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Below is the monthly Elvis News report from Emiel Maier for the past month of September:

Elvis Presley News Report 2021: October (Elvis Jumpsuit auction + New Elvis Music on YouTube)

Premiered Oct 1, 2021

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Every month I will post an Elvis Presley News Report.



I really enjoyed listening to the below audio interview with Elvis’ private nurse Tish Henley Kirk.  I believe my visitors will also enjoy it.  She was a loyal, close, and true friend to Elvis.

Elvis’ private Nurse Tish Henley Kirk Interview

Feb 4, 2021

Tish Henley Kirk was Elvis’ Private nurse from 1968 to 1977. Not only was he her patient, but a dear and close friend. She lived on the grounds of Elvis’ Graceland home with her husband and two young daughters from 1972 until 1983 and often traveled with Elvis on tour. In this fascinating,candid interview, Tish shares her memories of her time with Elvis including some very funny stories and what it was like nursing one of the most famous men in the world. Tish also reveals that she and his Doctor, George Nichopoulos, saved Elvis’ life many times. Tish’s book Taking Care of Elvis, Memories with Elvis As His Private Nurse and Friend is available on Amazon


It was fun hearing people telling about meeting Elvis for the first time and their special memories of him.

Elvis Presley – People’s reaction meeting Elvis for the first time

Dec 2, 2020

Elvis Presley – People’s reaction meeting Elvis for the first time -Elvis’ generosity-


Elvis Presley met three European princesses but declined The Queen’s invitation.

Elvis Presley met three European princesses but declined The Queen’s invitation.

Even though he met three other European princesses and paid a secret visit to London, Elvis Presley declined a special invitation from Queen Elizabeth.

When The King met The Queen, there may have been a historic moment. On this day in 1962, Her Majesty issued Elvis Presley a very special invitation to visit the United Kingdom. As fans know, the star only stepped foot on British land for a brief time in 1960, when his plane touched down to refuel at Prestwick airport in South Ayrshire on his way home from military service in Germany. There are even rumors that he paid a second secret journey to London, although he never met Queen Elizabeth. Why? What went wrong?

At the 1962 Royal Variety Show, Elvis was invited to join the all-star lineup. Bob Hope, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, and Eartha Kitt were among the performers that year.

Although it’s improbable that The Queen picked up the phone personally, the call was forwarded to Elvis Presley’s managers. That was the source of the issue.

Colonel Parker, it appears, politely declined the royal invitation. Elvis aficionados will not be surprised by this, given his Svengali-like manager only allowed him to leave the nation on rare occasions, and then only to perform in Canada. It may seem strange that the world’s biggest celebrity did not go on a world tour, but the conventional thinking is that Parker, a Dutch national, was an illegal alien in the United States who did not want to risk being deported. As a result, he made sure Elvis was never scheduled to perform in another country.

Elvis did, however, meet other European princesses and is said to have paid a covert visit to London.

The King was hobnobbing with Scandinavian royalty two years before Queen Elizabeth invited him to come.

Elvis Presley takes a break from filming G.I. Blues on June 11, 1960, to meet with Princesses Margrethe of Denmark, Princess Astrid of Norway, and Princess Margaretha of Sweden at Paramount Pictures Studios.

The Danish princess was only 20 years old at the time, and she still reigns.

“Brinkwire Summary News” today.


I want to share with everyone that Jesse called tonight.  His voice sounded very strong and he said that he is feeling better.  We didn’t talk about anything of any significance that I can share this time but I knew everyone would be happy to know that he is doing better.  His call certainly did make my day.








I certainly enjoyed reading this really “sweet” article about Elvis whose sweet tooth Jesse still has to this day.

Elvis Presley Reportedly Ate an Entire Box of These Sweet Treats in One Sitting

Elvis Presley was known for having a sweet tooth, and sugary treats were high on his list of go-to foods. His favorites were southern classics made by his mother, Gladys. However, Presley’s desire for one sweet treat, in particular, was so strong he reportedly ate an entire box of them in one sitting!

Elvis Presley | GAB Archive/Redferns

Elvis Presley had plenty of favorite desserts

There were plenty of desserts that made Presley’s mouth water. These included both bread and banana puddings.

Graceland cook Mary Jenkins also claimed that his favorite peanut butter and banana sandwiches took trial and error before the king approved them. Jennings tried several ways to arrange the sandwich consisting of white bread, thin banana slices, and peanut butter. However, Presley rejected them all.

In an interview with The New York Times, Jenkins claimed that Presley’s father Vernon suggested toasting the bread before it was put into a skillet to cook.

Jenkins said it took two sticks of butter to make three sandwiches.

”It’d be just floating in butter,” Ms. Langston said at an Elvis commemoration. ”You’d turn it and turn it and turn it until all the butter was soaked up; that’s when he liked it.”

