelvic thrusts and sexual pout will surely ignite a whole new generation of Elvis fans.

Dubbed the “king of rock’n’roll”, Elvis was just 42 years old when his legend abruptly ended – suffering the ultimate indignity of dying on the toilet of his Graceland mansion. Diagnosed with glaucoma, hypertension, liver tension and an enlarged colon, the coroner ruled his death as “cardiac arrest”, although historians would later claim his untimely demise to be accelerated by years of drug abuse.

Typical of Luhrmann’s filmmaking style, audiences can expect his film to offer a unique take on the life of the iconic musician – and his particular American tragedy – as opposed to a formulaic biopic.

“The great storytellers like Shakespeare didn’t really do biographies. I mean, Shakespeare never did the biography of King Richard. What he did was look at a life and use that life as a canvas to explore a larger idea. A great biopic is terrific, but something like Amadeus for example, it’s not really about Mozart, it’s about jealousy,” explains the Australian writer/director/producer celebrated for his films Strictly BallroomThe Great GatsbyRomeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge!

With Tom Hanks in the pivotal role of Elvis’ legendary manager, Colonel Tom Parker, the trailer hints that he may be the villain of the piece when he says, “There are some who say I am the villain of this story.”

“Now, of course he doesn’t go on to tell the story that says they are right,” offers Luhrmann. “From that character’s point of view, he’s actually defending his telling of that story. It’s a device because, in truth, when it comes to an historical character, there’s only ever somebody’s telling of that story. Even in life, if you lived with an Elvis or you lived with an Amadeus, it’s your memory, your version of their life. And people always tell the story of someone else from a perspective that is their telling. It’s a bit like when I did The Great Gatsby, it might be called The Great Gatsby, but it’s actually Nick Carraway’s story.”

Thoroughly immersing himself in the world of The King, Luhrmann spent time in Memphis where he became acutely aware of his task to also emphasise Elvis’ often understated relationship to black culture in America.

“I am the ultimate outsider. I come from a very small country town, not dissimilar to Tupelo [northeast Mississippi’s largest city, and Elvis’ birthplace]. Where I come from, Tupelo would have been called a city, because my town was so small, like five houses.

“I am the ultimate outsider, and when I go and do Moulin Rouge and it’s in Paris, I come as an outsider and I live it. If I do The Get Down, I come as an outsider and I live it. If I do The Great Gatsby, I come as an outsider and I live like Fitzgerald, probably got into too much of the things Fitzgerald did…” he laughs.

“But I do live it, it’s a real truth, that’s why I make films so infrequently. The greatest joy to me is to be an outsider and to live it. And the thing that became so apparent to me by living in Memphis and living the story, is that actually the number one thing about Elvis Presley’s journey, is that black music and culture isn’t a side note or a footnote – it’s absolutely the canvas on which the story is written. Meaning, if you take that out of the Elvis Presley story,  there’s no story. He grew up in that community, from the get-go, I mean the idea of him on Beale Street, sometimes being the only white face in Club Handy… The owner of Club Handy even says that.

“You have the civil rights movement emerging; you have him becoming a problem in terms of jumping the race line; he’s a problem, it’s dangerous. And this is where we have to start talking about the Colonel, but something has to be done about this Elvis kid and something is done about this Elvis kid, spoiler alert!” he teases.

“And eventually the journey of Elvis is to get back to who he really is and that is in the trailer and who he really is, is gospel music. And gospel music is spiritual. And this is something I learned,” Luhrmann says talking about how Butler went on the same journey with him.

“Austin didn’t just learn it, he lived it. And there’s something I learned about Elvis that I never knew before, that the number one fact is, that man was spiritual, he was a spiritual being. When that trailer opens with Colonel Tom Parker saying destiny is a funny thing, it was my destiny, that’s the Colonel talking about his destiny, because he is the storyteller, his destiny was to find the greatest – to be blunt – carnival act on the planet, that’s how he languaged it.”

