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Elvis '70 Jesse '94


Elvis '70 Jesse '94 circled in red

I didn’t have that much done.” Jesse spoke to me in 1997 after he gave me this photo of him taken in 1994.



I am so happy to share tonight that Jesse called and he is feeling well.  He has been taking some Ginseng Energy Now herbal supplements for added energy and he says it is helping him.  He has remained under stay-at-home restrictions because of Covid-19.  But he said that he is going out some this week to see some countryside.  He is looking forward to that.  As always, his call was a wonderful blessing for me.


I really like the below image which was shared on Facebook:

Image may contain: outdoor

Argo Memphis

From the sidewalk in front of Graceland ⚡️
(📸 Sandy M)


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

My dear friend Lucilia shared the below photo comparison on Facebook and I asked her if I could share it on my site.  I thank her so very much.

For you, Linda. As soon as I saw this photo I remembered Jesse.

Image may contain: Lucilia Lapolla



This is one of my favorite items from my Orion/Elvis/Jesse pages.  I just played it for a little pick-me-up.  Hope y’all like it too!  Be sure to listen to very end of it…the last word is cut out from the fade out at the end of the song…but the missing word is “Elvis!“.  

Here is the link to the first page of my Orion/Elvis/Jesse pages:



I have been really busy working on a new project for the last couple of weeks.  I apologize that I have not been able to be very active on my site due to this.  My work will be ongoing, so please forgive my lack of activity here until I finish my other work.

See what you think of my new logo which is a part of my new project.

Color logo with background


50 years ago this week, Elvis recorded more than 30 songs in 5 days in ‘Nashville marathon sessions’

It was the summer of 1970, and Elvis Presley, riding high on the success of six record-breaking shows at the Houston Astrodome and his hit “The Wonder of You,” came to Nashville to record.

It was a productive visit, to say the least.

During what came to be known as the “marathon sessions,” Elvis recorded a staggering 30-plus songs in just five days at Nashville’s famed RCA Studio B. 

From those June 4-8 sessions came most of the “Elvis Country” album, including the cuts “It’s Your Baby, You Rock It,” “The Fool” and the Willie Nelson-penned “Funny How Time Slips Away.” He also recorded “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” and a cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” both of which were included on the November 1970 album “That’s the Way It Is.”

This year’s Elvis Week, set to run Aug. 8-16 in Memphis, will pay special tribute to the marathon sessions.

A concert Aug. 14 on the Graceland Soundstage will reunite guitarist James Burton, bassist Norbert Putnam and pianist David Briggs, all of whom played on the Studio B sessions. The three also will take part in panels and other events. 

That 1970 visit to Studio B was one of many Elvis made over the years, including in 1958, the year after the studio opened.

Just a few months after the marathon sessions, Elvis returned to Nashville. A March 16, 1971, story in The Tennessean with the headline “Elvis slips in unnoticed, almost,” describes “35 or 40 women” waiting in the parking lot behind RCA’s studio when a blue deluxe Mercedes arrived.

After Elvis went inside, a bank special investigator, a Metro homicide lieutenant and a Metro patrolman moonlighting as security guards stood outside — along with one determined Elvis super fan, a cocktail waitress named Shirley Hardison. 

“I met him once. That man in there,” she said. “He could burp on a record and it would be music to me.”

During this same trip to Nashville, Elvis was admitted to Baptist Hospital for an inflamed right eye. He spent a few days there — during which the hospital was overwhelmed with phone calls and flowers and he had to be moved to another area of the building — before returning to Memphis. 

The King ultimately recorded more than 200 songs at Studio B, including “Are You Lonesome Tonight,” “It’s Now or Never” and the gospel standard “How Great Thou Art,” which required only four takes, according to the Studio B website. The album “How Great Thou Art” was released in February 1967 and won a Grammy for Best Sacred Performance.

After two decades, RCA Studio B closed its doors on Aug. 17, 1977, the day after Elvis died. The studio was donated to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in 1992. Although Studio B is closed through June amid the coronavirus pandemic, these days it hosts school groups and visitors.

I am sure that everyone will enjoy a visit to this article which included a vast number of photos…far too many for me to add here on this page.






My good friend, SK sent the below photo comparison to me and I thank him so very much.  I like this a lot and I know my visitors will as well.




I, again, apologize for my absence here on this website.  I continue to be working daily on my project which is coming along slowly and is tedious work.

I want to do a little work on here so that I won’t be AOL. Ha, ha!

