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Also Elvis’ song “Suspicious Minds” for the Song of Ages. 

Also Elvis’ Album “Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley” for the Album of Ages. 

Do NOT forget to vote for these two categories also!!!





There is some sad news to share about our friend Wanda June Hill.  I heard from a mutual friend that she had a fall and broke her hip last week.  Then yesterday, I received the following Email from Wanda’s daughter, Starla.  I am so glad to read that she is doing well following the hip replacement surgery.

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill
To: Linda S <lhsig@>;
Sent: Sat, Nov 2, 2019 11:10 am
Subject: Update on Wanda

She lost her balance 10/30 and fell in her living room on tile floor and broke her femur.

(Spent her 60th wedding anniversary in the hospital- married on Halloween)

They did a hip replacement 11/1

She is doing well.

They will have her up today.

Expect her to be released Monday into a physical therapy unit for extra attention on rehab.

Look for her to be home within 5-8 days.


Starla Hill

Wanda will be in my thoughts and prayers and I am sure of the same from so many of my visitors.  She has been such a good friend to me and my appreciation of all of her help is endless.  She has also been a good friend to every Elvis fan who has enjoyed her books about her long friendship with Elvis.

I received the below Email from Wanda on the day of her fall.  I loved the photo which she sent to me.

—–Original Message—–
From: wandajunehill <thewandajunehill@>
To: Linda Sigmon <lhsig@>
Sent: Wed, Oct 30, 2019 9:04 pm
Subject: FW: Mr. Clean /Dude…,pretty “ain’t” he? wjh


In my response to Wanda I, of course, agreed that “Yes!!!  He is pretty.“.



Another month of Elvis news to enjoy.  

If you like this posting then please inform other kindred spirits (like fellow Elvis-fans!). (Spread the word!) THANKS to all who have put this EPNR on their Facebook page. I truelly appreciate that!!! Every month I will post an Elvis Presley News Report. Thanks for subscribing.



I received the following update on Wanda June Hill’s recovery from her daughter this morning:

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>;
Sent: Mon, Nov 4, 2019 10:00 am
Subject: Re: Update on Wanda

Last night at 9pm they moved my mom to rehab.

Of course, she did not want to go.

BP shot up to 160/71

Had been 109/74

Was in her new room about 10:30 Ramona rehabilitation center about 25mins from us.

She does not have her phone at this time.

Maybe Wednesday she can have it.

She is pretty loopy from medication.

She will start rehab today.

As soon as she can get up and use her walker she can come home.

I hope getting up and moving around will clear her head.

Her cat scan showed no brain bleeds or signs of strokes. Her brain is normal for her age.

Her heart is strong.

Maybe the short term memory is normal for her?

Hoping she has a good day!


Starla Hill


A good news update on Wanda June Hill:

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>;
Sent: Mon, Nov 4, 2019 6:41 pm
Subject: Re: Update on Wanda

Good day.

She got up and into a wheelchair.

Took a shower.

Ate all her lunch.

Sat in the chair a while.

Got back into bed.

Zonk off to sleep at 2:45pm

Picture of her wrapped up like a burrito last night in transport.

She laughed when i showed her today.

Bigger therapy tomorrow.


Starla Hill

So happy to learn this good report.  Prayers continue.



Our update about Wanda June Hill for today:

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>
Sent: Tue, Nov 5, 2019 11:53 pm
Subject: Wanda update

She was up a couple times today.

Worked a little with a walker.

Sat in the wheelchair.

Her mind is a bit clearer.

Fentanyl and morphine should be out of her system.

Strong drugs for someone who hardly takes aspirin.


She got a roommate.

Shirley-a very young 86

Diagnosed with dementia 

But seems pretty alert.

Able to work her I phone

And text.

I think she will be good stimulation for my mom.

We need some good therapy days!


Starla Hill

My heartfelt thanks to Starla for the updates.  We are all sending love and healing thoughts to Wanda.



