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My friend, Dennis, sent me the below link to a site which has a number of copies of Jesse’s book for sale. Perhaps this will help someone to find their searched-for copy.

The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley: In His Own Words



Our good friend, Simon, has created two new comparison videos for us to enjoy and from which to further learn that Jesse IS Elvis.   My sincerest thanks to Simon, as always.

Elvis / Jesse Comparison 90

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Sep 3, 2019


Elvis / Jesse Comparison 91 in Grey Scale

Elvis / Jesse Video Comparisons

Published on Sep 3, 2019



Sad news from Larry Geller’s Facebook page:

Larry Geller Official Fan Page

Classic photo by Elvis photographer Ed Bonja, who passed away today. He leaves behind a legacy of some of the greatest Elvis performance images ever captured.

Ed was a good friend for many years. He will be sorely missed, but his work will live on. Great body of work, Ed. Rest in Peace.

Image may contain: 1 person



Tennessee may be where Elvis Presley called home, but his music is even hotter in Alaska.

According to newly released numbers from music streaming service Spotify, when it comes to U.S. states listening to the King, Tennessee ranks fourth behind Alaska, Arkansas and New Mexico (Maine rounds out the top five Elvis-loving locales).  

Coming in the midst of the annual Elvis Week festivities, Spotify’s numbers paint a fascinating picture of Presley’s popularity in terms of geography, age and other demographics. 

So far in 2019, Presley’s music accounts for 16.5 million hours of streaming, with more than 2.3 million playlists dedicated to the rock icon. Presley’s music averages more than 9.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify.   

Although Tennessee came in fourth in terms of its listening allegiance to Presley, according to Spotify, Memphis typically sees an upsurge during Elvis Week. Last year there was a 137 percent increase in Presley’s streaming numbers locally, and the same is expected in 2019. 

Internationally, America remains Presley’s strongest country, with the listeners in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil and Germany following behind the U.S. in Elvis streams.



Just want to share that Jesse phoned me this afternoon and we had a really good brother-and-sister talk.  He is doing well today. 

He said that he has finished his mission of 42 years and is now thinking of new things to keep him interested.  He did say that he is NOT going to come out publicly.  I know people have wanted him to do that so bad and so many rumors have been started and circulated with speculative dates that he would make a public appearance.  He is NOT going to do that.  I, personally, am very happy and relieved that he won’t do that.  I would be so fearful for his safety and his life should he make an appearance.

Also, he said that there will be NO photos taken of him in or around his residence by anyone.  No one is allowed to carry a cell phone on the property…all cell phones are turned in when one arrives and are locked up.  So, if you see any photos purported to be him, they are fake.

He again told me that he has absolutely NO use of any Internet devices.  So, if you see anyone on the Internet claiming to be him, they are imposters, fakes and liars.

I wanted to spell out exactly what Jesse told me today so that no one who visits my website will be taken in by false rumors.

He and I reaffirmed our commitment that we will be family until we leave this earth.  Jesse is such a wonderful blessing in my life.  I could not be more thankful for him.






Below is the August Elvis news…

Elvis Presley News Report 2019: September

Emiel Maier

Published on Aug 30, 2019




Secrets of ‘Suspicious Minds’

Published on Sep 9, 2019

One of Elvis’ biggest hits was the powerful “Suspicious Minds,” which was released 50 years ago this year, in 1969. In this video, hear from “Suspicious Minds” songwriter Mark James about how the song came about, how it found its way to Elvis and much more! Want to learn even more about Elvis’ career? Visit Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum at Elvis Presley’s Memphis at Graceland! The museum features Elvis’ jumpsuits, awards and so much more. Book your rock ‘n’ roll pilgrimage to Memphis now by visiting!





Just want to share that Jesse called us late this afternoon and we had a good chat.  He is well today.  He is looking forward to the coming football season and asked Tom who he is pulling for.  Tom laughingly said that he guesses that he will pull for the “Flying Elvii” meaning the New England Patriots whose team logo is known as the Flying Elvis.  I am not a football fan but I have to take time to watch some of the games just to enjoy seeing that beautiful logo.