This photo certainly does make one go hm.m.m.m.m?  The focal point of this group of photos is for the “John Doe” who was dead at Baptist Memorial Hospital on August 16, 1977 and for whom Dr. Nichopolous was listed as the physician.

Johndoesdeathtagcomplete1 cropped



This is an article about a new Elvis-related movie…looks kinda strange!

Elvis from Outer Space Trailer Turns the King Into a Rock ‘n’ Roll Alien


Elvis from Outer Space Trailer Turns the King Into a Rock 'n' Roll Alien

We have a new trailer for Elvis from Outer Space. This B-movie madness comes from the folks at Giant Pictures and Joba Entertainment. In a year that has essentially wiped the traditional summer moviegoing season from the map, lovers of cinema have been forced to turn elsewhere. Namely, whatever options are available from the comfort of home, or at the relatively small number of dive-in theaters open across the U.S. To that end, this bizarre sci-fi flick is making its way to digital platforms next month.


The trailer is pretty slim on plot and makes it painstakingly obvious that this is a very low budget affair. Cheesy special effects. Costumes that appear as though they were purchased from a Spirit Halloween store. It’s all too clear. That said, the idea seems to be that the Elvis we are following is not the original Elvis Presley.

Instead, this is an alien and that came to Earth to put his skills to good use. The government seems to be well aware that he is not of this world. Low-rent though it may be, there is an awful lot going on in this trailer. Whether or not that is enough to stir one’s morbid curiosity enough to watch the whole thing is a personal matter.

M. Z. Silverman and Tracy Wuischpard co-directed the movie. It seems highly likely that the producers didn’t have enough in the budget to clear any actual Elvis songs. So don’t expect to hear Blue Suede Shoes or Jailhouse Rock on the soundtrack. Though the credits listed at the end of the trailer reveal that Neil Silverman is behind the original songs featured in the movie. So there will be some tunes, for better or for worse.

In Elvis from Outer Space, alien Elvis has left the building. The King of Rock n’ Roll space clone has blasted into Vegas from the far side of the universe to compete in an Elvis impersonation contest against the best in town. But just as he is on the verge of taking care of business, he mysteriously vanishes. Who’s behind the disappearance? The mafia? The CIA? Or the aliens he left behind? The cast includes George Thomas, David Heavener, Barry Ratcliffe, Diane Yang, Robert Miano, Frank Cavestani, Lauren Elaine and Sonny West.

Elvis Presley was one of the most successful musicians of all time and helped kick off the rock music revolution. Beyond that, he was a true pop culture icon who has remained relevant for decades since his untimely passing in 1977. Elvis starred in a number of movies, including King CreoleBlue Hawaii and G.I. Blues. Quite a few movies inspired by the icon have been released over the years as well, ranging from Heartbreak Hotel to Buba Ho-Tep. As for Elvis from Outer Space, it will be arriving via digital retailers on July 7 from Giant Pictures. Feel free to check out the trailer for yourself.

Elvis From Outer Space



I am sharing the copy of an article from my original website because it ties in with a current movie article which I shall display far below.  Just bear with me when I say that there is a connection between my old article and the article about the current movie release and one to be filmed.  I posted my earlier article back in 2010 on one of my Orion – Elvis/Jesse pages.

This is the comic book titled

Below you will see that the comic book/movie is copyrighted by Orion Pictures 1993 – 2005 and MGM as well as Dynamite Entertainment, Inc.

Copyright Army of DarknessFront Cover Army of Darkness

Be sure to look about midway through the small print of the copyright text to find Orion Pictures in the greatly enlarged copy below:Enlarged copyright for Army of Darkness comic book

Page from Army of Darkness comic book

Below is a page from the comic book which shows that the “hero” is definitely a caricature of Elvis.

Army of Darkness second full page

Jesse still enjoys comic books to this very day and so here is a comic book series which became some Orion Pictures movies.

