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I have made available to every visitor a MESSAGES TO JESSE page on which I invite everyone to express your wishes to Jesse in honor of the 42nd anniversary of August 16, 1977.  The day on which Elvis retired the image and began his private life as Jesse.  As has been explained by Jesse he chose to end his life as Elvis, the entertainer, in order to give his stillborn twin brother, Jesse, 42 years of life just as Elvis had.  On this August 16th, that commitment will be fulfilled.  

I feel that on this special anniversary it is fitting that we all express our thankfulness for him and our admiration of him for having lived out that very special promise.

Below is the link to the page on which you may post your messages of love, honor and support to Jesse:



Below are three videos from the YouTube channel of The Spa Guy, Billy Stallings.  The topic of this series of videos is a book which Elvis signed back in 1946 or 1947 when he was in the sixth grade.  It does take a good bit to watch all three but by doing so one gets the full history of the Elvis signature.

Elvis Presley Earliest Signature Chance meeting Tupelo Part #1 of 3 The Spa Guy

Published on Jul 29, 2019

This video is about The Spa Guy being in the right place at the right time and finding a very rare Elvis related item.. This is the earliest signature of Elvis Presley in existence… It was signed in either 1946 or 1947 making it at least 1 year older than the earliest signature known previously of December 1948 on a library card.


Elvis Presley Earliest Signature Chance meeting Tupelo Part #2 of 3 The Spa Guy

Elvis Presley Earliest Signature Chance meeting Tupelo Part #3 of 3 The Spa Guy

This particular article is of personal interest to me as I believe that I have a signature of Elvis’ which is as old, if not perhaps older, than the signature shown in the above videos.
You may recall that a few years ago, Jesse gave one of his childhood books to Tom and me.  I have shown before that Elvis wrote “Property of Elvis Presley” inside the front of the book. 
Below is a close up capture of the signature in the book in the above 3 videos.
Spa Guy video earliest Elvis signature 1946

Below is a photo of Elvis’ childhood signature in the book which Jesse gave to us:

Elvis' childhood handwriting in Lone Ranger book

Below is the signature plus the facing page of the book:
Signature and first page of Lone Ranger book from Jesse
Below is the spine of the book:
Elvis Jesse Lone Ranger Spine of book
Elvis Jesse Lone Ranger front of book

Below is the publication date of the Lone Ranger book from Jesse:

Elvis Jesse Lone Ranger book publication date 1935.JPG

As you can see this book was published in Jesse’s year of birth.



My good friend, Bernadine M. shared the below photo of Elvis from the “Kid Galahad” movie.  In this photo we can, once again,  see the match of the scar on his right leg with the scar on Jesse’s leg.  The angle of this particular photo doesn’t show the scar on his left leg.

Elvis-in-Kid-Galahad-scar-on-right-leg.pngElvis in Kid Galahad scar on right leg circled




I have printed out all of your messages to Jesse thru this point and am mailing them out to him this afternoon.

I will leave the message board open thru next Thursday and will be mailing the last group of messages out to Jesse next Friday afternoon.

I thank each of you who have taken time to share your love and thoughts with Jesse.

Love, light and peace to all,
Linda Hood Sigmon


I have posted the following on my Facebook page earlier today:

I have once more unfriended a large number of friends who were mutual friends with me and the fake and fraudulent John Burrows as shown below:

I want everyone to understand why I cannot accept people who asks to be in my list of friends also being on the pages of those who are liars and fakes: I do this because I am the ONLY person on the Internet who has been asked by Elvis, who IS Jesse, to be his voice. My two websites are the ONLY locations on the Internet which are authorized, approved and supported by the man the world knew as Elvis Presley. Therefore, it is a total conflict of interests for anyone to read my material and then continue to support those who are merely pretending to be him and misleading people.

I appreciate everyone understanding my point of view.

John Burrows fake


For those who have been looking for a reasonable price on a copy of Jesse’s book “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley – In His Own Words“, there is a copy available on Ebay.  This is a new listing and I am certain that it won’t last long at this price.

Book for sale on Ebay

Here is the link to this item:






Elvis Presley’s Harley-Davidson Electra Glide could break world motorcycle auction record



Elvis Presley's 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide has been on display at the Pioneer Auto...
Elvis Presley’s 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide has been on display at the Pioneer Auto Museum for more than 30 years(Credit: Pioneer Auto Museum)


Elvis Presley’s last motorcycle, a 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide with just 126 miles (203 km) on the clock, is going to auction later this month at GWS Auctions, and is estimated to sell for between US$1,750,000 and $2,000,000.