November 6th 1954 was a major moment in not just Shreveport history but in Elvis Presley history. Elvis made his first appearance on the ‘Grand Ole Opry’ October 2nd, 1954. His set, to say the least, did not go well at all. The audience rejected Elvis and the Opry staff did not like Elvis’ music and treated him poorly. So, Sam Phillips being the genius that he was, booked Elvis into the Opry’s biggest competitor, the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport. His performance on October 16th was nothing short of electric.

A few short weeks later, Elvis came back to sign a contract with the Hayride and move to the Shreveport-Bossier area. Below is the chain of events as told by Graceland:

Elvis returned to the Hayride on November 6 with his parents, who had to also sign Elvis’ contract with the show, since Elvis was just 19. Elvis’ pay was $18 per show, and his bandmates, Bill Black and Scotty Moore, would each receive $12 per show. Through the rest of 1954 and 1955, Elvis appeared weekly in Shreveport at the Louisiana Hayride. In October 1955, Elvis’ contract was renewed for $200 per show, as Elvis’ fame had grown in the year since his initial appearance.

But that contract wouldn’t last long. In 1956, Elvis released his debut album, appeared on national television and was touring the country. In late 1956, he began filming his first movie. The weekly trips to Shreveport to perform on the Hayride just didn’t fit in with Elvis’ busy schedule, so his new manager, Col. Tom Parker, bought Elvis out of his Hayride contract for $10,000 with a promise that Elvis would perform on the Hayride’s special charity show on December 15, 1956. Elvis’ last regular appearance on the Hayride was March 31, 1956.

Also on November 6th 1954 (according to several historical sources) is when Elvis recorded and performed the only commercial of his career for Southern Maid Donuts. This week is a major milestone in not only local Shreveport history, but in the history of the King.


Made in Tennessee: Graceland

November 4, 2019

Camila Rueda, WNBJ

Elvis Presley made his mark as the king of rock, and his name and legacy continue to live on… especially in Graceland, a museum completely dedicated to all things Elvis.

More than 20 million people have walked through Graceland to get a glimpse at the side of Elvis not many people got to see — including Presley motors.

According to Graceland officials, Elvis had and gifted many cars and only about ten percent are on display.

15 of Elvis’ cars are parked here at presley motors including the stuts blackhawk, the last car he was ever seen driving. But even with all these cars here no one really knows how many cars Elvis had throughout his lifetime.

Elvis would be 85 years old if he were alive today, and although he is no longer here, he is still breaking records. In the last year, Elvis re-charted once again.

Even 42 years after his death Elvis continues to make history selling over a billion records worldwide, more than any artist living or dead.”

As people walk around Graceland they also get a sneak peak at another well known piece of Elvis.

But rock and roll isn’t the only thing that makes elvis so iconic. Looking around you can see just some of the jumpsuits that make his performances so memorable.”

Graceland is located in west tennessee but continues to bring people from all over the world to take a look at elvis’ life.

Graceland, made in tennessee!


I thank my friend, Kim K., for sharing this video with me.  I think everyone will find it enjoyable to hear “Uncle” Vester speak.

Inside Graceland-A Presley Speaks

Nov 5, 2019

Rare interview with Elvis Uncle who worked at Graceland for 22 years.


Tonight’s update on Wanda June Hill…

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>
Sent: Wed, Nov 6, 2019 8:32 pm
Subject: Wanda up and rolling 11/6

Her third day up. Painful but able to cover twice the difference in her second session of therapy today.

She will sleep well tonight!

Keep the positive thoughts going-very appreciated.



Starla Hill






I want to share some really good news.  Jesse called me this afternoon after having visited his Dr. who gave him a clean bill of health.  The pneumonia is completely gone.  He sounded wonderful.  I am so thankful and relieved.  Needless to say, this call really did brighten my day.


More good news about Wanda June Hill today:

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>
Sent: Thu, Nov 7, 2019 6:03 pm
Subject: Wanda update 11/7

Today was another good day. 