I just now found an Orion Pictures T-shirt from this comic/movie series currently for sale on Ebay:

Look at the design on the shirt:

Army of Darkness Orion Pictures full copy

Now see the close up of the copyright:

Copyright Orion Pictures

“Orion Pictures Corporation”


Another T-shirt image

So, as you can see, there was an “Elvis flavor” running through the comic books and the Orion Pictures movies based upon the comic series.  This is only a sample…

Now, to get to something current.  In the above movies, Bruce Campbell played “Ash” who was the Elvis-looking character.  Bruce Campbell also played the older Elvis in the movie Bubba-HoTep as shown in the below excerpt:

Bubba Ho-Tep – Wikipedia › wiki › Bubba_Ho-Tep

Jump to Cast – Cast. Bruce Campbell as Elvis Presley / Sebastian Haff

The comic series Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead series were inter-related.  Below is just one instance proving this fact:

screenshotAtUploadCC_1591766017950 (1)

Now, at last…here is the current news related to all of the above.  Phew!!!  Bet you thought we’d never get to this…  As you will see, there is a new movie in the works to be filmed as well: 

a new movie in the franchise titled Evil Dead Now

Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead Is Coming to Drive-In Theaters Starting This Weekend

Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead Is Coming to Drive-In Theaters Starting This Weekend

In a bit of groovy news for horror fans who value the theatrical experience, The Evil Dead is coming to drive-in movie theaters this summer. The news was announced by Grindhouse Releasing, who will be touring Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic across the country, starting this weekend.

In a Facebook post, Grindhouse Releasing revealed that The Evil Dead will be making its first stop at the Prides Corner Drive-In, located in Westbrook, Maine, this weekend. This is the same company that toured the recent 4K restoration of the movie across the U.S. last year. As of this writing, it hasn’t been clarified if the 4K version is what will be playing at the selected locations. The company had this to say about it on Facebook.

RELATED:Evil Dead 4 Director, Title and Production Plans Confirmed by Bruce Campbell

“We are bringing the original Evil Dead back to the Drive-In! Spread the word, 1st show this Sat. nite 6/13 Prides Corner Drive-In, Westbrook ME. Let your local drive-in know you want to see it, more dates coming soon!”

This comes just after it was revealed by star Bruce Campbell that a new movie in the franchise titled Evil Dead Now is happening with director Lee Cronin. Campbell, however, will not be reprising his role as Ash Williams, as he is sticking to his guns. The actor retired the role after Ash vs. Evil Dead was canceled. Taking to Twitter, Campbell promoted the upcoming screenings saying the following.

Bruce Campbell


Be scared AND safe! 

Grindhouse Releasing@GrindhouseFilm

We are bringing the original EVIL DEAD back to the Drive-In! Spread the word – 1st show this Sat. nite 6/13 @ Pride’s Corner Drive-In, Westbrook ME @GroovyBruce @robtapert @EvilDeadNews @therealjoebob @StephenKing @joe_hill 

View image on Twitter

Most theaters in the country, as well as around the world, have been shut down since mid-March. While some theaters are beginning to open again, it is with reduced capacity and far from being back to normal. During the last few months, drive-in theaters have become a haven for movie lovers. New horror movies such as The Wretched have managed to have success during this time, but the theaters still largely succeed by showing a collection of older classics.

The Evil Dead is the feature directorial debut of Sam Raimi. It centers on Ash who takes his girlfriend and three friends to a remote cabin in the woods for what is supposed to be a fun night away. Once there, they stumble up the Necronomicon, an ancient book with text that reawakens the dead when read aloud. The group unwittingly releases the evil contained within the book and are forced to fight for their lives.

Made on a shoestring budget, the movie went on to become a success and has gained cult status over the years. Two sequels, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness have been produced, as well as a remake in 2013. Though the remake does take place in the same universe as the original and has been described as a “sidequel.” More dates and locations will be revealed as they become available. In the meantime, you can check out the announcement from the Grindhouse Releasing Facebook page.


This sounds like it will be a good show.




I really liked this plaque better with the original spelling of “Aron” before it was changed after the hoopla started over the misspelling on the grave stone.

Plaque with Aron spelling.



Below is a very enjoyable video from The Spa Guy.  He has interviewed the family of Elvis’ close friend in the 50’s, Eddie Fadal.  Their former home is now a Bed and Breakfast Inn so people can sleep in the home where Elvis spent a lot of time.

Elvis Presley Waco Texas Home of Eddie, Janice and Dana Fadal Part 1 of 2

Jun 8, 2020

In this video The Spa Guy introduces you to Janice and Dana Fadal whose father Eddie Fadal was friends with Elvis even before he was hugely famous.. Check out their story and make sure you go to their website and book the house… 

Elvis Presley Waco Texas Home of Eddie, Janice and Dana Fadal Part 2 of 2

Jun 11, 2020

In this video The Spa Guy introduces you to Janice and Dana Fadal whose father Eddie Fadal was friends with Elvis even before he was hugely famous.. Check out their story and make sure you go to their website and book the house..




