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I want to explain my absence from the website for most of the past week.  We had dire emergencies with two of our pets…who are our family.  There were several days when we were so afraid that they were both going to die.  They truly are our babies so it was a horrible experience.  After a nightmarish string of days, we are so very thankful that they have both recovered.  Our little Daisy spent days between our regular vet’s office, the emergency hospital, and a specialty animal hospital a long drive from our home.  I spent an entire morning frantically calling all over this area trying to find a vet qualified to treat a prairie dog as Rascal’s regular Dr. was completely booked up.   All this while being so distraught about Daisy and needing to get her back into the emergency hospital.  I cried just about all day that day.  It truly has been a hellish nightmare.  Below are photos of Daisy and Rascal so you may see why they are so very precious to us.   Daisy is almost back to normal today after so much medical care and Rascal did recover on his own without a Dr’s help.

This is our darling Daisy:

This is our little Rascal watching TV with Tom:



This is a sweet video that I enjoyed…

Nov 6, 2022




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Jesse just called a few minutes ago, this afternoon, and brightened my day so very, very much.  He had just received the letter which I sent to him last Thursday and is very concerned about our little Daisy.  He has said prayers for her.  He told me that she is going to be alright and that is very comforting.

Jesse has not felt well for the last few days…has had a badly upset stomach.  But he is feeling better today.  He was leaving for a Dr. appointment soon and so we did not get to talk very long.  I am so thankful that he called…just hearing his voice is such a blessing to me.






I want to explain ahead of time that I may have to be away from the site again.  Our little Daisy suffered a setback in her health Wednesday morning and she is now back in another emergency diagnostic hospital overnight.  We don’t know how long she may have to stay…hoping she can maybe come home tomorrow.  Prayers please for our little baby girl.



There are two copies of Jesse’s book for sale now at reasonable prices on the Abe Books website.  Below are the descriptions, etc. for these copies in case someone has been looking for the book.



Our little Daisy is so much better!  We were able to bring her home Monday afternoon after 5 nights in the hospital.  She is on medication and prescription food.  She will eat only the prescription food for the rest of her life.  We are so relieved and happy to have her home.  Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers.  Below is a  photo of her that Tom took during a visit with her in the hospital in her Elizabethan collar.

Jesse called my closest friend one night this week to ask how Daisy is doing.  He was doing well and I am so glad to know that he is alright too.


I liked the below tribute video to Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis very much.  While reading the posted comments about this video, I came upon the below very long comment and immediately recognized the words which Jesse wrote for his book.  I posted a response inviting the person who posted the comment to my website (This may be where the poster found the quotes from Jesse’s letters.).

I have no idea who the owner of this channel going by the name John Burrows really is…BUT IT IS NOT JESSE.