Mom walked in her walker twice as far.
Got up and down 6 times.

She had 2 good days in a row. Yahoo.


Starla Hill



One of the most often asked questions about Jesse is if I have more photos of him and if he will release a current photo of himself. I want to show the next to last paragraph in his letter to the Attorney General of MO. This paragraph should explain why there are no current photos being made public.

We are so blessed to have even one photo of Elvis after he left. There are two photos of him which he has confirmed to me: My photo of him with his grandson and the pool house door photo.

Transcript paragraph of Jesse's letter



I received the following update about how Wanda June Hill is progressing with her therapy.  I am so happy for the progress which she is making.

I thank her daughter Starla so much for the updates.

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>
Sent: Sat, Nov 9, 2019 2:46 pm
Subject: Wanda update-saturday

One week since surgery.

Today she let me take her outside in the wheelchair.

When she did therapy she walked 45 ft with the walker. New record.
She was able to lift up off the bed alone twice.
The pain is about 8 afterwards but she is sucking it up.
She is napping now.
Tomorrow i am going to bring her little dog to visit outside. They have a park area with shade.
It will perk them both up.


Starla Hill



What a beautiful image created by Sandi Fox Norton and shared with me by my good friend, Dennis F. Miller.

Image may contain: 1 person, text


I received the latest update on Wanda June Hill from her daughter Starla tonight.  I am so happy to read that Wanda is doing well with her progress.

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>
Sent: Mon, Nov 11, 2019 8:36 pm
Subject: Wanda update

Sat she did 45 steps with the walker.

Sunday they get a break on extensive therapy.
We took little Sarah (pic)
To see her. 
We sat outside in the grass in the shade.
Made them both happy.
Today she worked really hard. Did 110 steps/161 feet.
Best day yet. Left her pretty wiped out and happy to get her pain meds.
Good day!
If she continues to progress she will be home next week.



Starla Hill


I have not been well myself and have been taking a much needed break from the computer.  Therefore, please understand that I have not been reading nor responding to very many Emails or messages on Facebook.  I am having a bad flare up of the Fibromyalgia and arthritis.  Plus just very weary of my workload.  Please do not take it personally should you not hear from me for a while.

I will continue to post new items on this page as time and health allows.

I thank everyone for understanding.


My sweet brother, Jesse, called me last night and we had a nice phone visit.  He is doing well except for some allergies.  He is going to try placing some bamboo charcoal packets in his house to see if that will help.  He is hoping to be getting out of the house some also.  We spoke of Wanda and how she is doing.  As always, his call made me feel better and brightened my day enormously.❤️😀🎼🎶🎵


What a shame!!!  I thought that Forbes was more reliable than to print this:

Americans aren’t getting more gullible however – we still don’t believe Elvis is alive or that aliens are secretly living in Las Vegas – but it is simply harder to trust what is or is not true on Facebook and other social media services.

Social Media And The Need To Believe


Below is the latest update on Wanda June Hill.  I thank Starla so much for keeping me posted.  So happy that Wanda is progressing nicely.

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>
Sent: Wed, Nov 13, 2019 4:35 pm
Subject: Re: Hi from wanda

My guess is she will be released sometime next week.

She is able to get up and down more on her own.
Getting stronger.
They took her staples out today. Healing well.

She is napping now.


Starla Hill



Needless to say, I love this video of Elvis’ DEA Staff logo on his tracksuit.

ELVIS’ DEA TRACKSUIT | The O2, London | Government Drug Enforcement Agency Uniform, 1977



We have some wonderful news about Wanda June Hill from her daughter.  So happy for Wanda, her husband, and Starla.

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To:  Linda S <lhsig@>
Sent: Thu, Nov 14, 2019 10:46 pm
Subject: 11/14 Wanda June update

The surgeon removed her staples Wednesday.