Luhrmann doesn’t blanch at exploring Elvis’ role in unleashing America’s sexual revolution.

“There’s much more to say about that because obviously this film is a vast canvas, but it’s really interesting how that liberation of the younger generation was so terrifying – but it was also terrifying because of its complex relationship to race in America, we have to be really honest about that,” he says. “And that’s what causes the drama. I looked at this as an outside storyteller, so that’s where the drama goes through the roof.”

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is in cinemas June 23, 2022

Photos by Hugh Stewart



The following article is going to be a follow-up to the above article about Elvis and his angels.  After I published the tabloid article regarding Elvis and the conversations which he had with his close friend Wanda June Hill about the angels in his life and the things they had shown and told him, my best friend MJ found a copy of the magazine Angel Times  (which is mentioned in the tabloid article) for sale on Ebay.  I purchased this magazine and received it in our mail yesterday.  Below is the full magazine article which I scanned in order to share it here.  Scanning was a bit cumbersome and not all of the text is the same size…so I ask everyone to overlook the flaws caused by the arrangement of the columns in the magazine.

I want to state upfront that obviously the author of the article did NOT know the real truth about Elvis having faked his death.  Please try to overlook the errors in the author’s beliefs.  The most important parts of this magazine article for the reader to digest carefully are those statements by Wanda June Hill regarding the things which Elvis shared with her, his close friend.

Below are the individual columns for easier enlarged reading.




The man who constructed and ran the Elvis is Alive Museum in Missouri has passed away.  I came across an obituary for him as shown below:

Bill Beeny Obituary – Saint Louis, MO


I know Jesse is going to enjoy watching this video and will get a kick out of the NFL doing a film presentation about him.

NFL Films does a presentation on Elvis! Check it out!! 🏈

Feb 15, 2022



Below is a video which I found very interesting pertaining to the background research which Baz Luhrmann did in preparation for making the movie “Elvis” to be released in June.  My opinion of the movie has taken a hopeful positive step after learning of the time Mr. Luhrmann spent living in Memphis and getting the real history of Elvis from people who knew Elvis personally.

Baz Luhrmann interviews Elvis Presley’s childhood friend Sam Bell

Absolutely fascinating details from Sam about Elvis’ childhood and growing up together. Baz takes him around Tupelo showing all of the areas where they lived and played, with stories along the way. Sadly, Sam passed in September.


Also something else related to the forthcoming movie “Elvis“:  My friend Chris Mc. sent me the link to the below article.  I really do like the poster for this movie…beautifully done.  My thanks to Chris for sharing this with me.

Bedazzled ‘Elvis’ Poster References the King of Rock’s Iconic Belt Buckles

“Take my hand, take my whole life too…”
elvis poster social
Elvis is a look into the legacy of the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, through the eyes of his long-time manager Colonel Tom Parker as we saw in the first trailer for the Baz Luhrmann film. And now, we’ve gotten a lot at the poster for the movie! It looks like a perfect dive into the kind of world that Luhrmann is known for creating — very much like the kind of poster we’d expect out of the director of Moulin Rouge!.Starring Austin Butler as Elvis and Tom Hanks as his manager Tom Parker, the movie trailer for Elvis gave us a good taste of Luhrmann’s in-depth look at the life of the legendary musician. While it’s a little surprising to see the poster be so simple, oddly enough, it fits with the vibe we’ve been getting from the movie at large.The poster features a black background with red and gold lettering spelling “ELVIS” across a bedazzled belt buckle akin to one the singer would’ve worn himself. It is very reminiscent of the playbill for Moulin Rouge! The Musical on Broadway, so it is sort of perfect for a Luhrmann film. It also calls back to Elvis’ iconic comeback special where the singer wore an all-white suit and sang in front of a red light-up sign of his name. So while it isn’t as flashy as it could be, given the subject matter, the poster does work nicely in contrast to the very flashy and over-the-top trailer.

elvisImage via Warner Bros.