Jesse told me years ago that he does not like winter and that the best thing about winter is football.

Of course, his call was the highlight of my day, as always.  I am so very blessed.

Image result for the flying Elvii



I cannot recall when or IF I have shared the below photo in the past.  But, I came across it while working on some of my computer files and thought that it is interesting enough to risk repeating myself.

As you can see this photo is of a watch on display which was a gift given by Elvis to Col. Parker.  The inscription reads “to Col. Parker, 1956-1980, Elvis“.  

The obvious emphasis is on the date of 1980!!!

ElvisWatch to Col Parker

Elvis watch gift to Col. Parker in 1980 inscription only

I am sorry that the card displayed showing the description is not readable.  I have attempted to adjust this to be readable but am unable to do so.

I am assuming that this is from the huge collection which the estate received from Col. Parker.

Below is a very interesting excerpt from an article regarding the relationship between EPE and Col. Parker after Elvis left UNTIL a judge and an attorney got involved and decreed that Col. Parker should be excluded from the workings of the estate and the income.

The Amazing Comeback
Of Colonel Tom Parker

“Colonel Tom Parker managed Elvis Presley’s career from 1955 to 1977. Their’s was probably the most unique artist-manager relationship ever in show business, clearly one of the most successful. The world’s music and pop culture changed forever when the greatest performer of them all joined forces with the man who wrote the book on promotion. Elvis and Colonel Parker made history together.They also shared an abiding friendship that is often overlooked by the press and the general public.

Those comments were not composed by a member of Colonel Parker’s PR team, but rather by Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), in his foreword to a 1994 publication, Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker: The Partnership Behind the Legend. The 32-page tribute magazine was published by EPE and sold in retail stores at Graceland and the Las Vegas Hilton. The publication paid tribute to Parker’s handling of Presley’s career from arranging the first RCA deal in 1955 through organizing the successful concert tours in the seventies.

Soden wasn’t the only one to praise the Colonel in the EPE publication. Vernon Presley was quoted:Colonel Parker is an honest man, and I think that’s where the big organization and big togetherness comes (from) … Once you find out you don’t have to worry about a guy being your manager, what he will do for you, he handles it. You do the show and everything works out right.

Below is another excerpt from this same article showing that 1980 was the pivotal year…probably why Elvis gave the watch with that year showing the publicly perceived end of their association.

I was very concerned for Elvis when this separation between Col. Parker and the estate came about.  Even though, back then, I did not have any proof that Elvis did not die, I felt that Col. Parker was taking care of things for Elvis and no doubt seeing to it that Elvis had an income from his career and estate through Col. Parker.

Col Parker and Elvis' contract ended 1980.png

The above two excerpts are from a lengthy article published on the below web site.  I do recommend everyone reading this entire article.  


I highly recommend the above site which I just came upon during my research for this article today.  

Below is a copy of a very special poem written by Col. Parker himself as a tribute to his friend Elvis.  The last line of the poem is very special and significant.


Col. Parker poem framed for sale in Jan. 2017

I have tried many times to emphasize that Jesse has always expressed friendship and appreciation for Col. Parker in our conversations and in his handwritten letters, some of which were published in his book.  Jesse told me himself “I didn’t know what I was going to do when Col. Parker died.

I get so very tired and disturbed when I see fans and journalists repeatedly defaming Col. Parker.

We owe so much to Col. Parker for our having Elvis living among us to this very day.  Jesse said that Col. Parker was the mastermind behind the plan being carried out on August 16, 1977.  When Jesse has said “We left so many clues.”, the “we” does include in large part Col. Parker.

In closing my article, below are three small excerpts from Jesse’s handwritten letters for the book in which he mentions Colonel Parker in his usual favorable terms.  These copies are taken from my rough draft of the book.

Jesse letter re the Colonel

Jesse's letter for book about the Col._20190912_0001

Jesse's letter for the book about Col Parker and plan






I enjoyed the below excerpt from an interview with Tonya Tucker.