Elvis reportedly ate a whole box of these treats in one sitting

Krispy Kreme donuts.
Krispy Kreme donuts during “Pieces of April” – Special Screening After Party at UA East Hampton Theater in East Hampton, New York, United States. | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Presley reportedly loved one sugary treat brought into Graceland from the local Piggy Wiggly supermarket, reported The Hartford Courant.

The snack was Krispy Kreme donuts.

Presley reportedly loved the donuts long before the southern classic became a franchise across the United States.

“Elvis splurged on Krispy Kremes in a big way,” claimed author David Adler in “The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley.”

“He consumed about a box at a time. Jelly doughnuts were his favorite. They were purchased for him at the local Piggly Wiggly — Krispy Kreme didn’t open a store in Memphis until after Elvis died. When they did open it, they built it near Graceland,” he remarked.

Elvis Presley’s favorite foods were as iconic as his music

Elvis Presley eating on the set.
Elvis Presley sitting at a picnic table and ready to eat on location for the 20th Century Fox western, ‘Flaming Star,’ directed by Don Siegel, 1960. | Getty Images

The interest in what Elvis Presley ate is almost as legendary as his decades-long career in the music industry.

Presley’s larger-than-life personality was about equal to that of the way he enjoyed eating comfort foods.

Angie Marchese, Graceland’s current Vice President of Archives and Exhibits, claimed that fans love hearing about the king’s everyday diet.

She told Delish, “It’s such a personal thing if you think about it. The food you like describes who you are as a person. He enjoyed the foods he grew up on, and food brings back memories, especially in the South. Food represents family gatherings, conversation, and good times.”

“He enjoyed good ole’ Southern cooking that everyone in the South was raised. Elvis never forgot his roots,” she explained.




The below article details the author of a new children’s book about Elvis who won a nice prize for her book.  Perhaps we’ll see where to purchase this book for a lucky child.  The plot of the book sounds very cute.

Local authors awarded 2021 Victoria Book Prizes

Local authors awarded 2021 Victoria Book Prizes


The 2021 Victoria Book Prize winners were announced Sunday evening during the 18th annual Victoria Book Prize Gala, according to a Monday press release.

Vancouver Island authors Leslie Gentile and Briony Penn each won an award and will be receiving $5,000 each for their books.

Gentile won the City of Victoria Children’s Book Prize for her debut novel Elvis, Me, and the  Lemonade Stand Summerwhich tells the story of an Indigenous girl who is determined to prove that the Elvis Presley is alive and living in her community’s trailer park on the Eagle Shores First Nation on Vancouver Island.



My best friend, MJ, did a search and found that the book in the above article “Elvis, Me, and the  Lemonade Stand Summer”  is available for purchase at Google Books.  I also found it for sale on Amazon.  Below is the information from Amazon in case anyone wishes to purchase it.  It does sound like a very cute book for ages 9 thru 12.  Heck, some of us older juveniles may like it too since the plot has to do with Elvis being alive! Ha, ha!

It’s the summer of 1978 and most people think Elvis Presley has been dead for a year. But eleven-year-old Truly knows Elvis is alive and well and living in her trailer park. It’s a busy summer. Though Truly’s mother is constantly drinking, smoking and juggling new boyfriends, Truly is determined to raise money for herself through her lemonade stand and to prove that her cool new neighbor is the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. And when she can’t find motherly support in her own home, she finds sanctuary with Andy El, the Salish woman who runs the trailer park and is a connection to Truly’s own Indigenous roots.



I must admit that I have never followed the comic books enough to know if Elvis really did “make appearances” in the Marvel Comics or not.  However, I do know how much Elvis/Jesse has enjoyed the comics.  So, I want to share the following article which some of my visitors may find interesting and which I think Jesse will enjoy reading as well.

Elvis Presley Learned Guitar From An Unlikely Marvel Hero

In Marvel Comics canon, Makkari of the Eternals helped teach Elvis Presley guitar and even mentioned that he jammed with him before he hit it big.

Some odd moments have made Marvel Comics canon over the years, but Elvis Presley learning guitar from the Eternal Makkari has to be one of the coolest (and oddest) ever. Yes, the Junk Yard Dog himself jammed with Makkari before he hit it big, and the hero bragged about it on multiple occasions. But, not only that, but the speedster helped Elvis learn the guitar in the early 1950s.Elvis Presley has a surprising history in the pages of Marvel Comics, as he’s made multiple appearances throughout the years in the comics. From being confirmed as an alien by Genis-Vell in Captain Marvel #19 to the revelation that he learned martial arts (specifically Kung Fu) from the Fat Kobra, Elvis Presley has a continued presence in Marvel Comics as the pop culture icon has impacted the lives of several heroes throughout the universe. However, his connection with Makkari of the Eternals might be his most notable, as the Eternal revealed to Quasar that he jammed with him before he became an international success and taught him a thing or two in the process.In Quasar #28 by Mark Gruenwald, Greg Capullo, Harry Candelario, Joe Rosas, Janice Chung, and Kelly Converse, Makkari (sporting a look straight out of the early 90s) finds Quasar’s guitar and tells him he didn’t know he played. Makkari says that he used to play guitar himself, revealing he jammed with Elvis Presley once, “back before he hit it big, of course.” Considering the Eternals are ancient beings, it’s no surprise Makkari has met some famous people along the way, but jamming with Elvis is supremely cool.