The current world record price for a motorcycle at auction was set last year when Bonhams sold a Vincent Black Lightning sold for $929,000, but a spate of celebrity motorcycle sales in recent times suggests the Elvis Presley provenance could result in the sale of the most expensive motorcycle in history.

Elvis Presley's 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH 1200 Electra Glide has just 126 miles on the clock

The Electra Glide was only ridden very sparingly by Elvis, and will go to auction showing just 126 miles on the odometer. The bike has been on display at the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo, South Dakota, for over 30 years.



In Memphis on Monday the 12th

Elvis Presley Elvis Week Elviscon 2019 Monday 12th The Spa Guy

Published on Aug 12, 2019

This video is about The Spa Guy taking you to Elvis Week & Elviscon 2019 Monday August 12th.. This was my first day here and I arrived later in the day and things were winding down but they will crank back up tomorrow.




Just want to share with everyone that Jesse called me tonight.  We didn’t talk too long this time.  He is doing pretty well but seeing his Dr. and using some eye drops.  He has been taking some antibiotics for his eyes.  He has not been entirely happy with the results of the cataract surgeries which he has had.  Tom and I have residual problems from our cataract surgeries so we certainly sympathize with Jesse.  As always, getting his call meant the world to me.



My very good friend Lucilia shared the below video with me on my Facebook timeline.  I want to share it here because I think that Jesse will enjoy watching this wonderful tribute to him.




The below is something that I have shared before.  However, it is something so wonderful and special to me that I want to share it once more during this special anniversary week.  Jesse sent this to me accompanying his autographed copy of his book “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley – In His Own Words“.  I treasure the book and this note every day of my life until I die…just as I do everything he has given me during the past 27 years.  My eternally loved brother and friend.

Copyright of my photos

Jesse's note with autographed bookx

Autographed page of my copy of Jesse's book.jpg


I have been debating for some time about posting the following photos to once more refute another of the lies which Mickey Moran has made public about me and my association with Dr. Donald Hinton.

Moran has published that Terry Campbell was a racketeer and other slanderous lies.  I hereby set this record straight.

Terry Campbell and I became acquainted later in 1991.  Terry became a good friend to my husband Tom and me.  I also knew all about his wife and their two children over the many years that we were friends.  Terry and I spoke on the phone very frequently and Terry visited here in our home on two occasions.  One of those occasions was for an entire weekend during which Donald Hinton was also our guest.  I am going to display below some photos taken during that weekend visit in order that everyone may see clearly that Terry was not some elusive figure hidden in the background and using me to “score drugs” through Dr. Hinton.  

I introduced Dr. Hinton to Terry in 1997 and they also became friends who spoke on the phone.  After I ended my association with Dr. Hinton, Terry was invited to spend some time in Dr. Hinton’s home.  Terry called me after that visit and was the person who told me that Hinton had put his name and face on the soon-to-be-published book “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley – In His Own Words“.

I want to make it perfectly clear to everyone that I had known Donald Hinton since early on in the days of publishing my newsletter from July, 1990 thru March, 1991.  He had contributed letters from himself to be published in my newsletter.  He and I became close friends from that time until the time that he took the book to the publishers in December of 2000.  So, I had been close friends with Dr. Hinton for 7 years before I introduced him to Elvis.

Terry Campbell and I had been close friends from later on in 1991 until the time that the book was published in 2001 and we gradually lost contact from then on.  So, Terry and I had been friends for 6 years by the time that I introduced him to Dr. Hinton.  Terry and I have not been in touch for many years.  There were no hard feelings that ended my contact with Terry.  He and I just grew apart due to life taking us on different paths.

As you will be able to tell from the below photos of Terry Campbell, Dr. Donald Hinton, my husband Tom, and me, we were all good friends.  Donald Hinton and Terry Campbell were both good friends of long standing with Tom and me.

I explain all of this to document that Terry Campbell certainly was not some dark figure hiding in the shadows and using me to “score drugs” through Dr. Hinton.

