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Below you will see two DNA reports which prove that Jesse’s DNA matches first cousins from both sides of Elvis’ family.  The first lab report is a comparison of the DNA between Jesse and Donna Presley…the Paternal cousin.  Donna is the daughter of one of Vernon’s sisters and chooses to use the last name of Presley.

Below You will see the DNA lab report which is a comparison of the DNA between Jesse and Brenda Smith…the Maternal 1st cousin.

DNA for JGP and Maternal first cousin of Elvis


Jesse’s DNA was obtained by FOX 8 TV in 2002 from a saliva kit that Jesse furnished to them.  The second Jesse’s DNA was obtained from a letter envelope which Jesse licked in 2008.  These two samples matched each other and they matched the DNA of Elvis’ two first cousins on both sides of Elvis’ family.

Here is the FOX 8 report showing this match:

Linda Hood Sigmon

Published on Jun 24, 2018

This is the final FOX 8 News report regarding Dr. Hinton and Jesse. In this report, you will see a final DNA report which shows that Jesse is, indeed, related to Elvis’ two first cousins. One on the Smith side of the family and the other on the Presley side of the family. There is only one other person on earth who would match these relatives and that is Elvis’ double first cousin Patsy Presley and one may rest assured that she did not let Jesse use her DNA.

Of course, Jesse did not come out publicly in 2002. He had been telling me, with no doubt whatsoever that he was NOT coming out. Hinton and Felix Johnson thought that they could manipulate and pressure Jesse into coming out. I tried to get word to them several times that he was not coming out. They ignored my messages and continued to lie saying that he was coming out in 2002.


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