To make matters more interesting, Marvel’s Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary expanded on Makkari’s encounter with Elvis. In the comic, it’s revealed Makkari took a brief break from trying to track down the Deviant Kro in the 1950s to “educate the soon-to-be-famous performer Elvis Presley.” So, he did more than just jam with Elvis, he taught him something. Given the Eternals age, it’s likely he forgot that he educated Elvis Presley when recounting the story to Quasar.

Much like the rest of the Eternals, Makkari has lived a long, interesting life away from the superheroics that come with being a member of the ancient beings. Meeting and teaching Elvis was a small footnote in Makkari’s life, but is a fun little throwaway line that has made its way into Marvel Comics canon. Considering he’s an alien, learned Kung Fu from Fat Cobra, and was taught guitar by Makkari, it would be fascinating to see a story showcasing the life Elvis Presley lived in the Marvel Universe – because it’s got to be incredibly interesting.







I have had a wonderful Jesse day today!  I received a gift package from Jesse in today’s mail and then Jesse called late this afternoon.  He sounded wonderful and said that he is feeling better though still seeing Drs. very frequently.   We enjoyed a good chat and his call definitely made my day as always.  

Below are photos of the two sweet gifts which he sent to me.  The silver Bethlehem bracelet belonged to Jesse’s mother and I feel so very honored to have another piece of Gladys’ personal jewelry.  I will treasure this always.  I chose to use the “Bethlehem” name for it because it depicts the manger scene with the star of  Bethlehem over it with the shepherds and wise men coming to see the baby Jesus.

The next photo is of the lovely ring which Jesse sent to me.  It is so beautiful and unique in that the stone changes colors and the side designs are so intricate.  This I will treasure also as I do all of the many gifts I have received from Jesse over all the years of our friendship.  Jesse has been so kind and generous always.

I can’t begin to express my thanks and appreciation to Jesse for these such special gifts.  What a wonderful “brother” I have been blessed with.

Jesse and I spoke of the loss of Ron Tutt who worked with Elvis and was a close friend for so many years.  Ron was a great talent and a great man.  He will certainly be missed by us all.

I apologize that the intricacies of the beautiful ring do not show distinctly in the photos.  




With great sadness…

I thank each of my friends who wrote or called to tell me of the loss of Ron Tutt.  Below is the article which my good friend Chris shared with me.

Elvis Presley’s drummer Ronnie Tutt, part of the TCB Band, dies at 83

Gina Butkovich

Memphis Commercial Appeal

Ronnie Tutt, drummer for Elvis Presley and an original member of the TCB Band, has died at 83. 

In a Facebook post early Sunday, Terie Tutt confirmed that her father died at home surrounded by his family. “It’s with deep sadness that my family and I share the loss of our beloved dad,” she wrote. “The Legendary Drummer, Ronnie Tutt, ‘has left the building.’ “

Elvis Presley Enterprises shared the news of Tutt’s death Saturday morning, writing on the Graceland website “all of us with Elvis Presley Enterprises were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Ronnie Tutt. In addition to being a legendary drummer, he was a good friend to many of us here at Graceland.”

EPE described Tutt as “an amazing ambassador to Elvis’ legacy,” one who shared his memories of working with Elvis with fans, and later performed Presley’s music worldwide in “Elvis in Concert” shows.

Drummer Ronnie Tutt, who played in Elvis Presley's TCB Band, has died at 83.

Tutt played drums in the TCB Band (short for “Taking Care of Business,” a famed Elvis catchphrase) from 1969, when the star began his residency in Las Vegas, until Presley’s death at age 42 in 1977. He later toured with Neil Diamond’s band, and recorded or performed with Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Nicks, Elvis Costello, Billy Joel, Jerry Garcia, Roy Orbison, The Carpenters and many others.

Tutt’s wife, Donna, told TMZ that he died of natural causes, surrounded by family, at his home in Franklin, Tennessee.