Terry had been close friends with Elvis for a number of years by the time that Terry and I came to know each other.  Terry had spoken with Elvis on the phone and exchanged many letters with him for a long while before Terry and I were put in contact with each other.

It was my good friend Terry who got to know me personally and then asked Elvis to drop me a line.  Elvis had read my newsletters and was aware of me in that way as I had been sending copies of my newsletters to someone (a famous public figure) who I was certain was in touch with Elvis after 1977 and asked that they please forward my newsletters to Elvis.  

Having explained all of the above, I will now add the photos of us all taken here in our home during the weekend visit of Terry and Donald Hinton in November, 1997.

This first photo is of (left to right) Terry Campbell, my husband Tom, and Dr. Donald Hinton.  That was a wonderful weekend when we were all very good friends.

Copyright of my photos
Terry, Tom and Hinton

Copyright of my photos

The above photo is of (left to right) Terry Campbell, me and my husband Tom.  Please note the date of 11-8-97.  This photo was taken by Don with his camera which had the digital date feature.

The below photo is of Dr. Donald Hinton, me, and Terry Campbell.

Copyright of my photos

Hinton and Terry Campbell visit in our home, Nov. 1997

The item laying on the top of the chest is a ring which Jesse gave to Terry.  It was a gorgeous large gold ring. Terry's ring

Copyright of my photos

The above photo is of me, Donald Hinton and Terry Campbell.  Terry brought many of his gifts, letters, etc. which Elvis had sent to him over a number of years.

Hinton and Terry Campbell in our home.JPG

Copyright of my photos

The two above photos are of Dr. Hinton and Terry Campbell in our home.  Terry bought some of his gifts and letters from Elvis to share with Don.

Copyright of my photos

Hinton, Terry Campbell and Linda Sigmon on porch

Copyright of my photos

Above is me, Terry Campbell and Dr. Donald Hinton on our front porch.

There is one other very vital detail about this weekend visit which I am going to share and ask that Jesse forgive my doing so should it bother him in the least.

When I introduced Elvis to Dr. Hinton in 1997, Elvis asked me if Dr. Hinton did believe that he is really Elvis.  I told him that he did as much as anyone could based on my word (or words to that effect).  Jesse said “He will believe when he sees Benjamin”.  Jesse had given me permission to show Dr. Hinton and Terry the photo which he had given to me of himself and Benjamin taken in 1994.  

Then the most incredible thing took place.  Something which only Elvis or someone working on Elvis’ behalf could have made happen.  I had told Jesse long in advance of the planned weekend visit and so he knew exactly the dates of the weekend that Don and Terry would be here.

Below you will see two scans of the front page of two of the major tabloids…each showing a photo of Benjamin.  Back then, we did not see Benjamin on the front of the tabloids as Lisa was protective of her children’s photos being made public.  Please note the dates on these two tabloids.  These photos were being shown on the front of the two tabloids on the newsstands the week that our visit would be taking place so that Dr. Hinton could see and understand that my friend absolutely was and is Elvis.  Just as Elvis said to me “He will (believe) when he sees Benjamin.”

As I pointed out above in one of the photos which was taken with Don’s camera, there is a digital date of  11-8-97 and the two tabloids have the date of  November 4, 1997.  Does anyone want to say that this is merely a coincidence.  Remember, Elvis once said There are no coincidences.  Everything has a meaning.

National Examiner November 4, 1997

Below is the front cover of the Star with Benjamin’s photo…also dated November 4, 1997

Star November 4, 1997

Below is just an excerpt of Mickey Moran’s lies about our friend Terry Campbell.  I hope that this above article will lay another of Moran’s lies to rest.

Moran's statement about Terry Campbell

In Jesse’s book, you may read the letter written by Terry Campbell for the book.  I am including several very brief excerpts from the letter in the book.  Dr. Hinton either left out my name or showed me as “Shuma” when he typed Terry’s letter for publishing in the book.

I have not been in touch with Terry Campbell for years and do not know how to contact him at this time to gain his permission to share this.  However, knowing how Terry always stood up for the truth about Elvis, etc., I feel sure he would have given me permission to share the following written by him.