Tanya Tucker’s Interview With Elizabeth Cook: 6 Things We Learned

Country legend talks “bad girl” image, Elvis during an AmericanaFest Q&A

Getting to know Elvis Presley was a highlight of Tucker’s career.
Tucker’s love and admiration for Elvis is no secret (she named one of her daughters Presley, after all), but it was touching to hear her speak on his influence on her career. “I met him and I think God just made it that way because he knew how important it was for me to meet him,” she said. “There are a lot of people I really admire who I met and didn’t think too much of. But Elvis was everything. And he’s the one that gave me that ‘female Elvis’ name. He started that whole thing. And I liked it.”



I want to share with everyone that Jesse called me tonight.  We were only able to speak for a few minutes because he had to leave for an appointment.  He is well today.  Though brief, his call was the highlight of my day.



I have been attempting to post the following for several days.  There is a problem with my scanner and so I have worked trying to scan a photo of a display of books which were owned by Elvis.   This photo was to have been the foundation for this article because it showed the book about which I am writing in the display of Elvis’ books.  I have decided to just use the photos of the book itself taken with our phone camera.

*footnote:  I finally got my scanner working and below is the photo which I wanted to include in this article.

Elvis' books on display

When I saw this book on display as a book which Elvis read, I wanted to see the book myself and later bought a copy of the book.  I don’t recall the year that we took the photo but it was many, many years ago.  I must admit that it is a large book and I have not read it all the way through myself.  However, I was really intrigued by some of the statements just in the outer cover and the inside cover.  You will see these images below.

It is obvious that Elvis would have seen some things in the book which correlated to a few of his own situations.  I think my visitors will recognize this just from the below photos of the book.  This book was published in 1967…but, of course, we have no way of knowing when Elvis actually read the book.  I won’t expect Jesse to recall when he read the book as he was such an avid reader with way too many to remember.

Front Cover The King


Back Cover The King

Inside cover The King



Below is an interesting article about T. G. Shepherd who was good friends with Elvis.  I want to share this article because there is much about Elvis in it…things which T. G. said.

Country legend T.G. Sheppard comes to Blackbird Bend on the back of new solo album

SIOUX CITY — Not only is T.G. Sheppard the host of a new, weekly SiriusXM Radio show, the legendary country star is releasing his first solo album in more than two decades, which drops on Friday.


But don’t ask the 75-year-old entertainer if he considers this is a comeback.

“No way, I love trying new things and have been blessed to be given the opportunity to try new things,” Sheppard said. “I’m having a great time.”

The singer of such No. 1 hits as “I Loved “Em Every One,” “Party Time” and “Do You Wanna Go to Heaven,” Sheppard will be performing at 8 p.m. Saturday at Blackbird Bend Casino, 17214 210th St., Onawa, Iowa. 

In addition to singing many of his most-loved songs, Sheppard promised to introduce audiences to music from “Midnight in Memphis,” which is his first solo country album in 22 years.

“I wanted to do an album that included tributes to Elvis Presley,” he explained. “Like so many performers, Elvis was a huge inspiration to me.”

For Sheppard, that connection to “The King” ran much deeper.

“When I was 15 years old, I ran away from home,” he recalled. “I wanted to be a musician but my dad had different ideas.”

Sheppard first met Presley, who was already a star, the very next year.

“I met him at a Memphis skating rink, if you can believe it,” Sheppard said. “It was about midnight when I thought the place was starting to close. Instead, a couple of Cadillacs pulled including one ridden by Elvis.”

“Elvis looked at me, started talking and I was completely starstruck,” Sheppard said, continuing the story. “We skated ’til daylight and, then, he drove me to Graceland where we ate peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches.”

Indeed, he was Presley’s friend until the latter’s death in 1977. 

According to Sheppard, there was more than a little hero worship on his part.

“Man, when Elvis entered a room, you physically felt it because he had so much charisma,” he explained.  “But Elvis was also incredibly humble. Elvis was a star but he was also a very nice man.”