Today she had her assessment and passed with flying colors.
She will spend two more days working hard on physical therapy.
The big ESCAPE is set for Sunday.
She will be home Sunday
(Home will be my house)
I will take over cracking the whip.
There is still a lot of work she needs to do to complete recovery.
Looking good!
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts.


Starla Hill



This is an interesting video.  Remember that it is Elvis’ own handwriting on the Medical Examiner’s death report document which is shown in this video.

Elvis’ Autopsy Report: Why It Will NEVER Be Released

Nov 14, 2019

Elvis’ official autopsy report will never be released. This is a fact. The only document which will be released is the official death certificate. This will be made public 50 years after Elvis’ death according to Tennessee law. However, the autopsy report will never see the light of day. The 2-page Medical Examiner’s report dated 20th October 1977 is a public record, but this is NOT the autopsy report.



Jun 25, 2018

Elvis’ first cousin and close lifelong friend, Gene Smith called Gail Brewer-Giorgio on Palm Sunday, 1989 and told Gail that if she had the handwriting on Elvis’ official death report analyzed, it would prove that Elvis filled it out himself. Elvis (Jesse) had called Gail on the night of Oct. 10, 1988. During that call he told Gail that he would try to get back in touch and “give her something” to help. Gene’s call was obviously the help which Elvis (Jesse) promised Gail. Furthermore, Gail asked Gene if he would come to the filming of a TV show (the one with Bill Bixby) and record a statement. She told Gene that he would not be told what to say and could do whatever he wanted to do during the filming. He told Gail that he would have to check and get back to her about doing that. Ultimately, Gene did film a statement for the TV show. Gene’s statement was that he stood at the coffin looking at “Elvis” for a long time and he just did not believe it was really Elvis. He said that the body appeared to have beads of sweat, one of the sideburns was coming loose. The thing that Gene noticed most was that Elvis had very callused hands from doing Karate while the figure in the coffin had very smooth hands….Gene’s term was “smooth as a newborn baby’s behind”. This is in the film “THE ELVIS FILES”. In Gene’s book “ELVIS’ MAN FRIDAY”, it is written on the last two pages a statement that it can have no conclusion. The only person who can tell us how it ends is Sivle Yelserp (Elvis Presley spelled backward was a code name used by them).





My friend, Donald S., shared the below photo with me because it is a good match for Jesse’s photo.  We can never get too many matches.  I love seeing them all.  My thanks to Donald.  As always, remember the plastic surgery which did not change the bone structure at all.  As Elvis told me “I didn’t have that much done.

Donald S. Elvis photoBetter Jessse


The below photo of Elvis during his Army physical was shared with me by my friend, Darlene T.   I have never seen this photo in color before.  Of course, we have enjoyed seeing the scars on Elvis’ legs which match the scars on Jesse’s legs for quite a few years now.  But, this is the only time in color.  My thanks to Darlene.

Elvis in Army scars on legs color photoBEST JESSE scars on both legs circled



Wonderful news about our dear friend, Wanda June Hill, from her daughter, Starla.

—–Original Message—–
From: starla hill <1starlahill@>
To: Linda S <lhsig@>
Sent: Sun, Nov 17, 2019 4:55 pm
Subject: The eagle has landed.


I got her home today. 

She did a little walking with the walker around the house.
Ate a small salad for lunch.
Now she and Sarah are napping. So happy to have her little dog.
She will have a few weeks of in-home physical therapy.
It’s all about using that leg and lubricating that hip joint.
One day at a time.


Starla Hill



Hallmark Movie Channel will be airing a new Christmas at Graceland movie this coming Saturday night at 8PM.


2019 Graceland Lighting Ceremony

Starts Thursday at 7:00 PM

Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, USA

The holiday season kicks off at Graceland on Thursday, November 21 with our annual Lighting Ceremony! 

We can watch it on Livestream at the below link:



I want to share with everyone the good news that Jesse called me late this afternoon.  We had a very nice time chatting.  He is doing well other than having to be seeing his Dr. about a bit of upset stomach.  I am hoping that this will be something easily treated and that he will be better right away.   I was in a lot pain today and his call was the best medicine in the world.  Love my big brother so very much.