ON FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2020


SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2020

Elvis’ pickup truck featured on Leno show going to auction

GAA offers 1967 GMC that Presley drove on his Circle G Ranch

Elvis truck
Elvis Presley bought a trio of GMC pickups for his ranch in Mississippi. Each was a different color. One was green | GAA photos
Elvis at the ranch, and that might be the truck in the background

In mid-May, Jay Leno invited Blake Shelton to drive a green-and-white 1967 GMC pickup truck. A little more than 3 minutes into the episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Leno pulls paperwork out of the glovebox and informs Shelton that the truck he’s driving once was owned by Elvis Presley.

“Elvis didn’t drive a truck,” Shelton responded.

“At his Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake, Mississippi… this is the one he would drive around his ranch,” Leno retorts. “So, you are sitting where the King sat.”

“Now I’m getting nervous,” Shelton said, and almost immediately he runs a red light.

That very truck, now with Leno and Shelton’s autographs on the dashboard as well as the Presley documentation, will be offered for bidding July 25 at GAA’s collector car auction in Greensboro, North Carolina.

According to that documentation, Presley bought three new ’67 GMC pickups from Guy Caldwell Motors in Senatobia, Mississippi, on February 8, 1967, to use at his ranch. One truck was red, one was blue and one was green, and reportedly was the one Elvis liked to drive.

A little more than a year later, the truck was sold to a dealer in Maryland. As the story goes, Presley sent ranch staffers out of state in the truck to haul home a horse he’d purchased. While on the trip, the truck broke down, so Presley said to sell it and buy another to bring home his horse.

RELATED:  Stainless-steel Ford trio consigned to Worldwide sale

The Maryland dealer reportedly sold the truck to his head mechanic, who repaired it and used it for several years before selling it a man  named Richards who lived in Pensacola, Florida.

In 1986, the truck was purchased for museum display and has been shown in several Elvis exhibits. Some 4 years ago, it left Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, for Georgia, where it underwent a restoration that included removing the bed but not the cab. The consignor to the auction notes that while the inline 6-cylinder engine was removed from the truck at the time, it was put back without being rebuilt.

“While working on the paint, we discovered a few different colors so I feel the truck has had about 3 paint jobs prior,” the consignor told GAA. “Original Green, then to red, then back to green (poor quality paint) then this last high-quality paint job that it has now.”

The online auction catalog notes that the truck has a manual (3-on-the-tree) transmission and that the owner states it has been driven 83,000 miles since new.

The truck will be sold at auction along with “a large portion” of the original parts that were replaced during the restoration. Among the documentation included in the sale is a copy of the book, Hurry Home Elvis, written by Donna Lewis, daughter of Circle G foreman George Lewis; the b0ok includes details of the trucks’ time at the ranch.

RELATED:  RM Sotheby’s claims online record with Ferrari Enzo selling for $2.64 million

The consignor adds that through the years, Presley purchased 7 trucks for his ranch, but “the whereabouts of only five are known.

“This particular truck is thought to be the only 1967 GMC that is known to have survived and been documented.”

For more information, visit the GAA website.


Hearing the song “Black Velvet” flashes me back to 1990-1991 when I was publishing my newsletter “Notes for the Record” regarding Elvis being alive.  Those were busy days and lots of memories for me.

30 years of ‘Black Velvet’: Alannah Myles reflects on the process behind making her hit song

Nick Everard and Jenny Ky

The Morning Show

Alannah Myles' hit Black Velvet turns 30


Alannah Myles’ hit Black Velvet turns 30


The song was a lyrical tribute to the King Elvis Presley – and went on to earn the artist her first Grammy win. Credit: Getty Images

It’s been 30 years since Alannah Myles’ hit Black Velvet was released in Australia.

The song was a lyrical tribute to the King Elvis Presley – and went on to earn the artist her first Grammy win.

Watch the full story above


TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2020

I am so happy to share that Jesse called me earlier tonight.   We had such a good phone visit.  He is well and sounded especially good.  He did get to go on an outing for fishing and fun.  He caught two fish while his two fishing buddies caught none…he said that was fun.  He expects to be able to get out some more and I am so glad for him.  Fresh air and sunshine does wonders for us all.  As always his call absolutely lit up my day.  I am so thankful that he is my friend and big brother.


FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2020

I want to apologize to everyone for my lack of activity on this website recently.  I continue to attempt to work on my new project.  The progress on my project is slow and tedious.  Also, day to day demands on my time seem to be keeping me away from my computer work.  I thank everyone for your understanding and patience.