Terry's letter in Jesse's book x

Excerpt from Terry's letter 2nd

Excerpt from Terry's letter 3rd

The “dear friend” of whom Terry wrote above is me.  I discussed with Terry the question of whether to introduce Elvis to Dr. Hinton.  After Terry checked with Elvis, then I also gained Elvis’ permission to tell Dr. Hinton about him.  The rest is history…

Excerpt from Terry's letter 4

Of course, I am Shuma and Sloan is my husband.  We would have never been publicly identified had Hinton kept his word to remain anonymous when the book was published.  I was thrown to the wolves when Hinton let his ego get the best of his judgement.

One more bit of proof before closing out this article:

Below is a tiny excerpt from just one of the hundred plus letters which Elvis wrote to Terry.  I share only just two lines because the letters which Elvis wrote to Terry were private.  This is from a copy of the letter which Terry shared with me all those many years ago.

Copyright of my photos

Excerpt from letter to Terry about radio calls 2 paragraphs-vert

The above reads “more sightings and they are now advertising their radio station as Elvis’ favorite.

This concludes my article in defense of my long-ago friend who Mickey Moran slandered while defaming me and Jesse.



This beautiful collage of Elvis photos was shared on Facebook by Robin Heintz.

cropped-Jesse-and-Benjamin-for-logo.jpg1994 (I couldn’t resist adding!!)


More from Memphis with the Spa Guy…

Elvis Presley Elvis Week Elviscon 2019 Tuesday 13th The Spa Guy

Published on Aug 14, 2019

This video is about The Spa Guy taking you to Elvis Week & Elviscon 2019 Tuesday August 13th.. This was my second day here and we filmed a lot of cool stuf saw Ronnie Milsap in concert and went down to Beale for some food and singing…

Elvis Presley Elvis Week Elviscon 2019 Wednesday 14th The Spa Guy

Published on Aug 14, 2019

This video is about The Spa Guy taking you to Elvis Week & Elviscon 2019 Wednesday August 14th.. This was my third day here and we filmed a lot of cool stuff toured Graceland with Billy Stanley, Attended ElvisCon and had supper with Dean Nichopolous….



Starts Today at 9:00 PM

Candlelight Vigil 2019
Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, USA

After an opening ceremony at the Gates of Graceland, fans walk up the driveway to Elvis’ gravesite and back down carrying a candle in quiet remembrance.

Watch Candlelight Vigil Livestream
Fans from across the world will gather at Graceland on Thursday, August 15, to pay tribute to Elvis Presley at the Candlelight Vigil. Can’t be in Memphis for the event? Watch it live on the Graceland Livestream page, beginning at 8:00pm CDT on Thursday.



More from Memphis with the Spa Guy…

Elvis Presley Candle Light Vigil 2019 August 15 The Spa Guy

Spa Guy

Published on Aug 16, 2019

This video is about the Elvis Presley Candle Light Vigil August 15th 2019 in Memphis Tennesse at Graceland Mansion.. Don’t forget to subscribe..







This should be interesting and entertaining…

Netflix Announces Elvis Presley Animated Series Agent King From Priscilla Presley

Press release page 2.jgp

footnote:  I want to add that I concur with what Jesse wrote about wishing that the book had been done without letting people see his face.  This would certainly have cut down on all of the controversy with which I have been dealing for over 10 years.

Jesse sent the photo of himself with his grandson to me in July, 1997.  Up until the day in the fall of 2000 when Jesse himself called and told me to send the photo to Dr. Hinton because he wanted it for the book, I had NEVER considered making a copy of that photo.  I had been (and still do) keeping it locked safely away in a fireproof safe.  I only showed it to Dr. Hinton and Terry Campbell after obtaining Jesse’s permission to show it to them.  I visited Staples and made the best copies of the photo that I could and sent several copies to Dr. Hinton.  The copies which I sent to him were in color just the same as the original.

Even after it was published in the book, I still considered my personal copy of the photo to be unpublished because my original photo is in color and it was published in black and white in the book.  I was shocked when I began seeing the color copy of the photo being published on the Internet in a few places by other people.  This happened because Dr. Hinton gave color copies of Jesse’s photo to other people who then posted it on the Internet or made more copies and gave to their acquaintances.

Had these images of Jesse’s photo not been shared on the Internet by others who had no right to do so, I still would not have displayed the photo on the Internet myself.  When Jesse sent that photo to me, I felt so very honored and would have kept it locked safely away for the rest of my life.  Barbara Lee Rowe had displayed Jesse’s photo on a page which she set up on her website to publish lies about me.  That was just one instance which finally pushed me into a corner where I asked Jesse for his permission to use my real name to defend myself.  Jesse’s answer was “Yes, and you can use my name too.”  Thus my website was begun in May, 2009.