I have an update on my health issues which have been causing me to be less active on the Internet.  

I saw my Dr. yesterday and he did a thorough exam of my knee which has been the most painful issue.  He determined that I injured the meniscus with either a small tear or strain.  He prescribed some anti-inflammatory gel to apply 4 times a day; ice packs for 3 or 4 times a day; elevating my leg whenever I am sitting.  I am trying to work all of this into my day.  Because I have no way to elevate my leg when sitting at the computer, I still can’t be on the computer for an extended length of time.  Therefore, I won’t be able to be as active on the Internet until I get through this regimen.

The knee pain triggered the flare up of the other Fibromyalgia symptoms…so I am hoping to feel better.

I won’t be gone…still will post when I can and when I have anything to share.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and patience.


Vote for Graceland






One more good comparison…can never have too many!

Elvis Jesse comparison



Some time ago I shared a YouTube video by The Spa Guy in which a gentleman named James “Mac” McQueen was interviewed.  His interview centered around the fact that he was an employee at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis on August 16, 1977.  He was there when the body was brought into the hospital and he owns a piece of the equipment which was used by Dr. Nick and others who attempted to resuscitate the body.  I found Mr. McQueen’s interview to be very interesting and I wrote a brief message to him thanking him for sharing his interesting story.  Mr. McQueen wrote back to me a few times and I responded to him.

This week I received several Emails from Mr. McQueen updating me on some of his work since we communicated.  He has written a book about his life, Elvis in his life, and that day at the hospital.  He asks the question “Did Elvis really die?” 

I hope to read Mr. McQueen’s book and want to share the information here in order that others may check out the book on Amazon to decide if they would like to buy and read it also.

I thank Mac very much for bringing his book to my attention.

James T. McQueen's book

Below is the link to the purchase information for the book on Amazon:

Below is the video of the interview with Mr. McQueen which I shared earlier.

Elvis August 16 1977 Defibrillator Baptist Hospital Mac McQueen Story The Spa Guy

Spa Guy  Sep 14, 2017
In this video The Spa Guy meets Mac McQueen a man who working at Baptist Memorial Hospital on August 16th 1977 and he has a story to tell.. For the long version visit my second channel Weekly Spa Guy… Don’t forget to Subscribe.



Below is the long version of the interview with Mac McQueen which is mentioned in the description of the above video.

Elvis August 16 1977 Defibrillator Baptist Hospital Mac McQueen Story 2 Da Spa Guy DSG #77

Sep 14, 2017


Mr. McQueen has written several songs that he would love for someone to record.  I promised that I would post his Christmas song to Elvis here with this article.  The lyrics are beautiful!  Mr. McQueen would love for a singer to record this song for Elvis before Christmas.


Believe to be the first and only Christmas Song ever written and copyrighted in memory of Elvis

 G                                                                                               D      

It’s a very, special Christmas, down in Memphis tonight, a foot of snow on Graceland

                                               G                           C

with a million Christmas Lights. From the window of, the Heartbreak Hotel, you can see

                      G         D                                                                                                   G

the Kings Home, a pink Cadillac parked in the back and the Mansion lights are on.  It’s a

    C                                                                          G                      D                                          

mystery every Christmas, they say no one’s at home, but they can’t explain the sighting,


the music, or the songs.  

           C                                                                     G               D                                                                                                                                                     The Songs of a Legend, the King Of Rock-And-Roll,  in a white jump suit for Christmas,

                                                G                 C

trimmed in diamonds and gold.  On a golden chain, around his neck, hangs the Cross of

    G                           D                                                                G        C

Calvary, with a Diamond Bolt of Lighting, on a Diamond T.C.B.  Merry Christmas

                                              G                      D                                                     C

Elvis, from all your fans tonight,  have a Very Merry Christmas,  and may all your

   D                        G

Christmas’s be white.