That was the impression Sheppard wanted to emphasize in “I Wanna Live Like Elvis,” the first single released from “Midnight in Memphis.”

“It is a lighthearted look at someone who still has a legion of fans,” he said. “I mean, who wouldn’t want to be like Elvis for a day?”

In fact, Sheppard sees many of those fans because “The T.G. Sheppard Show” — broadcast from 2 to 5 p.m., Fridays on SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio — frequently emanates from Graceland.

“We see Elvis fans from every age and every part of the world,” he said. “Everybody wants to pay their respect to ‘The King.'” 

Judging by his radio show’s star-studded guest list, plenty of A-listers also want to pay their respect to Sheppard.

Along with country music’s biggest names, Sheppard has also shared the radio mic with such unconventional collaborators as the Bee Gees’ Sir Barry Gibb and, even, Larry the Cable Guy.

“You haven’t lived until you spend time with Larry the Cable Guy,” Sheppard said. “He’s hilarious.”

Perhaps, Sheppard will share some of those memories in the autobiography he plans to write in the next few years.

“I’m blessed to have known some interesting people in my life and made some good music along the way,” he said.

But Sheppard said he isn’t slowing down. 

“As long as there’s an audience, I will still be performing,” he said. “I don’t have anything to prove. I’m just having fun.”






My friend, Jeannette H., shared the below collage of photos with me from Facebook.  Jeannette said that she knew that Jesse would love seeing these side-by- side photos of his granddaughter, Riley, with the photos of Elvis.  I believe that Jeannette is correct.  I loved seeing these photos too.

Elvis and Riley


I recently purchased and enjoyed reading the book written by the lady being interviewed in the below video.  I was so glad when I saw that the SPA GUY had done this interview with Shirley Connell.

I loved her book very much.  It is a sweet book and refreshing to read.

Below is a scan of the front and back covers of her book.  Isn’t that a wonderful photo of Elvis on the front!

Shirley Connell book front cover

Shirley Connell book back cover

Elvis Presley Graceland Neighbor Shirley Connell The Spa Guy

Published on Sep 12, 2019

To get a book email her at or look for Elvis The Man in My Backyard on Facebook.. In this video The Spa Guy introduces you to Shirley Connell who was a neighbor to Graceland at the back fence…



I want to share that Jesse called today.  He interrupted watching a football game to call me and I feel so honored.  Jesse told Tom that he was watching New Orleans and Seattle and he was pulling for New Orleans.  Tom was watching the Carolina Panthers & the Arizona Cardinals.  Jesse called to update me on a good report which he got from his Dr.  Jesse says he is in pretty good health for a person of his age.  I am so thankful every time that I hear that he is doing well.  As always, his call was the highlight of my day.



The below book sounds like an interesting read even though it is a fictional account of the reason for Elvis’ “death”.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 12:36 p.m. CD

Author Philip Shirley, a resident of The Town of Lost Rabbit near Madison, says the inspiration for his most recent book, “The Graceland Conspiracy,” first struck in the early 2000s, when he read Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s “Is Elvis Alive?” and other books on conspiracies surrounding Elvis Presley. When he saw the famous photograph of Presley shaking hands with Richard Nixon at the White House soon after, Shirley says he began pondering the circumstances of Presley’s death himself.

“The story goes that Elvis wanted to address a national drug problem, and that he wanted to become a U.S. marshal because he thought kids would listen to him,” Shirley says. “After reading about his death, I started thinking, ‘What if he did become a marshal working on the drug issue, and it somehow led to his death, and the government was involved?’ That premise later became the initial scene for the book.”


Photo courtesy Philip Shirley

Shirley’s book is set in 1999 and told from the point of view of a young man whose father dies under mysterious circumstances. After looking into it, he learns that his father was part of a government agency connected to Presley, and his search for answers leads to government agents pursuing him for knowing too much. Shirley, 66, initially began writing the book in 2003, but mostly put it away until 2010. He worked on the project off and on between other books until he finished it in 2017 and began working to publish it a year later.