Contributing: Kim Willis, USA TODAY, and The Associated Press



For the good times…

Ronnie Tutt drum solo 1977 Elvis in concert





I want to share a word of caution to my visitors to prevent them from wasting their time and money on the following book.  I had never heard of this book until a week or so ago and because of the title and the beautiful cover of the book, I took the bait and purchased it on Ebay.    This is, without a doubt, the poorest Elvis book of any description I have ever seen.    It is only 26 pages of large print and 5 of those pages are about the author and how to contact or support his other works.  There is NOTHING worth the time of reading about Elvis and it certainly does NOTHING  to enlighten anyone about the truth of Elvis’ so-called “death“.  It is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Below is the front cover…the back cover is blank.

Just flipping through the few pages of this pitiful book, I see VERY little that we have not all read and heard other places.  It is also very obvious that this author is using a fake name.  Were it not for the great photo on the front of the book, this would be only fit for a filler in a trash can.







I really enjoyed the below video featuring Elvis’ DEA STAFF jogging suit.  As many of you know, I have a page on my original web site which is all about Elvis’ law enforcement interests and activities.  I will post the link to that page below the video.  I hope you will visit the page if you have not already done so in the past.

AGENT ELVIS PRESLEY’s DEA TRACKSUIT | Worn By King 6 Weeks Before Death | Drug Enforcement Agency 77

Oct 21, 2021

This is the ACTUAL government DEA sweatsuit which Elvis wore offstage in later years. The King was filmed wearing it on June 26, 1977 at Indianapolis Airport, USA. This was the last-ever official film ever taken of him. The jacket was on display at the O2 in London as part of the “Elvis On Tour” exhibit.




Below is a typed transcript of an article from the National Enquirer dated January 28, 1975…page 35.  My best friend M J came across this issue which had been stored in her garage for many years and was in poor condition.  Since the condition of the paper was not good enough to place in the mail, she typed this transcript to share with me via email.  I liked it so much that I wanted to share it here to go along with my above material about Elvis’ law enforcement activities.

I am fully aware that we cannot always trust the tabloids but I do know that the facts in this article were true.

I send my best friend MJ a hug of thanks for her time in typing up the transcript of the article to share with me.


NOW ELVIS PRESLEY’S a COP! as printed in National Enquirer, January 28, 1975…page 35

He’s Sworn In As A Deputy Sheriff

Elvis Presley a cop?

That’s right.  The king of rock ‘n ‘roll is a gun totin’, badge-carrin’ sheriff’s deputy in Shelby County, Tenn., but he’s still an entertainer first.

“If Elvis ever decides to quit as a singer, he’d make an excellent law enforcement officer,” said Sheriff Roy Nixon, who handed Elvis a deputy sheriff badge after he passed a rigid firearms qualification test with flying colors.

Elvis needed a score of 70 out of a possible 100 to qualify on the firing range.  Using his own .38 caliber revolver, he fired a 90 on one series of shots and a 95 on his second series, according to Bill King, the sheriff’s administrative assistant.

Before Elvis was sworn in as a special deputy last September 18, he was required to attend a 12-hour training session on firearms.

The training course included classes on the liability, use, safety procedure and actual firing of his weapon.

Elvis signed a Sheriff’s Department waiver to the effect that only in the case of extreme emergency would he exercise his legal authority to make an arrest.

Sheriff Nixon said that Elvis is permitted to carry a gun “and has the authority to make an arrest, although he’d call in the police first if he could”.

Elvis isn’t the only “name” deputy on Sheriff Nixon’s force in Memphis.

Singers Charlie Rich, Isaac Hayes and Al Green have also completed the firearms course to become special deputies.

“Elvis is very law enforcement minded and he has been a strong supporter of law enforcement for many years now–not only in Memphis but all over the country,” said Sheriff Nixon.

“Every time he’s in Washington, D.C., he visits our National Sheriff’s Office.  He holds commissions from a number of police departments across the country, but they’re honorary ones”

“When he visits our department, he sometimes walks through the jail and talks to the prisoners.  He likes to target shoot, too”.

Said one officer: “Elvis is probably a better shot than his bodyguards”.

–Allan  A. Zullo

Below is a document which proves the above article is accurate:

Shown below is an official document which was issued by the sheriff of Shelby County in 1973.  This document made Elvis a DEPUTY SHERIFF in Shelby County, Tennessee.  This is further evidence that Elvis DID have legitimate and active status as an officer of the law….not just an honorary title.

I am always so very proud of Elvis and all the good he did before August 16, 1977. 



My very good friend Dennis F. Miller shared the below Graceland announcement about the Christmas Lighting Ceremony Weekend.    I thank Dennis so very much.

Join us at Graceland’s first-ever Holiday Lighting Weekend in Memphis on November 18-20!
Experience the time-honored American tradition of our annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony, then spend the weekend with us for three days of festive events, amazing holiday concerts, all-new unique tours of Graceland Mansion, and more!