       ———————Music Break,   Play Underlined Part ———————

   G                                                                                      D                                                   

They say the Mansions empty, but we know they are wrong , every Christmas there are

                                                               G                 C           

sighting, and the Mansion lights are on.   If you listen you’ll hear laughter, music and a

 G              D                                                                   G              C                

song, a Legend, with a guitar,  singing Christmas songs.  The songs of a Legend, the King

                          G               D                                                                                              G                                            

Of Rock-and-Roll,  in a white jump suit for Christmas, trimmed in diamonds and gold.

 C                                                                         G                        D

Merry Christmas Elvis, from all your fans tonight, may the Good Lord Bless and keep

                         C                 D                      G

you, and may all,  your Christmas’s be white.     


                                       Written and Copyrighted By

                                                      James T. McQueen (Mac) 



S K who is a good friend to Jesse and me shared the below photo comparison.  The pose is so very similar and one can easily see that the bodies do match.  

Hugs to S K for taking the time to create this comparison and to share it with all of us.

ElvisJessePerfectMatchComparison108 (1)



I want to wish everyone a most blessed and happy Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow.




Below is a press release of the events planned for Elvis’ 85th birthday at Graceland in January, 2020.

Elvis’ 85th Birthday Will Be Celebrated Over Four Days at Graceland and Will Include Multiple Concerts and Parties, One-of-a-kind Tours, The Auction at Graceland and Events With Priscilla Presley, Jerry Schilling…

November 25, 2019 10:08 AM EST

The celebration will include a very special concert experience on January 11 featuring on-screen performances from Elvis backed on stage by a live band with appearances by Priscilla Presley, Jerry Schilling and TCB Band members James Burton, Glen Hardin and Ronnie Tutt – all appearing for the first time together on stage at Graceland

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Music fans from around the world will travel to Elvis Presley’s Graceland® in January to celebrate the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s™ 85th birthday. Numerous events are scheduled for January 8-11, 2020, including the annual Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony on January 8, The Auction at Graceland, an Elvis Birthday Bash and Evening Tour, a Birthday Celebration Concert featuring Terry Mike Jeffrey and the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, plus the fan-favorite concert Elvis: Live in Concert featuring TCB Band members James BurtonGlen Hardin and Ronnie TuttPriscilla Presley and Jerry Schilling. Many of the birthday celebration events will be held at The Guest House at Graceland™, the AAA Four Diamond-rated resort hotel located just steps from Graceland. For a complete day-by-day schedule and to purchase tickets visit

The highlights of the four days of celebrations will be two concerts at the Soundstage at Graceland:

On Friday, January 10, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra brings their annual Elvis Pops Concert to Graceland. Musician and singer Terry Mike Jeffrey and his band join the orchestra for a special birthday salute featuring music from all facets of Elvis’ career. With performances featuring his greatest hits, movie songs and love ballads that will take you from Memphis to Las Vegas to Hawaii all in one evening.

Then, on Saturday, January 11, fans will be treated to a very special Elvis: Live in Concert. The concert will feature amazing on-screen performances from the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, backed live on stage by a live band with appearances by TCB Band members James Burton, Glen Hardin and Ronnie Tutt. In addition, the evening will include special appearances by Priscilla Presley and long-term Elvis associate Jerry Schilling. This will be the first time to see them all together at Graceland on one stage.

Festivities begin on January 8, Elvis’ birthday. At 9:00 a.m. the annual Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony will take place on Graceland’s North Lawn. The special ceremony will feature Graceland/EPE officials, a birthday cake cutting and proclamation of Elvis Presley Day by Memphis and Shelby County officials. Following the event, complimentary birthday cake and coffee will be served at Vernon’s Smokehouse, Elvis Presley’s Memphis.