It is with heartfelt sadness that I share the news of the deaths of two people who were very close to Elvis.  

Lera Louise Smith

December 1, 1932 – August 18, 2019

Lera Louise “Meme” Smith peacefully passed away on Sunday, August 18, 2019 in Southaven, Mississippi. Family will be receiving friends on Friday, August 23, 2019 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Twin Oaks Funeral Home (290 Goodman Road East Southaven, MS 38671). A funeral service will immediately follow. Interment will be held at Twin Oaks Memorial Gardens (290 Goodman Road East Southaven, MS 38671). Twin Oaks Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Louise was born on December 1, 1932 in Ruleville, MS. Louise was married to Gene Smith (Elvis’ first cousin) for 42 years. Louise was an office manager at Alcon Corporation for 52 years; where she retired to enjoy the rest of her life. The loves in her life were her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, traveling with her friends, going to see ETA’s, her children, and living life to the fullest.

Louise Smith is survived by her children, Margaret McKenzie, and Mike (Debbie) Smith; grandchildren, Chasity (Jon) Curbo , Brandy Staten, Michael Smith, Jr., Marie (BJ) Hawkins, Kim Smith, Tony “Buddy” Smith, Taylor (Taylore) Petty; 26 great-grandchildren; 3 great-grand dogs; brother, Harry Wayne (Sandy) Nerren; nieces Andrea (Ted, Josh, Hannah) Lane; Valerie Nerren; nephews Ray (Carolyn) Smith; Glenn Smith; JJ Smith; Michael Pate; daughter-in-law Carolyn Smith; and a host of cousins.

Ms. Smith is preceded in death by husband of 42 years, Gene “Poppy” Smith; mother, Arlion Nerren; father, John E. Fondren; son, Tony Smith Jr. (Jackie); and granddaughter, Toni Leann “Tootie” Glover.

The family would like to give a special thanks to Jane Rowe (her caregiver) for taking care of her all these years. We would also like to thank all her friends and ETA’s from around the world; for the love and support that has been shown to our Mother. You will be forever in our hearts!!!


Mr. Kang Rhee

Birth Date: January 30, 1938
Death Date: August 16, 2019

Kang H. Rhee, 81, died Friday, August 16, 2019 at the Christian Care Center in Memphis following a long illness.

He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Gee-un (Bucha) Rhee; his son, Yong Rhee (Kyung Jin Rhee); two grandchildren; Jasmine Dahnbi Rhee and Rebekah Ruby Rhee, and many close friends.
Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, the son of Sang-Chul and Soon-Pyo (Hong) Rhee, he was the second oldest of five siblings.

In 1960, he graduated from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration; and established Yonsel Univ. Martial Arts Team, serving as captain.
Four years later he migrated to the United States to teach TaeKwonDo in Memphis, Tennessee. By 1966 he established the PaSaRyu Martial Arts Association. He was the founder and 10th Dan Grand Master of PaSaRyu until his death. He became the instructor of the late Elvis Presley and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace in the 1970s.



I posted the following on my Facebook page and certainly want to share it with all of my visitors here on my website.

Linda Sigmon is feeling happy.

53 mins


We have some very good news tonight! Our good friend and very talented supporter of the truth about Elvis/Jesse, Simon Laxon has gotten back to creating some more of his wonderful comparison videos for everyone to enjoy. This first one was created by Simon back in May, 2019 and is such a very good example of his matches.

I will be sharing several more brand new videos which Simon has made within the last week also.

A big welcome-back hug and thanks to Simon. We have certainly missed him.

Isn’t this a fantastic comparison!

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 86


Below are several of Simon’s new videos done this month.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 87

(See description below before viewing)

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Aug 8, 2019


Elvis / Jesse Comparison 87

(See description below before viewing)

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Aug 20, 2019


Another wonderful video by Simon. I love that he used the black and white photo of Elvis from his screen test for the film “The Rainmaker”. I have never seen this photo before. Thank you so much, Simon.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 88

(See description below before viewing)

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Aug 21, 2019


Below is Simon’s last new video for the time being.  My sincerest thanks to Simon for creating all of the videos which I have just shared.  So very nice to have him back with us.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 89 in Grey Scale

(See description below before viewing)

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Aug 21, 2019



I want to share another photo of my long-ago friend Terry Campbell just in case Mickey Moran or one of his groupies decides to try to put out another lie that the man in the photos with my husband, Dr. Hinton and me is not really Terry Campbell.  

