Elvis was still alive on June 18, 1990 without a doubt. Joe Esposito on Geraldo

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This video will show ( I have given up on the word “proof” because people want the man himself to come forward accompanied by his immediate family) that as of June 18, 1990, Elvis was still alive and involved in the Elvis related events happening at that time.  I would go so far as to say that he probably orchestrated the following exchange in order to refute the vile lies being told by David Stanley and Albert Goldman.

On this Geraldo show, which aired on June 18, 1990, Elvis’ closest friend, Joe Esposito appeared on the show to refute the claims being made by Albert Goldman with David Stanley that Elvis committed suicide.  Goldman had written a book and David Stanley had aligned himself with Goldman and contributed to an article done in Life Magazine stating that Elvis committed suicide.

Joe was angry (and rightly so) with Goldman and David Stanley.  You will clearly hear Joe say with no stammer or hesitation when he comments about how he feels about Albert Goldman …and that’s how Elvis feels about this situation.”  We can all certainly understand Joe’s feelings toward these two liars and also, having discussed the whole suicide story with Elvis, Joe just blurted this out and he went right on speaking without missing a beat and Geraldo (the great investigator) did not even notice what Joe had said.  Also, I will add a link to my YouTube video of the introduction to this show in order that you can be absolutely sure that this was the same show.


My two below videos will no longer play on YouTube after more than 8 1/2 years.  So, I have placed them onto Vimeo.

(The above video is the introduction to the show.)

Below is a copy of a portion of a handwritten letter which Jesse wrote to Dr. Hinton for the book in which he states that Col. Parker chose Joe out of all the people who worked for him to help pull off the faked death.

This copy is from my own rough draft of the book:

Jesse's letter about Joe for the book page 1

“To dismiss something without an investigation of the evidence is the height of ignorance.”

–Albert Einstein

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