At 11:00 a.m. fans and collectors from around the world will have the opportunity to participate on-site and online in The Auction at Graceland, featuring artifacts authenticated by Graceland Authenticated. All the items in the auction will be offered from third-party collectors and none of the items included in the auction will come from the treasured Graceland Archives. The mansion and all artifacts in the Graceland Archives continue to be owned by Lisa Marie Presley and are not for sale. In addition to artifacts several “Graceland Experiences” will be auctioned with the proceeds benefitting the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation. For more information about auction registration, auction fees or how to submit items for consideration by Graceland Authenticated for future auctions, visit The Auction at Graceland or email

That evening, hundreds of fans will celebrate Elvis’ 85th birthday with a party at Elvis Presley’s Memphis and a private evening tour of Graceland Mansion decorated for the holidays. Guests will dance to Elvis music by DJ Argo of SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio at Presley Motors while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cash bars, Elvis trivia, scavenger hunts, and more.

On January 9 at 10:00 a.m. in the Guest House Theater, Tom Brown will host a special Conversations on Elvis featuring Priscilla Presley and Jerry Schilling, who will share some of their favorite memories and stories about Elvis and the time they spent with him at Graceland. Graceland’s Vice President of Archives and Exhibits Angie Marchese will be a special guest as well to share artifacts from the Graceland Archives.

That evening at the Guest House Theater, singer, songwriter and guitarist John Paul Keith will perform a Tribute to Sun Studio featuring music from Elvis to Johnny Cash to Jerry Lee Lewis and others. The show will pay tribute to legendary Sun artists and the music born out of 706 Union that changed the world. Special guest performers for the show include songwriter and recording artist Chuck Mead, who was musical director of “Million Dollar Quartet” musical and the “Sun Records” CMT series and singer/guitarist Jerry Phillips, son of Sam Phillips.

On January 10 at 2:00 p.m. is the Elvis Fan Club Celebration in the Guest House Theater. Fan club presidents and members will celebrate what it means to be an Elvis fan through this special event that will feature fans stories, prizes, competitions and more.

For a full schedule of events and to purchase tickets, visit

About Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in Memphis, is music’s most important and beloved landmark, with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world visiting the historic home each year. Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) manages the operations of Graceland and its related properties, including Elvis Presley’s Memphis, Graceland’s new entertainment and exhibition complex over 200,000 square feet in size; the new 80,000 square feet Graceland Exhibition Center featuring rotating exhibits; the AAA Four Diamond Guest House at Graceland 450-room resort hotel; and the Graceland Archives, featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ home and career. EPE also produces and licenses Elvis-themed live events, tours, and attractions worldwide. Graceland Holdings LLC, led by managing partner Joel Weinshanker, is the majority owner of EPE. Auction A Circle and Graceland Auctions TNGL#5967 is the entity that manages Auctions at Graceland. Graceland is the only attraction worldwide to ever receive six USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards: in 2019 it was named “Best Tennessee Attraction and Iconic Landmark,” in 2018, it was voted “Best Tennessee Attraction” and “Best Holiday Historic Home Tour,” in 2015 voted the world’s “Best Musical Attraction” and “Best Historic Southern Attraction,” and in 2013 voted the #1 “Iconic American Attraction.” In 2019 TripAdvisor named Graceland the most popular attraction in Tennessee, in 2018 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards named Graceland one of the top 25 landmarks in the world and Rolling Stone named it one of 10 Great American Music Landmarks. For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit

Stay connected to Elvis Presley’s Graceland:

@VisitGraceland on Twitter and Instagram
Livestream events:
Graceland Live:
SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio, Channel 19:

David Beckwith / 323-632-3277

Christian Ross / 901-652-1602

Source: Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.





Below is a video of Mr. James “Mac” McQueen doing the songs which he has written as tributes to Elvis.  Above, I posted a lengthy article regarding Mr. McQueen who would love to have someone professionally record his Elvis Christmas song.  

Christmas Song in Memory of Elvis called (Merry Christmas Elvis). I’m trying to find someone that loved Elvis to record the song for Elvis and all the Elvis fans and give it a good Christmas sound. My email is 731-614-5527 (Mac).