“Even though I kept putting it down, I came back to it so many times because the idea intrigued me,” Shirley says. “Elvis never thought of himself as a drug addict, and everything he took was prescriptions from physicians. Ideas would come along, but I didn’t know how it ended. When it was time for new ideas I kept going back to the manuscript and all my questions I had in it, and I just kept coming back until I finally found those answers.”

Author’s biography continued in original article.


I have received photos of Elvis from good friends who wish to further substantiate that the photo of Jesse absolutely is Elvis himself.

Below are some more of these photos for everyone to compare.  Rather than creating comparisons this time, I will just display the photos of Elvis in order that everyone can compare the cheeks, the chin, the lower lip, the vertical lines from his cheeks, the bridge of his nose, the eyebrows, etc.

Jesse photo black and whiteSimon's Jesse photo

These are from my good friend, Jeannette, who has been so kind and supportive.

Elvis from JeannetteJeannette's ElvisJeannette's

The below photos are from my good friend, Steve R.  Steve has also been very helpful to my friend Simon by sending photos for him to use in his comparison videos.  I appreciate Steve’s kindness very much.

Steve's Elvis 1Steve's 2Steve's Elvis 5

Steve's Elvis 3Steve's Elvis 4

Below are two more which I came across myself:




This is a good article to remind us how it all started…

Elvis On The Hayride

young Elvis Presley on the stage of the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, La. (AP Photo,file)


Standing on the stage at Shreveport’s legendary Municipal Auditorium, Winston Hall, a musician and tour guide with a passion for the city’s music legacy, pointed to a spot on the floor, right up front in the center. The auditorium was empty this afternoon last February, but the imagination quickly filled the seats as though it was Saturday night of yesteryear as radio station KWKH staged its weekly Louisiana Hayride broadcast.

Last week, I wrote about Ken Burns’ ongoing country music series and Louisiana’s influence on Hank Williams. The documentary also brought to mind my visit to the Shreveport auditorium and an incredible story about how the town and technology reshaped rock and roll.

Standing on stage at the spot where the performers stood, Hall played a soundtrack from Oct. 16, 1954 when the announcer introduced a young man from Mississippi named Elvis Presley. After telling the crowd that he was proud to be there, Presley launched into a song called “That’s Alright Momma.” And then, from there on that spot on the stage, the music world changed. Really.

Because the concert was being broadcast on radio, microphones had been set up throughout the audience section. As Presley began to sing, the sound technician quickly noticed that something different was happening. Teenagers, who had been dragged along by their parents to hear a country music show, suddenly seemed possessed. Turning the sound pods the technician blended the screaming, unlike anything ever heard, into the song. Through the woods and hills of north central Louisiana and into Arkansas and east Texas the airwaves were raucous, as though sending a message that a king was born.

Only two year earlier, also in October, young Hank Williams had stood on that same spot. Nobody reached hearts (whether they were, “Cheating” or “Cold, Cold”) better than him. In Louisiana his hit, “Jambalaya” would become as hot as a crawfish pie. On that October night it was announced that Williams had just been given a contract (thought modest) to regularly appear on the Hayride. It might have been a long and blissful life together except that Williams’ life ended on Jan. 1, 1953.

Presley’s and Williams’ careers never crossed, though both were boosted by Saturday nights standing at that spot on the Louisiana Hayride’s stage. The radio technicians were turning up the sound, and the music would become eternal.






I received some special mail from Jesse today and he phoned me tonight to wish me a happy birthday.  He certainly made my birthday very special and happy for certain.  He is well today and we enjoyed our phone visit as always.  I am so very blessed to have Jesse as my “big brother” and dear friend.  😁🎶🎼💖



My friend Jeannette H. called my attention to the below video.  I enjoyed hearing Elvis singing this song in a new way and I think my visitors will as well.  My thanks to Jeannette as always.

Very rare song “Her Hand In Mine” Germany ’58

Elvis recorded in his hotel room in Germany December 1958. He changes the religious song ” His Hand in Mine” to a love song “HER Hand in Mine”





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