Below is a newspaper clipping of Terry which he sent to me way back many years ago.  As you can see, this clipping was dated May, 1991.  This was something Terry sent to introduce himself to Tom and me when we first came in contact later on that year.

Terry Campbell in newspaper

For comparison, below are two of the photos which I shared above on this page recently showing Terry Campbell.
Copyright of my photos

Terry, Tom and Hinton

Copyright of my photos

Below I am going to share photos of one of Elvis’ DEA suits which prove that he was a federally trained DEA agent (NOT a honorary title); the second photos will prove that he did RETIRE as an agent…presumably AFTER 1977 since he wore the active DEA STAFF logo right up through the night of August 15th-16th.

This is the DEA suit which was on display showing the NATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE DEA logo on both the top and the pants of this red suit owned by Elvis.  This proves that Elvis was trained to be a federal DEA agent.

Copyright of my photos

Full suit: Red DEA Suit at Graceland

Copyright of my photos

Logo on top of the suit:Red DEA Suit at Graceland logo enlarged

Copyright of my photos

Logo on pants of the suit:Red DEA Suit at Graceland pants logo enlarged

The below Federal DEA badge proves that Elvis did RETIRE from being a DEA agent:

Copyright of my photos

Elvis Federal badge with retired on it

Copyright of my photos

Elvis' DEA Badge on display Graceland enlarged retiredAGENT RETIRED from Bureau of Narcotics Dangerous Drugs.  Badge enlarged for better view.

Below is the badge presented to Elvis by President Nixon:







I like this comparison match between Elvis and Jesse.  One can see that the cheeks, lower lip, chin, smile lines all match.  One has to only allow for aging, white hair, good weight loss etc. to tell that it is the same man.

Elvis 70's-Jesse '94


What a beautiful match. I thank my good friend Jeannette for sharing the great Elvis photo.❣️❣️❣️




The family of Elvis’ friend and Karate instructor, Kang Rhee, is asking for some help in covering his medical expenses for the last part of his life.  Below is the site for making a donation.

Master Kang Rhee’s medical expense


This is an unusual request, but my family needs a little support from our friends and family. In the last five years, we have dealt with a very challenging circumstance—my father was diagnosed with aggressive cerebellum degeneration and dementia.   This year his condition took turn for the worse, requiring us to place him in a skilled nursing home.  Because he could not qualify for Medicaid, he was charged $14,000 for his stay at the skilled nursing home. My father’s term life insurance lapsed last year, and we exhausted the little bit of savings he had on his medical cost.   

We do not want to impose on other people, but I would like to have lessen the financial burden on my grieving mother who has a fixed modest monthly income (with a mortgage), and let her enjoy her remaining years debt free. In addition, I am over-stretched financially due to supporting two college students–his two granddaughters–on our single family income. 

My father was a very giving person his entire life, including raising thousands of dollars for St. Jude, his church, as well as many of his friends, students, and strangers. I do not want anyone to over burden themselves, but if you can, please consider donating.  Any small amount will be greatly appreciated, and would lift my grieving mother’s spirits. 


Yong Rhee

Master Rhee’s obituary:



Just want to share with everyone that I received some mail from Jesse yesterday which he mailed a week and a half ago, it went through our go-between so it took longer to arrive.

He called me tonight and we enjoyed a nice chat.  He is doing well other than some nagging things which his Dr. has determined are not dangerous to his health…things that come with aging as it does with all of us.  

As always, his call was such a joy to me and made my day even happier.



My friend Melinda shared a photo of Elvis because it resembles Jesse’s photo.  I see the same things in this photo which Melinda did and so I created this match comparison.

My thanks to Melinda.

Melinda's Elvis photo from Tim McGraw's page-horz


This is a very interesting article about the meeting between Elvis and The Beatles which took place on August 27th.  So yesterday was the anniversary of that event.

When The Beatles Met Elvis Presley


The most infamous rock and roll meeting of all time occurred when Elvis Presley met The Beatles. On August 27, 1965, John, Paul, George and Ringo along with their manager, publicist and assistants came to Presley’s house on Perugia Way in Los Angeles to meet their rock and roll idol.