Elvis’ manager, Col. Tom Parker, said in a press conference shortly after his death: “Elvis didn’t die. The body did. We’re keeping up the good spirits. We’re keeping Elvis alive. I talked to him this morning and he told me to ‘carry on.’” (Elvis did not die and he wanted out. – Col. Tom Parker. 1977) After hearing so many stories about the death of Elvis Presley, I have decided to tell the world the real story on the facts concerning that day in August, 1977. Yes, that day, the 16th of August. Is it a coincidence that a person born on that January 8, first month, eighth day, would perish on the 8th month and the 16th day? Probably if two (2) people were born on that day it makes more sense. You see, numerology always played an important part of my life and still does today. So many people have written or spoke about my death as a hoax. It was not a hoax! I decided to reinvent myself in the form of my brother (Jesse Garon) and yes, Elvis Presley did die that day. But after much searching for the right people, I found several people from different states who I consider my most loyal and trustworthy friends. To some people this book will be just another scandalous piece of fiction, but when you are done I think you will think otherwise. I always felt my brother deserved to live and what better way to let him live his life than to end mine. I was lonely, depressed, in bad health and my numerology chart said that this was the time for it to come to end. Anyone who studies numerology will understand, those who don’t may want to look into it. All of the facts (and there are many) even the experts will say they are more than coincidences. I no longer give away Cadillacs or expensive pieces of jewelry because I am nothing more than a man who had a very famous brother. I am not a great literate (I never wrote my own songs), but I am not illiterate either. The perfect day August 16, 1977, 1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24, my age backwards (42), the facts go on and on. But my true reasons for the book are for my fans. My death was not a hoax! To my fans, please forgive me, my brother deserved to live, he was with me constantly (spiritually). My life would not be the same had he lived at birth. This was my way of giving him life, and corny as it sounds. The Colonel took this secret to his grave. He was a loyal friend. But I will no longer stand by and have people like Gail Brewer tell you stories that are pure fiction. This book written by a true friend will help you realize why I did what I did. – The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words. (2001). My fascination with the idea of a hoax about death was when Jim Morrison died July 3rd, 1971. Although I saw no correlation (he died at age 27) I was astounded that as famous as he was the body was just closed up and shipped out. Now I don’t know all the facts concerning his death. I thought it awfully strange that no autopsy was performed (or so I thought) and just forgotten about. There were a lot of rumors about his death. I noticed he was born on the 8th day. Born in 1944 = 1-8 and died in 1971 = 1-8. Remember my comeback in 1968? 1+9+6+8 = 24. Obviously, I was no longer 24, so I reversed the age to 42. The next time that number had any relevance was 1977 (1+9+7+7 = 24 when I would be 42. Numerology can and does play an important part of my life and we knew that would have to be the date. Most people if they know what to look for will find significance in the forms of numbers in all of my movies! Example: gravestone in ” Loving You” (year) 1878 = ? (1+8+7+8 = 24). You have to look at the movies. My hero James Dean died at the age of 24, but I was on top of the world then and wanted to live. – The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words. (2001). I will start about 1974 when the thought first came to me about faking my death. I have always been fascinated with the occult and other spiritual things. When I first saw a wax dummy of myself made by a Mr. Cooper I was fascinated with it. For some time I had thought if it was possible? Could I pull this thing off? I had asked Mr Cooper if he could make another wax dummy for me. He said he could. I in turn said I wanted him to do it and keep it strictly confidential. When I had mentioned it to a very few close friends (Joe Esposito, Larry Geller) they did not think I was serious. I was tired of being Elvis Presley, my health was deteriorating. I just couldn’t keep up. My finances were floundering because of my daddy’s poor business ventures. I was at my wit’s end. As the years progressed I had my ups and downs which are pretty well documented in other books. I also had two detectives from Colorado who I trusted immensely. Originally the date was 1976 according to my numerology charts but I chickened out. A pact was made on the grounds of Graceland one night, hands placed over hands that this secret would never be spoken of outside this room. I picked four (4) of us initially and to this day all have kept the secret. I also know when this book reaches the bookstores people (my loyal friends) will be heartbroken. They took care of me and convinced others that I was no longer alive. In reality Elvis Presley died that day and my twin brother “Jesse” came to life, living in hiding but as a normal human being. I skip around because I am writing stream of consciousness. My own Daddy bless his soul never knew the truth. Little Lisa was told months later and explained to her she would not see me much. The Colonel took this secret to his grave. Many people believe me to still be alive but I was told in the beginning there would be no contact in order for this to work. I go thru a lot of ups and downs since 1977 and have lived in many states but I insisted I needed to be in a warm climate. My personal thoughts are that my fans will understand. That is very important to me. I just could not face myself any more after seeing myself in the mirror and that is where Larry Geller came in. He asked if he could write a book, and I gave him my blessing. “If I Can Dream” is the title and I like his book. He had filled my head with spiritual thoughts and made me believe we could pull this off. If I had stayed longer I think I would have been booed off the stage. That is why I chose the date 8-16-77. Do you know how many famous people passed away on that date? The great Robert Johnson died on 8-16 and he was born in 1935! Babe Ruth, and Bela Lugosi and many others. I must say I was very nervous that day 8-16. But it had to be done before I went on the road where I would not have been able to pull it off. Did you know there are secret compartments in Graceland that very few people know about! A few like Vester would joke about my being alive but no one took him serious. Many of my friends would ask if I were still alive and they have their doubts but as it was I might have died broke and just a shell of myself. I was given an injection that looked like I was dead but the people closest to me knew better. Believe me I had my doubts that this could be pulled off. But it did and I became Jesse, just a poor white southern boy who didn’t sing a lick of anything. I feel bad my Daddy wasn’t allowed to know but it just couldn’t be done. I better go now and collect my thoughts to tell you the rest next time. – The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words. (2001)
Linda Hood Sigmon
The above is an excerpt from Jesse’s own book which he co-authored. You may see the handwritten letters in Elvis’ own handwriting on my website. Please do take the time to see Elvis’ own truth about how and why he left. Jesse is 87 now and is my friend of 30 years. We speak frequently to this day.


Never tire of all these wonderful matches…  Only a tiny bit of plastic surgery for disguise.


So beautiful…

The greatest backup group in the history of recorded music undoubtedly was the Jordanaires, a gospel group of mostly Tennessee boys, formed in the 1940s, that set the standard for studio vocal groups in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and beyond. In their sixty-five-year career, from 1948 through 2013, the recordings they sang on have sold an estimated eight billion copies.

They sang on more than 200 of Elvis’s recordings, including most of his biggest hits. They were in three of his best-known movies, appeared with him on most of his early nation-wide TV shows, and toured with him for many years. Throughout Elvis’s early career, they were his most trusted friends and probably his most positive influence. “No telling how many thousands of miles we rode together over those fourteen years,” remembered Gordon Stoker, the group’s manager and high tenor, “and most of those miles were good miles, with lots of laughs, and lots of talk about life.”

While the Jordanaires’ bread and butter may have been Nashville’s burgeoning recording industry, it seemed that there was always a plane waiting to take them cross country to the pop sessions in L.A. They sang on most of Ricky Nelson’s biggest hits and over the years backed up Andy Williams, Fats Domino, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Dinah Shore, The Everly Brothers, Glen Campbell, Patti Page, Neil Young, Perry Como, Loretta Lynn, Ringo Starr, Tom Jones, Andy Griffith, Bobby Vinton, Brenda Lee, Patsy Cline, Billy Ray Cyrus, Clyde McPhatter, and about 2,100 other recording acts.