ON FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2020


MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2020

I am still working so diligently on my new project and that is taking so much of my time.  I apologize for being less active here on this site.  I will be back very soon.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2020

I want to share with everyone the good news that Jesse called me earlier this evening and he is doing really well.  We had a good visit.  There is no real news to share this time…same with him as it is with us here…wearing the masks and not going out too much.  He is hoping to be able to get out more.  I hope that for him and all of us…but time will tell with the virus still spreading.



About 30 years ago, I recall seeing a quote of Jerry Lee Lewis which I have never forgotten but could never find documented anywhere.  There have been times that I have done some searching for this quote to no avail.  I have always wanted to be able to post that quote showing that Jerry Lee did say it.

My best friend M. J. mentioned to me that while going through some old publications she had seen that quote in print but she had thrown the paper away in which she saw it.  I bemoaned the fact that I had been wanting a copy of that quote in print for so.o.o.o.o long.  So M. J. said she would search for it as well on the Internet.  I was amazed and so happy when she sent me the below copies of an interview with Jerry Lee in which his words were published.

I am so very grateful to my sweet friend M. J. for finding this for me.

The quote which I recalled was something like “Elvis was smart, he knew when to get out.”  As you will see in the below image, Jerry Lee actually said “What people don’t realize is how smart Elvis was — he knew when to pull out. I didn’t.”  

This was and is very important to me because of all of my material about the Orion connected songs which were of Jerry Lee Lewis and, obviously, Elvis.  One can certainly surmise from this quote that Jerry Lee knew that Elvis did not die but had stopped being “Elvis“.

This was from a tabloid article in the National Enquirer.  I don’t care for the raunchy title of the article, so therefore, I am not showing the full article.

Jerry Lee Lewis photo at 54 at time of the quote-vertJerry Lee Lewis quote about Elvis knowing when to leave clipped



My dear friend, M. J. also found the below article which she shared with me.  This also is a treasure for me because of all of my material regarding Jerry Lee Lewis, the Duets album, and all the other Orion connected songs mentioned in this article.  This is all very important to me also because of one of my favorite albums “The Killer, The Kingabout which I have written and shared so much on my original website and on my own YouTube channel.

Jerry Lee and Duets album with Elvis cropped

Credits for Jerry Lee Lewis Duets Elvis record and article

I remind everyone that years ago I told Jesse that I have always believed that some of the Orion songs were really done by him and he answered “Yes“.  I also asked if it was alright that I have the material on my site about the Orion songs and Orion Pictures Corp. and he said that it was.


I would like to make everyone aware of a new book which has just come out by an author whose prior books have been wonderful.  Below is the information which the author shared on my Facebook timeline.  His name is Darrin Memmer and I have read a number of his prior books and truly admire his diligent research which is the basis for his books.  He is very dedicated to presenting the truth about Elvis in opposition to lies which have been published by others.

I just ordered my copy from Amazon.

Darrin Lee to Linda Sigmon

June 19 at 6:26 PMTupelo, MS

Darrin Lee


Darrin Lee

June 14 

‘ELVIS, “A Plan of God” & SUN’
Now available on Amazon sites

The soft cover ‘ELVIS, “A Plan of God” & SUN: The Magic of Without You‘, has been released. Based on months of rigorous research, access to primary source materials, and interviews with those who were there at the time, it provides fascinating, new information and never-before-seen archival documents about Elvis’ 12th gra See More

 — with Gregory GaskinsMike HermenetGregor Retkowski and Keith Alverson at Elvis Presley Birthplace.

Darrin Lee ELVIS AARON PRESLEY: “Even when I was a kid I thought about God. Now maybe a lot of people will say that what happened next was a coincidence. They got a right to think that if they want to. But I don’t. I think what happened was the Plan of God. And I’ll always think so . . . I just want to let a few people know that the way I live is by doin’ what I think God wants me to. I want someone to understand.” (Louis F. Larkin interview, 1956, cousin Gene Smith seated nearby) Folks: I was saving this knowledge for readers but feel everyone should know, as 99.9% of folks reading a Promo do not purchase. They just scan and move on.
Now you see where “A Plan of God” in the title comes from. EP himself, not Darrin Lee.

Available on Amazon: ELVIS, “A PLAN of GOD” & SUN



Below is a photo of my new T-shirt which I won on the below site for which my good friend Dennis F. Miller shared the link.

My thanks to Dennis as always.

My shirt 2

June 5


Which ‘Elvis Presley’ song matches your personality?

Find out which ‘Elvis Presley’ song you are!