The Beatles were the ones who pushed for the meeting. After all, it was Elvis who was one of the main influences for John Lennon to start the band. “Without Elvis, there would be no Beatles,” Lennon famously remarked in later years.

A British journalist who also attended the infamous meeting was Chris Hutchins, a reporter for the New Musical Express (NME) at the time. He had been documenting the anticipation of The Beatles’ possibly meeting Elvis since Paul McCartney called and spoke to Presley on the phone a year earlier.

During their concert tour in the summer of 1964, The Beatles tried to arrange a meeting with Elvis, but they could never coordinate their schedules. Instead, Colonel Parker visited with The Beatles and gave them gifts of Elvis souvenirs.

Finally, in August 1965, the stars seemed to align since The Beatles were in L.A. for their concert at The Hollywood Bowl and Elvis was in L.A. having just returned from Hawaii where he was filming Paradise Hawaiian Style.

It was a typical night at Presley’s home with members of Elvis’ entourage on hand as well as a few of their female companions including Presley’s live-in girlfriend and future wife, Priscilla Presley. Also added to the mix was Colonel Parker who was there on this special occasion to make sure things ran smoothly.


John Lennon was probably the most nervous about the meeting since Elvis was literally John’s hero. When John was in high school, he had grown sideburns just to be like Elvis. “If it hadn’t been for him, I would have been nothing,” Lennon told Presley’s friend, Jerry Schilling.

Elvis was in the den when The Beatles arrived. As The Beatles walked into the den, John Lennon launched into an imitation of Peter Sellers’ character, Inspector Clouseau, by saying “Oh, zere you are, Elvis!” Everyone laughed.

beatles-meet-elvis-johnThe only pic with a Beatle and Elvis in the same photo (John in white pants and Elvis in left corner)

After all the introductions, The Beatles sat down on the couch next to Elvis who was watching a muted TV, while music was playing in the background on a jukebox. Initially, there was an awkward moment of silence as The Beatles appeared star-struck and just stared at Elvis.

Finally, Elvis broke the silence: “If you guys are just gonna sit there and stare at me, I’m goin’ to bed.” The Beatles laughed.

“I just thought we’d sit and talk about music and maybe jam a little,” Elvis proposed. He then called for guitars to be brought into the room for John, Paul and George.

Elvis started playing a Fender bass which excited Paul McCartney: “It was a great conversation piece for me. I could actually talk about the bass, and we sat around and just enjoyed ourselves,” McCartney said.

Since there was no drum kit, Ringo went into the other room to play pool, and George supposedly went outside to smoke a joint.

“We just got in there and played with him,” John Lennon recalled. “We all plugged in whatever was around and we played and sang…”

The Beatles’ roadie, Mal Evans, remembered Elvis asking for a guitar pick. Evans, who happened to be a huge Presley fan, said: “There was Elvis playing bass, Paul and John on guitars – and I just sat there with my mouth open all night.”

The Beatles’ chauffeur, Alf Bicknell, described the impromptu jam session: “There was no singing, it was more a case of showing each other different guitar licks. Little blues riffs, a bit of 12-bar and so on.”

However, George Harrison and Ringo Starr claimed in The Beatles Anthology documentary that they never jammed with Elvis.

In truth, it was more like a “Lennon-McCartney-Presley” jam session. The jam session of mostly rhythm and blues songs lasted about 45 minutes.

Later, The Beatles started talking to Elvis about music and touring.

Unfortunately, Colonel Parker, with the agreement of The Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, insisted that no pictures or video be taken of the infamous meeting. Therefore, this historic event is recounted solely through eyewitness accounts from the people who were there. It became an exclusive story for NME reporter, Chris Hutchins.


On August 27, 1965, the day the actual meeting took place, a story ran in the NME by Hutchins with the headline “NME is arranging a meeting between Elvis and Beatles!”

Finally, on September 3, 1965, the NME ran their exclusive story on the meeting. The headline stated: “NME has only reporter present when Elvis meets Beatles.”

In the article, Hutchins states that there was an informal jam session which started with Elvis playing the bass along to records playing on his jukebox. John, Paul and George were reportedly provided with guitars. However, there was no drum set for Ringo. “They used language of music!” a callout in the article read.