Elvis is an interesting film because the topic of Presley is often complicated. His music is brilliant, and he’s one of the biggest musicians still to this day, but he is also a man who pulled inspiration from Black artists and used it to his advantage. Something that the trailer for the movie seems to highlight with this intimate look into the world of Elvis. And given how much Butler looks like Elvis in the trailer, we’re in for a movie filled with nostalgia for Presley’s life.

Luhrmann, in my opinion, is the perfect director for something like this. His over the top styling and ability as a storytelling fits well with a story like Presley’s. And even though Hanks’ make-up as Parker is already very over the top, it does seem to flow with the vision for the rest of the film.

Elvis hits theaters this summer on June 24, and you can check out the new poster below.

elvis poster






Here you may hear Elvis say something about how he felt about Col. Parker.  I KNOW that this was true because of what Jesse has expressed.

“He’s not only my manager…but I really love him”


Below is a very good photo of the back of the suit which Elvis wore in so many of his 1977 shows leading up to, and including, his very last show on June 26, 1977.  I thank my very good friend Dennis F. Miller for sharing this with me again.  The copy which Dennis sent to me has the outer number 16 marked; also has the 2nd inner row number 8 marked.  I noticed something that I have not pointed out before about the design on the suit.

Many of us have seen that the number of the outer emblems in the design is 16; and that the number of emblems in the second row inward is 8.  You will see that I have now added that the number of emblems in the third row inward is also 16.  

I am now wondering if the two little round emblems on the sides of the center of the design could stand for the number 2.  If so then we would have the number 42 by adding each of the numbers we have found together…which would, of course, be the age of Elvis when he left us.  I think we have now solved all of the numbers on the back of Elvis’ last suit!  I love the way Elvis thought and planned so many clues for us to figure out.

Below is the photo of the back of the suit on which I have added the second 16 and the number 2  from the very center of the design.

It could be that the second 16 was in honor of Jesse because there were two babies born on Jan. 8 th.  Also, the 2 in the very center could be for Elvis and Jesse.


My friend Beata T. sent me the below story which I enjoyed.  As you will see the homeland of the person featured in this article is  Ukraine which is so much in the news and in our thoughts and prayers at this time.

Hugs to Beata for this share.

Nudie Cohn with Elvis Presley in 1957. The iconic gold suit was designed by Cohn, who was born on this day in 1902. He was the Rhinestone Cowboy couturier, dressing just about everyone in his wildly kitschy style. Dolly Parton, Elton John, Elvis and Liberace you’d expect to gravitate to this extravagance (and they did) but Nudie also dressed The Beatles (those Sgt. Pepper band uniforms), The Rolling Stones and scores of Hollywood A-listers.
Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Cohn, whose real name was Nuta Kotlyarenko, was sent to the U.S. along with his brother to escape the anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia. He was 11 years old, and carved out a meager existence. When he met and married his wife Bobbie in 1934 the two moved to New York where they set up a business making custom undergarments for showgirls.

In 1947 they opened their first shop in Hollywood, and the rest is history.  Elvis Presley’s $10,000 gold lamé suit worn by the singer on the cover of his 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong album is just one of the famous costumes created by Nudie ⚡



My good long-time friend Christopher S. shared the below wonderful video from YouTube of some excellent Elvis home movies which I have not seen before.  I know everyone will enjoy watching this video.

Feb 8, 2022

The owner of this YouTube channel does not want any of us who believe that Elvis is alive to visit his channel.  I was hurt when I happened to see his response to someone’s off-hand comment.  I do recommend his channel though, as he does have some excellent videos which I will continue to share on my web site…unless he tells me to stop.  He is seeking new visitors to his channel and asks that others share his channel.


I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me tonight.  We didn’t talk about any news to share as we were both concerned about each other’s health.  Jesse is still in pain with his shoulder and arm.  He saw an orthopedic doctor who talked about surgery…Jesse does not want any more surgery which I completely understand.  It sure was wonderful speaking with him as always…even when neither of us was feeling too well.