And see if you won a 

FREE T-Shirt!


Start My Quiz!


Hi there! Welcome to Classic Rock Lovers. We are a small fan community of passionate rock music lovers, committed to promoting and spreading the greatness of the said genre especially the classic ones. We have lots of fun contents and exciting activities that you’ll definitely enjoy. We encourage everyone to engage in discussions and upcoming events that we have prepared only just for you. Let’s all use this community as a means of relieving our stress, and keep on rocking! P.S. We are in no way affiliated with any celebrity or official group related to the quizzes.–9_FAtovOhA-g76Y3

The winners must pay for shipping, etc.



FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2020





I have decided to make everyone aware of the special project which has been occupying so much of my time for the last month or so.

I have chosen to leave my former webhost/co-administrator of my original website. I have constructed a brand new website and moved all of my material from my former location onto my new website.

I am still working to make repairs to the damage done to some of my pages during the last 3 or 4 years at my old location. Although I will not be able to repair all of the missing images, etc. I will gradually do all that I can. Some of my images were lost totally.

I have worried so much that one day that old website would crash and all 11 years of my blood, sweat and tears work would be gone as I have been unable to find a satisfactory way of backing up that site. I have tried a few times over the past several years to move my site and have come up against barriers.

This relocation has required countless hours of work and preparation. I had originally thought that I would wait much longer to make my visitors aware of this move. However, I feel that the new website is well underway enough that it will serve as much purpose as my old website has.

I ask that everyone continue to bear with me and be patient as I still have a lot of work to do to make things the way I would like for them to be on my new site. Having in excess of 175 pages is a daunting task to face and I may not even live long enough to make repairs to all of the pages. However, the very important specific topic-devoted pages shall be made right. The older Current News and Events Pages may not ever be repaired.

At one point, my former co-administrator lost my 3000+ items from my entire Media Gallery thus leaving many pages with hardly any photos, etc. I shall continue to try to reconstruct as much as I am able.

I hope everyone will like my new and improved design.

I invite everyone to come visit! 😁🎼🥰❤️🎵🎶
Please click on the link below.





TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2020

I thank my good friend, Dennis F. Miller, for sharing the following copy of Elvis’ will which he signed in March, 1977.  My reason for sharing this little clip from it is to substantiate what Jesse told me.  He said that he had originally planned to fake his death in 1976 but he “chickened out”.  As you will see, the originally typed year on this will was 1976 and Elvis crossed that year out and wrote in 1977.

Elvis' will March, 1977



I have just begun reading a book which is not newly published but which I have never read before.  On Page 3, I found a passage which I absolutely love.  This sentence should be exciting for everyone who accepts the fact that Elvis chose to reinvent himself as his still-born twin brother Jesse in order to let Jesse have 42 years of life (the same that Elvis had).  I have circled this particular sentence in red.  This is something to be really ecstatic to read…I certainly was and am.

Excerpt from Down At the End of Lonely Street


Isn’t is beautiful to know that the reason that Elvis carried it within him to choose to become Jesse, in order to give Jesse a life too, came from the love which his mother carried all of her life for the baby Jesse.  She instilled in Elvis the reason that we have Jesse with us to this very day. 


I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me tonight.  He was feeling very well and sounded especially good.  We had a good chat and talked about my work on moving my original website to the new location.  He feels bad for me that it involves so much work.  It is so sweet of Jesse to be concerned…but I told him that I am alright.  We didn’t get to talk too long this visit.  As always, his call was such a blessing to me.


I own an auction catalog from back in 1999 for items which were sold from the actual Archives of Graceland.  I have not looked through this book for many years.  I thought that some of my visitors would perhaps like to see how some of the items which we now see in current auctions may have originally been sold by Lisa Marie and EPE.  I shake my head and marvel that so many of Elvis’ personal items could have ever been sold at all.  Jesse often mentions not wanting things to be sold “at some auction“.  In fact, he spoke those words to me just tonight about an item.

Elvis archives auction book front cover

Elvis archives auction book dedication

Elvis archives auction book declaration

Elvis archives auction dates

Elvis archives social security card

Elvis archives social security card description

Elvis' barber chair

Elvis' favorite barber chair

Some of my long-time visitors may recall that I once posted an excerpt from the book by Nancy Rooks regarding this same chair.

I highly recommend Mrs. Rooks’ book…it is a real treasure

Nancy Rooks book copy about the chair

Cover of Nancy Rooks book.png




(Sent early this week because of the 4th holiday on Saturday)




Please visit the below link for the new page: