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I am sharing the below news article mostly because of the good photo of Elvis which is a rare one that we don’t see too often.

Elvis Presley’s watch is up for auction

PUBLISHED: 14:00 31 October 2020

A watch worn by Elvis is being auctioned online by Sworders of Stansted. Picture: JAT PUBLISHING / JOSEPH TUNZI

A watch linked to Elvis Presley is expected to sell for between £40,000 and £50,000 at auction on November 17.

The Corum Buckingham timepiece with a square hobnail dial, black hands and cabochon crown, is engraved with the wording: To Richard from EP.

Elvis was photographed with it on his wrist.

He gave it to Richard Davis, his personal valet and the man responsible for the purchase of much of his wardrobe. He began working for Elvis in the early 1960s.

It is accompanied by an affidavit from Davis stating: “One day Elvis took the watch off his wrist and said there was something wrong with the back of it.

“I turned it over and Elvis had inscribed it to me – he said ‘well I guess it’s yours now’.”

Charlie Hodge, Elvis’s stage director and sometime backing singer, has confirmed the story.

The lot includes photographs of Elvis wearing the watch and a copy of the book Man and his Watch by Matt Hravek in which it is featured.

Sworders Fine Jewellery and Watches will take place online here.



Below is an article which ran recently in the UK regarding a phone call which Elvis made to Gail Brewer-Giorgio back in October, 1988 during the time that she was making so many TV appearances regarding her NY Times bestseller book “Is Elvis Alive?”.  This will be older news to those who were involved in all of this way back in the 1980’s-1990’s or even during the 11 1/2 years of my own websites.  Again, I share this for the interest of those who are newcomers to the real truth that Elvis did not die in August, 1977.

Elvis Presley ‘alive’: King ‘CALLED woman in 1988 to discuss Lisa Marie’s wedding’

ELVIS PRESLEY died in 1977, leaving his fans, friends, and family devastated – but many people think the King faked his death, and is still living to this day. And during a TV special in 1991, a woman claimed she received a phone call from the late singer to discuss Lisa Marie Presley.


Elvis Presley was 42-years-old when he was pronounced dead. The King of Rock n Roll was found at his Graceland home in Memphis on August 16, 1977. The singer was found in the bathroom by his fiancée, Ginger Alden. The King’s emotional funeral was filled with friends, loved-ones, and people from his past. There is a prevailing theory, however, that the King faked his death.

While the King was spotted in an open casket during his funeral, many theories suggested it was fake, with many other people claiming they had seen him walking around long after his death.

This theory saw even more credibility years after Elvis’ death, as people claimed they had seen him both at Graceland, and indeed at the Bahamas.

In 1991 Bill Bixby held a TV special on the theory that Elvis was alive, called The Elvis Files.

Throughout the show Bill explored these stories, and interviewed a number of people who claimed they had seen the star since his death.

Elvis Presley alive gail

Elvis Presley alive: A fan of the King explained how she was called by him (Image: GETTY)

Included in this collection of interviewees was Gail Brewer-Giorgio, an author and Elvis Is Alive theorist.

During her chats with Bill on the live TV special, she told of a time that Elvis called her home in 1988.

Telling Bill and the live studio audience, Gail said: “In October of 1988 around 2:30 in the morning a call came to my home from a man who identified himself as Elvis Presley.”

Gail was keen to ensure she was not being duped, however, so she did explain that she verified the man’s voice.

Gail continued: “Realising, of course, that he could have been an impersonator, I asked him key questions that were answered correctly.”

What’s more, Gail then recorded the call – but claimed she had a “very poor tape recorder”.

Throughout the stuttery clip of Gail talking to the man who claimed to be Elvis – which can be seen above – the King spoke candidly about his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

“Elvis” commented on Lisa Marie’s wedding with Danny Keough – which took place in 1988, the same year as the call.

He said: “My daughter[‘s wedding] came as a surprise to me. A very big surprise.”

The man claiming to be Elvis later went on to say: “I’ll definitely be out before I’m a grandfather.

“The dust will settle and everything. Believe me.”

Of course, this was over 30 years ago, and Elvis still has not returned – so could he still be in hiding?

Later in the TV documentary handwriting specialist Paul Weast examined Elvis’ death certificate against a letter the star wrote to President Nixon years prior.

After comparing the two documents, Paul explained that they came from the same person.

He told Bill: “I was supplied with a copy of a letter written to President Nixon in 1970, and the death certificate at the time of his reported death. I examined these two documents and compared them by measuring the slant of the handwriting, the spacing between the letters, spacing between the words, the size of the letters, and the individual letter formations.

“My conclusions after this exhaustive examination was, in my professional opinion as a document examiner, that same person who wrote the letter to President Nixon also wrote the death certificate of Elvis Presley’s death.”

I was friends with Gail Brewer-Giorgio for several years in the late 1980’s and very early 1990’s.  Tom and I visited in Gail’s home in January, 1990 and Gail played the full tape of her phone conversation with Elvis for us to hear.  I immediately recognized that it definitely was Elvis’ voice in the call.  When I heard him speaking about his wanting to come out and heard his encouraging words to Gail, I became even more adamant in my support of Gail which led to my publishing my own newsletter, with Gail’s blessing, from July 1990 thru March 1991.  That newsletter ultimately resulted in my being contacted by a man who knew Elvis.  This man only contacted me after I stopped my newsletter and he told me, near the end of our phone conversation, that Elvis really did like my newsletter.  I had secretly been sending my newsletter to someone who I felt certain was still friends with Elvis asking that my newsletters be passed along to Elvis.

Below is a photo of me with Gail during our Jan. 1990 visit in Gail’s home.

Below is the phone conversation which Elvis had with Gail which she sold with one of her subsequent books.   Taping the call after being asked not to and then selling it with a book was a betrayal of Elvis’ trust in calling her.  He did send her the “ammunition” as promised in the form of Gene Smith (Elvis’ first cousin) telling Gail to have the handwriting on the death report analyzed which would prove that it was filled out by Elvis himself.   At that point, Elvis still did not know that she had taped his call.  It was then OK’ed that Gene Smith go to the filming of the TV show “The Elvis Files” and tape his statement that he did not believe it was Elvis in the coffin.   So, Elvis did give her a lot of “ammunition“.

Once Elvis realized that Gail had taped that call and sold it after being asked not to make the tape, he no longer speaks to anyone on the phone without using the voice distortion…at least that is my belief though I have not asked him.  

After the success of the first Bill Bixby TV show, contracts were drawn up for a follow-up show to be produced and Gail was to be very much involved in that second show.  However, the show was sabotaged and aired in a totally different manner to discredit the first show.  Gail was completely left out of the loop of the second show.  She should have stopped after the first show.

It is sad that Gail pressed ahead too much and lost the trust of Jesse/Elvis…she also lost my trust.  It is no wonder that Jesse trusts so very few people after so many people have betrayed him and sold him out.



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