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Recently I have been assaulted by some people who insist that my photo of Jesse (who IS the same man the public loved as Elvis Aron Presley) has been “debunked“.  I must assume that these critics are basing their statements upon the work done by Mickey Moran beginning way back in 2013 or earlier.  Every word Moran has published or said about my photo of Jesse is a blatant lie.  Below you will see unequivocal proof that he has lied repeatedly.

Below is the photo which Moran has spread far and wide trying to prove that my photo of Jesse is not really Elvis with his grandson Benjamin.

The man in this photo is Rev. Dale Presley with his twin sons Jerry and Terry in 1950.  He is a distant cousin of Elvis’.Rev. Dale Presley in 1950 with twin babies Jerry and Terry

Below I am showing photos of Rev. Presley as he aged so that everyone can see that he bore NO resemblance to my photo of Jesse whatsoever as he aged.  You will be able to see that it really is Rev. Presley in the below photos because of the appearance in the photos of his twin sons as they aged as well.  

Rev. Dale Presley with his twin boys Jerry and Terry

Here is Rev. Presley in 1960 which was 10 years after photo of him with his twin baby sons which is the photo circulated by Moran to discredit me and Jesse with his lies.

Rev Dale Presley and family 1960

Dale Presley 1960 cropped

You will see in the two photos below which I would guess were taken in the 1970’s and 1990’s…(judging by Jerry’s age in these photos) absolutely prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that Jesse’s photo is of Jesse himself, WHO IS/WAS ELVIS ARON PRESLEY.  This proves that it is NOT Jerry Presley’s father in Jesse’s 1994 photo.



Below is the obituary for Rev. Dale Presley which details his family and his life:

My sincere apologies to the family of Rev. Presley.  I have created this article in the deepest sense of respect for all of the innocent people who have been victimized by Moran’s lies.


Below is a screen capture of a page from a former site of Jerry Presley showing the 1950 photo which Moran is showing all over the Internet as being the man in Jesse’s photo.  The Moran photo is shown with a yellow outline of it.  

Jerry Presley family collage

Rev. PresleyRev. Dale Presley in later years after the 1950 photo and Jesse's photoRev. Dale Presley 1950 and later along with Jesse

The only reason that Mickey Moran latched onto this photo and has used it against Jesse and me for all these years is because some fool took note of the fact that Jerry Presley became associated with Dr. Hinton and his sidekick Felix-Johnson AFTER the book came out in 2001.  Jerry appeared in interviews with Dr. Hinton regarding Jesse and the book and so some fool on an Elvis forum (who shall remain nameless) put 2 and 2 together and came up with 100 and decided to start the unfounded rumor that my Jesse photo is Jerry’s father.

Mickey Moran has made a complete fool of himself in his endeavor to destroy me, my website, and the truth about Elvis who is now Jesse.  He started a petition to get signatures to turn over to EPE to get my site closed.  The “facts” he used against me in this petition to get people to sign it were all lies.  He made a YouTube video challening me and Jesse to go on TV to prove who Jesse is…in his dreams!!!  I would NEVER expose Jesse just to defend myself.

I NEVER even heard of Jerry Presley until around Sept. 2001 through a series of events which did not involve me at all.  Around 2004, Jerry Presley and I were in contact for a few months.  He wanted to know some background information about Hinton and Felix-Johnson and, of course, we enjoyed talking about Elvis.  Jerry did feel certain that Jesse is Elvis during that period of time but later clammed up about it because of his career.

I hope the above is sufficient to quiet the attacks coming at me because of people believing the lies spewed forth from Moran.

Here is my video displaying much of the above:


Below is Moran’s video challenging me and Jesse to appear on TV.  The poor ignorant jerk has not even read my website in detail or he would have known the answers to the stupid questions which he brings up. He has no regard for the safety of Elvis.  He does not understand that his life would be in danger if he made an appearance.  The reason that we do not publish more recent photos of Jesse is because he does not want to be found nor recognized.  Protecting Elvis/Jesse is my first priority always.

The details of how Elvis and I first came to be in contact were spelled out on my website many years ago with a page devoted to that topic. Below is the link to that page:

Yes, my site is very long and full of a massive amount of material.  My site grew over the past 10 years and was done on a daily basis as things took place and unfolded.  So, it is not as well structured as Moran thinks it should be.  Also, over the course of 10 years, my website host/co-administrator has lost quite a bit of my images during server updates, etc.  I have not had anywhere near enough time to repair the losses.  Some links to videos, etc. have become outdated over the course of the years since I first published them.  There is only one of me and I cannot find the time to even begin to make all the repairs.  For this I apologize.

There are many, many letters written by Jesse on my website(some to Dr. Hinton, some for the book, some to me) in his own handwriting. Handwriting which has been authenticated by a court recognized handwriting expert who declared in documents and in an interview on TV that the handwriting is definitely the handwriting of Elvis Presley.


Below is a page showing Ms. Shirley Mason’s credentials:
Below is proof that Jesse’s autograph in my copy of his book was written by Elvis Presley.
FOOTNOTE:  When I created this page and included the above page link, the images on that page were missing.  I have reconstructed this page by putting all of the images back in place.  If you visited this page and missed seeing the images, please visit again. I apologize for this inconvenience.

I will let my website of 10 years speak for itself: the well over 1 million visitors; my 27 years of personal friendship with Elvis as he has stated in his own handwriting; the endorsement of my site and the truth on it by Wanda June Hill who was a very close friend of Elvis’ for 15 years; and 180+ pages of material…much of which is documentation.  In addition to all that, for the past year I have had a second website which is a continuation of my original site due to the fact that my original site had become too large for me to easily access it to add more material.

And so…below is Mickey Moran’s YouTube challenge to me and Jesse:

The Presley Assignment – An Offer For Linda And Jesse

Mickey Elvis Moran

Published on Nov 16, 2013


Tonight is the first time that I have actually watched this video for more than a snippet.  I couldn’t stomach the nonsense I was hearing. 

Moran was the person who started this conflict with me.  He came onto my website and posted all manner of garbage on the blog page.  I went back and forth with him for a good while and then just finally gave up. He was also posting his lies on other areas of the Internet before coming onto my own website blog page.

I have placed a good bit of Moran’s saga on my website onto a private page not available for viewing.  But it is safe if the need ever arises to show the manner in which he came onto my own website to lie and slander.

This would not be coming up now had not his lies influenced the thinking of others who come onto my current Facebook pages because of his misrepresentations.

I certainly agree that enough is enough.  Moran needs to publicly admit that he has been totally wrong about my photo of Jesse and set the matter straight.  I stopped arguing with Moran many years ago because it is pointless to conduct a battle of wits with an unarmed man. LOL

I have also furnished proof that he has misrepresented the final and true DNA tests on Jesse.  I have a page on my site devoted to displaying two DNA lab documents stating that Jesse’s DNA does match Elvis’ first cousins on both the Presley and Smith side of the family.

Here is the link to my DNA proof page:

I thank each visitor who has taken the time to read and view all of the above.

Please do feel free to share this far and wide to as many people as you know who are Elvis fans.