1965photo-hutchinsAugust 27, 1965: Elvis Presley, in a red shirt and black jacket, stands behind Chris Hutchins who is wearing dark sunglasses.

While many stories circulated in later years that the meeting was a flop or that either The Beatles or Elvis were disappointed, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Elvis appeared to have enjoyed himself. He told Sonny West: “[That was] a lot better than I thought it would be. That’s some good times there.”


Later that year, Paul and John called Graceland to speak to Elvis. They wanted to thank him for the visit in Los Angeles…

But what else happened during the Elvis and Beatles meeting?

In truth, there are a lot more details to the story about the day Elvis met The Beatles as well as the relationship that continued over the years between The King of Rock and Roll and The Fab Four.

The full story of the lifelong behind-the-scenes relationship between The Beatles and Elvis Presley can be found in this new book – click to read a free excerpt:
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Baby Hears Elvis’s Song at Party, Watch Him Wow the Whole Crowd With Killer Moves


July 29, 2019 Updated: August 4, 2019

If you thought Elvis had left the building, think again! There’s a copy of “Jailhouse Rock,” a polished dance floor, and a tenacious toddler who is keen to prove otherwise.

Two-year-old William Stokkebroe could simply not contain his excitement when the first notes of the 1957 rock and roll hit began to play. According to the Daily Mail, the tot had been watching his parents, Kristina and Peter, of dance studio Studie43 in Denmark, and had learned a few tricks of his own.


William’s parents, Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe, are parts of a professional dance team in Denmark, so William has clearly been exposed to dance since the beginning.

But the Paso Doble isn’t the only style of dance William has tackled. There’s also the jive, which William busts out when he hears Elvis’s “Jailhouse Rock.”

With his killer moves and enviable lack of stage fright, William brought the house down. The amazingly irresistible video was shared on YouTube and, naturally, became a worldwide hit within days. As the lyrics of the much-loved Elvis classic filled the dance hall, the adorable toddler’s moves never missed a beat.


“The warden threw a party in the county jail,” Elvis sings. “The prison band was there and they began to wail; the band was jumpin’ and the joint began to swing,” the singer croons, as William bounces along. “You should’ve heard them knocked out jailbirds sing ‘Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock!’”

And rock they did. As little William won over the crowd with his wiggling hips, hand clapping, toe tapping, and priceless facial expressions, cameras flashed around the room. Dressed to impress in a tiny checked shirt and jeans, William was clearly in his element.

Kudos to his parents, Kristina and Peter, for nurturing such a confident little boy!

At the end of his crowd-pleasing performance, William took an epic, practiced bow, and even applauded himself. He took a humble moment to blow a kiss to his fans before high-fiving a super fan (possibly a parent, but who’s to say; the performance was quite spectacular).

YouTube amassed thousands of comments in support of the tiny tot’s explosive dance moves. “I’m smiling from ear to ear,” wrote one online fan, “this little man has got some style!” Another added: “I love the showmanship and being the ‘entertainer of the moment’ attitude.”

Some were beyond impressed: “I don’t think I could walk at that age,” said one, “let alone dance!” But the most frequent comment, and perhaps even the best, read: “Elvis would have loved this.” We couldn’t agree more; “The King” would have been in his element watching this little guy.

William’s clip was shared a staggering seven years ago, which explains why it has amassed an equally staggering 40 million views. The passing of seven years also means that little William, the tiny tot with the twinkling toes, is now 9 years old. But is he still dancing?

Of course he is. With talent like that, it was always a sure thing! These days, William Stokkebroe’s dancing shoes have upgraded a few sizes, and the talented boy now dances with a hip hop and break dancing group named “Specific Kidz.” They posted their Summer Dance Cup entry in November of 2018, and William stole the show.

Once a jiver, always a jiver!



Another very interesting video regarding Elvis’ badge from his home town county in Mississippi

Elvis Presley Badge Reunion Gene Autry Turner Tom Salva The Spa Guy Part #2 of 2

Spa Guy

Published on Aug 29, 2019

This part #2 of 2.. This video is about The Spa Guy reuniting the Badge that gene Autry Turner Gave Elvis Presley July 1 1971 after 48 years.. The last time he saw this badge he gave it to Elvis and the owner Tom Salva brings it to hand it to Gene after 48 years…